Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Dupont/U Street

1814 15th Street Northwest

This rental is located at 1814 15th Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Ideal, charming and spacious 1 bedroom 1 bathroom with washer & dryer in unit. Amazing light, hardwood floors, open living space. Near Metro and buses–1 block to 14th Street strip, 2 blocks to the U street Corridor. Updated finishes and appliances. Near Trader Joe’s, Barcelona, Taylor Gourmet, U & Pizza, Ben’s Chili Bowl, Lauriol Plaza, and many other hotspots! Won~t last long!”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,950/Mo.

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  • That’s just on the high end of what might be acceptable. “Won~t last long!” It might, though.

  • maxwell smart

    Wow. Awkward layout doesn’t even begin to describe this space.

  • The noise from the metro station and cafes in the backyard would become a nuisance…

    • Noise from the metro station? Huh? It’s more than 2 blocks away from the Metro and 15th St is pretty quiet, especially compared to 14th and 16th St.

      • +1. It’s on 15th Street between S and T (more specifically, between S and Swann). Just because the listing agent says it’s “[n]ear Trader Joe’s, Barcelona, Taylor Gourmet, U & Pizza, Ben’s Chili Bowl, Lauriol Plaza, and many other hotspots” doesn’t mean that they’re all that close by.

    • I rent an apartment directly beside this place. This area is extremely quiet. And beautiful, as it’s right next to tree-lined Swann Street.

  • Looks like a good deal to me. Not sure what noise this would get from metro or cafe’s? This is on 15th st. so neither apply.

    • maxwell smart

      I suppose if you just have to live in the U Street area, then sure. But you can get a lot more for less if you you’re willing to live, heaven forbid, a mile or two away from U street.

      • or, god forbid, calvert county.

      • yes, i assume the question is “is this a good deal for what you get in this location?”, not “is this the most affordable option in all of dc and surrounding areas?”

        • maxwell smart

          True, and what this tells me is this location is ridiculous. I mean, I guess you get a washer and dryer which is a selling point (in my book) but $1950 + addition for utilities – this is going to come in at something like $21 – $2200 / month. Too rich for my salary. For that cash in other parts of DC within maybe 2 miles of here, $2200 can get you a much larger, above ground unit with more amenities.

          • Accountering

            This is a silly comparison. Two miles from here and you can be in NE tucked in the middle of nowhere off a Rhode Island Ave. This costs what it costs, solely because of the location. From here, you can be care free, walk/bike to work and everything else you do in life.

  • I can’t tell if it’s just the “cool” camera angles/effect or reality but it looks tiny. I’ve lived in 3 basements, all significantly less expensive but in not as ideal locations (depending on what you’re looking for) but I think this seems a bit high. Maybe if utilities were included.

  • The kitchen layout (everything against the same wall) isn’t ideal, but it’s small enough that it’s probably not all that awkward.
    What DOES look awkward is how the washer and dryer have been squeezed into the bathroom. Yikes!
    And I think this is actually the basement unit, no?

  • It will go fast…location…location…location…

  • I looked at this place last summer when I was looking for housing. It is TINY. I pay $50 less than that for a much bigger place just a block away, though still a basement.

  • The working fireplace is a bonus… looks good for a frugal couple that didn’t mind being cozy together, and without a lot of extra stuff.

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