Dacha Beer Garden expanding into adjoining China Express building at 1602 7th Street, NW

7th and Q St, NW

Ed. Note: Another cool detail I’m told is that “We have hired a historian to report on what the front of the China Express building looked like. We plan bringing the building closer to its original appearance.”

Also they are still working on leasing the Mt. Vernon Squangle location at 5th and K St, NW but they are still in negotiations.

From a press release:

“Dacha Beer Garden is pleased to announce signing of the lease for the adjoining China Express building at 1602 7th Street, NW

Owners llya Alter and Dmitri Chekaldin are planning to gut the Chinese restaurant building and integrate it with the existing popular Shaw beer garden.

Instead of a planned small, controversial building in the original beer garden, Dacha owners are gearing up to expand and build out the China Express structure thereby not only improving Dacha’s operations, but also complying with the neighborhood agreement that specifically calls for a permanent structure.

The planned building will feature three bars, a grand beer hall, state of the art bathrooms and private lockers for regulars to keep their steins on premises. Dacha’s beer menu will expand; however, Weihenstephaner Brewery products will continue to be the core of the draft lineup. The third floor bar will feature rare, hard to find beers, meads and ciders. A full kitchen will allow Dacha to expand its food offerings.

Owners are hoping to receive the new construction permit by the end of January 2015 and immediately start construction. If all goes as planned, the new addition will open in the summer of 2015. The garden, however, will open in its current format in early spring of 2015 and will operate while the China Express building is being renovated. Additionally, owners are planning to keep the garden on standby during winter months and opening the popular spot weather permitting.


Dacha Beer Garden is a pleasant, green neighborhood epicenter that has been warmly received and endorsed by the community. Dacha serves a carefully curated selection of world-class German, Belgian and American beers, a variety of meads, ciders and wines – all accompanied by German-inspired menu. The open-air format, comfortable seating, and convenient location make Dacha an easy choice, while affordable prices offer a great dinner/lunch alternative to a restaurant or a take out.

We change the world, one beer at a time.”

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  • I know Paul Williams has photos of the old metal work that was removed from the china express building http://www.washingtonhistory.com

  • justinbc

    That’s awesome, glad to hear they were able to find a compromise. And great that I’ll be able to store my steins there for more festive drinking!

  • I wish they would expand up to Petworth! Haha. My friends and I love this place.

  • Holy crap this is insanely exciting news.

  • This is so excellent. They somehow manage to get their beer really fresh, it seems. Some of them (pilsners and Kölsch) just don’t tend to ship well. They’re delicate, they need to be drunk fresh, and they really don’t take well to sitting in a warm distributor warehouse/shipping container.

    But I had a Früh Kölsch at Dacha recently – my favorite kind, which is much harder to find than the slightly inferior Gaffel – and it was by far the best Kölsch I’ve had in the USA. Kudos to Dacha for getting slightly harder-to-find German beers and serving them well, even if the prices could be lower.

    • justinbc

      One of the best kolsch varieties I’ve ever had can be found right here in DC at Bluejacket (their Forbidden Planet).

      • I agree that Forbidden Planet is an awesome beer. It just doesn’t taste much like a kolsch.

        I’m not trying to say, “Naah it’s not authentic, therefore it’s a lesser beer.” Not at all. Love that beer. But like most American versions, it’s pretty much another style. A cold-fermented golden ale does not a kölsch make.

    • Didn’t know that about Früh. Agree it’s tasty and my go-to at Dacha.

  • these guys are totally killing it… nice work.

  • Oh no! What’s going to happen to that awesome mural?

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