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  • Great, Subway subs on one side of the street and candles on the other. Just what the neighborhood needs.

    I’m starting to give up on MtP. How is it that the options are actually getting worse??

  • I never understood how the botanica in Adams Morgan stayed in business. At least for this one I’m imagining the rent is lower and there are more potential customers nearby.

  • It really is hard to believe that Mt. Pleasant Street just never gets any better.

  • Mt. Pleasant Street is off everyone’s beaten track.

  • Yes, i’m especially concerned that once the Subway gets in there, they will be like the 7-11 down the street: bad neighbors with lots of litter who are impossible to evict.

  • Unfortunately, this seems to be true. It’s not physically off the path, but it is clearly mentally off anyone’s beaten path.

  • We really need our own version of Red Hen! If only I had the money/appropriate skills…

  • It’s interesting: since several comments regard the new botanical in a negative light — without giving any reasons for this — it seems like any new business that doesn’t meet their own needs gets denigrated. I hope the neighborhood supports this new business. I hope that DC can continue to support independent small businesses from botanicas to music stores to candy stores to stores like Sullivan’s, otherwise it will just become a mall. I actually LIKE living in a place that’s not Crystal City.

  • whats wrong with it?

  • I live in Mt. Pleasant and love it too. I am only saying that the reason the street does not “take off” is because not a lot of people wander down it. I had always heard of Mt. P before I accidentally stumbled into it one day. I like it’s quirky nature and hiddenness and am glad it’s not mall-i-fied.

    • “I am only saying that the reason the street does not ‘take off’ is because not a lot of people wander down it.”
      Isn’t that kind of a circular thing, though? If it had more restaurants/bars/retail that people found to be of greater interest, it would also have more foot traffic.
      And as for “any new business that doesn’t meet [people’s] own needs get denigrated”: I think it’s reasonable to be disappointed if a new place is opening and you feel that 1) it’s of no interest to you and 2) it’s of no interest to many others.

  • I haven no idea how all these stores selling trinkets on Mt Pleasant St stay in business. That said, this store is way better than a Subway, which is one of the worst fast food chains. I can’t wait to find all the subway wrappers up and down Mt Pleasant Street and spilling out of the garbage cans near the drunks in Lamont Park.

  • MtP has always been this way, and probably always will be….

  • @ Bruno: the lack of development is no accident – certain residents fight, quite hard, to keep dastardly things out of the neighborhood like *gasp* patios and live music!! This fact does not encourage businesses to locate or expand in MtP. Also factor in the fact Metro is far from the hood too, and you get why MtP – while not lacking potential – will never be a “destination neighborhood”

    • Columbia Heights Metro is about two blocks from the Mount Pleasant/Irving intersection. That means that most of the business area of Mount Pleasant Street is close to Metro.

    • Who are these residents that are fighting against patios and live music? I’ve lived here a long time and this is news to me. There are restaurants with patios, restaurants that have live music, new businesses that have opened in the last year or so.
      I live in Mt Pleasant and can walk to the metro in less than 10 minutes. Or walk in less than five minutes to multiple bus lines.
      In my opinion Mt Pleasant is neither isolated nor anti-business.

  • Uhmm, no Textdoc, try again. I lived in MtP for 3 years. If you think the Metro is anything less than a 15 minute BRISK walk, you a fooling yourself like those realtor folks that say “just blocks from the metro” when it’s miles. Metro is not that close.

    • Most of the _housing_ in Mount Pleasant is west of Mount Pleasant Street, but Mount Pleasant Street itself (depending on what part of it you’re going from/to) is fairly close to the Metro. When I’ve gotten off the 42 bus at Mount Pleasant and Irving and there didn’t seem to be a Circulator bus coming any time soon, it was a pretty short walk east on Irving to the Metro.

  • Yup. I’m with textdoc. Most of the housing is a further hike, but the commercial strip is a block from 16th st – and within a 10-12 minute walk from the Columbia Heights metro.

    I must have missed the news about the Subway – there’s a subway coming? Where? When?

  • Why can’t Mt Pleasant street be more like 11th street?

  • Next to Best World in the empty space there.

  • China Terrell (sp?) said the franchise owner submitted permits for the corner spot next to best way (adjacent to kilbourne).

    I had thought best way cannibalized most of the space. The sq/ft can’t be that much would probably limits a lot of businesses. Why people would rather have a boarded up corner vs. an actual business, I don’t know.

  • You’re talking about ancient history. Walk down Mt P St and you’ll see patios and places advertising live music.
    And if you think Mt Pleasant St never changes, perhaps you haven’t noticed Each Peach, Flying Fish, Beau Thai, the new gym in the Argyle building.
    There are two new restaurants replacing Tonic and replacing Adams Express.
    The Deauville is being rebuilt and is expected to be completed this fall.
    This looks like change to me.

  • This was in response to Anonymous @2:47

  • If you’ve ever been to an ANC 1D meeting you probably have figured out why MtP is such a mess. The five commissioners seem to be well out of their league in terms of skill set and vision for how the neighborhood could attract more businesses and visitors. The main drag is covered in garbage, and the side streets off of Mt P are home to plenty of discarded beer cans. No one considers the street to be a destination because none of the restaurants (save the Thai place) are worth going to. It’s essentially a bunch of fast food joints.

  • This type of business is associated with the animal sacrifices that happened in Rock Creek Park last year. This has less to do with independent, small businesses being successful and more to do with supporting a business associated with killing animals and leaving their carcasses in a park.

  • I am glad that the Deauville is coming back online, but it isn’t going to bring in the higher income residents that businesses not offering $12 haircuts, Chinese food, or Latin American food need to be successful. Homes to the west of Mt P are worth a fortune, but the businesses on the strip are designed for people living in low income housing. There’s a huge disconnect.

  • I live west of MtP street near Lamont Park and the CH metro is a purposeful 7 minute walk. In the early years of the metro that same walk felt a lot longer. Textdoc is correct that the CH metro is close to the commercial corridor of MtP street. Google estimates the trip he mentioned as a 5 minute walk. That sounds about right at a normal pace. Quite close.

  • It’s reasonable — but it’s also ignoring the possibility that the botanica may be of considerable interest to many people — who may actually live in MtPleasant , although they may not post on this blog. It’s one thing to wish for a specific type of business — like a bookstore, that meets your needs. Using the botanica as an example of what makes things ‘worse’ without any supporting reasons strictest me as culturally insensitive and elitist. But that’s just me.

    • I got the impression that the two people using the word “worse” were talking more about overall changes (especially involving a planned Subway) rather than about the botanica specifically, and that the one person talking about the botanica specifically viewed it as neither a positive nor a negative.
      DC, Baldino, and Anon in Mt P, please correct me if I’ve misunderstood your comments.
      Just Me a.k.a. Anonymous 2:19, I think you might be reading anti-botanica sentiment into comments that aren’t so much anti-botanica as they are anti-Subway and anti-litter (and maybe anti- the current state of Mount Pleasant Street).

  • I was a bit disappointed to until I saw some photos from the Arlington location: http://cpdpcolumbiapike.blogspot.com/2013/08/botanica-boricua-eyes-on-pike.html

    It seems neat and worth visit with friends. The yelp reviews are pretty good/funny too.

  • I was pretty disappointed too but then I saw some photos of the Arlington location. It seems like a neat place and worth a visit with friends. The yelp review are pretty good/funny too.


  • The Botanica Yemaya & Chango was open in Adams Morgan for 19 years. Even though Botanica Boricua isn’t a place I expect to frequent it seems there is a large enough customer base to support this kind of business. I hope they are successful.

  • No, I really mean that Mount Pleasant Street is on the way to nowhere, it is hard to locate if you have never been there, it runs askew of the prevailing grid, and so on. Even if you know ehere Mt Pleasant Street is, getting onto it by car is a challenge. It’s just a theory.

  • Textdoc, You might be right. I HOPE you’re right. Thank you for addressing my concerns!

  • @textdoc (4:32) you’re exactly right. I wrote my comment poorly. I have no specific problem with this business, it just seems like the street is going in the wrong direction overall. There are lots of open spaces and we seem to not get anything nicer or more interesting compared to other neighborhoods around us. I just think there is room for some nicer things on the strip without supplanting the other businesses that are already there.

  • Too close to metro = can’t be hipster

  • You are so right. When I figured out what kind of store this will be, my first thought was, “Are you f***ing kidding me??”

  • Your reasoning is outdated. There is no longer much, if any, contention among residents, and the troublemakers have moved away or stepped down from office.

  • And those of us who live in those homes (who didn’t necessarily pay a fortune for our homes…we paid $250k), are tired of the elitist accusations when we say we’d like businesses that reflect our interests. I don’t need my nails done, I can only eat so much chicken or pupusas, and I don’t have a need for a laundromat (or a dry cleaner). Or cheap sandwiches that all taste alike.

  • What is a Botanica?

  • I live at one of the further sides of Mt. Pleasant (basically at the intersection with 19th Street) and I recently had to walk (pushing a stroller) from the turnstyles of the metro back home to get the SmarTrip I had forgotten and back again to the metro. Including the time inside my house, it took a total of 24 minutes. So maybe 10 minutes for a brisk walk from the far end of Mt. Pleasant. It’s an incredibly metro-convenient portion of the city.

  • no me gusta Botanica

  • Puerto rico ho!

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