Romeo & Juliet – Garden Cafe Coming Soon Signage Up at former White Tiger space on Capitol Hill


“Dear PoPville,

Have you heard anything about this new place that’s coming to the old White Tiger restaurant on Massachusetts in NE? I am trying to be optimistic because I think it’s a good space, but the sign looks pretty cheesy – “Romeo & Juliet – Garden Cafe.”

Back in July of 2013 we first learned that the former White Tiger restaurant would become a new restaurant called Romeo & Juliet. Some neighbors opposed their proposed outdoor cafe but in Jan. 2014 ABRA ruled in Romeo & Juliet’s favor – you can read that full report here:

Romeo_and_Juliet-ABRA_Ruling (PDF)

301 Massachusetts Avenue, NE

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  • So very cheesy. But they could do some nice things with that patio space. Wall it off with rose trellises and it could even be genuinely romantic.

  • Such a great location, such a blah idea.

  • justinbc

    That sign looks like something in the before footage of a Kitchen Nightmares episode.

  • This street seems to be the place where 90s restaurant concepts come to die.

  • This has always seemed like such a lovely space for a restaurant to me, I have no idea why it’s been empty for so long- it would make a great beer garden or similar… but this concept and signage makes me not even remotely interested in checking it out…

    • justinbc

      I would love to see a beer garden here, but I doubt it would get accepted.

      • Yeah, it’s pretty crazy that people complained about a garden cafe going in here. It’s a large, busy street. If the apartments above Union Pub can deal with it, so can the houses down the street from this place.

    • A beer garden would be awesome, though there’s already Cafe Berlin and Union Pub which kind of sort of fit the bill for outdoor drinking. I was excited when I first heard of Pete’s possible coming here, even though I’ve heard mixed reviews of their pizza, but some other type of casual place to eat and socialize would be nice. There’s an abundance of them on Penn and up on H.

  • From the ABRA:

    “When completed, the establishment will be an “Italian tapas restaurant”

  • They realize Juliet poisoned herself, right? Not a very good inspiration for a restaurant.

  • The Michael Romeo Group is behind this; same people behind Fur nightclub, Tattoo Bar, Dirty Martini, Lotus, and Midtown. If you are wondering why this concept is so cheesy it’s because Michael Romeo is Mr. Cheese himself.
    I live near this strip and I really like Café Berlin, Bistro Cacao, and La Loma. They all have fantastic patios. Hope this is a decent place. Seems like a totally different concept than what these people usually do. I just hope it doesn’t turn into a nightclub.

    • I actually wouldn’t mind a nightclub. We don’t have any on the Hill.

    • You really like La Loma? You must not eat there.

      • I love the patio, find the plates cheap and large enough for two people, and drinks are cheap.
        So yes, it’s not El Centro, but it’s great for a cheap bite in a great patio

  • This sounds suspiciously like the TruOrleans business model.

  • The neighbors weren’t keen on 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. for a patio running up the side of 3rd Street, which is the residential side. Inebriated folks outside in the wee hours can make a lot of noise in a block full of rowhouses with canyon wall acoustics. There was no resistance to the notion of a garden patio. Hearing that Michael Romeo was involved got everyone’s antennae up and we remain concerned about what will ensue.

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