ThaiThanic II Closing in August Likely to be replaced by new Laotian restaurant Bangkok Golden

3462 14th Street, NW

Earlier this month I wondered where the new Laotian restaurant, Bangkok Golden, would be located in Columbia Heights. At that time a commenter suggested it would be Thaitanic II. And now another reader writes:

“Confirmed. ThaiThanic II is closing in August.”

It’s hard to remember but back in 2009 when ThaiThanic II first opened it was a very big deal. I will miss their 20oz of Dogfish Head beer for $4.25 and I wish the employees and owners the best of luck in the future.

Stay tuned for updates on the Laotian place as they get closer to opening.


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  • Becks

    Noooooo! I love Thaitanic! They have the best Yellow curry and steamed mussels!

  • Too bad, I really liked Thaitanic II.

    That said, it’s funny considering Thai cuisine is pretty much all Lao in origin.

    • I’ve walked by many times but haven’t stepped foot inside – wish I knew about the $4 20oz dogfish heads! I wonder if they’re rebranding more so than actually “closing” and “opening a new restaurant”, so that it’s not a new change of ownership just a way to better differentiate themselves from their competition.

    • Bangkok Golden is Thai as well. They have two menus. It is without peer. Heaven hath descended on my block.

  • binpetworth

    I too am saddened to see them go. Sala Thai just doesn’t compare…

  • Shouldn’t it be… Vientiane Golden?

    • The reason for the name is that when the restaurant first started it was a Thai place and and the Lao food was off the menu. Then the Sietsema discovered it and they started with a Lao menu. Great stuff.

  • As someone who will travel to 7 Corners just for Bangkok Golden’s Lao fare, I really can’t wait for Chef Seng to open this branch within walking distance to my house.

  • Another restaurant killed by the view of the Bacon Funeral Home.

  • This is GREAT news! LOVE LOVE LOVE Bankok golden. Fingers crossed they can keep their prices low and their portions big in this new location!

  • IF this is the same as the 7 corners place….OMG we LOVE that place. It’s seriously so delicious. I might even have to go to Columbia Heights (ugh) for it. I love Thaitanic, but BG is deliciousness. Their watercress salad? insanely good

    • Really unnecessary and unkind commentary on my home, J. Your post would have been fine without the “ugh”.

      • that offended you? jesus. plenty of us love Columbia Heights, don’t sweat it.

      • hey, it’s not my fault traffic there is awful – it always takes twice as long to get anywhere around there. Poorly timed lights, box blockers, light runners, jay walkers. Bus or car, it’s super annoying. Hence the “ugh”.

        • It’s called Rock Creek Parkway. Get to know it.

        • Not if you know what you’re doing. Steer clear of 14th/DCUSA area and it’s not bad at all.

          • Yes, it’s bad at DC USA but not much better from there up to Oak along 14th and westward along the same blocks to 16th it can be gridlock. I lived in Mt. P for 10 years and Columbia Heights for 4. Just moving from Mt. P to the Columbia Heights added 10-15 minutes to my morning commute to Virginia. RCP has its own issues and they have been discussed many times here.

          • I usually just go down 13th St. instead.

      • Come on, you’re being way too sensitive. In fact you should be glad that not everyone loves “your home” because it would suck for you if *everyone* was trying to be there.

        • It won’t hurt J or anyone else to know that their words have an effect on actual people on the other end of the internet tubes.
          Stay civil, y’all. Kindness costs you nothing.

          • saf

            Agreed. I don’t live in Columbia Heights, but I was annoyed by the “ugh.” Lots of places I don’t love, but I don’t randomly put them down either, especially in a place where lots of inhabitants of that place hang out.

          • I apologize that my distain for the traffic around there was taken the wrong way.
            I don’t have an opinion on “CoHi” any more than I do any other neighborhood in DC. I’ve lived in many neighborhoods.

            I stand by my opinion that the traffic in that area is miserable. I know it’s not cool to need to drive/bus anywhere in DC, but some of us have to. I choose to avoid areas with what feels like constant congestion (except I’d do it for BG!). I really do apologize if that offends you.

          • saf, it didn’t sound like a random put down to me. Plenty of reasons why someone wouldn’t like Columbia Heights, and JinDC actually listed some out. You are constantly putting things down in your comments (Safeway for one) so I’m a little surprised to see you jumping on this.

          • saf

            I see a difference between Safeway and the ice cream trucks and a neighborhood.

          • From JinDC’s explanation, it sounds like what she perhaps should have said was, “I might even have to endure Columbia Heights traffic (ugh) for it.”

          • Mostly here, I’m amused that previous poster’s ugh refers to traffic in Columbia Heights but in the same breath admits to voluntarily (seemingly) driving to 7 Corners 🙂

          • Jin is always ornery.

          • I don’t voluntarily go to 7 corners – we usually make it a trip when we have to do other stuff in that area -the Vet for the dog, a bunch of things we need to get at Lowes. now THAT is traffic (though we usually go early on Saturdays).

            Yes, I should have said traffic – I apologize for it being offensive without the qualifier

            and I’m definitely not always ornery. sarcastic, yes. old, yes. Ornery, no.

  • Darn it. They were pretty good. Hopefully it won’t be closed for too long, the location is super convenient for me. Also, someone needs to take over the Getaway location already…

  • Is this apartment building still half-empty?

  • Bangkok Golden is seriously among the best restaurants in the DC area. ThaiThanic is no loss if this is its replacement. We have more than enough mediocre Thai to go around.

    • You speak the truth. Bye bye average (at best), hello awesome.

    • Totally agree. Am I the only one who was NOT a fan of ThaiTanic II? All the vegetables were always straight out of a frozen veggie mix bag and sometimes weren’t even warmed up sufficiently. I’m certainly no food snob but Thai food is not that hard to get right. Beau Thai in Mt. Pleasant was a million times better!

  • I live in the building above TT2 and no the building is not still half empty. I’ve always worried that the TT2 space was too big, as it usually is fairly empty. I have some good memories there, but am a little more partial to the original location in Logan. While I’m sorry to see them go, they still seem to do great business at the original Thai Tanic and Tsunami above it. As for Bangkok Golden, I can’t wait to have some of that spicy deliciousness.

  • I was hoping Bangkok Golden would replace Sala Thai in Petworth above the metro. That place is crap! Happy Bangkok Golden is still relatively close by though.

  • I used to like the Thaitanic in Logan Circle, but this one just never measured up. I really tried to like it, but it was just meh.

  • As a former Falls Church resident who dearly misses the 7 Corners dining options, I cannot express how excited I am to hear this news! As others have commented, Bangkok Golden offers two menus (Thai and Laotian). Both are excellent.

  • I better get over there to redeem my 200 belly points before they close.

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