Anyone Know why the Lamp Posts Moved to the Middle of the Sidewalk?


“Dear PoPville,

Any idea why all along K Street the lamp posts and traffic poles are being repositioned from their traditional spot along the curb to now being in the middle of the sidewalk? This picture was taken at 15th and K Street, NW.”

Anyone else notice other posts/poles moved from the curb to the middle of the sidewalk?

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  • been wondering the same thing.

  • The sidewalk lanes for people on their cellphones weren’t enough to stop them from walking + being on their phone at the same time, so the efforts have been stepped up to include physical pain as a deterrent.

  • Upcoming streetcar construction maybe?

  • They’re probably about to tear up the sidewalk for utility work, the lights will go back when it’s all done (just a guess based on seeing this in other parts of town).

  • K st corridor is being redesigned soon?

  • dedicated bus lane they have been talking about since i moved here years ago?

  • They have been installing larger handicap ramps at the intersections and have been moving the cross walk /light poles. Not quite sure why they decided to place the new ones in the middle of the sidewalk though. Doesn’t look like they are moving any of the street lights though, just the crosswalk and stop lights.

  • Assuming its not temporary (which as the other commenter indicated is probably so), it could be because of the frequency that panel trucks hit the signals — especially the walk signals — knocking them sometimes completely around.

    • +1 It is the K Street ADA project… making the ramps onto the sidewalks ADA compliant. At the same time the utility companies are doing updates at each intersection. They started at 21st in K over the winter and have been working their way east.

      • How is a lamp post in the middle of the sidewalk ADA compliant? Seems it would impede wheelchair access down the sidewalk.

  • This is part of a large ADA compliance project.
    The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is beginning an improvements project in the K Street, NW corridor between 12th and 21st Street, NW to comply with regulations set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The goal of this project is to provide an ADA accessible path to bus stops along this corridor. To accomplish this, construction activities will occur on the corners and medians where bus stops are located.
    The project duration is one year, and during this time, disruptions will occur to bus stop locations along this corridor. Due to the high pedestrian and vehicular traffic in this corridor, DDOT has limited the contractor to the number of work areas they can occupy at a given time. This limitation means only one or two bus stops along this corridor will be affected at once. With the limitations to construction activities and project duration over one year, DDOT anticipates a minimal disruption to commuters.
    Construction Includes:
    Reconstruction of pedestrian ramps at the signalized intersections
    Addition of accessible pedestrian signals and pushbuttons at each roadway crossing
    Removal/reconstruction of existing bus stops and the respective accessible pathways to the bus stops
    Removal/reconstruction of multiple storm drains
    Removal/reconstruction of street signal poles
    They have a website at

  • Gentrification

  • It would be nice if they did a nice patch job instead of just dumping asphalt on it….

  • It still looks like a ridiculous waste of city money. Did the feds really authorization this bastardization of the street scape?

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