Dear PoPville – Dog Boarding in DMV Area? and Check Out WARL’s new Kitten and Puppy Cams

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“Dear PoPville,

I was wondering if your readers could weigh in on a good dog boarding place in the DMV area? I am from NE DC, and I am not interested in using Wagtime or Dogma which is near me. I heard rumors of a place in the DMV area where they will board your dog and also help to train him and teach him to herd sheep on a farm. Does anyone know of a place like that?”

And from an email:

“Want to make sure readers know that they can get their puppy/kitten fix 24/7 through the Washington Animal Rescue League ( Puppy and Kitten Cams. Right now on the puppy came is a sweet Pitty momma and her brand new pups. Once the puppies are old enough, they all will be available for adoption at 71 Oglethorpe NW, DC. The 24/7 cams are in partnership with Animal Planet. Warning-they are ADDICTIVE!

Puppy cam

Kitten cam

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  • epric002

    i don’t know anything about boarding/herding sheep, but we’ve boarded w/danny’s pet care before and he was wonderful. he boards in his home (only a few dogs at a time) and they have a large yard to play in and get lots of walks. i think our dog was disappointed when we came to take her home from danny’s.

  • Seriously adorable! I’ve found a new Bad Habit!

  • I love K-9 Divine. They have a large ranch in Newburg, MD, and have a pickup/dropoff service throughout the city (not positive on where in NE). They also do a board and train, but I don’t believe there are sheep involved.

  • The best solution I’ve found is to get sitter recommendations from my dog walker. The dog maintains her routine, it’s generally not much more expensive than most cage-free boarding places, and there’s the added benefit of knowing that I’m not leaving an empty house.

  • well hello all day animal fix!

  • Go to Its kind of like the airbnb of dog boarding.

    • +1 on! Used it when we needed someone in a pinch for a two-week cruise when our original sitter had an emergency. Was hooked up with a group within a day or two and it was very affordable. Our dog was in a house with people that worked from home so she was with them all day. They would email or text photos almost daily. I also loved that Dogvacay has a pet insurance plan included for emergencies and most sitters require a meet and greet at their home ahead of time.

  • oh man, these cams are a life-ruiner. adorable.

  • Wasn’t somebody mentioning a doggie daycare place that does pickup and dropoff and is named something Farms? (Maybe I am confusing it with K-9 Divine, described above.)

    • I think that was me. I use Country Dogs — they do pick up drop off and they get to run around on a farm and sleep in a climate-controlled converted horse barn! 🙂

  • kstove

    We’ve used Planet Pet on 16th and Florida for the past few years and have always had a great experience. They are completely cage-free and always have staff there with the dogs (even overnight). They will also do group walks with the dogs during the week, free of charge, as long as you have/purchase a martingale-style collar.

  • Clever dog in SS is good. Big indoor play area where the dogs have freedom to play around with one another.

    Lately we’ve been using Rover – drop your pup off at someone’s home and they want them. My dog’s a bit of a diva so she needs the personal attention from a human.

  • If you are headed to OC or Rehoboth, Canine Country Club is just over the Kent Narrows Bridge. They have quite a following by DC beachgoers.

  • I take my pups to Shady Spring kennel. They offer pick up and drop off from DC as well.

  • I’ve always boarded my guys at Little Rascals on Georgia Ave. at Missouri Ave., and taken them there for doggy daycare, too.

  • The puppy cam right now is the best thing EVER. I can’t handle all of this cuteness!

  • I’ve used which is also airbnb like for pet sitting and have had a great experience with my sitter there

  • We use K9-Divine twice a week for daycare and have used them several times for longer boarding while on vacation. We love it and so does our dog. She gets super excited when she sees the van pull up outside.

  • I didn’t have a positive experience with K9 Divine…and I was really hoping it would work out because it’s such a great idea. My pup was there for 3 nights – all signs point to her having a good time. However the owner made me feel like such a terrible dog owner. She told me that my pup was malnourished, a bag of bones, underweight, and probably had some sort of digestive issue which maybe why she’s aggressive/doesnotlisten/isneedy. She asked me how long she had been with me, what was she eating, how much was I feeding her. And perhaps these were all legitimate questions to ask but it made me feel like shit and reduced me to tears. BUT…the owner did tell me that all these issues could be remedied if I wanted to spend several hundred dollars on private training. Was this a scam to guilt me into buying training lessons? I did take my pup to the vet and she got a clean bill of health – and is an appropriate weight for her size. When I explained the conversation I had with K9 Divine, the vet said, “she’s an alarmist. your pup is good”.

    Again, I love the concept of K9 Divine but I won’t go back. There was too much stress and guilt that was thrown on me. I’ll check out Country Dogs.

    • This sounds a lot like the experience I had at K-9 Divine. The owner was rude and lacked customer service skills. Our dog is well socialized and has had great experiences at other daycares, so we’d rather go somewhere that makes us feel comfortable.

  • We love Dogwood Pet Lodge in Maryland near Baltimore. Admittedly it is a little far, but we have just loved using them so much. We typically are driving north-ish or if we fly, we just fly out of BWI and it’s just 15 minutes from there to drop him off. The people there are super nice and our dog just loves it. We have a German Shepherd and this place is particularly great for large dogs.

    • Also, wanted to add that the prices at Dogwood are fairly reasonable – $23-33/day for boarding (depending on size). We add doggy day care ($10/day) and walks ($5) for our pup as well and usually spend about $40-45/day on our 100lb dog.

  • Have you checked out DogVacay?

    • figby

      Someone mentioned DogVacay earlier and I wanted to endorse. Especially for those of us with dogs who are well-behaved with humans but not socialized with other dogs, it’s a great option and quite affordable.

  • All Dogs Club in College Park is great. No training. There are no cages, just areas for similar sized dogs to play. Not too far from NE.

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