Bonus GDoN – I Couldn’t Decide Today – So Have a Look at this one too – 714 4th St, NE

714 4th Street Northeast

This house is located at 714 4th Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“Take advantage of this great opportunity! One Half block to H-Street Trolley, one block to Giant and convenient to Union Station. Features include a fenced backyard with one car garage. updated kitchen with 42 inch cabinets, gas stove and refrigerator with bottom freezer; stacked front loading washer/dryer; Hardwood floors throughout; Replacement windows; central AC. Sold “AS IS””

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/1.5 bath is going for $499,900.

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  • justinbc

    500K??? This will be under contract before the day is over!

  • This seems underpriced by about $150,000. What am I missing?

    • I’m amending my statement. This looks about $200K underpriced. Seriously, what gives? It’s a relatively normal-sized fee simple in an amazing location. GDON please explain! I can usually pick out the price within $50K or so just by knowing the key details but this is a head scratcher. I’ve even looked at houses and condos within blocks of here, and all of which are priced at much higher price per sq foot. I mean it does kind of occupy that nebulous zone of not a tear down, not a brand new cookie cutter developer special, but again, if it were spruced up I think its more like $750K, so I’m taking that into account.

  • I quite like this. Curious why it’s listed “as-is”– I’m not seeing anything wrong with it. (Which of course makes one think it may have some structural issues, at that price point at least. Sigh.)

    • all dc houses are sold as is

      • eh, that’s not true. but many are, yes.

        • that is in fact true, but buyers can opt for a home inspection contingency and if their inspector finds something, they can back out of the deal…

          • Or require the seller to pay the cost of fixing any problems, which means it’s no longer “as-is.”

      • I thought the meaning of “as-is” is that the buyer expressly can’t have a home inspection contingency.

        • its all negotiable. but if they say as is, they probably won’t negotiate on it… but they might!

        • with “as-is” you can still walk away if the inspection finds anything unsafe or dealbreaker but arent obligated fix anything short of that criteria that is found during inspection

        • Accountering

          My house said “as-is”
          I had an inspection, came back and asked for $2,000, and they agreed. Granted, this was in 2010, but it isn’t impossible.

    • you mean at that “price”

  • Two words: bidding war.

  • That has to be a typo. They probably meant $699k and even at that price its deal.

  • Great deal. Buy this house now!

  • as the owner of a 3 bed 1.5 bath on the next block…i like the tone of these comments 🙂

  • May be relevant to note that it is a 2 level home, there is no basement according to the listing – although it looks like there should be from the photo!

    • Hm, yeah, it does look like it would have a basement but maybe it’s just crawl space. If you look on Redfin, it lists finished square feet as 1480 and unfinished as 740. The unfinished usually refers to the basement, but perhaps it’s referring to the garage?

    • Yeah, you are spot on.
      From the MRIS
      Total Main Upper 1 Upper 2 Lower 1 Lower 2
      Bedrooms: 3 0 3
      Full Baths: 1 0 1
      Half Baths: 1 1 0

  • My guess – no central a/c or termites.

  • This will probably go for $600K straight cash, young families/couples have no shot unfortunately.

  • seems like a low starting point. you could get this bid up easily from $100K higher starting point. in this range the sellers could have called one of those ‘we pay cash for your house’ ad come-ons

    auctioneers don’t start bidding on valuable items at $1. this just looks silly

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