Reader Reports Metrobus accident with Truck at NH and Quincy St, NW

A reader reports at 11am:

“Collision between H8 metro bus and flatbed truck at New Hampshire and Quincy. Truck knocked well into median. Windshield on bus blown out and serious front end damage. Not sure on injuries, but it was a hard impact.”

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  • I freakin hate that intersection….

  • I’ve never noticed, do Metro bus drivers where seatbelts with a shoulder harness?

  • New Hampshire and Taylor is also a very dangerous intersection.

  • Buses never stop at that stop sign.

  • That intersection is a pedestrian nightmare.

  • Awful intersection. People come speeding down the hill southbound on NH. Turning left from Quincy on to NH or crossing to continue on Quincy is like a game of Frogger. Its also bad for pedestrians. I live right there and have nearly been hit on several occasions in the cross walk.

    The worst part is when one car stops for you, you continue walking across, but cars try to swerve around them. We desperately need a light there.

    A few weeks back, I saw cops set up a speed trap and write tickets. More of that please.

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