Actor Anwan Glover Reportedly Stabbed inside Cafe Asia early Sun. Morning

Thanks to all who tweeted and emailed links. From TMZ:

“The Wire” star Anwan Glover was stabbed inside a Washington DC nightclub early Sunday morning. Glover — who played Slim Charles — was in Cafe Asia [1720 I Street, NW] when he claims 2 men started beating him. He says he heard someone scream, “He has a knife,” and then felt a sharp pain.”

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  • lol
    why is he only being associated with his one acting role

    that man is the prince of gogo
    either way hope he has a full and speedy recovery

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Why is Christopher Reeve most associated with Superman? It’s his most well known role that’s why. lol

      • but it isnt his most known role in this immediate area.. but i suppose that is very hard to provide proof on

        id just expect local news chanels to not only make the one association
        ive seen him covered locally regarding music numerous times over the years

        • Prince Of Petworth

          I’m sorry to say you are being ridiculous. But here ya go (which was already linked above):

          “Gaining local fame as a teenager in 1992 as one of the founding members of the Backyard Band, a go-go band, he made his acting debut in late 2003”

          There. Now we can be friends again.

          • LOL!
            it isnt at all that serious
            was just curious as to why LOCAL media outlets used his wire role when i have seen those same outlets refer to him regarding his impact(huge) on the local music scene on many different occasions

          • Prince Of Petworth

            OK then let’s move on and all wish DC’s own Go Go legend a speedy recovery. There, now we can really be friends again. lol smdh

    • Because millions of people who have never heard of gogo watched The Wire. That’s why.

      • But “millions of people” don’t read this blog. People from DC are the main audience here. And it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that a huge portion of this city’s population have indeed heard of go-go and associate Big G with it. He doesn’t get all these gigs working with area youth because he was on “The Wire.”

        • Re. ” a huge portion of this city’s population have indeed heard of go-go and associate Big G with it” — this may very well be true, but I don’t think a huge portion of the PoPville readership are familiar with Anwan Glover’s role in go-go. (Though I’d certainly hope that all or almost all PoPville readers have at least heard of go-go and know that it has a significant place in D.C.’s music history.)
          The D.C. population and the PoPville readership certainly overlap, but they’re not synonymous.

        • “It wouldn’t be an exaggeration” my ass!

          I first visited DC in ’76 and settled here in 1980. I’ve hear “of” go-go, but never actually heard it. Just as I’ve heard “of” The Wire, but never actually seen it.

          As for Big G, never EVER heard of him.

          But as you say “millions of people” don’t read this blog, then again, there aren’t millions of people in DC either.

          • I’ve lived in the DC area since the mid eighties. I know a bit about go-go, but I don’t know who many of the stars are, besides Chuck Brown. But I followed the Wire since day one, so I know Mr. Glover as Slim Charles. It sounds like he’s had quite a career.

          • I was responding to someone who said “millions of people never heard of go-go” as if that group of people and the people reading this blog would overlap on a Venn diagram. I’d say a sizable number of people reading this blog HAVE heard of go-go, so to talk about the millions of people who haven’t, in a comments section *here* is absurd and pointless.

          • The line identifying Glover as an actor from the Wire was pulled from TMZ, not PoP’s own description. Please try to keep up.

        • It also wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that a huge portion of this city’s population barely (if at all) know who this guy is. And it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that a huge portion of this city’s population are barely (if at all) aware of go-go and couldn’t associate any name with it. DC is a “small” town, but not that small.

          • Agreed. Apparently, we have found the last two fans of go-go and deeply offended them with our naivete.

          • A similarly large number of people might be unaware that Big G played a character on “The Wire.” So? Your point is…?

      • +1. I’ve never heard of the Backyard Band, but “The Wire” is huge. Given that TMZ is aimed at a U.S.-wide (worldwide?) audience, I’m not surprised that its tweet referred to his “Wire” role.
        Interesting to learn that he also had a music/go-go background for which he’s known locally.

    • I thought the same thing. He has been a legend in this particular city ( the birthplace of go-go) since the mid 90’s. I don’t even think anyone in DC refers to him as Anwan. Well I guess times are a changing.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        You should take a photo of him to 14th and Irving St, NW in Columbia Heights and randomly stop people – ask who he is and see what they say. It’d be an interesting experiment!

        • Since when was DC solely defined by that intersection?

          Your selection of 14th & Irving to represent DC as a whole shows an “interesting” bias in and of itself.

          • All I know is I didn’t have any clue who he was… and I didn’t even have to scroll to read his whole Wikipedia page. So…. moving on.

          • Prince Of Petworth

            Calm down dude – I read he grew up in Columbia Heights. I can’t believe you didn’t know that?!?!?

          • Dude, Duke Ellington grew up on V Street. Is his musical relevance determined by how many people walking down V Street now can ID him in a picture? I don’t think going to where someone grew up and asking people what they know about him is a very scientific way of proving anything.

          • Glad some people have proven to themselves how gritty and cool and smug they are. It’s standard to identify someone by what is most well known and broadly known about them.

            If michael phelps was stabbed in Baltimore the Sun wouldn’t lead the story with “Towson High School graduate and former varsity swimmer, Michael Phelps, was stabbed”. Even though all of Baltimore knows where he went to high school…. Get it??? Now stfu.

      • This was posted on TMZ. While many people in DC know the history and significance of go-go, most Americans don’t.

        • I would guess that “many” people is a very small segment of the D.C. population who are long time residents. This is a transient city, so most people likely do not know the history of go-go (I have lived here 10 years, and I have never heard of Big G or the Backyard Band), but I would guess a huge percentage of the younger population knows about the Wire (though his role on the wire was pretty small as well).

          • K, I would agree with that. As a DC resident, I know of go-go and its importance to the artistic history of DC but i wouldn’t be able to name a single artist. Similarly, I know of the Wire, but have never watched it and can’t name any of its actors. That said, if this post just mentioned his go-go credentials, I would have thought, “oh, a local celebrity.” versus mentioning the Wire role, which makes me think he is nationally known.

  • WOW & WOW!!! 14th & Clifton is Columbia Heights now? This city…

  • Musician? Actor? I thought he was a Mexican billionaire!

  • I was thinking he might be Danny Glover’s son but was wrong. I read the link which mentions his brother’s murder in Columbia Heights – was he one of the people killed during the Caribbean Parade?

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    Never heard of him and I thought Cafe Asia was closed.

  • I caught a Rare Essence show at Tracks, and I heart Jill Scott’s “It’s Love.”

    • Yes, a speedy recovery to the man indeed

      • Salt-n-Pepa also had a couple of GoGo infused tracks ‘Mic Sounds Nice’ & ‘Shake Yo’ Thang’

        I loved The Wire. Slim Charles, Prop Joe, Omar et. al. made for great TV. Get well soon Mr. Glover

  • For those who really don’t know much about go-go or question its massive popularity in DC, if you really consider yourself a DC resident, you should do your homework. Earlier in the day before Big G was stabbed, I watched him with Backyard (and Junkyard) from the stage at Merriweather, and they had the entire place jumping. Go-go is still DC’s native soundtrack, and the bands that do it well are amazing. You owe it to the city to go to a show and see what it is about.

    And if you’ve lived in DC for more than ten years and you claim you have never heard go-go, I question if you have ever left the lily-whitest neighborhoods. Even the corner of 6th and Florida has it pumping all day long from the speaker the owner sets outside his shop!

    • I’ve lived in DC for over 10 years and I cannot define what “go go” is. And guess what? I don’t care, and I don’t “owe” it to DC to learn about this particular music form. I think everyone giving PoP grief about this stupid issue is being ridiculous.

    • I live in Truxton Circle, so unless that constitutes “lily-white” in your eyes, I don’t know what to tell you. I never said I have never heard of go-go, but I did say that I have never heard of this guy or his “famous” band (but I have seen him in the Wire). Maybe it is because I try to stick to music venues with a low likelihood of being shot or stabbed. Forgive me.

      • I was trying to imply that you HAVE heard gogo – it plays from cars and stores everywhere you go in this city, and is still hugely relevant. Plus, if you’ve ever heard Da Butt by EU, The Show by Doug E. Fresh, or even the new SOJA song, you’ve heard gogo! It’s an important part of the city’s culture and legacy, and it wouldn’t kill anyone to pull up some old Trouble Funk or Chuck Brown on Spotify and take a listen. Hell, Ian McKaye and Henry Rollins are big fans!

        And no grief to The Prince! I know he knows about putting it in the pocket!!! 😉

      • Starting to sound judgy there. There is no requirement to be familiar on an level with it, but it is a source of pride in DC.

        • I’m not born and raised here, but I am very proud of this city. I’ve invested myself in learning as much as I can about the people and culture of this town – hence why we are all on this wonderful blog – and I hope others would take time to lend an ear to one of the city’s richest traditions. No judgement, just hope that people moving into multi-million dollar condos on U street take the time to understand that the those blocks became popular because of the music they hosted (gogo being a part of that).

    • I question how *anyone* can say they’ve never heard go-go. “Da Butt” got pretty decent radio airplay back in the day. And plenty of musicians have sampled go-go songs as well, including Heavy D, Wale, The Roots, and Salt’n’Pepa. That said, I didn’t immediately put Anwan Glover together with Backyard Band either, even though I’ve got B.B. on a couple of my go-go playlists on Spotify.

    • “For those who really don’t know much about go-go or question its massive popularity in DC, if you really consider yourself a DC resident, you should do your homework.”
      First, It’s not so much that I “consider” myself a DC resident as that I *am* a DC resident. At least, the DC government thinks I am when they send me my tax bills. Second, I have quite enough to do in my actual job without taking on homework assignments from internet rants.

    • Who’s shop at 6th & Florida (NW and/or NE) “has it pumping all day long”? Bistro Bohem? Shaw Tavern? Hess? Gallaudet? Who?

  • YOU guys know him as Anwar Glover – the actor from the wire… WEEEEE know him as Big G – the ghetto Prince, a living legend! 😛 Either way – he’s a real good dude – who speaks positively to kids that rarely get the opportunity to hear a non-violent message from someone they look up to and respect. So for that – I think it’s safe to say we ALL wish Big G a miracle recovery!!

    • “he’s a real good dude”
      Apparently, he’s been shot 13 times. And stabbed (at least) once. So, either he’s got the worst luck ever, or he’s not, in fact, a really good dude.

      • tonyr

        If he’s been shot 13 times and is still walking around the I’d consider him to have the best luck ever.

      • Or maybe he got shot while trying to help kids. Or because he helped kids. Or because he turned his life around. What he is doing is called personal and social responsibility. You should take notes.

  • I’ve lived her for 7 years and heard of “Go-go” but never cared to find out what it sounds like. If it’s as unique as Ben’s Chili Bowl or Marion Barry, I’ll pass.

  • Hey, maybe this can be what they call in the education world “an opportunity for a teachable moment…”

    Wind ’em up, Chuck! Some of the greatest musicians from the DC area are in this band. And many gogos are loving, caring, fun parties full of positive energy…don’t let the bad apples spoil the bunch.

  • First up, I hope Mr. Glover has a speedy and uneventful recovery.
    Derail: Reading these posts made me realize how lucky I was to get John Buchanan — of the Soul Searchers — as a music teacher when I was in high school. Of course this didn’t get much attention in my house because my older brother had Roberta Flack as his music teacher in junior high.

  • For all those saying they’ve never heard “go go” music, you only need to look at the Whitest TV Show in History. The theme song from Seinfeld is a prime example of an instrumental heavily influenced by Go Go music.
    Also, everyone has heard the song “Bustin’ Loose” by Chuck Brown at a wedding at some point in their lives.

    • Just listened to it. Safe to say, I have never heard that at a wedding (and I have been to many) or anywhere else that I can remember. Certainly didn’t make a noticeable impression on me if I did.

      • As a point of clarification, that is not intended to be an insult to the song but just a fact. I don’t understand why people are so offended by some posters saying that they are not very (or at all) familiar with go-go. I am sure I could point to a type of music that you are not familiar with, but I am not going to call you crazy. Music is a matter of personal taste. So if you like it, enjoy it, but don’t get mad at others for not liking it.

        • Once possibility is that perhaps some of us who grew up in what was once called Chocolate City, with indigenous music are startled by people who declaim themselves to be “from DC” — yet seem to have little knowledge or interest in many aspects of the culture or even many of the people who called DC “home” before they got here. I don’t think anyone is disputing the idea that music is a matter of personal taste. What people may be noticing is that different demographic groups of Washingtonians may have widely varying familiarity with Mr. Glover’s work.

          • Go-go has been around since what, the mid-60s, early 70s? I hate to break it to you, but the city is a whole lot older than that. I am willing to bet that when go-go was busting onto the scene, there was an old-guard, like yourself, sitting around complaining about the younger generation listening to go-go music and going to go-go clubs and ruining the culture of the city. Guess what, over time, places change and so do cultures. Sure, gentrification has been happening rapidly in DC, but what is the result? A cleaner, safer place to live, with more more amenities than could have been dreamed of 20-30 years ago. Maybe next the schools will get better. God forbid! If the cost of a better city is a chunk of the population that is not interested in an old cultural movement, then so be it. No one is telling you to stop listening to go-go, they are just saying that it doesn’t interest them, and that is okay. Like it or not, this city is a melting pot and that is not going to change any time soon.

          • Not complaining — simply trying to clarify. Chill. Peace out.

          • How’s your Gaellic studies? There were a ton of Irish in dc before Go-go. What about your Native American studies? I bet your iPod is chock full of bag pipes, go-go, and eastern woodlands tribal music. You know… Because you’re “from dc”.

    • Seinfeld? Really?

      I don’t see the resemblance

  • Maybe it’s just me, but I think it’s really sad that a story about a person being stabbed turns into a debate about GoGo…just my opinion.

    • Agreed. But look at the bright side – at least it did not turn into a debate about gentrification . . . yet.

  • Sliiiiimmmmmm Charles lol – Hope he recovers fully!

  • SMDH at this whole thread, sad. Get better Big G.

  • Much troll. Wow!

  • poor guy. i wish him well.

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