Reader Finds Hell of a Good Rental Deal in Woodley Park


Thanks to a reader for sending this one from 2270 Cathedral Avenue, NW in Woodley Park:

“5 BR 3.5 bathroom home available in Woodley Park. Finished basement with separate entrance. Parking for one car. Beautiful home with outdoor area. Close to zoo, shopping, public transportation.”

A few more photos here.

This 5 bed/3.5 bath is going for $2400.

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  • Interesting that there are no photos of the above-ground floors… and given the low price…smells fishy.

    • maxwell smart

      Agreed – I half expected there to be some story about how the owners are on some religious expedition in Africa and all they really want is for some respectful people to tend to their home and PS in order to get the key send a check via airmail to some P.O. Box somewhere.

  • whoa…… how is this possible?!?! that is beyond a steal… i’m so confused!!! but yes, amazing deal.

  • …I smell a slum lord.

  • just look at the photo of the front of the house. A decorative window cover is off an hinge, the roof has rot, the bushes are overgrown, etc. This house is in the beginning stages of a death trap.

  • Let’s be honest, it’s not a “beautiful home” – it fact it looks like it might need some work. However a 5 bedroom house in that part of town should rent for quite a bit more money than what they are asking.

  • Given there is a fan in EVERY room, I’m guessing it gets a little warm in there.

  • maxwell smart

    The same listing is on HotPads for $6400 (which if actually 5 bedrooms is still a pretty great deal) so I’m thinking that either this was a typo OR someone is really just renting out the basement. It’s also strange there is no discussion about deposit, lease length…

    • Zillow also has it listed for $6,400 with more pictures. I’m assuming this is a typo or a scam where the Craigslist people have just pulled the listing and photos from somewhere else in an attempt to get first months/security out of someone. On another note the landlords are not doing much to show the house in the best light, all of the photos are full of clutter and unmade beds .

      • justinbc

        This happens A LOT here in DC. I know a few people who’ve been suckered in by this, unfortunately.

        • It happened to someone I know which is why I brought it up. She was in DC for a four month job and was pretty naive. She saw an add for a beautiful furnished apartment in the West End that was also very reasonably priced. And when she went to look at it the guy had to miss the showing because his mom is very sick and dying in another state so he had to leave town. But the apartment is hers, all she has to do is wire transfer the money to his bank account. Which of course she did and lost all the money and had to sleep on someones couch for a month.

  • I am house hunting right now and have seen a surprising number of scams this go-round. Below market rate rent, W/D, off-street parking, please use THIS link to complete a credit check and let us know when you have so we can schedule a viewing. “My husband doesn’t want me to post the address or pictures of the unit online because last time we did, we were vandalized.” So I should move in to your place that got vandalized? What? Just fill in my name, address, social security number and birth date where? OK. Ugh. Rant. Ready to sign a lease and be done with this.

    • Maybe get a real estate agent?

      • Yeah, I should. Last time I had so many non-responses it turned me off agents, but I did end up renting through a property management company anyway.

        • I had really good luck renting with an agent and found it cut through all (or at least most) of the bogus/scammy/crappy/shady listings with ease. Also no hassle (or at least help with the hassle) of setting up showings, negotiating lease etc.

          • I tried going through an agent about two years ago, and it was a disaster. The agent found us one property, insisted it was the best deal we could find, and pressured us heavily to put down a deposit right away. I found a better non-scam deal on Craigslist within a week.

  • I’m guessing this price includes only the basement.

  • It all seems so vague and terribly misleading (not to reitterate, but). I am sure there will be some hopeful prospects who are going to be disappointed by this. I don’t understand why some of these landlords aren’t more transparent up front. I wouldn’t reply to this ad — it seems like such a waste of time. Next!

  • Ok maybe it’s not the prettiest house, and yes I see fans and AC units in some of the windows. (We have central air that works great and we still use fans.) but like I have said before, not everyone is trying to make a huge profit or for that matter ripe someone off .

    Maybe they just want to hold on to the property while they live at another or travel as someone mentioned. Maybe the parents have grown older and now the adult children want to hold on to it before they sell it for BIG money. That is what I would do. A little rent is better than none.

    A scam… ? I think not. You walk in, see the place, sign an agreement and live there. Death Trap? Talk about drama.

    I know someone with a full basement that they share for well under “market rate.” They have a great roommate, lovely house upstairs, and a little extra cash to pay the bills.

    Its a Great deal !

  • That cant be real…

  • If the price is too good I assume it has pests or ghosts, its a surprise which you get.

  • I used to live there a few years ago — that could NOT be the actual price for the whole house unless it became infested with things after I left. I forget the exact total when I lived there, but it was about $900 for a room and it’s 5 rooms plus a basement. Also, we definitely had mice. And not a slum lord in my time — assuming the same ownership, they are a very nice older couple with a B&B out in Virginia.

  • I used to live here for several years. I strongly recommend that no one else live here ever. Major things broke all the time. There were vermin. It was like a hundred million degrees during the summer. The entire hot water heater broke and didn’t get replaced for like three months … during the winter. City code violations all over. It was always around $5000-6000 total. So either someone is renting out a room (the master? maybe?) or the entire house finally gave way and there is nothing inside but a vacant black hole of disrepair. The landlords seem nice, but really, they own like five other houses like this Woodley house, which they use as cash flow for their B&B in Virginia (Briar Patch B&B). POP should retitle this “One Hell of a Rental”. Tots not worth any amount of money.

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