Reader Reports Sink Hole “the size of a trash can” Closes Columbia Rd, NW between 13th and 14th

A reader sends us word via our facebook page:

Harvard Columbia between 13th and 14th partially collapsed (hole the size of a trash can). Half an hour ago it was closed. The H buses were being rerouted. It’s a heavy traffic road so perhaps worth a warning.”

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  • Not surprising. I ride on Columbia on the way to work and Harvard on the way back home. Both are pockmarked and torn up. Both need to be repaved in short order.

  • Biked by this earlier today–it’s on Columbia not Harvard (H busses don’t run on Harvard). Someone had put a trash can in the middle of it to make it visible–it was a pretty comical sight. The point still stands that both of those streets are a MESS and need to be repaved (and preferably painted in such a way that does not leave an awkward 1.5 lane wide space that cars drive on either side of and make it impossible to bike by) .

    • This. Oh please, repave this road. When I saw this post, I was happy because it means that the city MIGHT actually repave Columbia.

  • Sinkholes are so depressing!

  • Immediately fills with trash, overflows.

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