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  • loving this one

  • It’s a HPRB requirement. There are a few houses with wood siding in the neighborhood. When a friend rehabbed his house on Q st, HPRB required him to rebuild with siding that was in the style of the original. They didn’t allow a change to masonry etc.

    Don’t get me wrong, I too like the look. But the developer’s options were likely highly limited. They couldn’t have bricked this up.

    • I don’t think PoP was surprised that it had siding v. brick. I thought the surprise was that this was real wood siding instead of vinyl or something.

  • The white windows and trim is way to harsh against the wood – but I’m loving the wood siding.

  • ok, I get it. But, does it really make sense to build a single family home on one of the city’s main commercial streets in a central transit oriented neighborhood?

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