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  • Pretty cool. Over/Under 10mph?

  • Weird…. I pressed “play” on the video, but then I got an error message that said it wouldn’t start playing until “late 2014 or early 2015.”

    Then the message said something about how the video is a “high priority for the Gray administration.” Whatever…

  • Squeaky. Ouch, my teeth hurt.

  • way under, at least on average

  • Ok this is NOT snarky, it’s a genuine question: What is the advantage of streetcars? From the way I see it, it’s like a bus but worse because it is stuck on one route.

    • The biggest advantage would be a right of way, but I’m not sure these streetcars have that.

    • Supposedly more capacity than articulated buses. If you’ve ever ridden the X2 you know how packed it can get. Unfortunately, given the way that this is being executed I’m not sure that it will help much.
      What I do not understand is – why did they not get rid of street parking on H, turn it into a dedicated streetcar lane, and require some of the large developments coming to the area to have public parking garages? The worst thing is that they’ve now laid the tracks in the center lane and it will be more trouble than it’s worth to move them in the future.

      • Yeah I don’t understand that either–what happens when a car is trying to parallel park? or if a car is waiting for another car to pull out of a space to park so they can park? The street car is going to have to stop and wait.

      • lack of dedicated tracks for this is a huge mistake. hopefully the city learns from H street and replaces street parking with this in future installations.

    • More frequency than buses, especially on the weekends and at night since they are running a continuous route covering a smaller distance. The real goal of the tram is to get people to/from Union Station more quickly and frequently.
      And frankly, I think it will reduce the people who double-park and tie up traffic. A huge train approaching you that can’t swerve around your parked car has a strong psychological effect for you the GTFO of the road.

    • It’s just a slightly bigger bus connected to power lines. Without dedicated lanes, it’ll actually be less versatile than the bus. It definitely isn’t worth the cost.

  • Yeah they’ve been talking about this since I moved here. 4 years ago.
    I don’t expect it to be running any time soon.

  • clevelanddave

    Woo. Empty streetcar. Reminds me of a home movie of a streetcar circa 1950.

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