Some Pretty Impressive Parking


A reader sends Sunday afternoon and writes:

“T street between 17 and 18th NW. Been that way since yesterday evening. Solid parking skills”

My guess is the driver was looking for a spot for 30+ minutes, finally found a tight one and on the fifth attempt just said “fahq it”…

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  • If you look from the other side of the street it is clear that this car was parked and hit pretty violently by someone traveling down T street.
    The rear driver side bumper and side panel are both smashed in, it has white paint marks along the length of the car and both tires were blown out. Someone must have been going very fast and sideswiped the vehicle.
    Probably happened last Thursday night at some point since I walk that street every day to work and first saw it on Friday morning.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Oof that stinks. In that case, I’d like to amend my note above to – sorry this happened to you.

      • Yeah, def stinks. There is a note under the windshield that I don’t think was there last week. I’m hoping a neighbor saw everything and wrote it down. But who knows!

    • I was about to say – usually horrible parkers on this block of T have MD tags heading to Lauriol Plaza.

  • Definitely side-swiped in a hit-and-run. Worst of all, the person got a ticket for parking on the sidewalk!

  • There was a note on the car that was struck claiming that witnesses saw a garbage truck collide with the infinity, pushing it into the other car.

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