Another Old School Georgetown Bar Closing – Mr. Smith’s UPDATE: Moving to Chadwick’s space on K Street

3104 M Street, NW photos via Mr. Smith’s Facebook

CityPaper’s Jessica Sidman reports:

“Mr. Smith’s will close its location of nearly 50 years around the end of the month. General manager Juan Andino says the Boston-based landlord wants to raise the rent, and “we can’t afford that.”


The report also says they are looking for a new space in Georgetown. Updates if/when a new space is found.

3205 K Street, NW via Chadwick’s facebook

And a big update from Eater DC:

Longtime Georgetown bar Chadwicks will be closing on Aug. 31st. Replacing it? Another longtime Georgetown institution, Mr. Smith’s.

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  • That sucks. Another decent Georgetown bar bites the dust. It will probably become a pricey retail store or cupcake shop like everything else on M Street.

  • Meh, nobody goes to Georgetown anymore. No big loss.

  • I don’t know about the evenings, but I went there for lunch one Saturday afternoon and it was borderline gross. I’m not expecting five star service, but a decent burger and fries, a non-smelly bar, and servers that don’t make you go searching for your drinks or the check should be to much to ask for.

  • My wife and I went there once 5-7 years ago and got harrassed by a drunk college student making rude comments about two women together. Suggesting we should move to San Francisco was the least obnoxious snippet.

  • Unlike Garrett’s and The Guards, I can’t say I’m broken up about this one. Mr. Smiths always felt like it could have been a better experience than it was. Other than the piano bar, it was an afterthought of a bar, someplace you wound up at the end of the night. Mediocre food and drinks, it felt like a lower budget (but not much lower cost) version of J. Paul’s.

  • They are moving to Chadwick’s. Closing down at the end of the month and re opening after Labor Day as Smiths.

  • My parents used to come here every Sunday in the 70’s to get some beers and Reuben’s before going home to nap.

  • msmaryedith

    I can’t believe Chadwick’s is closing!

  • Seriously bummed about Chadwick’s. Really one of the only decent bars in that part of the city. Not to mention, super cheap happy hours and the 7 dollar movie ticket deal. We used that all the time.- doubtful Smith’s will continue that.

  • Place has been freaking disgusting for years. Wish they weren’t re opening.

  • Chadwick’s is great. So sad it’s closing. Despite having been there many times, I was always pleasantly surprised by how good the food was.

  • So sad about Chaddy’s. This is the worst possible outcome – Mr Smith’s stays open AND Chadwick’s closes. Ugh.

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