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  • Emmaleigh504

    like those “spite houses” on that pbs filler thing.

  • How in the hell? That’s got to be about 8 feet wide max.

  • Wow–my very narrow rowhouse is about 12 feet wide, and this looks even narrower than that.

  • Great! Looking forward to a creative use of the space, and glad to see the infill!

  • Once lived in a rental that was constructed in an alley. It was 4 feet wide at the front door, went back 20 feet before expanding to 8 feet in width for another 15 feet. So overall about 200 square feet of living space and a whole lot of wall space. Plus a loft in the rear skylight.

  • A+ use of condo as a pejorative in the title.

    The lot is 1,257 square feet. It’s zoned C-2-A. At 2.5 FAR you’re looking at over 3,000 square feet of development. This is a great use of the space.

  • I am glad they are going to be doing something with a spot that had nothing but I just hope they don’t try and overreach. If so they they will end up with condos that end up being mocked on PoP because the layout is so obnoxious.

  • I just checked GIS and I think that the lot is 14’+ wide. Not spacious, by any means, but still wide enough to build comfortably.

  • The real question is whether or not the developer can successfully get past the Shiloh anti-development overlords on the block.

  • With a 15′ rear yard requirement you would be lucky to get 2500 sq feet out of this lot.

  • The lot is 13 feet, 4 inches wide. 3 condos are planned: two 1-bedroom units on the first and second floors and one 2-bedroom unit spanning the third and fourth floors.

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