Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Columbia Heights

1401 Columbia Road Northwest

This rental is located at 1401 Columbia Road, Northwest. The listing says:

“Efficiency unit with balcony. Conveniently located in Columbia Heights and is close to metro, shopping center, restaurants, Best Buy, Target, Giant and more. Wood floors, combo washer/dryer, Central air and updated.”

You can see a few more photos here.

This efficiency is going for $1,200/Mo.

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  • binntp

    Good price, though I’ve always imagined that building would be hella loud to live in, being so near bus stops, 7-11, and all the other foot and vehicular traffic going through CH.

  • Why are there no pictures of the rest of the space? It’s exciting that you have a dishwasher, but I need to actually see what else is there.

  • Tiny apartment, but it has most of what you need to make it work. I would definitely like to see the balcony, rest of the apartment, building pictures. The price isn’t bad at all for that location, but I agree that the noise is probably an issue.

  • Great location, good amenities, great price (balcony!!!)

    Want more pictures.

  • I’m suspicious-this is way below market rate, if there are indeed HWFs and a dishwasher. Most nice studios around southern Columbia Heights go for 1400-1600 easily (including mine).

    • from some googling the other units in the building definitely have both of those things so I have little reason to doubt.

      Still, I would definitely request a showing before signing anything on this one. Too few pictures does lead me to be suspicious.

      I don’t think it’s ‘way below market,’ just an older building on a noisy street.

    • Agree. I rent a studio on the same block, no dishwasher, for $1500 + gas/electric. There’s a catch.

      • Maybe it’s on the ground floor? There are no photos showing the windows.
        The pricing still seems suspiciously low, though.

        • I thought it looked like a basement. Not sure how you can have a balcony on the ground floor, let alone basement.

      • You are getting hosed. I live a block away and pay that for an 750 soft english basement. Without a fancy lobby and gym wifi lounge you etc you can find a reasonable rate. Don’t feel too bad though, I was getting hosed up the street before moving on. As for this unit, this building is going through the process of renovating its units so maybe it is pre-reno or next to a construction noise.

    • It’s called rent control. The prior tenant probably lived in it for quite a while.

  • Where does one stand if they want to rinse the dishes while putting them into the dishwasher? How does one open the cabinet under the sink to get out the detergent while the dishwasher is open? That kitchen would drive me crazy! Only open one thing at a time.

  • I once went to look at a studio at this place. It was around $1300, and it was among the worst studios I’ve ever seen. This particular one had a balcony that faced that alley right next to this building on 14th street (the one that smells like pee). It had popcorn walls (is that what those are called?) and got next to no light, because it was facing the alley and there was another building 10 feet away. It made me sad, would never want to live there paying that much money when I could live in a bigger room in a house for half that amount, with roommates so I won’t be alone all the time, but that’s just me.

  • I have a friend who lives in this building and complains of pests (rodents), so, that may have an impact.

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