Dear PoPville – How to Remedy a Sewage Smelling Parking Garage?

Photo by PoPville flickr user ep_jhu

“Dear PoPville,

We park in a public garage in Penn Quarter that used to be fine but once the commercial building was fully occupied we noticed a regular (several times a month) overwhelming and disgusting sewage smell. Complaints to the building owner have not resulted in any action. Is there a city agency that looks into these things?”

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  • jim_ed

    You may have already tried this, but most downtown office buildings have a property management firm seperate from the ownership. I’d make sure to reach out to both if one is unresponsive if they are seperate.

  • Have you considered it is due to the fact that it is SUMMER? The entire city smells.

  • …Or find the local bum and ask him not to use the building as a toilet. I doubt its the septic system you are smelling.. more than likely its the crazy guy waving a teddy bear around screaming about his CIA duties. Talk to him for the fastest — most entertaining… solution

  • Are there other possible places to park? I would just take my business elsewhere, and tell them why I’m doing so.

  • Looks like the “get over it” comment was deleted before I could respond, but hydrogen sulfide (the source of the rotten egg/sewer smell) is both highly toxic and flammable, and is very dangerous in confined spaces. If you don’t get anywhere with the management, I’d call 311. This could be a significant safety issue.

  • perhaps the garage drain traps are empty (from evaporation).
    add water.

  • If smells accumulate in the garage, think of how much odorless carbon monoxide is also accumulating. They probably need to get the ventilation looked at.

  • I totally understand: I parked there for several years, some 10 years ago . . . . that garage has ALWAYS had a rancid smell. I found another.

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