Coming and Going on M Street – Malaysia Kopitiam Closing, MPire Club Opening

1827 M Street, NW

Eater DC reports via Don Rockwell that Malaysia Kopitiam‘s last day on M Street is Friday.

Were there any fans?

1819 M Street, NW

Back in June we learned that even Strip Clubs were getting in on the small plates game. Urban Daddy reports:

“Come up with a handy alibi while you hang out at MPire Club in the space that once housed the similarly inclined Joanna’s 1819 Club, soft-opening later this week.”

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  • Malaysia Kopitiam had a lot of interesting vegetarian options. The Vegetarian Goose and Roti Bread were delicious. Sad:-(

  • OMG – I love Malaysia Kopitiam! Reasonable pricing and great portions. So sad to see them go. I will have to stop by one last time.

  • Malaysia Kopitam was great. Loved their curry lahksa. I was sad when my office relocated away from M St.

  • A strip club with a “soft-opening”…HA. Am I the only one laughing? …hello…?

    • My guess is “hard” opening. Did you see the pics of the inside? Those strippers will be just inches away from the patrons.

  • I used to love Malaysia Kopitiam, but then the menu changed radically and the food quality went way downhill. I noticed at the time that all of the pork dishes had disappeared. I took this to mean new management.

  • I haven’t been to Malaysia Kopitiam in a few years and hadn’t been there super-often before that, but I always liked it when I did go.
    There used to be two Malaysian restaurants on that corner — Penang and Malaysia Kopitiam. Now they’ll both be gone. 🙁

    • There’s a Penang restaurant in Bethesda — did they move there? In any case, Penang has the most authentic Malaysian/S’porean food I can find in DC.

  • Well damn!! One of the first places I dined in DC.

  • So now I have ZERO reasons to visit that stretch of M St. Somehow these trashy places on M Street keep finding new customers. I blame Maryland.

  • Penang is a chain, so the Bethesda location is probably another one of their outposts. Kopitiam had great food but it smelled like it had plumbing issues.

  • A few years back I used to go to Malaysia Kopitiam all the time, loving their reasonable prices and large portions (especially for those noodle dishes). Sadly, a few years back the prices went up and the quality really started to go down and I took it off my rotation. I’m sad to see it go, but when a solid place starts to lose it’s touch, you have to cut it out and find more spots. Thanks for introducing me to so many delicious dishes, though! Bonus: walking there let me laugh off someone from Camelot occasionally trying to get me inside.

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