At 9:30am “100+ In Line for H&M Store Opening at Noon”

1133 Connecticut Avenue, NW courtesy H&M

From a press release:

“100+ In Line for H&M Store Opening at Noon/DC

To kick off the recycling program on opening day, customers who bring garments to be recycled before the store opens at noon will also have the chance to win H& M gift cards valued between $50 and $100 in addition to receiving the voucher.

In celebration of opening day, H&M at 1133 Connecticut Avenue will offer the first 100 shoppers in line an H&M t-shirt and Access to Fashion Pass, valued from $10 to $300, in addition to other opening offers and fun giveaways!”

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  • Saw them there at 6AM when I was out running. whyyyyyy

  • maxwell smart

    Um… don’t these people have jobs??

  • What is wrong with us as a society? Is there a scarcity of skinny jeans? What will H&M no longer have in stock if you actually went in after they were open?

  • They realize there’s another H&M, like, eight blocks away, right?

    • They’re in line for the gift cards. The first 100 people in line receive a card with a value of $10-$300. Of course most of them will get a $10 card, but at least a few lucky people may get a card with a higher value. Plus all the other goodies listed in the article.

  • Ironic that they’re queuing to trade in rags for garments that will become rags in about three washes.

  • I just went by on my way to get a haircut…crazy big crowd!

  • You can hear the music a block and a half away.

  • Stuff like this makes it easy to laugh at the idea of DC as the “coolest”. Cheap junk that people already can buy about a mile away.

    • I see this more as under-employed people lining up for free stuff in the hope of getting $300. It’s sad.
      At least it’s better odds than the lotto?

    • Well, Rich, I guess your name says it all. There are still quite a few people in DC that have tight budgets. So what to you is “cheap junk” might be all that they can afford and/or options that allow for splurges in other, more meaningful areas of their lives. And the hope of getting gift cards and coupons makes it genuinely more attractive. They also have wonderful t-shirts — that actually last through a lot more than three wearings if you wash them by hand.

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