From the Forum – Selling used DVDs in the district?

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Selling used DVDs in the district?

“Does anyone know of a good place to sell used dvds at in DC? I have countless dvds that I never watch and would love to sell them.”

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  • Not DC, but if you’re up for a trek to Baltimore, there’s Soundgarden in Fells Point.

    • I LOVE the Sound Garden! I haven’t been there in years, but now that I see that they have used Blu-rays, I’m planning a trip.

      • Definitely worth a trip! And if you can sell your CDs and DVDs to Soundgarden, buy more stuff with the credit, and spend the rest at Teavolve, I’d call that a well-spent day!

    • There’s also CD Depot in College Park on RT1, a little bit closer to DC, but you’ll always get ripped off selling to these guys, a DVD bought new for 20$ will usually net you about 4$ even if it’s in perfect condition, then they’ll re-sell it for more than 10$ especially if it’s a rare find. I don’t buy DVDs any more, they’re way over priced. I just see movies in theaters or on the Internet now.

  • DVDs? Value = $0.

  • Sorry, no input on your question but I have a similar question as the OP: Anyplace to sell cd’s?

  • I used to sell my pre-owned texts and some CDs on But that was like seven years ago.

    • What is it with people saying “pre-owned” rather than “used”? I can understand why car dealerships do it, but why do others?

  • Last Summer I sold a ton of CDs and last weekend I sold over 60 DVDs.

    I let Josh at Red Onion in Adams Morgan cherry pick the CDs (mostly classic rock) then took the rest to Second Story Dupont. I took all the DVDs to Second Story last week, got $1 each. Remember these things don’t have much value anymore. I was happy to not have them taking up space or worse having to move boxes of them again.

  • I unloaded mine on one of the local pawn shops, which surprised me that they would take them, but some do.

  • You can also try selling the used ones to Amazon. Most get you only a few cents, but a few DVDs were worth a surprising amount to sell back (only a few $…but still better than having on your shelf)

    • I was going to suggest this too. You can use the Amazon mobile app to scan barcodes and check prices instead of manually typing in all your titles.

  • Second Story Books at 20th & P Street just west of Dupont Circle.

  • I give both CDs and DVDs to Goodwill, and then write them off at a value of $2-5 each.

  • The thrift stores are overflowing with good CD’s and DVD’s these days which is great for buyers and not so good for sellers. You could also try Craigslist but selling them as a lot instead of individually. My shop Som doesn’t buy CD’s but as stated above try Red Onion and CD Cellar. Also Record Exchange in Silver Spring.

  • Few places will give you much for used DVD’s and ebay resale is useless. Consider helping out the city library system and donate them at the MLK library downtown. I brought in 1000 CDs and a few hundred DVDs last year and they were ecstatic to add them to the library system.

    They will also give you a receipt so you can write off the value—it may be more than you get from selling them at a cut rate.

    You’d be surprised how many people in DC still get videos from the library.

    • +1 I’m one of those people that gets DVDs from the library and would greatly appreciate some new material!

  • If you decide it is not worth the trouble to sell your DVDs and want to donate them, St. Elizabeths Hospital could use some of them. You can call Emily (Director of Community Outreach & Volunteer Services ) at 202 299 5525 or me, Sinead, at 202 299 5484. Thanks!

  • Ebay or Amazon are usually your best bets. Amazon will provide free shipping if you trade it in and also will get you the most bang for your buck selling on it, but eBay will allow you to sell in bulk for faster sales.

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