Check out the Menus and a Look inside Brookland Pint Opening Monday

8th and Monroe St, NE

On Tuesday we learned the good news that Brookland Pint would be opening Monday with seating for 118 people indoors and 48 on the patio plus 24 craft beers on tap. You can read the full press release here. For the first few weeks Brookland Pint will open at 5pm but then will be open for brunch, lunch and dinner 7 days a week – have a look at the menus:

Brookland Pint Daily Menu (PDF)

Brookland Pint Burgers (PDF)

Brookland Pint Brunch Menu (PDF)

But the real awesomeness is how sweet the space turned out including another dope mural:


Tons more photos after the jump.















Owner John Andrade enjoys the fruits of his labors

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  • This is a cool space and the location is right off the Metro a definite advantage over the new (or ‘newish’) places on 12th (Lil Ricky’s, Smith Public Trust, Steel Plate, Brookland’s Finest, B Cafe, San Anotonio and Menomale.) I noticed they are going to carry a beer from Franklin’s. I live close by and until recently we used to always travel out of Brookland to dine and Franklin’s in Hyattsville was one of our regular spots, I hope they continiue to do well.

    • brookland_rez

      Yeah, me too. Franklin’s has been one of my regular spots since moving to Brookland five years ago. I will still be a regular there though, even with all the new places in Brookland opening. Maybe just not as regular.

      • If it is at all possible Franklin’s needs to come up with an ‘outdoor’ space (roof, accordion wall that open up maybe?)

        Are any of the new places going to carry Chocolate City Beer?

  • This is so exciting, will be a great addition to the neighborhood! As long as the food is good this place will probably be a regular spot for me on the weekends, can’t beat the proximity to my house

  • I believe they had a soft opening Thursday, in that I saw people seated in the restaurant. Great to see more options in Brookland.

  • Wish there were more variety in the new restaurants in Brookland. Seems the formula is
    Brookland = burgers + fried foods + beer + rustic decor

  • Build out of Brookland Pint was by Priestley Construction, a local business based in Prince George’s County for over 30 years. This is the same contractor that built out Boundary Road and RedRocks on H St NE; Marvin, Cork Wine Bar and Standard (now Garden District) on 14th St NW; Franklins Restaurant and Brewery in Hyattsville, MD; and substantial renovations to Bistro Français in Georgetown.

  • Damn those menu typos…

  • Went last night at around 530- place was jammed and it was clear they were overwhelmed with the turnout. Ordered as soon as we were seated (4 appetizers and drinks)- drinks came up quickly, but strangely, was told the bar was too busy to make a shandy (but they could make cocktails?!), so we ordered a lemonade and a beer and made our own. After 45 minutes of waiting, only one app had shown. After nearly 2 hours, only received 2 of 4 apps, we cancelled one (our server had no idea one had never shown.) and ended up bringing home the 4th. At some point you just stop believing that your food is “going to be done in a minute.” It wasn’t just us and we watched the tables around us get their orders- everything came out one plate at a time with a substantial lag between items- I can only imagine it was a free-for-all to get food out. While everyone was super friendly, and John the owner was talking to each table, it was frustrating to see an experienced owner having an opening night like this. We came in knowing it would be hectic- this was kind of a mess. The good news I guess is that we’ll be back, but not until things have a chance to settle down.

    • brookland_rez

      I went last night as well, I got there later though, around 9pm. I still had to wait 30 minutes for a table. They were definitely packed. I went with a friend, had like 5 beers, some wings and fries. We were there until almost 11, it was pretty cleared out by the time we left.
      I love how they built out the interior. It’s beautiful. I will definitely be back, and I’m sure things will settle down and they will get the kinks worked out. I also had a chance to meet the owner.

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