And in other Douglas Development News – Here’s where the New Popeyes will be located in Logan

1322 14th Street, NW

Last week we learned Popeyes was closing after 30 years at the corner of 14th and N St, NW. Finally got photos of the new location – opening in between The Pig and B Too in “2-3 months”:


I also was reminded that the former Popeyes had a very rare, for this part of town, drive through – so wanted to grab that for posterity:



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  • I served on a jury several years ago that heard evidence regarding a murder that took place in the alley behind the Popeye’s drive-thru.

    • I used to live in the apt. building on Vermont Ave. behind the Popeye’s. That alley was a scary, rat-infested shortcut.

  • I’m guessing the Pig and B Too won’t be digging the sidewalk hangout atmosphere if it’s allowed like it was across the street…particularly B Too when they have the windows open…

    • Every time I walk by B Too it is empty. We went twice and it was average both times. Could have been off nights. I get the feeling that the Eastern Market one does better business and B Too will close with a year/two. No facts to support that other than it doesn’t seem that busy and rent has to be sky high there.

      • agreed. BToo is B- and won’t last. They will eventually blame popeyes but the mediocre food, slow service, high prices and harsh BRIGHT lighting keep people from dining there.

    • Eh, Popeye’s is better than either of ’em

    • I dunno. The 7-11 on the southwest corner of 14th/RI has always had more of a sidewalk hangout atmosphere than the Popeyes ever did. Outside of Popeyes it was usually one homeless dude sitting around asking for change.

  • Holy cow, I’ve never seen that drive-thru empty.

  • Perhaps the delicious smell emanating from the new Popeye’s will improve the dining experience of those paying high prices for less than outstanding food at the other two places. At least it’s chicken not pork!

    I too have used that drive through, but the exit was always sort of creepy.

  • I miss the bodega that used to be in that space between The Pig and BToo. The items to purchase were scarce, but it was always a good place to get lotto tickets and cigarettes. The guy that worked the counter was pretty nice, too.

    I also agree with the general opinion of BToo. It was ok, but not a place I’d go to regularly. The Pig, however, is one of my favorite restaurants in the city. Call me unsophisticated if you must, but the food is really good, the staff is attentive, and it doesn’t seem as overpriced as most of the restaurants on 14th.

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