Dear PoPville – Window Smashings in Navy Yard


“Dear PoPville,

My wife walked outside this morning and found the front window of her car smashed in. There was nothing of value in the car it doesn’t seem like anything was taken. There have been a string of these incidents in Navy Yard over the past few weeks. We did call the police who sent an officer to file a report and was told that there seems to be a pattern of these cases, though they have no leads or suspects. I hope you’ll remind your readers to make sure that no valuables are visible in their cars if parking on the street.”

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  • I’d add, don’t leave anything in your car- not just anything of value. Even an empty bag might lead someone to guess something of value is in it. When people visit, I tell them to take everything out- from baseball caps in the back to a sweater on the front seat. But even doing that doesn’t guarantee your windows won’t be broken, unfortunately.

    • +1 to removing anything that looks as though it _could_ contain (or be covering) an item of value.

  • Same thing happened to me a few weeks ago in Petworth while my car was parked in my driveway. Again, nothing in sight (valuable or otherwise) and nothing taken.

  • Maybe this street is the new Hiatt Place NW.

  • The advice not to leave anything of value in your car is useful. But every so often there is a string of car window smashings that appear to be motivated by nothing other than evil. I recall prior reports of residents of one block waking up to find multiple car windows smashed with no signs of attempted theft.

  • In the past, people use to do this in hopes of just finding parking change in the ashtray, glove box, etc.

  • So tired of this…and it happens all over. Jerks have nothing better to do than vandalize other’s property for fun.
    Have you checked to see if the buildings around where you were parked have security cameras outside that might show where your car was parked when it happened? Worth a shot!

  • Weird – this kind of stuff usually only happens in this area after the Capitol Skyline hotel’s weekend pool parties let out..

  • If photo was from this morning, I can say it didn’t happen before 1:30 am… I live in an apt that overlooks this street and didn’t hear any glass breaking until I went to bed.

  • This happens a lot within the 4 blocks of the Eastern Market neighborhood between 8th & 10th Sts SE and Pennsylvania Ave to F St SE.

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