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  • Just back from Mexico City and obsessed with finding tacos that resemble real-deal, street-meat goodness (read: not Chipotle). Current fav is District Taco. Other great options: the secret Mexican place in CoHi (she makes all of her own sauces), El Rey (go during happy hour), and Tacos el Chilango (don’t order the chips, they buy them at Costco). Good back-ups: El Centro, Pica Taco. Probably forgetting something obvious but that’s a good start.

  • The El Chilango truck in Rosslyn/Courthouse. Hands down. His brother’s brick and mortar store on V Street seemed just as good, but I haven’t been enough to make firm judgment.

  • Far East Taco Grille

  • That is not in town.

  • Taqueria La Placita in Bladensburg. Sorry DC, but the suburbs win in this area.

  • The Spicy Lamb at Chupacabra on H st

  • Yes it is. It’s in Adams Morgan…

  • Hmmm… there’s a place at 1762 Columbia Rd, NW with tacos that are super. Taqueria Distrito Federal and El Riconcito uno and dos are super too.

  • Takorean.
    I don’t understand the local love for what people here insist is “authentic” (a tablespoon of Grade D meat with two tablespoons each of raw onions and cilantro). I prefer a little higher quality, and more quantity, too.

  • And when I say Takorean, I mean that it is my favorite. NOT that it fits into the category of “too small, bad ingredients”. Takorean is the best.

  • jim_ed

    Within the district itself, Taqueria Distrito Federal are definitely my favorite. Their goat tacos are dreamy. For better local tacos, you have to head to to Riverdale.
    Also, El Don at 14th and Varnum has surprising tasty steak tacos.

  • Taco Bell Waffle Taco

  • People here are mostly too snobby of coastal elites to appreciate it, but the Doritos tacos, especially the cool ranch ones, at Taco Bell are actually really good.

  • Impala Cantina on h st ne has incredible carne asada tacos that are like what they have in mexico

  • Top picks go to Tacos el Chilango and Mama Chuy. So far have tried those two, plus Taqueria Distrito Federal, Three Salsas, District Taco, El Rey, Taqueria Nacional, El Centro, El Chuchos, and DC Taco Truck.

  • ‘Just got back from Mexico city’ is TMI.
    The question is best place for tacos in the city, right? I don’t believe the question asked how worldly you are or how you are such a traveler.

    In the future, get to the answer

    • That’s harsh. I think the poster was just saying that he now compares DC tacos to the ones he just tried in Mexico City, which is a totally fair comparison. (For Drake if this isn’t threading)

      • Agreed with Shawess. Sheesh, somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.

      • I had the same thought, Textdoc. I also just realized that I assumed the first poster was a “he,” but could be wrong. I don’t know many women who use the phrase “street-meat goodness” but I could stand to know more of those women.

    • SFT

      Simmer down, it’s just a question about tacos!

  • Chaia all the way! They’re so fresh and the homemade tortillas are incredible. I can’t wait for them to set up a brick-and-mortar shop.

  • Top picks are Tacos el Chilango and Mama Chuy. So far in DC I’ve tried Taqueria Distrito Federal, 3 Salsas, El Rey, El Chuchos, El Centro, Taqueria Nacional, District Taco and DC Taco Truck.

  • El Rey sucks

  • The al pastor tacos at Mama Chuy. Hands down. Sopes are even better but I’ll stick to tacos in this thread. Anyone who’s been to Mexico City and thinks District Taco is legit clearly ate at some low grade touristy taco spots.

    Any south/central texans here? I can’t find a good breakfast taco to save my life. Thankfully I have a stock of HEB tortillas in my freezer but sometimes I don’t feel like making them myself.

    • District taco makes it clear they are yucatan style. Mexico city does not represent the entire country of Mexico.

      That being said, the only tacos I really like at District Taco are the fish ones.

    • whoops, looks like you were replying to the first poster…. sorry about that.

    • I agree re District Taco – for me the gummy, pasty tortillas destroy anything I otherwise like about them. The tortilla shouldn’t stick to the roof of my mouth like white bread.
      That said, I am definitely in the minority on District Taco.

  • I notice that you didn’t get to the answer at all. In the future, go away.

  • i just discovered fish taco on macarthur in cabin john (not technically dc). its definitely worth the trip

  • El Charrito in Arlington. Far and away best tacos and burritos.

  • Best Tacos in the world at El Camino in Bloomingdale !!!!! NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM

  • tacquoria nacional 14th and T, NW

  • El Chilango on V Street!

  • great question and sure to be lively debate! we have so many options here in dc now – the more the better. In terms of the best , well it depends on what you are in the mood for – don’t get caught up in the trap of authenticity. judge them by “was it good” & “would you eat another” . If you want to get philosophical, Google Taco USA by Gustaove Arellano & Fine Art and Tacos: Day Tripping in East LA blog post on the Bavard.

    I tend to eat my tacos at home, but I do like Chilango quite a lot. Lastly – regarding breakfast tacos: heat your salsa. It will change your life.

    • Emmaleigh504

      ” don’t get caught up in the trap of authenticity. judge them by “was it good” & “would you eat another” ” Well said! All I want to know is if they are good!

  • Nobody asked for your internet etiquette lesson either.

  • Don Juan for its dive bar feel and Pico Taco for its quick taco and beer while taking a long walk around the city.

  • Mama Chuy is the best I’ve found during my one year in DC since moving from LA

  • It used to be, there were almost zero options for true authentic Mexican tacos. Now we have too many. This is a good problem to have. I can’t pick one out of them all, they’re all like my children.

    But I’ll admit I do have some favoritism toward Taqueria Distrito Federal as they were one of the first to open up shop in town. I remember watching some Mexico matches during 2006 World Cup there with the owner. Good times.

  • +500 for District Taco. I’m not an authority on how authentic their tacos are, but they are extremely tasty.

  • As a native Southern Californian, I have a high standard for tacos. After 2 years here in DC, I have found some of the best, in my opinion.

    El Sabor Del Taco: http://www.elsabordeltaco.com/

    These guys have no store front and appear to only have popups at local farmers markets, namely the Columbia Heights one and the one at the Reagan Building (11-3pm Fridays).

    Simply amazing. Handmade tortillas. simple ingredients. You want carnitas, you get carnitas and your choice of salsas, lettuce, cilantro, and onions. You want pastor, boom it’s there. No frills, simple and easy…as a taco was meant to be. Reasonably priced (3 for $10). They will fill you up too.

  • Drake, I enjoyed that post and the posters perspective. You, on the other hand, just injected a huge dose of negativity into my lovely Friday morning.

  • You failed to do so too, and he’s right,
    Nobody asked about globetrotting, that’s not the question… Taco Bell!

  • randomduck

    The tacos al pastor at District Taco are authentic Yucatan stuff: no filler, no frou-frou, just excellent stuff.

    The fish tacos at Argonaut are the best of the variety in town.

    I wish somebody would bring good molé to DC, but most DC-area Mexican joints (and I’m not talking Salvadoran stuff) tend toward the Yucatan, which isn’t much of a molé area. I grew up with Red Iguana in Salt Lake City, which has some of the best molés in the country, so I’m a bit spoiled.

  • Is this the new Mexican place in Bloomingdale? I didn’t know it was open yet.

  • Is this the new Mexican place in Bloomingdale? I didn’t know it was open yet.

  • Ana’s tacos on Georgia in Park View are delicious! And cheap, too.

  • I think the tacos at SOL Mexican Grill on H St NE is pretty good.

  • Did they open???

  • Wow. Inferiority complex much?

  • Does El Chilango do takeout or delivery?

  • That was supposed to be for Jay above re coastal elitists not able to appreciate Taco Bell.

  • As a coastal elite who is too snobby to enjoy most things, including my multiple trips to Mexico, I prefer Taqueria Distrito Federal on 14th.

  • I love this type of honesty! I didn’t like Mexico either. It always ends with me shitting my brains out and thinking “never again”

  • Not in town, but… La Mexicana in Alexandria (Fairfax County) off Route 1 on Arlington Dr.

  • :-/ You sound like you could use a good taco.

  • Yipes the replying functionality is all wonky. @Matt: Which place were you asking about? The place in bloomingdale is not open yet, sadly.

  • From South Texas here (the Valley) — Actually, I’m visiting home right now! And no, sorry, haven’t found any good breakfast tacos in DC either. The first thing I do whenever I get back to Texas is have breakfast tacos. Also, we should start a kickstarter to get an HEB in Columbia Heights.

  • As a Tejana with a Mexican background who grew up with tacos her entire life I have to say Tacos El Chilango for the win! Still hoping and waiting for something even more authentic like tacos de trompo to come around.

  • For randomduck if this posts randomly… I don’t know how authentic it is, but have you tried Casa Oaxaca?

  • To MCGS: you are bringing back fond and distant memories of the chorizo and egg tacos at Milagritos on North St. Mary’s Street in San Antonio. Nothing anywhere near here compares.

  • @10:54 Anon– I would do anything for a chorizo & egg taco on a fat, fresh, homemade flour tortilla. I’m from Corpus but spent many childhood weekends in SA so I feel you. I can’t find (mexican) chorizo anywhere. The owner of Mama Chuy used to get theirs shipped from Chicago but I dunno if they still do breakfast. Haven’t seen it in stores.

    @Mithun yes x 1000000. I’ve been in DC for a few years but I still miss HEB everyday..the combos locos! hill country fare brand! the Whataburger products!

  • Agreed! Great spot.

  • Mexico City traveler here. Apologies for any offense. The point of my comment/additional info was that I’ve recently learned a lot about tacos and am looking for something authentic, thus the selection of taco places I listed. There are a lot if great tacos in town if you are looking for something more American, too. Thanks for all the great suggestions!

  • OP here. Female 🙂

  • Not a traditional taco, but the fish tacos at Fishnet (Progression Place right by Shaw metro) are amazing… pretty pricey, but soooo good

  • Yo, POP, I’m really happy for you, I’ma let you finish, but Super Tacos has some of the tastiest tacos in DC! SOME OF THE TASTIEST TACOS IN DC!

  • +1 on Mama Chuy’s. The place lacks in atmosphere, but the food is amazing.

  • hispanicandproud

    Surfside! Duh.

  • My fav is the tacos at Chinito’s Burritos on Florida across from Gallaudet.

  • Super Taco is solid (although their tlacoyos and huaraches are better imo) but easily wins for the BEST website, possibly on the entire internet (make sure your volume is on) http://www.supertacosdc.com/

    Mama Chuay is damn good. love their chorizo taco

    I don’t get the hype about district taco — they are straight up BAD imo.

    For the person looking for good mole — the taco seller at Columbia Heights farmer’s market makes a good one. Great tamales too.

  • taqueria distrito federal.

  • +1. Authentic does not equate to quality. While I hate the price of the foodie small plates cultural, at least it has gone a long way in transcending the silliness of authentic ethnic cuisine.

  • Pfft, Taco Tuesday at the Truxton Thomas residence, obvi.

  • Still not traveling to Bladensburg for a taco!

  • You can get Mexican chorizo at one of the meat/deli counters at Eastern market and it’s pretty good, the one next to the pasta counter IIRC

  • The chorizo is also amazing!!!

  • Went to Oyamel for tacos. Was disappointed, especially since they apparently made a best-of list here in the city. And the mole sauce? Lousy.

  • Word. Me too.

  • omg thank you!

  • agreed. authenticity is overrated.

  • Major ROFL @ Takorean

  • El Sol on 14th St NW @ Randolph . Best real Mexico in the city. Chef owner has real cred. You will not be disappointed.

  • Re El Sabor Del Taco: I am an early CH farmer’s market goer, and I always wish I was hungry when I walk by them. I’ll have to make a special trip. Thanks for the recommendation.

  • +1 went this am, and got 3: one carnitas, one beef tongue, and one chicken mole. Delicious. And not in a styrofoam!

  • I have to go with Tacos El Chilango and Mama Chuy, but the fish tacos at Fast Gourmet are pretty amazing as well.

  • Taco Bamba in Falls Church is really good too, but a tad too expensive. They use some really cool meats, and ingrediants, but if a taco is more than $4 I have a hard time paying for it.

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