Very Cool Flowering Trees – What are They?


I saw these guys just over the bridge from Woodley Park towards Dupont. I’d never seen flowers like this before – anyone know what kind it is?


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  • I think those are mimosa trees. Perhaps planted to honor the brunch gods of DC.

  • Yes, mimosa tree. You’d think they’d be desirable but in fact they are invasive

  • Every little girl ever (south of the mason-dixon, anyway) used the flowers to pretend they were putting on blush.

  • justinbc

    Yep, mimosa trees. We had them in our yard growing up, they spread pretty easily.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Yep, my mom fought a never ending battle against the mimosa trees and red bud trees. She finally won when we moved.

  • Yep…mimosa.
    Pretty much a big ol’ weed.

  • Mimosa (Albizia julibrissin) is very common in our area but was originally introduced from China. Beautiful (especially the ones with deeper pink flowers), but fast-growing and weedy. You don’t see a lot of big ones anymore because they pretty much always contract mimosa vascular wilt, a disease that kills the tree in a particularly ugly way (trunk cracks open and bleeds goo) practically overnight.

  • Humming birds love mimosa trees so look for them

  • I know they can be very invasive, but I love them and think they’re so beautiful so I planted one in a giant pot in my yard. That way, I get to enjoy it, but it stays in its tree-prison and can’t spread around wherever it likes! Just make sure the pot is on a solid surface like a patio, because the root can go through the drain hole and into the ground to spread if it’s on dirt.

    • ? But it is constantly producing seeds…so I wouldn’t be to confident in the fact that it is confined in a pot?

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