Early Word on Three Fifty Bakery & Coffee Bar?

1926 17th Street, NW

Now that Three Fifty Bakery & Coffee Bar has been open for a few weeks at 17th and U St, NW – what’s the early word?


Their facebook page says:

“Three Fifty Bakery & Coffee Bar serves baked desserts and pastries. We serve fresh-brewed Illy brand coffee with great pride and as an official partner.

Imagine the aromatic smell of fresh baked desserts, sweets, treats, and pastries. Now imagine pleasing your taste buds with an assortment of these amazingly delicious pieces of heaven, which also includes tasty gluten-free, sugar-free and allergy sensitive treats.

At Three Fifty Bakery & Coffee Bar, we bake with love — daily — and at the perfect baking temperature of 350 degrees, which allows us to deliver a world-class experience each and every time you are ready to indulge into a satisfyingly-flavorful variety of specialty pastries and desserts.

Three Fifty Bakery & Coffee Bar offers baked-goods that’s prepared fresh daily in-house. We also masterfully customize baked-goods, served to your specifications perfectly, with our attention and focus on complete customer satisfaction.”


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  • I finally went and really enjoyed it! Coffee was good and the baked goods were even better. Very charming interior and a bit of outside seating.

  • Coffee and food was tasty but I will admit to some sticker shock on the total.

  • Went last week. Good latte and croissant. A bit pricey but nothing out of the ordinary for DC and coffee shops. Really liked the interior and outdoor patio. A great addition to the neighborhood and I intend to go back more.

  • I assume the Loch Ness Monster theme has simply been left out of the photos.

  • This place is really good. I agree with the other comments that the coffee is good and the baked good are EXCELLENT. The bacon/cheddar scone is really great (and their most popular item), but the sweets are good too. I’ve gone in a bunch of times and have talked with the owners. They’re very friendly and seem dedicated to perfecting the experience. I strongly recommend it.

  • Jadore Illy

  • The salted caramel brownie is like crack!

  • I went last weekend and really, really like it. It’s a really cute cafe — it’s got a very “un-chain” feel which is great. Coffee is great, baked goods are terrific.
    The patio is really nice though with the one drawback that the local mosquitos also seem to like it. Good move by the cafe to have plenty of mostquito spray and foggers available!
    I’ll definitely be back. A lot.

  • Agree with comments on the place overall. My additional two cents would go towards their knowing how to use the sugar with restraint– the peaches and cream pastry had a nice tart cream that offset the fresh peaches perfectly, and the ricotta muffin was super-moist and the right combination of savory and sweet. Great for those of us who appreciate nuanced flavor or don’t think breakfast pastries need to be sugarbombs.

  • We live across the street. I honestly made myself go to the gym on Wednesday based on my increased consumption of baked goods. Ricotta muffin–who would have thought you would be my demise?

  • Illy? is that the best they can do?

    Anything but Illy or Ceremony, please. We need to diversify the coffee roaster scene here in the area. Illy coffee isn’t even remotely fresh in comparison. Why?

  • I happen to like Illy.

  • There’s plenty of coffee diversity in the area! In the Logan Circle area alone: go to Peregrine, which serves a bunch of different artisinal stuff. Go to Dolcezza, which serves Stumptown. Go to the coffee bar, which serves Verve and Novo. Go to Wyddown, which serves really good stuff that’s not either.

  • Wouldn’t mind something like Zeke’s (particularly since Bakehouse switched to Ceremony). That said, illy is totally serviceable. Huge upgrade from the Starbucks on the block. And the maple scones are great.

  • I’ve been two or three times since they opened and I love it! The coffee is great – I happen to like Illy, and the baked goods are phenomenal!! I don’t live in the immediate area anymore but this place is worth the bus trip. The employees and owners are super nice and friendly which makes the experience that much more enjoyable.

  • Have only stopped by once, but the place managed to charm me on first visit. It’s handsomely decorated, sun-filled, and has a great patio (complete with free-to-use bug repellent–a nice way to offset what is the inevitable plague of mosquitos in DC).

    I am a bit biased because I was so happy to see that they had gluten free options. The gluten free peanut butter oatmeal cookie was chewy and the perfect amount of sweet. I also had the luck of stopping by when the owner was testing out the soon-to-debut gluten free vegan banana bread, which I got to sample for free–it was moist, cakey, and again not overly sweet. Hooray! Was also happy that baked goods were really gluten free, which is important for someone with Celiac like me (the only problem I noticed was that the gluten free cookies were stacked away from but on the same plate as gluten-filled cookies, but the owner assured me this was not their standard practice).

    As for the coffee–I happen to like Illy for espresso drinks, not as much for the iced coffee (Dolcezza, Pleasant Pops, Wydown, Peregrine have better cold brews in the area, and some of those locales are probably better for pourover coffee too). The only other downside was the music–they had a Sirius XM “Coffee House” station going which was a bit too cliche-mellow for my taste, but who knows if that will last.

    They had inviting and helpful staff when I went in too.

    Definitely recommend, and will be stopping by more!

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