Serious Police Presence at 13th and U Street, NW – Street Closures in Effect



“The Metropolitan Police Department, Third District, are on the scene of Meridian Hill Charter School in the 2100 block of 13th St, NW, investigating a call for a possible shooting.

At this time nothing is found. We are investigating where the telephone call originated.”


Reports of a shooting at a school in the 2100 block 13th Street NW are false. There is NO active shooter. – MPD PIO”

Final Update from MPD at 3:15pm:

“The incident was resolved and no crime occurred.”

A reader sends the photo above and writes:

“Large police, fire and emergency presence on 13th Street NW from U Street up to at least W Street. Meridian Public Charter School was evacuated a few minutes ago too.”

photo 2

Another reader sends the photo directly above and writes:

“Not sure what is going on but dozens of police and fire trucks, the police helicopter, and uniformed Homeland Security officers are on the scene and have blocked off the roads. Lots more police are arriving right now (10:20 AM).”

@DCPoliceDept tweets:

“Traffic Advisory: Police activity in the 2100 blk of 13th St NW. Street Closures on 13th – 14th St NW from U to W St NW.”

Updates as more info is known/released.

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  • DC Police Department [email protected] 1m
    Reports of a shooting at a school in the 2100 block 13th Street NW are false. There is NO active shooter. – MPD PIO

  • The twitter is saying an abandoned backpack.

  • Reports of an explosion started this. According to a fireman nothing was found. But homeland security and the FBI are there also.

    • I wonder if someone set off fireworks? I live at 11th/W and last night at 11pm someone set off some massive mortars and bottle rockets right next to our intersection. It was pretty crazy and scared the crap out of me.

      • Ugh. We must be neighbors. I was in that out-of-it state just before you drift off into sleep when those fireworks went off. Scared me to death – jumped out of bed thinking there was a serious shooting going on right outside my window.

      • Heard the fireworks down at 14th and W, too. My dog was not pleased.

      • Same here! I was going to post that as my rant. This happened last week, too.

  • YMCA Anthony Bowen just posted this on Facebook, for reference.

    “Dear Parents: You may have heard about police activity near our Y, and we want to assure you that your child is safe. Reports of a shooting at Meridian Public Charter School are false and there is no active shooter, as reported by the DC Police Department. All campers who are regularly at Meridian PCS have been relocated to YMCA Anthony Bowen. Our youth and teachers remain sheltered while the police continue the investigation of an earlier report. We’ll keep you updated as we receive more information.”

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