Building Collapse in Truxton Circle


Frightening photo tweeted by @dcfireems around 2:15pm:

“Units on the scene of a partial structure collapse in the 200blk of P St. NW. No injuries reported.”

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  • Is this the apartment building that recently got a permit to add another unit to the back? If so, seems like this didn’t exactly happen “accidentally”.

  • Very interesting, hmmm. Wut happened ?

  • Half the flipper crap I see around the area isn’t properly permitted, and even when it is, DCRA doesn’t give a rats A$$ about making sure its been done safely. Look at the Taja collapse a few blocks south on New York.

    • +1,000. There are some good players, but most act like a bunch of libertarian cowboys.

      • Let’s let the free market decide ok?

        If buildings start collapsing then we can figure out who was responsible for building them and stop frequenting them. In time as they get fewer customers then they will go out of business. As their shoddy buildings collapse new and better ones can go up in their place.

        Anybody hurt by the building collapse can sue the builder for redress. Anybody killed by the building collapse can have their survivors sue the builder for redress. Oh wait, no, the courts are government regulation. Can’t have that. Sorry but your injuries and your deaths are a small price to pay for Freedom.

  • Give it six months. Bump back and pop up and condos starting at $550K.

  • Frightening? Looks like it could have even been planned as part of their gut/demo. I wouldn’t be too happy if I was an adjoining neighbor, but doesn’t look to be a catastrophe. Hopefully if it was an accident, none of the workers were hurt.
    I’ve seen them doing work on this building, and was guessing that they are doing a full rehab and condo conversion but never looked up the permits. Owner took out a big loan on it though I think pretty recently, probably to finance the construction. Its a great sized lot, huge wide back yard (all of them on this block really).

  • The developers move too fast, get unskilled workers, us backhoe for excavation which I understand is illegal, jack up the properties next to the house they are working on. All of the above happened on my street. Nothing happened to the developer, my poor neighbor is left with doors that don’t close properly and cracked walls in his house. The system is broken.

    • What gets me is that this is a supposedly “liberal” city, but there is no regulation or enforcement. This is the sort of thing you expect in Florida or Texas.

  • I talked to the contractor recently, he said they were going to take out the back wall and extend the building several dozen feet, so while this may have happened in an unexpected way, they were already planning to take it down.

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