Fried Chicken Pop Up Coming to Georgia Ave?

3214 Georgia Ave, NW (just north of Kenyon)

This week in scuttlebutt I hear that a fried chicken pop up (from chef/folks many have heard of) is coming to that vacant space set to eventually be developed at Georgia Ave, NW. I guess while they are waiting for plans/logistics to fall into place a pop up restaurant featuring fried chicken could take over the space for a while. Updates when/if more info is know.


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  • Why do they call them pop-ups? Shouldn’t they use a more apt description, like Restaurant of Little Ambition?

  • great more chicken bones for my dog

  • That completes the squalid triad of 3200 block Georgia. It will get a mention in Pelecanos’ next gritty novel.

  • what are the other pieces of this triad? Ana’s?

  • Petworth Liquor with its loitering clientele and Morgan’s Seafood that cars keep running into (also famed for the guard dog on its roof) Oh, I forgot: The drug testing/paternity-determining facility a couple doors North

  • Given that PoP says that this place is “from chef/folks many have heard of,” my guess is that this is going to be an “upscale” fried-chicken joint, not the kind that serves cheap fried chicken in Styrofoam clamshell containers that end up on my sidewalk.

  • Romeo Morgan, fishmonger extraordinaire! This way he can have the vat of fish grease and the separate chicken grease vat only steps away! (By the way, I really like Morgan’s fish sandwiches)

  • But that’s the best kind!

  • Pop ups are stupid

  • That’s weird. That building is being redeveloped, and I thought it would be sooner rather than later. The Zoning Commission approved the PUD in June, so they ought to be on their way to a building permit.
    In case anyone is wondering, here’s a descriptin of the project.
    “The proposed project is a mixed-use development that includes approximately 3,816 square feet of gross floor area devoted to retail uses, and approximately 96,000 square feet of gross floor area devoted to 105 residential units (plus or minus 10%). The project will have a building height of approximately 87 feet, and an overall density of 5.95 FAR. The project also includes 36 off-street parking spaces, with 34 spaces located in a below-grade parking garage and two surface spaces located at the rear of the building.”
    It sits directly between Morgan’s and 3220, which is those two green rowhouses with a beauty supply place in it.

  • Maybe it’s that group who used to own Colorado Kitchen, and were slated to occupy the south-facing ground floor of Park Place?

  • get your life

  • because the name caught on last decade and people are still riding the term.

  • Nope, it;’s 3 spaces. The developer is a few years away from actually starting work so he is turning the space over to some known chefs to have a “pop up” until they knock the block over and start from scratch. Afterwords the chefs hope to secure the ground floor retail space from the developer for long term uses.

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