Friday Question of the Day – When was the Last Time you took (at least) a weeks Vacation? Where’d you go?

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Because in a couple of weeks I’m gonna take my first real vacation in three years (Greece) – I’m curious about others. When was the last time you took a vacation that was longer than a three day weekend? Where’d you go? Where’s the best one you’ve taken?

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  • We went to Iceland in June of this year for 11 days – fantastic. But we also had a blast in Greece three years ago – Athens, Crete, and the Mani Peninsula. Loved every minute.

    • Oh! We will have a grand total of 48 hoyrs in Iceland later this year (tacked it on as a basically-free extended layover out of London). Any must dos?
      I think as of now we’re going to go looking for northern lights both nights, spend onr day exploring the city, and one day doing some sort of excursion.

      • We spent three nights in Reykjavik in June on the way home from Amsterdam. The difference in airfare paid for the Iceland portion of the trip. Reykjavik is cute but tiny. We ate at Fiskmarkadurinn and got the tasting menu -easily the best meal on our trip. Try a hot springs. We wen to the Blue Lagoon, which is touristy and a little expensive but conveniently located right next to the airport and was so relaxing. Pro tip: take your own shampoo into the showers after you get out of the pool. I just rinsed and used my own conditioner and had hair that felt like straw on the flight home. There a less expensive, less posh thermal pools that the locals use in town. We also did a half day bus tour to get outside the city and see Geyser, Gullfoss and area where the European and North American plates come together. I’m not a fan of bus tours but that was the best way to see some things in the short time we were there. Next time – and if the fare structure stays the same, there will be a next time – we would rent something further afield and do some hiking.

        oh- bring a sleep mask. We stayed in an Airbnb that had blinds but no blackout curtains so it felt like taking a nap in the afternoon.

      • Northern lights is a good idea. As mentioned Reykjavik is surprisingly small, the center is very walkable. If you rent a car (we did) you can go anywhere easily outside the city, and if you can afford the $100/day, I think it’s worth it. Geyser and Gullfoss were cool, and convenient. Snaeffels Peninsula is a few hours drive away, but is beautiful and has some fantastic hiking. The drive is really lovely. That said, I am told there is good hiking on the Reykjavik peninsula too. Maybe head up there for the day, stay for the northern lights? Then head back to Geyseer/Gullfoss before heading out? We had fantastic Langoustines (small lobsters) at Fjorubordid, in the coastal town of Stokkseyri on the way back to Reykjavik after the Gullfoss trip.

  • I’m going to Stone Harbor, New Jersey for a week on Saturday. That part of the Jersey Shore is a fantastic place to go.

  • saf

    A Florida road trip – 8 days – for spring training, Cape Canaveral, and other stuff along the way, this March.
    Montreal, Quebec CIty, Bas-Saint-Laurent, and Gaspe – 2 years ago. 2 weeks. Total blast.
    Best ever is so hard to say: cross-country with the family of origin in 1984? Kenya and Tanzania with college girlfriends in 1986? Ireland in 1998? Iceland? Paris? Quebec? PEI? Cape Breton? The west coast honeymoon? The canyons trip? The baseball road trip?
    Vacation is always a fabulous thing. Best is impossible to define.

  • Last time I took a full week off was Christmas through New Year’s to go home to see my family.
    Best vacation I’ve taken was 2 weeks in Europe with a couple good friends. We went to Vienna, Budapest and Prague.

  • New England, to visit my in-laws earlier in the summer. Both sets of grandparents live far away, so most of our vacations involve visiting them (or vacationing with them).

    One of our best vacations was an anniversary trip to Greece, without the kids. Also great: a trip to Florida for Disney and a visit to my awesome grandparents and a road trip to South Dakota. I love road trips!

  • Most recent: Pacific northwest road trip in April

    Soon to be most recent: 12 days in Scandinavia, leaving Sunday

    Best: this is a very hard question, but I think it’s a tie between skiing honeymoon in Breckenridge, CO and first trip to Europe (11 days in The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany).

    Vacations are awesome and necessary.

    • Where are you going in Scandinavia? I lived in Copenhagen if you need any tips!

      • We’re primarily focusing on Norway, with a couple days in Stockholm and a ten hour layover in Copenhagen. If you had one day in Copenhagen what would you do?

        • One day in Copenhagen, I would just walk around. Walk from Central Station up Stroget to Nyhavn and sit by the canal with a beer. Maybe see if you can get a meal at Noma if you eat anything (I don’t eat fish/meat, so I never went to those types of places). The home of the queen, Amalienborg, is beautiful. You can walk up the Rundertarn (round tower) and get a GREAT view of the city. That’s near the University and that area is my favorite – Vor Frue Kirke and the area around the U of Copenhagen is awesom (streets to look for on a map are Nørregade and Sankt Peders Stræde.

          Some great cheap eats can be found all around there. But do NOT miss La Glace, one of the best bakeries in the world. So good and worth the calories and expense. But any pastry in CPH is good (La Glace or Lagkagehuset are amazing – La Glace is the “royal bakery”). I largely ate at thai take away, a make your own sandwich place called skildpadden (very good), and an all you can eat mediterranean place called Riz Raz, which is near the University.

          Hope that helps!

          You can go visit the Little Mermaid statue (which is totally uneventful and smaller than you think it’s going to be).

          • (also, I went to Stockholm and honestly didn’t enjoy it as much as I had wanted to – it’s very business like and the people aren’t as friendly as in Copenhagen…I just walked around and saw the palace and streets but not much else. Didn’t have any great food except during my fika (afternoon coffee/pastry). That stuff was good (mmmm semla). But that’s just my experience – I was also traveling alone, which can be hard! Norway, DEFINITELY go to the Vigelandsparken (statue park) in Oslo. Absolutely unreal.

    • I did 8 days last August in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. What a fantastic trip!

  • Most recent vacation was Guatemala last December for a week+ to visit a friend in Antigua. Also Cuba for a ten day semi- working vacation last year.
    Best vacation is a challenge – a month visiting friends in Amsterdam, Germany, Jordan and Switzerland is among the top contenders. Along with a magical week in New Orleans with my boyfriend, three weeks in Spain, Portugal and Morocco with my sister, a trip to Botswana to spent time with friends before they left Botswana. And extended time this month with my family at a farm in Maryland – close to home but just as wonderful as far away destinations.

  • I tend to take a lot of long weekends (Thursday to Tuesday as an example) but the last real vacation I took was summer of 2012, when work sent me to Germany. I stayed two weeks visiting Paris, Amsterdam, Cologne and Berlin. The highlight of the trip, though, was the train ride back to Frankfurt from Berlin. I was in a compartment with a retired Australian couple. During the 5 hour trip I learned the husband had been born in the Buchenwald camp in 1944, 6 months or so before the camp was liberated. His parents weren’t Jewish, which is why he was allowed to live, but it was still miraculous he survived. You literally cant make this stuff up.

  • Got back from our 24 day honeymoon in Europe last night. Went to Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Albania, and Greece. Really enjoyed all of the places but was surprised how much we liked Slovenia.

    Best trip ever was a month in South Africa.

    • Did a week in slivenia in april and a week i puerto rico in feb. Both were awesome.

    • Ah, South Africa! My first international trip was there for 5 weeks back in the early/mid-90’s. Hitchhiked in a giant loop around the country and got to see *everything*. But, more importantly, it taught me a lot and opened my eyes to the world – life’s not been the same (and MUCH more fun!) ever since. As they say in ZA, it was “one hell of a joll!”

  • Love this question! My last vacation was over the 4th and we spent a couple of weeks in southern Africa: Kruger National Park, visited friends in Maputo, Cape Town and Victoria Falls. It was awesome. My best vacation: hmm. I don’t know. Maybe that trip honestly. It was up there. But it’s hard to beat my east Africa 2005 trip: Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda. I also loved SE Asia. I spent five weeks traveling around Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam in 2007. Love seeing all the fun places people have gone!

  • Portugal in March. That was my first real vacation in years. The Monday after I got back, we had a snow day, so it was a little bit longer than I expected.

  • Best is hard to choose. Maybe Egypt and Israel when I was 12 years old. Or a summer in Australia (visiting one of my best friends) when I was in college. Or spending a couple of weeks with family in Austria and Germany and having a few paid gigs with a singer/guitarist I was working with. It’s hard to choose.

  • Last year was trip to Copenhagen, Germany, Austria, and Hungry for Oktoberfest and just general bumming around with some good friends.

    Next week I’m leaving for Japan to see Tokyo, Kyoto, hike Mt. Fuji and visit this zen retreat in the country side. I’m stoked and can’t wait!

  • 3 months on the International Space Station…

    Granted, I was there for a purpose and had research to do, but I spent large portion of my free time just looking out the windows and pinching myself. The entire 3 months was like a paid vacation to me.

  • Most recent was a week exploring Puerto Rico. Far from most exotic trip, but I’d never been and really wanted to go. The history, the parks, the food, the beaches, the cocktails and the coffee were amazing! Really easy trip from DC, too.

  • costa rica for a week. about a five hour cab drive south from san jose through some of the most dangerous roads ive ever been on. so hot. very beautiful. everyone down there is super friendly.

    • Haha, where did you go? We went to Manuel Antonio and we were supposed to rent a car to get down there, but it was Easter weekend and we literally could not get down the highways because they were all going IN TO the city. We took the rental back and they said oh yeah, you have to drive through the mountains. Ugh…. so we got a cab as well. I’d say it was about 4.5 hours and we were stopped for about 45 minutes because of a bad accident. It was so crazy to see what their ambulance looked like. Anyhow, we spent a week down there and loved it. Took the small prop plane back up to SJO!

  • I leave tomorrow for a week in Istanbul and then 2 weeks in Kenya to see the Great Migration.

    This thread is giving me tons of ideas for the next trip.

  • Summer of 2011. two weeks off between grad school yr 1 and 2. Went to Hong Kong and Seoul, each for about a week. It was amazing. I need to take another vacation. I always try and squeeze trips to see the family for Christmas to about 3 days. Being in the Government, we earn leave pretty slowly (4 hrs every two weeks) for the first 3 years. One more year then I hit 6 hrs a pay period. Leave is a precious commodity at this point and I hoard it like gold.

  • Last over-a-week vacation was to Berlin and Vienna 3 years ago, but I always take a week at the end of the year to go home. Best trip ever was two weeks in Paris and Barcelona 4 years ago. On the downside, that’s when the Icelandic volcanic ash incident happened. I couldn’t get back to Paris for my roundtrip flight back to DC and had to buy a last-minute ticket out of Barcelona to New York. I got the last one on the date of my departure – otherwise, I would’ve been stranded there for another week or so. There are far worse places to be stranded, but my wallet couldn’t afford to stay much longer.

  • maxwell smart

    Last time I took a week+ vacation…. I can’t even remember the last time I took a 3 day vacation. 🙁

  • Turkey! Cappadocia, Izmir/Ephesus. and Istanbul with 2 other couples. So much fun! Hot air balloons, Roman ruins, street food, hooka, history, religion, night life – AMAZING!

    • I made a very similar trip 3 years ago, had a great time. Would like to go back and explore more of the country sometime.

  • A whole week? Last summer we went to Italy – Rome, Florence, the Amalfi Coast – for ten days. It was probably the best vacation in a long time and it was amazing. But like most folks here, I tend to take some long weekends throughout the summer most of the time.

  • It’s been ages, but we’re leaving in a week to spend 10 days in Portugal. So excited!

  • I went to Croatia & Venice in July for 2 weeks and it was awesome. Loved it!

    The best one is hard to pick. I loved traveling around western Europe in college. Greece was great so was Capetown, SA, Costa Rica….

  • Last week! Rented a lake house with my family in the Adirondacks in upstate NY and it was awesome. Before that I took 10 days off and did a road trip through national parks in Utah and northern Arizona for my 30th birthday. It was my first time out west and it felt like I was in another country. Everything was absolutely beautiful! That was probably my favorite vacation.

  • Bonnaroo!!!

  • Just got back from Portland, OR. Never been to the Pacific NW, it was absolutely gorgeous, nicest people, and amazing food!

  • Egypt in late May 2013. Did Cairo, Bawiti, camping in the White Desert. There was absolutely no sign of the turmoil that was come about a month later.

  • Does the shutdown staycation count?

  • Emmaleigh504

    I haven’t been on any extended trips this year because I’m saving up my pitiful amount of leave for a big trip to Haifa Israel in the fall. After that I’ll be saving up my pitiful amount of leave for a trip to Sweden that I will hopefully never return from.

  • My last vacation was 10 days long and we went to Niagara Falls, Toronto and Montreal. Fantastic trip, although next time I would fly and not drive. It’s probably been 3-4 years. 🙁 Got to fix that soon.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Best trip: spending nearly 3 weeks driving from New Orleans to Mission Veijo to visit aunt and uncle. The best part was stopping at interesting roadside attractions, eating lots lots of amazing food (shout out to Fort Stockton TX and Baker CA for the best food), and riding the roller coaster at Stateline.

  • To me, a real vacation is something that does not include obligatory visit with family nor any work. So… it’s been maybe 3 years since my last real vacation. Went on a river cruise through Europe for a week.

    • +500000000. I love (most of) my family, but refereeing fights and being nitpicked by the parents does not=relaxation to me.

  • Went to Russia for ten days this spring. Petersburg and Moscow. Fantastic trip. Totally underrated destination. Petersburg in particular is amazing.

    • I’ve done quite a bit of travelling recently and that is the one place I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. For me, the experience didn’t justify the cost and the people were cold. Also visited the Baltics and had the complete opposite experience – can’t recommend Latvia and Estonia enough.

      • You’re the first person I’ve heard say bad things about St. Petersburg. The Baltics though- you are one of many to rave about them. Sounds like I really need to go to that part of the world.

        • …While St Petersburg is beautiful (and so is Moscow IMO), I’d never recommend going to Russia. It was awful.

        • It’s certainly an interesting place, especially if history is your thing. But it is extraordinarily expensive, even outside of the touristy areas. It’s not as walkable as most European cities and much less bike friendly than even US east coast cities. The weather is notoriously bad/fickle. The city was built by slaves and serfs in a generation, mostly designed to look like the style that was popular in Western Europe at that specific time, so the architecture, while interesting, doesn’t have a very organic feel to it.

          • Thanks for elaborating. I heard Moscow was crazy expensive, but didn’t know that was also the case for St. Petersburg. A couple of my friends couchsurfed while visiting, and another had an internship there, so think those experiences might have contributed to them all liking the place.

  • I take a week long trip with my closest friends to Rohoboth Beach each year in July. We spend the week beaching, biking, eating and enjoying each other’s company. It’s something I look forward to each year.

  • 2012 10 day honeymoon to Paris and then London for the 2012 Summer Olympics
    This past April, a 10 day trip to Rome and a villa outside Sienna (Tuscany) – to get out of the city
    Just returned from a 12 day road trip in Alaska – do not take a cruise, drive!

    • Agree about not cruising in Alaska. We hitchhiked through and had a great time – this was a few years back, probably am too risk-averse now. Once was picked up by a tour bus that was doing a dry run to pick up cruisers in Anchorage. Had the bus to ourselves and got to hear the driver’s stories about being an oil man and dealing with polar bears in his younger days.

  • Last full week off of vacation was the summer of 2007 – went to my friends wedding in Copenhagen. I think it was actually 6 days including a weekend, so not an actual week off….

    My husband and I did not get a honeymoon (he wasn’t allowed to travel before his deployment to Afghanistan, which started 3 months after our wedding) but when he got back, we did 4 days in Vegas which was our last and only vacation (2012).

    It’s a trade off – I knew that I couldn’t afford to be unpaid should I ever need maternity leave, so I saved basically every hour of sick and annual leave to be able to get partial pay after having a baby. It took me 8 years as a federal employee with almost no vacation to get enough leave saved up to be able to get partial pay for the better part of 7 months (I went back for a month and then took more time). So, it’s a trade off but I do wish we’d been able to take a real vacation at some point.

  • Last real week-long vacation was our honeymoon in Spain five years ago. We leave Sunday for a week in San Francisco and LA. This one is a little different, as we’ll be with our three year old, but I’m excited to get away.

  • Went to Indonesia for 3 weeks earlier this year, want to go back. Going to South Korea later this year for about a week. Lived there 11 years ago, haven’t been back since, looking forward to seeing it again.

    Best trip ever? Probably Japan. One I’m most grateful for? Syria. Friendliest, most laidback Arab country I’ve been to (out of around 10). Can’t believe the destruction and horror that has been going on there the past few years.

  • Hmmm….in June, I went to Harlingen/South Padre Island, Texas to visit my parents for the entire week. Spent most of it at the beach.

    Otherwise, I recently went to Thailand and Taiwan for 2 weeks, as well as Austin, Houston, and Los Angeles for a week. I will be going to Japan at the end of the month. I’m totally already mentally checked out from work. Ha.

  • Driving to Charleston and stopping at South of the Border!

  • dcgator

    If I go by kken’s definition, my last real vacation was backpacking in Europe 5 years ago, in college.

    If not, visiting India to see relatives last December.

  • I just got back from Greece myself, PoP. Spent a couple of days in Athens and the rest of the time enjoying beautiful Santorini. You’ll have a great time.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Sweet! I have a very similar itinerary – can’t wait!!

      • I want to go to Santorini so bad. Any recommendations for airfare? Cheapest airport to fly out of, etc?

        • You can get pretty cheap airfare out of Athens on either Aegean or Olympic Air. They serve most of the big Greek Islands. Another option if you have the time is to take a ferry from Piraeus (The Athens port). Relatively easy to get to (on the Athens metro). The ferry ride is long (maybe 10 hours) but the view as you arrive to Santorini is absolutely amazing (especially at dawn)

          • There are also high-speed ferries that will get you there in about 5 hours, but they’re almost as expensive as a flight, and they’re not open air, so you can’t walk around and enjoy the scenery. We opted to fly. We ended up paying around 250 euros round trip from Athens, but you can get better deals if you book far enough in advance.

  • Australia! My favorite part was relaxing in Byron Bay. Awesome restaurant owner that remembered our name each morning, gave us samples of ‘surfer food’, and was genuinely interested in getting to know us. Then we kayaked through a nursing pod of dolphin – little babies flapping their tales and playing. Amazing trip 🙂

    • I had so much fun surfing and sea kayaking in Byron Bay. Such an awesome town.

    • I adored Byron Bay. It was one of those places I planned to stay for just a couple of days , but I ended up staying for almost two weeks. I didn’t think I’d want to stay there that long because it was such a small town (and I’m more of a “big city” kind of girl) but it was probably my favorite place in Australia.

  • Two weeks in Patagonia (Argentina/Chile) in 2011. Lately (i.e., the last 3 years), my travels have been dominated by weddings, but I will be spending a week in Vermont in September between…two weddings. Hopefully, next year I can take another two week trip to somewhere cool.

    • Oops, forgot that I spent a week at Smith Mountain Lake last summer…

    • Hope you have a great time in Vermont! I went to college there, and loved it — it’s a beautiful state. It also has lots of good food for its small size, which is why I decided to comment. Generally, lots of local stuff, which is fun and tasty. If you’re in Burlington, you should check out the Skinny Pancake (sweet & savory crepes). American Flatbread (flatbread pizzas that are sort of different than normal pizza – mmm) is a local chain in Burlington and Middlebury. Another Middlebury spot that’s delicious is Noonie’s Deli — great (and huge) sandwiches. I daydream about their Purple’s Pleasure sometimes.

      • Yeah, I went to UVM, so I will be back in my old stomping grounds. The weddings are in Warren (Sugarbush) and the NEK, but I am going to spend the week in between in burltown.

      • I was in southern VT for a bachelor’s party last weekend, so this will be the most time I have spent up there in a 2 month period in quite some time. Hopefully, I will be able to get to the Gorge or Red Rocks.

    • Ah! I was in the same area in 2012, and am planning a 2015/2016 back to the area. Plan is to go: Santiago to Puerto Montt, taking a cargo freighter for 3 day trip into the fjords then Puerto Natales and finally Patagonia.

      I’m quite lucky in that I have family in Stgo and we have a family apartment there, so travel to Chile is easy for me.

  • Currently at the end of a 10 day vacation with family in Akumal, Quintana Roo, Yucatan peninsula. Great snorkeling, laid back, totally relaxing. Close to Tulum which has amazing beaches but not the same snorkeling options. stopped in Playa del Carmen which used to be nice but now is overdeveloped and more of a launching area to go to Cozumel. My 6th time here, rented a car to go to Mayan ruins but so far just major chillin in Akumal.

  • It’s been years since we took a full week vacation, but 5 days in Bermuda 3 years ago, and 5 days in Turks and Caicos 2 years ago were both incredibly relaxing, fun trips!

  • Last vacation: a week in Finland with a quick trip to Estonia.
    Also 2 weeks last year in Australia and New Zealand. 2 weeks was definitely not enough time.
    Best vacation: a month in South Africa. Working on a plan to make Cape Town my permanent home.

    • I’m planning to go to New Zealand for my first non-family, non-wedding trip in years. Where did you go? Any recommendations?

      • Not the person you’re responding to, but my wife and I did NZ last year for around two weeks and did the following itinerary, which I don’t think I would change at all even knowing what I know now:

        Day 1: flew into Auckland late, rented a car and drove to Tauranga, spent the night.
        Day 2: Hiked Mt. Maunganui and then drove to Rotorua where we hiked the Whakarewarewa Forest in the afternoon.
        Day 3: Whitewater rafting near Rotorua and then saw the Wai-o-tapu Thermal Wonderland in the afternoon.
        Day 4: drove to Waitomo to see the Glowworm Caves around noon and then to Taupo to see Huka Falls, spending the night in Taupo.
        Day 5: drove to Wellington, going to the Te Papa national museum in the afternoon and then walking around town and taking the cable car back to the hotel.
        Day 6: ferry to South Island, spending the night in Nelson.
        Day 7: hiking and kayaking in Abel Tasman national park.
        Day 8: driving down to Hokitika, stopping along the way at the Punakaiki pancake rocks for lunch and then visiting the Hokitika Gorge in the late afternoon.
        Day 9: driving to Franz Josef and then taking a helicopter up to hike the glacier.
        Day 10: drove to Queenstown, hiking to the top of Queenstown hill (short but steep) and then taking the gondola to the awesome lookout from the top.
        Day 11: Bungy jumping at the Kawarau bridge, where bungy was invented. Walked around Queenstown in the afternoon.
        Day 12: drove to Te Anau and hiked the Kepler track a bit to Lake Manapouri. Easy hike.
        Day 13: day trip to Milford Sound for a 16km kayak.
        Day 14: drove to Lake Tekapo, did some hiking that afternoon around Mount John.
        Day 15: drove to Akaroa, doing a harbor cruise where we saw dolphins, seals, a penguin and even a shark.
        Day 16: drove to Christchurch, walked around a bit (was still very, very damanged from the earthquake with entire blocks blocked off even to pedestrians) then returned the rental car and caught a one-way flight back to Auckland, then on to an evening flight back to the US.

        Hope this helps!

        • Thanks so much – sounds like a fantastic trip!

        • Disclaimer- I’m from NZ so everything I say is biased.

          Firstly NZ is much better than Australia.

          Secondly -the below website has some good suggestions of an itinerary on what to do based on how long you will be in NZ. The driving times/distance calculator are really useful, don’t trust google maps for the time it takes to get place- the highways are mostly one lane each side and you share them with everyone- trucks, gas tankers, bikers and camper vans as well as cows crossing the road at milking time- so sometimes you just can’t get anywhere in a rush

          I’m from Hawkes Bay (wine country and beaches) on the east coast of the North Island, I love it but that would probably be a second trip to NZ place to visit. Definitely focus you time in the South Island- it is magical.

          Thirdly – Have a flat white coffee and meat pie for me while you’re there!

  • Last real vacation was 2010, went to Munich, Germany to visit a friend. I was there during the last World Cup (in S. Africa), watched the Germany/Argentina game in a beer garden. After the game, the streets of Munich turned into a huge street party. Best soccer experience of my life thus far.

    Leaving for 3 week vacation in Thailand this coming Thursday!!!

  • My last vacation was Tokyo over Xmas/NYE! So much fun.

  • I’m going to Greece too in a couple of weeks for our honeymoon!! Athens, Milos, Santorini, then Istanbul.
    Last week long vacay was to the Canadian Maritimes–New Brunswick and the Bay of Fundy and Nova Scotia–absolutely stunning.
    Best ever is Spain (but we’ll see if that changes soon!)

    • Best ever IS Spain. Best of Spain is Bilbao. One month homestay there one summer during high school was a dream.

      People of PoP: forget Barcelona. Go to Bilbao. See Guernica. See San Juan de Gaztelugatxe. Ride the Puente Colgante in Portugalete.

      • Bilbao isn’t even the best city in the Pais Vasco. That honor goes to San Sebastian.

        • San Sebastian is awesome! Also (not in Pais Vasco, but along the theme of Spain is the best), Ronda, in Andalucia. Stole my heart.

  • Thanksgiving week — 2013; Paris for 9 days. 4 days AirBnB, 5 days rented a studio @ University of Paris.

  • I went to Maine for 5 days (flew up Monday, flew back on a Friday). Stayed with a friend. It was nice. Swam in a lake, saw a lot of nature. Slept soundly. Ate lobster. Saw Animal House at a drive in.

  • 2 weeks and 1700 miles by Jeep Wrangler through El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua with a friend from down there. Wake up, drive 4 hours (@about 30mph) to the next town over. Get there by lunchtime. Sightseeing, dinner, drinks. Go to sleep, wake up, do it again. Stayed in the same place only twice. Saw every inch of Honduras, including Roatan and the Cayos Cochinos. Among the highlights of the trip: D&D Brewery/Hostel (!!!) in middle of nowhere central Honduras… …being stopped by the police 4 separate times between San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba… …snorkeling in the Carribbean… …San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua… …really, Nicaragua in general (next time will spend the entire 2 weeks there)

    There was a very close election in El Salvador while we were out of the country (had to return for my plane flight out). There was some concern we would have difficulties on our way back across the border, but it was fine.

    I suppose another big “highlight” of the trip was the treatment we would get at the borders. Personal automobiles are uncommon, as are tall caucasians. We’d usually pay a dollar to one of the many children at the border to usher us through the steps in the right order. It’s just like pulling into a small village–you have to figure out where to go. Eventually you’re back in the car. Someone gives a wave to a guy holding a chain across the road…he lowers the chain…off you go.

  • Cozumel next week!! Beach, scuba-diving and all inclusive beverages!

  • Last time I went on a week’s vacation: Japan in April. It was awesome! I definitely could’ve stayed more than a week but I saw quite a bit of Tokyo and Kyoto in that time.
    Next one week vacation: I leave next Friday for a week in Berlin, followed by two days in Copenhagen on a stopover on my way back to DC. I’m pretty excited – if anyone has any tips for either of those cities, let me know!
    Best vacation: Hard to choose. Australia maybe? (Just because I was there for awhile.) Spain? (First time I’d ever been out of the country, first time I’d ever flown in an airplane.) I also really cherish the trips I’ve taken with friends. Sadly, they don’t happen that often, and most of my trips are solo (though I love traveling solo!) but that means that trips with friends are always quite memorable.

  • Hadn’t been on a real vacation for years until I went to Nevis for 8 days last spring. It was so damn refreshing and invigorating I’ve had to make vacations happen since then, including Jamaica last fall and a week backpacking and goofing off in northern CA this summer.

    Best I guess has to be 10 months (10+ years ago) spent traipsing about…but maybe that’s just dropping out.
    NZ–AUS–Borneo–all over SE Asia–Nepal–India–Ethiopia–E Africa

  • bustyredhead

    This year! June – July. 16 days. 2 days in Sweden; remainder in Norway. Started out by following Pearl Jam from Stockholm to Oslo, then spent the rest of my time meeting Norwegian family for the first time and exploring my grandparents’ home towns and some other locations. Next year: same amount of time in England and Scotland, including Benedict Cumberbatch’s Hamlet performance. August 2015 is feeling very far off.

  • The last week long vacation I took was a ski trip to Mammoth Mountain California in March 2013, the snow was great during that trip. The next week-long vacation I’m taking will be in just over a week from now: heading to Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada (my first time “burner” experience).

  • Most recent vacation: I went to London for a week in April.
    Best vacation ever: Hmm… probably either one of my UK trips, or the week I spent in Buenos Aires a few years ago (eating steak, gelato, and dulce de leche like there was no tomorrow), or a short trip to Hong Kong while I was living in Japan.

  • I visited a college friend in San Francisco for a week last November. He was unemployed at the time (ie., the perfect tour guide) and it was a fantastic trip. So much fun to see a new (and such a different!) city, and to see a glimpse of his life there. I’m still nostalgic for that trip about once a week.

  • I love how many people have been to or are planning to travel to Scandinavia! It makes me so happy:)

    but also sad that it’s been so long since I’ve been there and the fact that I probably won’t be back for a while 🙁

  • Brazil for the World Cup. First two times I went for the month of February (Carnaval) once you get out of Rio and S.P. The little beach towns are just wonderful.

  • last august a small island in greece for a yoga retreat…. AWESOME!!!!! enjoy greece and watch out for the jelly fish and super size seals if you like to swim/snorkel

  • In July, I took my first “real” vacation in over 4 years. I went to San Francisco! I realized that I have gone on a lot of long weekends, but this was the first full week out of town in a long, long time!

  • Munich, Oktoberfest! so fun!

  • Two week bike tour of New Zealand with “Great Bike Tours!” Actually I couldn’t make it, and have been kicking myself ever since (and suffered mightily seeing all my friends photos) – but I’m signing up for next season.

  • shaybee

    Just got back from a week and change in northern California! It was glorious to take time off and see my best friend. But i realized that beaches in that are are weird (so foggy!) and that the drought is really, REALLY taking a toll.

  • So many great ideas in here for places I need to go! For the past two weeks I travelled to Portland for beer and wine adventures (and a wedding) and also just returned from Martha’s Vineyard for work and play. All in all about 10 days of travel (with some work in between), but I feel so relaxed and refreshed. Ready to take on Q4!

  • I’m on vacation right now. I went…to bed. Last week-long vacation was in April. I went to the West Coast.

  • Last year I spent a week in Rio, mostly shopping, before heading to São Paulo to help some friends start a Pit Bull rescue organization. I’m heading to Burundi this fall for two weeks to help develop a real estate reality TV series about home improvement in the poorest countries of the world.

  • binpetworth

    Last long vacation was 2.5 weeks in Colombia in 2009. Gorgeous country, people, and great food.

    PoP–I do highly recommend the seaside town of Nafplio in Greece; one of my favorite places ever!

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