Veritas Wine Bar Closing in Dupont August 2nd

2031 Florida Avenue, NW

From Veritas’ facebook page:

“It is sad to say that after almost 7 years, it is time for Veritas Wine Bar to say goodbye. Our last day will be Saturday August 2nd. Thanks to all our wonderful guests, amazing suppliers, winery friends, and our staff that have made it a great run. See you for a glass before we go!”

[email protected] hears it could be replaced by something called McClellan’s Retreat. Updates when more info is known on the replacement.

Were there any fans of Veritas?

looking east towards Connecticut Avenue

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  • jim_ed

    So help me god, if McClellan’s Retreat is a Civil War themed concept featuring cocktails names after battles from the Peninsula Campaign and artisanal hardtack, I’m moving to the moon.

  • Awesome comment.

  • I used to enjoy Veritas back in the day. They had a good selection of wines, and it was a quite place to take a date. I had many good conversations there, and many a good bottle of wine. I stopped going after one incident where member of the staff was rather brusque with me, but many times I went there with friends and shared a bottle. It was just enough off the beaten path that I can imagine it was tough for them to get enough business, but I also feel that was part of the charm.

  • Enjoyed the place, will miss it

  • I was also a fan. For my part, I was always a fan of the staff there.

  • Noooooo….don’t go! Love this place. Great staff, quiet, intimate setting and a fantastic wine selection. I will miss this place tremendously.

  • Nice place. Good selection, chill environment. Definitely off the beaten path, though. Even when I lived in Dupont, it seemed far away.

  • Went there a few times on dates when I first moved to DC and lived in Dupont Circle.
    It was off the beaten path, so it probably didn’t draw too much foot traffic.

  • This was always the perfect place to stop by before going to an event at the Hilton. Very sad.

  • I liked this place and will miss it! Nice vibe, nice people and good wines. I liked the tucked-away location but I guess it hurt them in the long run. Sad to see them go.

  • This is sad, it was a great quiet date spot. I was always buying groupons to go here.

    • Heh, can’t imagine having to rely on groupon customers to drive traffic to be a sustainable business model.

    • When a place is offering repeated groupons, that’s a sure sign that closing is imminent.

  • I loved Veritas. Great wine flights with cheese. Hope to see them relocate. I’d love to see them in Petworth!

  • This place was horrible. Servers were pretentious and not very helpful to the novice or uneducated wine drinkers. Went a couple times and had the same experience. Stuffy and snooty!!!!

  • Had my first date with my spouse at Veritas and eventually got married there with about 40 of our friends and family. Very sad to see this place close. Wish I could buy it!

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