“Are you an Old Geezer with an Extra Nats Ticket?”

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Thanks to a reader for passing on this bit of awesomeness from Craigslist:

” Are you an Old Geezer with an Extra Nats Ticket? (Washington, DC)

Did you purchase season tickets and are looking for someone to go with you? Have you suddenly found you have an extra ticket because your baseball buddy is passed out drunk on the floor or is now on life support?

Would you rather have an empty seat next to you or would you like to invite me, an avid Nats fan, to enjoy the game with you?

I am a 65-year-old Senior Lady (SWF ~ not interested in married men). I am moderately attractive, at least the villagers haven’t run me out of town with pitchforks and torches yet.

I cry unabashedly during the National Anthem and when the military receives their well deserved recognition. I promise if I catch a foul ball I will give it to you, providing it doesn’t first knock me in the head and give me a concussion.

So, if you have an extra ticket that isn’t going to be used and would like to invite me to stand next to you as we Root, Root, Root for the home team….get in touch…. it would be a real shame to let your unused ticket go to waste…..”

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  • If my mother didn’t already have season tickets I would think that she posted this.

  • Absolutely wonderful! i hope she gets lots of takers – even from young geezers.

  • I love this post. I only hope our readers don’t find a way to skewer this sassy lady the way they attacked the guy trying to return a stolen bike to its owner. Get in the spirit of things, it’s Friday after all!!

    • Lol

    • Accountering

      This lady is awesome! Wildly different than the post about the guy who facilitated bike theft. On that one, we will just have to agree to disagree, but this lady sounds awesome, and here is hoping she finds a taker or two!

  • This is funny, because I’m also a lady of a certain age, about to post a Craigslist ad looking for an old geezer for my open Nats ticket from my quarter-season-plan…

  • I love this!

  • Mike

    I want this woman to adopt me.

  • I hope to be a TENTH as awesome as this lady when I’m 65!

  • What’s this? Not a nasty, negative comment in sight. This is so refreshing. I’m a gay man with a partner and we have no Nats tickets, but I think we could spend some fun times with this lady.

    • Accountering

      She is being 100% honest, and I don’t see how you could have an issue with it! Presumably this is someone who would otherwise be going alone, and she sounds like great company. She sounds great!

  • You are all cheering on a spinster grifter. You should be ashamed of yourselves. (SNARK)

  • I’m the Elderly Lady who posted the Craigslist ad.
    Thank you all for your lovely comments and encouragement.
    My “Golden Girl” friends would rather go out to lunch than to a ballgame, which is why I am looking for an old geezer around my age to go with me.
    Here are a few advantages for taking me:
    1. I live 3 blocks from Nationals Park, so you don’t even have to give me a ride.
    2. I don’t drink beer, so you’re already ahead 9 bucks ~ ten for premium.
    3. I am twice divorced ~ not looking for a husband.
    4. If you collapse in a heap on the floor, I will be close by to push your “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up button” for you.
    You can get in touch with me through my Craigslist posting.

  • Well, at least this is a little different…good luck to her!

  • Dixie and I made contact, and shared my regular seats for Sunday’s Pirates game. I declare this a Broadmance [instead of bromance] Made in POPville. The following transpired:

    1. Notes were compared.
    2. Tushes of ballplayers were noticed and remarked upon.
    3. No rejects were swapped, but tales of one-and-done dates were regaled, and there is at least one gentleman in common in the sagas. DC is indeed a small town, and we have remarkably similar tastes in professions and cultural interests. So many PhDs, so little time.
    4. Advice was freely given. Potential respondents to both of us should bear in mind that we now know each other.

    I have posted my own Craigslist ad for a baseball buddy for Wednesday night’s game, so all POPville denizens with suitable straight, single, age-appropriate uncles, bosses, neighbors, etc. should encourage them to answer Dixie’s ad [if they have an extra ticket] or my ad [if they need a ticket].

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