Sentimental American Flag Stolen from Logan, Please Keep Your Eyes Peeled for a Discarded One


“Dear PoPville,

The American flag (and flag pole) that hangs outside our house was stolen this weekend (likely Saturday night). The flag is especially important to us because it was flown over Afghanistan during my husband’s military service overseas. I was hoping a fellow PoPville reader happened to find a flag laying around in the Logan Circle / Shaw area near R street between 13th and 9th streets.”

Unbelievable. Anyone happen to find one laying around?

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  • Wow! That’s low! Disrespectful. And pretty odd. I get why someone might steal a bike — but a flag? I hope the OP gets their flag back.

  • The offender should be sent to Afghanistan to serve a tour.

  • I know who NOT to ask:

    ““Dear PoPville,

    A bunch of hipsters decided it was really cool to burn the American flag on the 4th of July.

    It was around 7ish and the alley between Fairmont and Girard was in full party mode with loud music and BBQ. Then about 10 to 15 individuals, a mixed group”

  • Probably not related but a neighbors american flag was stolen in Mt Pleasant (on rosemount) about 2 weeks ago as well.

  • patriotism?

  • Ugh. I hope the OP gets the flag back.
    This reminds me of what MPinDC said a while back about flowers getting stolen before Mother’s Day: “Because nothing says ‘I love you’ like a stolen plant.” Is this a case of “Nothing says ‘I love America’ like a stolen flag?? Or a case of a would-be flag-burner stealing it with the intention of destroying it?

  • I would imagine it’s some drunk kid (or 20-30 something acting like a kid) who had a stroke of perceived genius and thought it’d be cool to wrap himself in the flag or wear it as a cape or something. Probably not stolen for nefarious reasons, but disgraceful and disrespectful nonetheless. If they’re not keeping it as some drunk-stolen treasure, it’s probably in a trash can somewhere. I’m so sorry. Hopefully the idiots read Popville and decide to return the flag. They can send an anonymous email to popville to get an address where they can mail it.

  • So sorry this happened, OP. I was out for a run Sunday morning and saw a flag attached to a pole sticking from a bush in a church around that area. Hope this helps and you’re able to find the flag.

  • I saw who did this. They placed it sticking up in a bush in front of the church around the corner from your house.

    • It had to have been either Lincoln Temple United Church of Christ or Way Back Pentecost Church.

      • And I am pretty sure that it was Lincoln looking at street view now. I very much hope this information helps you get this flag back.

        • saf

          The people at Lincoln are really nice. If it’s not there, ask them if they brought it inside for safekeeping.

  • I’m not sure why someone would steal something and then just leave it laying in the street after, what would be the point of that?

  • Op, I’m very sorry this happened.

    If the flag is not recovered contact PoP for my info. I have a flag that was flown during OIF/OEF.

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