There are still good people in this world Vol. 26

Photo by PoPville flickr user flipperman75

“Dear PoPville,

Yesterday at around 6:45pm during the downpour near the EEOB, the kindest man swooped in and, upon seeing me soaking wet, walked me to the bus stop a few blocks away with his umbrella. It was such a nice gestured in and of itself, but it came on the heels of a day where I needed extra reminder of all the goodness in the world. I thanked him but I can’t imagine that he knows what it meant to me and how much I appreciated it. So, to the White House switch board operator: thank you for being such a spectacularly kind and thoughtful human, please know that I will pay it forward.

Thank you!”

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  • Lovely!

    Yesterday I was standing under an awning at a metro stop, and a girl near me called an UberX. When he got there he called to ask if she had an umbrella, then got out of his car and walked over to share his umbrella with her back to his car. It was really sweet to see!

  • Someone did this for me during a summer downpour a few years ago. I got caught in the rain and a guy shared his umbrella with me and walked me to the metro. Yay for nice people!

  • It’s so nice to see posts like this once in a while. Thanks White House guy and POP for posting!

  • I agree with Anonymous. It is so nice to see a post like this. . Made me smile.

  • How wonderful! It’s people like that that make the world a better place.

  • We need more of these! Love this.

  • I just got secondhand happys from reading this. Thanks for sharing!

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