Dispatches from the Mean Streets of Some of the District’s Sketchiest Neighborhoods Vol. 4

Photo by PoPville flickr user jbarab

“I live on Shepherd Street street in Petworth. Every morning I walk down Kansas on my way over to 14th street by way of Spring Rd. Almost without fail, there is a gentlemen exercising in place on one of the corners of Kansas between Shepherd and Quincy. He is awesome. Other than just exercise he is on a mission to wave and say “good morning, have a good one!” to every single person who walks by. He’s more than happy to yell “good morning” two blocks away. If I’m lucky, my route will take me right next to him where I’ll get a “Looks like you’re ready for another one.” It sounds stupid, but it’s a complete treat. He’s the waving man, and he’s getting it done.”

Ed. Note: We hear a lot about crime in certain neighborhoods. This is the other side of the coin. If you have a story/experience from your own mean streets please send a brief description in an email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dog)com and include what neighborhood you live in.

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  • Love that guy!

  • Love this new series!

  • Reminds me of the guy who sits in front of the Postal Museum. Every morning he says to everyone passsing by, “Good morning sir (or ma’am), how you doing, god bless you, have a nice day!” Doesn’t ask for money or anything, just gives everyone a nice morning greeting.

  • I too walk or drive past him every morning, he’s the best!

  • I used to pass by a guy occasionally, who would speak to neighborhood regulars. When I saw him he would say:
    “Hi Goddess!”. It totally made my day! :-D.

    – love this new series of posts. Thanks PoP!

  • binpetworth

    I have on occasion run past this guy on weekends and he never fails to say an encouraging word. Love him!

    I’m also a big fan of the man who stands on the corner in front of the Argonne apartments and sings. I saw hello to him all the time and call him the Ambassador of Argonne.

  • The corner pictured here (7th and E NW) has a series of great musicians including cellists, trumpet, and sax. Fortunately no pickle bucket percussionists. There is also a great guy in Golden Triangle who prays for you if you give him some money. I’m hoping that works for me!

  • I love that guy! I live on Kansas Ave and he always makes my day when he greets me in the morning. Thanks for reminding us of this wonderful greeter.

  • Yes!! The exercising guy never fails to put me in a good mood. My roommates and I have nicknamed him “The Mayor”

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