The Colonel Rising on the Corner of 9th and N St, NW

1250 9th Street, NW

Tons of progress at The Colonel coming to 9th and N St, NW.

leasing fall 2014
This boutique address in the heart of Downtown D.C. offers historically-inspired design with a hip twist while putting the city’s best offerings of art, culture and commerce at your doorstep. Located in the burgeoning 9th Street corridor your neighbors are the city’s most cutting edge art galleries, retailers, bars, and restaurant concepts.”

You can see some renderings here. Like the way it’s turning out so far?


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  • The yellow brick looks much worse in person. Hopefully it will look better when the black portion on the corner is complete.

    But I would still want to live here due to the proximity to Sundevich and La Colombe.

    • Yellow might not be my first choice but it looks ok, I think. Will be exciting to have some more foot traffic along this strip here.

  • clevelanddave

    It is hard to tell, but the sidewalk has been closed a long time 🙂

    Curious as to what the Monarc project a few yards away on N will look like…

  • Should have named it the Colonel Angus.

  • clevelanddave

    From the Blagden Alley- Naylor Courts Assn-

    Meeting on Thursday:

    Blagden Alley – Naylor Court Assn. Meeting Notice

    The meeting will be at 7PM on Thursday night July 17, 2014.

    The location will be the corner of 9th and N Street NW, yes we will just meet on the corner by Reformation Fitness.

    This meeting’s sole focus will be the wood appearance siding that CAS Riegler has installed on the sides and rear of the new construction building “The Colonel.”

    BANCA and the CDC/ANC worked pretty hard on the facade for this building as it transitions from the Historic parts of the neighborhood and then interfaces with the convention center across the street. I believe we ended up with a good result for the 9th and N Street facades. That said the permits and historic review for this building specified a stucco finish on the sides and rear, given it is a wood frame construction above the ground floor. I raised this issue with the Historic Preservation Office as clearly they did not approve the wood appearance siding material. HPO can go to the Office of Administrative Hearing and attempt to have a stop work order issued and force the contractor to comply but HPO says that OAH will not process these cases without an attempt at mediation. So this meeting is the communities opportunity to review the current materials, examine options and recommend an approach to CAS Riegler and HPO.

    We will start at the corner of 9th and N, then go inside the buildings courtyard to see the siding material in its painted condition (this area is not visible from the street or alley) then walk around inside to the Blagden Alley view. CAS Riegler will have some renderings and we’ll take it from there. I have no preconceived compromise other than I have told him that universally no one in the neighborhood likes this siding style finish. Weather should be good so I believe a meeting outside will be fine.

    BANCA Blog –

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