Dear PoPville – Adopt A Miracle Kitten, Now With 7 Lives UPDATE: Adopted!


“Dear PoPville,

On my way to work, while waiting on the corner of 7th and Q, I saw a kitten get run over by a car. Then again by another car coming from the opposite direction. I dropped my bike and ran over to discover the kitten completely unharmed.

A miracle kitten? Perhaps. An adorable kitten? YES!

She’s now resting comfortably in my home, but I can’t keep her. I have two cats already and in a 1,000 square-foot home, I can’t handle another. Plus my cats are old and frankly, I don’t think they’ll be nice to a new roomie.

Can you help me find a new family for this adorable kitten? Solitj(at) ”

UPDATE: Adopted!

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  • em

    Oh my! She’s adorable AND lucky! Good luck finding her a home.

  • Lucky kitty! Please cross post. I can’t imagine you will have any trouble finding this cutie a home.

  • Adorable kitten and lucky for her because she survived the cars and also found you! You’ll find a home for her soon. Great story.

  • I found a home for a sweet homeless cat through PoPville. Some lucky person will step up here, I’m sure.
    You could maybe post a few more pictures. Maybe a video of her doing that thing kittens do, lying on her back and batting at something with her little velvet paws… You know, to improve her chances. 🙂

  • Aww, what a cutie!

  • Becks

    She’s so sweet!

  • what a cutie! by my math, she’s got 5 lives left. hopefully one of them leads to a great forever home!

  • skj84

    I want the Kittah so bad! Not allowed to have a pet. 🙁

  • She is amazing you are wonderful for bringing her in.

    I would definitely write a post on craigslist. I recently found a kitten and posted to CL and had an overwhelming response from great families. I even had to take my post down after a couple hours.

    If you need any help doing that please let me know!

    • Please do NOT post on Craigslist. An inordinate amount of sick people go on Craigslist to find (free or inexpensive) animals to torture. There are plenty of examples, just google “craigslist animal cruelty.” – here is just one explanation: There are many legit organizations in the District (WARL, WHS, other nonprofits) that would be able to help you. To Melody, please consider never using Craigslist again for these purposes. And to the OP, there are some good (much better) options out there instead!

      • Craigslist is always to be used w best judgement. I’ve found loving incredible families for my kittens on CL who I still keep in touch w today. Obviously you don’t just respond to any creeper and there are sick ppl on there for sure. But I thoroughly investigate and meet them beforehand, see their house, meet all family members etc.

        You bring up a great point and I appreciate it a lot bc it is very time consuming and not everyone has that time to put in. But rest assured that safety is my number one priority and I do all the background work, if not more than rescue orgs do, to make sure they are going to great pet owners. Ppl on popville are strangers as well.. It’s all ab the time you take to make sure they are decent.

        Anyway so happy to hear the kitten is adopted and that there are a lot of passionate animal care takers on this blog!

  • Emmaleigh504

    She could be Donna’s Brenda, but my apartment is so wee…

  • I think, technically, in the laws governing kittendom, that the two run-overs would be counted as a single incident against the nine-lives insurance policy, so it is highly likely she is still fully vested in eight, rather than seven, remaining lives. You should ask her to seek clarification from her nine-lives policy representative.
    Either way, she is adorable.

    • You’re wrong. The two cars operate independently from each other. This is 7/9ths of a cat.

      • Well, I think the point is that a skilled lawyer could argue for this kitten to be restored to a full 8/9ths of a kitty, in the event the kitty wishes to proceed with a filing and argue the case.
        I’m sure there’s some sort of statute, however, which extends the right to decide to file or not file until the kitten reaches the age of majority in kittendom, so there is plenty of time for the kitten to consult with her new human and for them to decide what’s right for them.

  • I’m sure she will be placed soon, but If you need a foster until that happens, I could probably take her in. I do have 2 cats and a dog already, but enough space that I could keep her in a closed room if the others object.

  • about 2/3 of the streets in bloomingdale and ledroit park function this way. they’re too narrow for two divided lanes of traffic, though 2 cars can squeeze past each other if they need to.

    shouldn’t be dangerous to cyclists, who should be riding in designated bike lanes anyway.

  • Hopefully the kitten does not have internal injuries! Just because she seems fine on the outside, she may be hurting internally.

  • Oh you should totally keep her and be her human mamaw or papaw! Adult cats adjust to youngsters quite nicely actually. We had two cats, but ended up saving one little one from the mean streets of CO….now we have the lucky 3!

  • Hi all, I am the person who saw this little guy get hit and rescued him. I wanted to thank the popville community. We got over 50 emails from you all, all eager to give him a home. I made the mistake (?) of working from home for the afternoon to make sure he didn’t have any internal injuries or anything, and fell in love with his frisky personality and tiny little napping face. So when a wonderful family came to get him last night I was much sadder then antisipated! But they were kind enough to email us today. They took him to the vet, confirmed he was a stray (fairly dirty and had fleas) and gave him deworming meds. We even got a great pic of him soaking wet after his flea bath. Anyways I just wanted to say the finding him, cuddling him, and receiving wonderful emails from you all made our week. Thank you!

    • Awwww, hurray for happy endings! And I think this would be a great “PoPville mean streets of DC” story” (If this doesn’t ring a bell just google the phrase and you’ll see the relevance).
      Glad little 7/8 life kitty found a forever home 🙂

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