Proper DC Brew Pubs Coming Soon? New Permit Now Available to Buy Beer to Drink (more than little samples) at the Breweries

Photo by PoPville flickr user A. Drauglis

From ABRA:

“A new permit is now available to District breweries that will for the first time allow customers to purchase and drink the brewery’s beer while visiting the facility. The new law is a provision of the Fiscal Year 2015 Budget Support Emergency Act of 2014 (page 27) that took effect today.

Under the Manufacturer Tasting Permit Emergency Amendment Act of 2014, a brewery can apply for an on-site sales and consumption permit with the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA). The permit would allow for customers to purchase and consume beer—brewed at the brewery— while on the licensed premises from 1-9 p.m., seven days a week. The annual fee for the permit is $1,000. ABRA is now accepting and processing permit applications.

Any manufacturer that does not want to apply is not required to do so. A brewery would still need to obtain a tasting permit in order to provide samples of beer to customers at no cost even if they have an on-site sales and consumption permit.”

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  • justinbc

    “This legislation is monumental for DC brewers, because it allows us to function with the same profitability as our brewing compatriots in Virginia and Maryland” – DC Brau’s Brandon Skall
    It’s nice of them to at least state their focus is on profitability.

    • …Versus donating their services to the needy beer drinkers of DC?

      • justinbc

        Versus spinning it to be greater “consumer access”.

        • The breweries already gave the consumer access by giving them FREE beer each week, and selling sealed products for take home consumption. They use distributors to give consumers access to their product in bars or stores. Its hard to believe, but most companies will admit they take certain actions to make profit.

          • justinbc

            Perhaps you’re reading sarcasm where there is none implied. As I said, it’s nice of them to at least admit their focus is on making a profit, rather than trying to spin this into something else with fluffy language.

  • Long over due fix….

  • How do places like Right Proper, Bluejacket, or Capital City brew & sell beer on premises?

  • No one is asking the big question: are the samples going away?

  • So–what zoning is required for a brewery now eligible for this “Manufacturer Tasting Permit”? I assume zoning hasn’t changed?

    • If you were already considered strictly a brewery / manufacturer (DC Brau, Atlas, 3 Stars, Chocolate City) they can now apply to ABRA for a permit to sell pints. Zoning hasn’t changed

      • right, so I’m pretty sure it’s still C-M-1 and so we’re still talking industrial/warehouse

  • They give you beer, they take away your yoga…

    I see that the DC Council just wants us to get drunk and fat.

  • brookland_rez


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