Sometimes the System Works, Sometimes it Doesn’t

From @DCPoliceDept around 9:30pm last night:

“Robbery (F&V)__2059HRS_15th & East Capitol Street, NE_Suspect (1) B/M 20-25, 5’5″-5’9”, Dreads, (2) B/F Pink shirt, blueshorts, anklemonitor

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  • Listen closely… hear that? That’s the sound of a probation officer somewhere banging his head into his desk repeatedly.

  • Stupid problems.

  • didnt see it happen but i was there right afterwards as the police were shopwing up
    run right through there on my daily jog
    they initially had the street blocked off right by lincoln park though
    then just the sidewalk

  • maybe it was a fitbit

  • Ankle Monitors don’t mean GPS monitoring. There are two kinds. The first is Radio Frequency or “RF” This lets community supervision agencies know when an offender is home or not. They do not track the persons location. These are most commonly used for curfews. Since it is mid-day the offender is most likely allowed to be out at this time.

    GPS devices are used to keep someone away from a certain area or victim. They can still go out and about as long as they don’t go within a certain distance of the stay away area.

    Since it says ankle monitor is on the individual it is most likely an RF unit used for a curfew which is not in effect right now.

    Sooo know your stuff before you post things like this.

  • GPS devices do not keep people from going about their normal business. It just makes them easier to catch. Most folks who wear them are not known for thinking about the consequences of their actions prior to committing crimes. My cop friends tell me that they see this all the time. They just call probation and find out who was at that location and lock them up.

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