Dear PoPville – Anyone ever check out Serenity Health & Wellness?

3421 14th Street, NW

A reader asks if anyone has ever stopped by the relatively new Serenity Health & Wellness on 14th Street in Columbia Heights next to Zeba and Quiet Mind Yoga?

Their facebook page says:

“We offer traditional and natural therapeutic services including acupressure and foot reflexology by using 4000 years of ancient Chinese Healing Method.”

For those who get massages in DC – where do you go?

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  • “serenity now”!

  • I only patronize places on 14th street with $20 burgers.

  • I poked my head in when they were offering a groupon-type deal for massages. They leave their door propped open and there are is an open common room with massage tables – anybody walking by on the street can watch you lying there. Not private, not spa-like, not relaxing atmosphere in my book. More like one of those walk-in mall neck and back rub places.

    • Not that there’s anything wrong with that. The Chinese massage place in the Silver Spring Mall is a good price and usually a good massage.

    • Sounds like you’re typical Chinese qi-gong massage place. Which isn’t a bad thing, considering that they’re usually cheap ($1/minute or less) and efficient for bodywork.

  • I just tried Petworth Massage the other day (it just opened up a couple of weeks ago I think). It’s casual but in a chill/relaxing way and the woman who runs it is super nice!

  • I was in dire need of a long massage a few months ago and had a great one from TuSuva in Adams Morgan. They add a brief hot stone rub at the end that did me in. Was a little awkward customer service-wise at the beginning, but I’d go back for sure.

  • I had a massage at the Roche salon that was pretty good. I’d like to find a regular massage place that is more convenient than Georgetown, though.

  • I get massages at Mint. Not cheap, but very close to my house and I’ve always had good experiences there. They have a deal running right now where if you get two massages by the end of August you can get a free one in September.

  • I’ve been there – when you walk in there is a waiting area and behind that is the massage room. It’s a clothed massage and there are curtains for privacy.
    I had a great massage – good prices and with occasional groupons the price is even better.

  • diploj

    My wife and I went when they were doing their Groupon special. Definitely a decent massage at the price point for acupressure, but don’t go there looking for a Thai or Swedish massage.

  • Becks

    I love this place! Serenity has traditional Chinese massage. You do not take off your clothes and the massage focuses on acupressure. The beds are in a room with curtains between the beds but open to the room at the ends of the beds. You can ask for a privacy Curtain to go all around the bed. It is not a Swedish or traditional massage. It is great for working knots out or sore muscles. Do not go if you are expecting a relaxing massage where you can fall asleep. Go if you need a massage to relax knots or sore muscles. Again, this place is fantastic!!! And 20 dollars for 20 minutes is a steal. They also have a buy 10 get 1 free card, but you have to ask for it.

  • Korean spas FTW. Worth the drive to the suburbs.

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