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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • saf

    Rant: Apostrophe abuse. Makes my eyes itch to see so much apostrophe abuse, and not only on the web, but in actual written material. Oh, and on signs. Those are especially bad.
    Rant: The ice cream truck continues to torture me with endless rounds of Christmas music.

    • Becks

      Well, it IS beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

      • pablo .raw

        Every time I have a window open and suddenly hear the ice cream truck music, I instinctively turn around expecting to see a clown smiling with a huge knife on his hand.

        • saf

          I used to love the ice cream truck, with it’s little bell that went “ding-ding” once in a while. A guy I dated in high school worked as a Good Humor man one summer (That was WAY better than the year he worked in the fish shop!)
          But now, with all the ice cream trucks playing that endless electronic music, I have come to hate them all.

    • epric002

      i am the only one who will not patronize a business (or at least won’t go back) if they can’t bother to advertise/describe their products/services while using correct grammar?

      • Yeah- you’re probably the ONLY….Something’s just aren’t that serious!!!!!!!!!

      • When I interviewed for a job in SoCal I realized that, as fun and convenient (10 minutes from work, ocean breeze and bars, middle-aged ladies with Cali bodies) as it might be, I could not live in Manhattan Beach because every single parking meter had a sign on it that read (something to the effect of) “2 Hour parking 10am to 9pm everyday.” Not “every day,” as in all seven days of the week, but “everyday,” as in mundane or commonplace. I can’t live in a city where usage like that is acceptable to the citizens and the municipality.
        Also, I’m thinking of whiting out the apostrophe in the official DC DOT street sign out front of a small church that I often park under or near that reads “No Parking Sunday’s Only.”

    • There’s a book called The Great Typo Hunt written by a dude who traveled across the country correcting typos in signs. Some people (including the Grand Canyon) got pretty pissed at him and he got sued (or charged? I forget) by the feds for destroying federal lands. Entertaining, light read, although not groundbreaking. But being an apostrophe fanatic, you may find it entertaining.

      • saf

        I remember that book!

      • I actually dated the dude who did that and got arrested (and wrote that book). Used to live in DC.

        • Nice! Did you break up over a punctuation error in a birthday card?

          • I wish it was as story a story as that; though, come to think of it, it actually did involve the Secret Service and an AR-15 (different story for another time…will make it to a PoP happy hour one of these days!).

          • Correction: “a story as good as that.” Hmm, perhaps the typos contributed. I do type like an angry wombat.

          • I actually like “as story a story as that!”

          • Me too. I thought it was deliberate, part of our evolving language use. Like all those buzzfeed titles about “Dogs who forgot how to dog”.
            From here on out, all my interesting happenings will be “story”. “I was at the derby last night, and someone almost fell off the roofdeck. It was totally story.”

    • This made me lol, because my dissertation advisor and I got in several heated arguments over correct apostrophe use. While I capitulated to his style preferences because he had total control over my future, I still think he was wrong about some of it. If I had been sane at the time, I would have broken out the MLS style guide but as I was totally bat-sh*t craycray with end-of-phd stress, I didn’t.

    • Christmas music? Its’ way too early for that.

    • KSB

      I hate the Christma’s music ice cream truck too. And the misuse of apostrophes.

    • I second the rant about apostrophe abuse.

      My other grammar-related rant is inappropriate capital letters – like “I’m starting my Summer Vacation” tomorrow”

      • Emmaleigh504

        Some things require capitalization. For example, my mom has a chair that is not just any chair, it’s The Chair.

      • Yeah, inappropriate capital letters are weird. (Unless maybe someone is a native speaker of German and is capitalizing things in English according to German rules.)

        • epric002

          the gov’t, especially DoD, really likes to Capitalize Things

        • Smilla

          Hah! When my colleagues are guilty of over-capitalization, I say, “We’re not German, ya know!”

          • Heh, yeah I don’t like it when my agency refers to itself as “the Agency” — capital A — in every document. The random capital A is visually jarring in a sentence that is otherwise difficult to read and doesn’t need any more distractions. “The agency” is fine. We’ll figure out what you’re talking about, I promise. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Doing Denver and Vail next week… any a couple dinner and must-see recommendations?

    • I really really liked Old Major in Denver for dinner!

    • If you’re downtown: Happy hour in the lobby of the Brown Palace (where the Beatles stayed!) for old time elegance or the Cruise Room of the Oxford Hotel for deco-y cocktailing. Jazz and Mexican food at El Chapultepec near the stadium. it’s been years, but the internets say that Potager is still great.

    • Make a trip to Denver Brewing Co. if you like sampling fun beers ๐Ÿ™‚ No food there though, unless there is a food truck parked out front.

    • binpetworth

      Wynkoop Brewing Company; have a flight of beers and try their green chili. (But bring Tums, it’s spicy!)

    • Root Down!!

    • Forest Room Five – my favorite bar in the world! Make sure to roast marshmellows over the fire pits! And the food is amazing.

  • Rave: Went to Arlington Drafthouse for the first time and really liked the atmosphere.
    Rave: Finally saw Godzilla. I like bad movies way too much.
    Rave: Meeting my mom for lunch today instead of doing my usual desk lunch!
    Rant: Dating is exhausting, even when it’s fun. I’m too old to stay up late on school nights.

    • Do they still allow smoking? The last time I went was ages ago and even on the non-smoking night it just smelled so gross.

      I used to love Alamo Draft House in TX and was really excited when it was coming to VA. Unfortunately, the VA one is out in Louden County somewhere, so it isn’t worth it. But I still love their anti-texting commercials.

      • There definitely weren’t people smoking and I didn’t notice a smell so I’m assuming they don’t allow smoking. There need to be more of these theatres around DC!

      • Smilla

        Smoking is no longer allowed at the Arlington Drafthouse. Yaay!

  • Becks

    Rave: Great photo! Now I want crab.
    Rave: The weather is fantastic! I slept with the windows open and was so comfortable.
    Rant: Overslept, and was late to work.
    Question: I would love to take a three day weekend trip. Any suggestions for a trip?

    • Charlottesville + wine tasting is really nice

      • epric002

        +10 for charlottesville. you can take the train there too! glass house, near crozet, is one of my favorite vineyards.

      • jim_ed

        If doing Charlottesville by car, I recommend stopping 1st night at the Inn at Willow Grove in Orange. It’s a beautiful old southern home converted into an inn with a superb restaurant. Then you can hit the great vineyards between Orange and Charlottesville, highlights being Barboursville and Keswick.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Schuyler, VA to see the Walton’s museum!

    • Montreal. Just spent a long weekend there and it was amazing. Perfect time of year to go.

      • + a million

        I did four days there last summer and it was great. The food, the parks, the bike lanes, everything about Montreal is amazing. If I ever get a house with a backyard I am going to hang a gazillion pink balls in it, a la boules rose. Just google image search it, it will make you happy.

      • saf

        I love Montreal. Also Quebec City.

        If you want to drive though, Charlottesville is a lot closer.

      • I also recently took a trip to Montreal. Would recommend! Direct flights from DCA to Montreal are less than two hours long.

      • I liked Montreal a lot, but it was really not a friendly place for a non-French speaker in my experience. We were fortunate to have a French speaker in our party, and I would not go back without one. I much preferred my time in Toronto.

        • saf

          Toronto is an excellent place too, but neither of us speak French and we had no problems in Montreal.

          • We had no problems in Montreal either. Most people start with French and easily switch to English if you respond in English. Since someone in your party responded in French and that’s the default, I can see why they wouldn’t switch and you would think it’s predominantly French only.

        • Yeah, my experience was that everyone was very friendly and not at all rude when we spoke to them in English. That said, it is a French-first city, so having someone who speaks French with you wouldn’t hurt.

        • Hopefully it’s gotten better, then. My experience was that in Montreal people went from very sweet and welcoming when speaking to me in French to aggravated and dismissive, if not outright rude, when I spoke to them in English. The other English speakers in our party reported the same experience. I liked Montreal fine, I just found the attitude really offputting.

    • jim_ed

      I really like taking the train from DC for a low stress vacation. If you’re ballin outrageous, then you can’t get more old school DC than taking the train to the Greenbrier in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia, hitting the spa or the golf course, and then retiring to the casino at night. ballin on a budget? Fredericksburg or Richmond aren’t far at all by Amtrak, and both have walkable and lovely neighborhoods that are walkable and full of things to do.

      • Surprisingly Staunton, VA is accessible by train and very walkable.

        • I seem to recall Staunton as running out of things to qo quickly, but it does now have a cult restaurant:


          • jim_ed

            Wow, I’ve never heard of this place. I’ll definitely check it out next time I’m down that way. Staunton’s Shakespeare theater is very cool as well. The biggest thing about Staunton is to correctly pronounce the name, locals appreciate it (it’s pronounced Stanton).

        • +1 for Staunton! It’s a good weekend trip – go do Old Rag in the morning on Saturday, drive into Staunton for Saturday afternoon/evening (lots of good restaurants), then on Sunday you can do a Blackfriars Theatre play and brunch.

        • More love for Staunton! My brother lives there – great town, great theater!

        • I was going to suggest Staunton, too. It is a very cute town, lots of bed and breakfasts, a little microbrew place (Red Beard’s, I think), plus you are close to a few national and state parks if you want to hike or bike.

      • Truth. One way ticket on Amtrak from DC to NYC? $89. One way ticket on Amtrak from DC to either Richmond or Norfolk? $39.

    • Pittsburgh! Really a lot of fun and about the right size for a weekend. And you know, what the hell, stop at Falling Water on the way.

    • Becks

      Thanks for all the great ideas!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Sweden has crawfish!
    Rant: they eat them cold.
    Rave: I can introduce them to Louisiana style crawfish when I move there!
    To do: figure out how to actually move to Sweden.

  • Rant: Friends moving a very short distanct (from woodley park to adams morgan), and are constantly asking if me and my roomate can help them move. One day is understandable which we agreed to, now i have to help move your couch? Better be some pizza and beer involved. (They never lifted a finger in our move)
    Rave: Still feeling very relax since coming back from europe, i hope this mind set can last a while. Also got a mid-year bonus which helps with all the money i blew in europe. And found out i am being put onto a new project at the agency i work at which could be up to 3 years!

  • Rant: Have to meet with my landlord tonight and try to talk her into letting me sublet my place for the fall. I moved in shortly after starting to date my boyfriend, and didn’t realize how serious we would be at this point. His apartment makes more sense for us to be living in, especially because my work situation has changed and I’ll be working from home starting in September (he has an office; I don’t). It’s allowed (with her permission) according to the lease. I’m renting it fully furnished so she won’t have to worry about extra move-in and move-out wear and tear. And I’m also giving her ample notice that I won’t be renewing my lease (which is up at the end of January). Any tips for convincing her?

    • Just ask if she can put the place up for rent from now and see if she finds a permanent renter to start a new lease. As a LL that’s what I would do. I find it super easy to find tenants in this town…Just gotta pick the right one!

      • That’s a great idea! January-February is quieter than now, and she may prefer to try to rent it out now anyways.

      • As a landlord I agree. I’d be pretty annoyed my tenant was breaking the lease after only 7 months, but I’d much rather go through the process of finding someone once rather than twice. I would offer finding a subletter and ask which she prefers.

      • The landlord will also get higher rent right now. Real estate competition is fierce with students coming back into town in August, new graduates starting jobs in September, Congress comes back from summer recess, etc. Much less competition (and thus lower prices) in the middle of winter.

      • msmaryedith

        I will present that as an option. I wouldn’t be able to move out until at late September, however. I’ve never broken a lease before, and I HATE moving so tend to stay in place as long as possible (my last two were sold from underneath me or I would have stayed put; I was in both for 3+ years). But a lot has changed in the time since I viewed/agreed to take the place (late November), signed my lease (very early December), and moved in (early January). I couldn’t see where this relationship was headed, nor did I know that my boss intended to make us work from home. So I’m offering to do the legwork/find a subtenant (obviously I want good ones since they will be living with my furniture/things), and hoping she will see that I’m not just trying to screw her over. I don’t want to inconvenience her, but at the same time, it’s hard to justify us both spending SO much on rent when we are looking to try to buy a home in the nearish future.

        • msmaryedith

          *at least late September

        • I’m saying 2 months is PLENTY of time to find a full time replacement tenant.(how long was when you found this place before you actually moved in?) I don’t think you will have any issues presenting this to the LL. Like someone mentioned above- I’m sure she can probably get an additional $100 a month because of how insane things are these days.

          • msmaryedith

            Right. I think in either scenario, I’m giving her ample warning. I looked at the place in mid-November, signed the lease early December, and moved in mid-January.

    • Offer her the option of the sublease or just getting a new tenant. And of course, offer her all the assurances & help to make that as easy as possible.

    • Offer to do all the legwork of finding a subletter, and also give her a opportunity to vet the top candidates so she doesn’t have to worry that you’re just offering the place to the first person you can find.
      Alternatively, you could go with dcreal’s suggestion. The disadvantage of what he (?) proposes, though, is that the landlord has to do all the work of finding a new tenant, and has to do it 7 months (?) after the last time she went through the process rather than 12 months afterward.

      • Thankfully I’ve never had a tenant who left after only one year of renting.

        • I should’ve said “rather than 12 months (or more) afterward.”
          Part of the idea with a 12-month lease is that as a landlord, you won’t have to find a new tenant any more frequently than every 12 months, and quite possibly for a longer period than that.

          • msmaryedith

            I know, which is why I’m saying I will go the subletting route. I’m not trying to break my lease (and I’d be stuck with paying for an extra month at the end where no one would be living there). I’m trying to make this work for both of us–just having a hard time trying to figure out how to present it so that she won’t be hostile.

    • Seven months and you’re already moving in — how well do you know this boy? This isn’t like that boy you had a crush on in High School, is it, the one that you mooned over for weeks and he never did ask you to the Prom. You know, in my day, we just slept over and when you broke up all you had to do was take back your records and couple of pairs of underwear, and maybe your birth control prescription which was stuck in the back of the drawer of his nightstand behind some cassettes and a couple of old Penthouse magazines…..You’re such a wonderful girl — why settle?

    • no need to convince her. just make sure things are logical and make sense and that there will be no burden on him/her.

      • I think everyone is missing the fact that she want to leave her furnitures in the apartment. It will be hard for the LL to find someone long term if she has to come back in a few months get her furnitures. I think you have to be willing to put your furniture in storage, otherwise the only option available is subletting which is more stress for the LL. Talking as one ๐Ÿ™‚

  • epric002

    rave: foster puppy has 2 interested parties!
    rant: bizzare-o rash on the sides of my ribcage. my allergies have been outta control this year. i think i might have to go see an allergist. at this rate i’m going to be downing a bottle of zyrtec a day ๐Ÿ™
    request: anyone have any allergist recommendations? needs to be metroable.
    rave: we got a rain barrel yesterday!
    rave: flirt poles! both dogs LOVE it. super quick way to exhaust the puppy before crating him in the morning ๐Ÿ™‚

    • saf

      Allergy doc: http://www.boltansky-brody.com/ Not metroable, but bus-able, up by AU.

      • epric002

        thanks saf. google says it’ll take me an hour to get there via bus from my house- yuck.

        • saf

          Huh, I don’t think it takes the husband that long, and I think we are right around the corner from you. You looked at the New Mexico Ave location?
          An hour on the bus is a long time!
          (You know, I think he walks from Wisconsin Ave, because those connections suck. Maybe that’s the difference.)

    • Dr. Ein at GW MFA is good and he’s metro accessible.

    • Daniel Ein at Medical Faculty Associates. Hid office is on M Street (M and 24th maybe?) walkable to Foggy Bottom or Dupont circle metros.

    • This is the first I’ve heard of flirt poles. I’m gonna have to look into this!

      • epric002

        was recommended by one of the wonderful foster trainers at WHS- we got it on amazon for under $20. 9 month old puppy is tired after about 10 minutes of it- YAY! old-lady corgi needs only about 5 minutes ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I too love the flirt pole as a means of tiring the dogs out if their walk hasn’t sufficed. I highly recommend the Squishy Face Studio flirt pole over the Chase It (I have both). I have the smaller version of the Squishy Face one and it works great in my smallish city yard.

    • Oh allergies! I see Dr. Nsouli out of the Watergate. Not my favorite doctor of all time but it’s pretty easy to an appointment quickly. I also just go to my GP for steroid cream for my hives of unknown origin.

      • epric002

        i’ve had allergies my whole life, but this year they have been out of control and i’m getting symptoms i’ve never had before (6 months of an itchy scalp, daily hives, monthly rashes- WTF?!), so i think it’s time to finally figure out what exactly i’m allergic to so i can try to at least avoid whatever it might be. ugh.

        • Have you switched to hypoallergenic scent free laundry detergent? A long time ago I was getting random unexplained rashes and it took me a while to figure out it was the laundry detergent.

        • I’ve had similar issues this year. I’ve never had such bad hives/rash constantly. I did a slew of allergies tests which were inconclusive. Eliminating gluten helped with many of my symptoms but the hives still pop up in full force every once in awhile. Possibly due to accidental gluten exposure. 6 months is longgg time… I hope you find some relief and answers soon.

    • Erotic dancing for dogs? Well that was my first thought. Are your pups natural chasers (do they chase tennis balls)? My dog doesn’t chase balls, although she’d love to get the chance to chase the neighbor’s cat.
      It would be great to give my dog more exercise on the days when she has an extra helping of energy.

      • epric002

        not really. the corgi just recently discovered that sometimes it’s fun chase a tennis ball and sort-of bring it back. the puppy has almost no interest in chasing balls. both have high levels of interest in chasing squirrels and cats, and the “lure” on the end is a squeaky stuffed toy tail.

  • Rant: the way that a class I took in graduate school was titled is biting me in the butt and making licensure very difficult.
    Rant: a date canceled on me last night with little notice (different guy from the day before but I was less excited about this one)
    Rant: inaccurate nextbus times
    Rant: couldn’t fall asleep due to stress over rant 1 (it could cost me my job and now I have to move while uncertain of my future income)

    • I have to ask: how are you getting these dates? I went on dozens of dates here in DC, and not a single one cancelled the day of the date (a few asked to reschedule a day or two before, and a couple were complete cancellations, but gave me at least a day’s notice).

  • mtpgal

    Question: Yesterday some folks mentioned getting patio pavers put in and the price seemed pretty reasonable. Does anyone have a recommendation for a person/company they used and the approximate size/cost of their patio? I was planning to lay our patio myself but I would LOVE to let someone else do it if the price is right.

    • I hired two day laborers from outside of Home Depot and paid them $175 a piece for the labor. And yes it turned out great. I’m sure I would have paid at least 2k+ if I went it a landscaping company. My patio was 9×13 and (I used red brick pavers that were 48cents a piece at Home Depot, plus about 50bags of patio base/gravel and 3 bags of sand $3.50 a bag for both.)

      • If you are not comfortable directly hiring laborers outside of Home Depot, you can contact Casa de Maryland. They have a program that allows folks to hire laborers and they help you figure out a fair price. Their website has information on the program and where you can go to hire folks to help with moving, landscaping, etc.

        • This sounds interesting. Have you ever hired anyone through them before?

          • I second this question! Their website doesn’t offer much information but I would be very interested in hearing about any experiences anyone has had with them.

          • I have only worked with them on some of the other services they provide to the immigrant community but the workers that I have met all seem like really nice people. I know that this project was specifically designed to help make sure that neither the worker or the person hiring them would get screwed–as is possible at other informal pick up sites. I would assume that they would provide references if you wanted them–specifically on a big project. I had some friends who used the workers for painting and moving and they said it worked out great.

  • Rant: Massive headache began late last night, continued while in bed, and still persists this morning. I’m the kind of “avoid the hospital except for severed limbs” kind of person, but even this might make me go. I can’t even think.

    • Emmaleigh504

      go to a doctor! They can give you things to make you feel better and check and see if it’s something serious.

    • I went to the ER last Sat because my headache was out of control. You should go. they will make sure it’s not something more serious, and make the pain go away. There is no reason to live with pain like that. Hope you feel better soon!

    • Agree with the other posters. My doctor told me just last week that “the worst headache of your life is an ER visit”. Hope you feel better!

    • I’m not a medical doctor, so take this with a grain of salt, but my headaches are 9/10 a result of dehydration. So try guzzling water like your life depended on it for a few hours, then if it persists, consider going to the Dr (or urgent care, or calling your nurses’ line if that’s an option).

    • tension headache? maybe try alleve?

  • pablo .raw

    Rant: This is why you shouldn’t eat in the bus. Mother give her 3-4 year old a drink he drops it almost full. Big splash, poor kid saying “sorry, sorry”, big mess.
    Rave: weather

  • Rave: Yet another day of spectacular weather, and working from home
    Rave: Yesterday’s commentariat bringing me back to reality re: getting my laundry moved on time! It’s funny how even the most irrational things can annoy you.
    Rant: My roommate moved out a month ago and took my favorite (and only) bread knife with her. I’ve been trying to get it back, since she acknowledged she has it, but she doesn’t want to mail it since she thinks it’ll look “shady” mailing a knife to DC from Georgia. She said she’d send it with her sister next week, who is coming to visit and lives in this area, but I’ve never met the sister and roommate is not responding to requests for sister’s contact information. I know I should probably just let it go, but it was a (expensive) gift from my mother, who taught me to cook, and something I used nearly every day. Super bummed out about this.

    • I disagreed with you on the laundry thing yesterday, but have to agree with you on the knife. I’d be really annoyed with your former roommate. Mailing a knife would be shady?? Yes, because bread knifes are very hard to obtain around here, gotta smuggle those suckers in.

      • Keep pressing her, and make sure you mention the knife’s sentimental value.

        • Totally agree about mentioning the sentimental value. Would it help to offer to send her a prepaid pre-addressed envelope/box to return the knife? Her sister could even drop it off at a post office for her.

    • Wouldn’t be seem more shady to travel with a big knive than to mail one?

    • Online retailers mail bread knives all the time so I’m not sure why she thinks it would be so shady.

      • Yeah there’s nothing shady at all about mailing it. Hell the postal service won’t even know if you don’t tell them.

    • At the very least she should offer to send you some money to cover replacement cost.

    • I mailed my brother his knife after he accidently carried it on the plane. Since it was unlikely TSA would miss it twice I sent it back and didn’t have any problems.

    • I mailed my broken knife to Wustoff and they mailed me a new one right back. (Rave: Lifetime guarantees that are actual lifetime guarantees.)

  • Rave: I can probably leave early today because I got in at 7. Taking recommendations for places to go enjoy the weather!

  • Funny PoPville story: my boyfriend rarely reads PoPville, so I was really excited to tell him about the progress at a restaurant opening soon near him. He listened, took it all in, then asked if I saw who had sent in the info. Yeah, he tweeted it at the Prince and I basically never read the twitter handles or flickr user names on the user submission posts. Maybe I should start.
    Rave: I slept with the windows open and my comforter on! There is something about the heft and fluff of a comforter that I hate giving up when the weather is warm.
    Rant: I kind of sort of maybe want to try Crossfit, but I think the cost is going to be the limiting factor. I’m awaiting info on Crossfit Petworth’s pricing scheme, but I’m not holding out a lot of hope that I can afford it.

    • Just please don’t adhere to Crossfit’s #1 rule: “NEVER stop talking about crossfit.” It’s so annoying, and my sister has completely drank the koolaid and even sends pics of her lift prs to the entire family. I want to tell her to just start a tumblr for that, but she’s so incredibly unhip on the technology/social media front that she wouldn’t get it whatsoever.

      • I tend to pride myself on not buying much, if any Koolaid. And having held out this long I’ve heard my fair share of crossfit babble, so I get how annoying it is.

  • Farragut

    RAVE: Lunch with the wife before I go into work this afternoon.

    RANT: My shoes fall apart way too fast. My brown casuals both have large cracks in the sole along the balls of the feet and there’s literally a hole that lets water in when I step into a puddle. I’ve only had these shoes for less than 9 months.

    • Same rant (just threw away a pair of sandals yesterday that had cracked soles and a busted strap). I try to get shoes repaired whenever possible, but it seems like they reach the point of no return way too quickly, and I hate shoe shopping so I can’t keep up with replacing them.

      • Farragut

        I’m convinced that either 1) shoes are being made more cheaply now (a la planned obsolescence), 2) I’m somehow walking wrong with them, and/or 3) I need to buy much more expensive shoes that will “last.” :-/

        • Quite likely it’s all three. Although with number 2, I don’t if “wrong” is the right word, but depending on how you walk it is possible that you wear shoes faster or in a different way than most people. Where do you buy your shoes typically?

        • Agreed on 1 and 3. I also have problem 2.

          Have you considered adding sole protectors to your shoes? That way you wear through the protector which is easier to replace rather than the actual sole.

        • not sure what kind of shoes you wear, highly recommend eccos. ridiculously comfortable and rugged. Mine were around $175 divided by 4 years so far, good deal!

        • You aren’t wearing the same pair of shoes every day, are you? Shoes worn continuously wear out faster (in relative terms too, not just in absolute terms) than those that are given time to air out between wearings.

          • Farragut

            I’m not sure if anyone will see it at this late date, but A) I am apparently flat-footed, and often get shin splints if I walk too fast/hard, and B) I have been wearing some of these shoes daily (the shoes in my original post were ones I wore to work almost every day.

            I should probably look into SOMETHING, but the shoes wearing out too fast is pretty aggravating since the previous set of shoes (same brand and style and everything lasted closer to 2 years).

          • If you have trouble finding shoes that work for you, maybe buy two pairs of the same kind and alternate them daily?

          • Emmaleigh504

            That’s good to know! Now I can buy extra pairs of my favorites so they will last longer.

  • Rant: im not siiting at that table right now digging into some crabs

    Moreso a realization than rant or revel: i run daily (around 3 miles) and these past two days confirmed i prefer it warmer. feels good to be drenched from sweat when the run is finished

  • skj84

    Rant: Completely screwed up the times for my Skype interview yesterday and missed it. The interviewer canceled on me last minute for my 3:00pm Thursday and asked to reschedule 12:30 Tuesday. I wrote down the original time we were supposed to chat not the new one. Got an email from her asking if I wanted to reschedule again, I responded but haven’t heard back. I honestly cannot believe I did something that stupid. I really should’ve double checked the time and I’m kicking myself for not doing so.

    Rave: I had a good run with a local run club yesterday. I never realized how fast I run! Though all my siblings are runners I was never into it. Just started running this year and I think if I actually train I could do decent in races. Like not winning, but respectable timing.

    Rant: The run was part boot camp and involved some exercises in the dirt. Not a fan of planking or burpees. Especially not burpees.

  • Thoughts on this: I have a schauzer, my roommate has a chihuahua. My third roommate got up first this morning and spotted a dog turd in the dining room. Should she have picked it up? She’s a close friend of mine and we share duties pretty openly. She has taken care of my dog when I traveled for the weekend. I’m just wondering if I am out of line that instead of picking it up, her sending us both a text and then heading out for work was not the appropriate thing to do. (Mostly because yuck…who leaves dog shit on the floor?) My phone died so I never got the text until I plugged it in at my desk, but I cleaned up the dog poop when I saw it (which, and this may be too much info, wasn’t a big deal because it was just a stiff one). I think I’m more peeved because I do more than my fair share of the cleaning/picking up/trash emptying without complaint. I’m willing to bet the reactions are 50/50 on this…but I’d love to hear!

    • Emmaleigh504

      If she didn’t want to do anything about it, she should have just left and feigned ignorance.
      Now whether or not she should clean it up as a non-dog owner, I don’t know. I’ve never lived with pets where all the roommates didn’t have one. On the one hand, not her dogs, but on the other hand, help keep the place clean!

    • To be honest I could see both sides. The text message in addition to leaving the turd on the floor seems a little passive aggressive–if she was determined to not take action, it probably would’ve been smarter to walk by it and say nothing, pretending to not have seen it or that it happened after she left for work. That being said, I could see her side too–thinking that since she doesn’t have a dog, she shouldn’t have to be responsible for the yuckier aspects of dog ownership. If this is a constant problem, I could see her getting fed up and not cleaning up, but if it’s a one-off situation, it probably would have been smarter for the harmony of the household to just clean it up and THEN let you and your other roommate know.

      • See, I think the text was actually nice. It lets the others know there is poo on the floor so they don’t step in it, even if it isn’t her responsibility to clean up after someone else’s dog.

        • That’s a good point–I assumed the point of the text was to (directly or indirectly) let the owners know there was poop and that it needed cleaning up, not as a warning, but it very may well have been.

        • Yeah, and there’s some context missing here. Was it a “oh I’m just letting you know because I had to rush out the door to get to work and didn’t have time to clean it up myself” message? In any event, I think your dog, your duty (doody. teehee.)

      • Mostly agreed with SBinDC on this.

      • Yeah I didn’t get upset at all about the dog mess and just assumed I was the first one to see it. It really only got under my skin when I got the text. This is more of a problem with my roommates dog (he gave his dog table scraps and it got sick) than it is mine…so maybe she just figured he would get it? (Obviously no way to tell which dog made the mess but I wasn’t going to leave crap on the dining room floor.) I can see both sides as well. Thanks for everyone’s feedback.

    • I’d say if third roommate doesn’t own one of the dogs, it isn’t her responsibility to take care of the dogs or their mess. (I say this as someone who has owned dogs and had roommates and had a similar situation happen).

      • I agree. When I had roommates I never expected them to clean up after my dogs. Sometimes they would if they saw an accident before I did, and I thought that was a nice bonus. However, I never expected them to do it.

      • I also agree. I love my boyfriend’s dog but it’s his dog and I do not feel like I should have to clean up after it. But we don’t live together so there’s that.

        • Hm, there is a big difference between roommates and SO. I live with my SO and if she spotted a mess before me, left it and texted me to clean it up I’d be super pissed. When we didn’t live together it would have been different, as you said.

          • Well I don’t know this for sure but I would imagine you and your SO have a pet together. I am planning to live with my boyfriend in the near future but I still do not plan to clean up after his dog. I don’t have a pet because I don’t like messes and I don’t want to clean up after someone else’s pet. That being said, if I were the only person home I’d never leave a mess on the floor.

          • Anon- no I had two dogs before I even met my SO. We’ve been together 4 years now and have lived together 3.5 of those years. At this point we both feel they are “our” dogs. While I am still the one who is completely financially responsible and who takes care of them day to day, if she felt she never needed to help out at all I would be pretty angry (she doesn’t feel this way or we probably wouldn’t have lasted this long). After all, my pets and I were a package deal.
            My honest advice- if you don’t like messes or having pets it’s probably not a good idea to move in with your boyfriend and his dog.

          • My bad. We’ve lived together 2.5 of those years- not 3.5. We did not move in after dating for 5 months! Ha.

        • I predict that living with your boyfriend and being so set on not cleaning up after the dog is not going to go well.

          • Completely agreed, you are moving in and becoming a we. Dogs are like kids so even if the dog was his before, once you move in it becomes “our dog.”

          • Thank you internet strangers but I am not intersted in your predictions or advice on my relationship. I’m actually being nice and not sarcastic when I say that but you don’t know me or my boyfriend. My boyfriend is not as clean as I am so he can deal with the dog and I’ll happily clean the house to keep it up to my standards. Plus, I already feed the dog, take him outside, and play but picking up poop is an entirely different matter. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Just curious… if you’re already taking him outside you’re already picking up his poop, right? So how is picking it up inside any different?

          • As long as Anon and the boyfriend are clear up front that Anon will not be cleaning up after the dog, maybe this can work. (Anon’s statement “I am planning to live with my boyfriend in the near future but I still do not plan to clean up after his dog” certainly rang DING DING DING bells of alarm for me too.)

          • Anonymous 2:00 – My boyfriend has a house with a yard so he lets the dog do his business in the backyard and picks it up every other day or so.

            Thank you anon 2:18. My boyfriend and I are very up front about our expectations. I’m not going to pick up poop and he’s aware of that. I’m aware of the fact that he doesn’t like to clean as often as I do so I know it’s on me to keep the house as clean as I want it (and clean the absurd amounts of dog hair that cover every surface).

          • I should have mentioned in my last comment this is kind of a pointless thing for everyone to be commenting on because the dog has never pooped in the house in the entire time I’ve known my boyfriend. LOL.

          • Oh ok. I usually translate “taking the dog out” to taking them for a walk, not opening the back door to let them shit in the yard. Doesn’t he have issues with flies? I don’t let mine go in the yard, but if it happens and I don’t notice right away the yard is swarming with them.

    • ehhh…. i understand both sides
      while she has helped in the past and does share duties in the house at the end of the day she does not personally have a pet so she probably doesnt feel obligated to clean up after yours or your other roomates dog and has the right to do so (is it the cleanest or best way, no)
      simply stated she has the luxury of not dealing with dog if she dosent want to

    • If it’s your dog, it’s your mess to clean up. If she voluntarily helps out then great, but it’s your responsibility. If you think there’s an imbalance in other general chores and upkeep then you should address that, but the dog doesn’t enter into that discussion in my opinion.

      • +1 to “If you think thereโ€™s an imbalance in other general chores and upkeep then you should address that” — I got the feeling that that was the underlying issue that was irking Andie.

    • She could have been running late. I think it’s something silly to get annoyed about honestly. Whoever owns the pet picks up after it in my experience. I’m the pet owner in my place, so if the cat pukes, I clean it up. If someone texted me to say there was cat puke in the hallway, I’d be fine with that bc maybe I would have missed it.

      • The smell of dog poop in the house can be a huge migraine trigger for me. I clean it up because I have no choice, but it can be quite debilitating. If she’s the same way I wouldn’t blame her for not wanting to ruin half her workday because of someone else’s dog.

    • Does it happen a lot? I had a roommate whose cat would puke every.single.day. My roommate was adamant that there was nothing wrong with the cat, and didn’t take her to a vet. I got tired of picking it up.

  • Rant: Finding out that Virgin Mobile Freefest has been canceled this year. I was very much looking forward to it ๐Ÿ™
    Rave: The weather!
    Rave: “Pitch Perfect” at NoMa tonight ๐Ÿ™‚

    • So bummed to hear about Freefest. I have been the past few years and always had a great time!

    • I don’t get why Merriweather doesn’t organize it themselves and charge admission. It seems they wouldn’t have a problem selling out a large festival – maybe scale back a bit on the number of total bands? Or was Virgin footing a huge chunk of the costs themselves?

      • skj84

        I think Virgin footed most of the bill. I remember reading Richard Branson being quoted that the festival cost more to put on than revenue was made but it was worth it. I guess this year it may not have been considered worth the cost? I’m so bummed, I’ve gone 4 times. Always had a blast. My favorite was two years ago and seeing Alabama Shakes, and Jack White in the VIP section. Last year was ok. The rain made it not as enjoyable as it could be(plus I was riding with a douchebag who insisted we leave before the one set I wanted to see.)

  • Rant: some of my summer interns have gotten into the habit of not showing up and not calling or e-mailing in advance. It’s really frustrating because we definitely treat our interns very well and give them opportunities to do interesting things and study policy matters that they are interested in. Maybe we’re just too nice?
    Rave: this weather!
    Rave 2: recess starts tomorrow.

    • Wow, they should be fired for not showing up without calling. Of course, an explanation of that being unacceptable should be included so it’s a “teachable moment.” I’d fire them before August so they can’t put May – August on their resume.

      • Agree. I can’t even imagine pulling that when I interned back in the day. Unless they were in an ER, there’s not excuse for not calling in at the every least. But even that is a pretty low bar. I didn’t just take off days from my internship because I felt like it. They were arranged in advance and with the permission of the staff. Better they learn now than later. As Woody Allen says, 80 percent of success is just showing up.

      • Yes, they need to be dismissed ASAP.

      • They probably should be dismissed for making it a habit, as you said. I would sit them down, tell them you’re giving them a chance to explain themselves (scare them a bit), and warn them that if it happens again they will be dismissed.

    • It sounds like your interns are unpaid. If so, you get what you pay for.
      Pay your interns – it allows you to fire them if they suck. You’ll also get higher quality workers.

      • I think you can fire someone you are not paying. In fact, it’s easier and cheaper.
        Paying doesn’t guarantee higher quality workers. The fact is that there are some young people who don’t know how to work – what is expected and what is acceptable. This includes showing up to work on time, wearing appropriate clothing to work, getting assignments done in a quality and timely manner.
        I guarantee there are as many if not more horror stories about paid interns as about unpaid interns.
        And if you don’t feel you can or should apply yourself if you are not getting paid, then don’t take an unpaid internship.

      • I can’t make the decision to pay them, unfortunately, but I agree that we should. I was an unpaid intern in my office before becoming a staff member, and it was very hard to make ends meet.

    • I guess it’s hard to know in advance that you’re going to be too hungover to come into work the next day.

    • +1 rant: we have an intern who does that, but can’t be fired because he’s the boss’s son.

  • Rave: After another cycle of “What do YOU want for dinner?” with my spouse, made a very respectable and tasty huevos rancheros on a whim.
    Rant: It now has me craving a really good Mexican breakfast. Any ideas where to go? I haven’t had chilaquiles in ages!

  • Rave: bosses out of town in Hawaii for ten days.
    Rave: second round job interview tomorrow.
    Rant: the position is one a friend currently holds. He has to apply for his own job as he was detailed to it and the detail is expiring. I am 99% sure my interview is pro forma, but I still need to knock the interview out of the park… just in case there are other opportunities for me.
    Rave: this weather.
    Rant: the Washington Post’s ridiculous (and inappropriate) use of clickbait headlines.
    Rant: Buzzfeed/Upworthy.
    Rave: feeling quite crafty but unsure what project to start or finish…

    • The only reason I visit the WaPo website these days is to read the CWG. The rest of it is almost all crap.

      • CWG is fantastic. They report, they teach, they explain why their predictions were incorrect… Dana Milbank is still a decent read. The rest? Eh.

        • Steven Goff provides excellent coverage of DC United, MLS, and soccer in general. Not of much interest to those who don’t like soccer of course, but he is very good.

      • I also like to read the sports coverage for Nats/Caps. But I mostly just skim the interesting sounding bits. Agreed that CWG is must-read!

    • I hate clickbait headlines in general. Anything that says “you won’t believe what happened next” I completely ignore.

      • On Jan. 26, the Post ran this headline online: “She wrecked on the Beltway at night. But what came next sealed the tragedy.”
        “She braked hard, but her blue Chrysler Sebring convertible slid against the barrier on the far side of the highway. It then spun across all four lanes, into the grassy median and plowed into the steel barrier separating the Inner and Outer Loops, and finally came to a stop.
        Tiara got out and went back to the roadway. Perhaps she was trying to flag down help. Instead, she was almost immediately struck by an oncoming vehicle.
        The driver did not stop. There were no skid marks before the point of impact and none after.
        The next driver who hit her did not stop either; nor did the next. This went on for perhaps 20 minutes.”
        Horrible? Yes. Appropriate use of clickbait headline? HELL NO.

        • I actually read that story so the headline didn’t fall into the realm of things I refuse to read. I guess because they weren’t making any presumptions about how I’d react to it. Those kinds of headlines are super-annoying.

          • That was a really poorly done story. It seemed like the writer had a preconceived thesis of “People are callous jerks who don’t care about other people and won’t help them,” and did his/her best to shoehorn this incident into that mold… but it didn’t really work.
            One of the first drivers who saw the wreck called 911. I think police or someone else quoted in the article remarked that it was night and was dark, people couldn’t see the woman who was hit, and people driving at 55 mph who feel a bump might not even realize that that they’ve hit someone.

          • A thesis to prove, for sure. But it also seems like the WaPo clickbait headline editor knows the formula for clickbait but has no idea when to use said formula. Sometimes, Wonk Blog articles get it, sometimes editorials, sometimes tragedies.
            From July 2: “I watched all the terrorist beheadings for the U.S. government, and hereโ€™s what I learned.” The author never ever claimed to watch all of the terrorist beheadings and also never uttered that cluster-eff of a line.

      • The worst are those ads that surround the weekly forecast on weather.com. They say something like “ten year old dies saving dog. You won’t believe how! Watch the video.” And I’m thinking “dear god I just want to know what the temperature is going to be tomorrow! I don’t want to watch a freaking snuff film!”

        • +1. Also, I apologize to everyone at my office and the world at large for laughing so diabolically at your comment about a snuff film of a 10-year old.

      • There’s one circulating around that’s titled something like “German dude asks to borrow homeless man’s bucket. You won’t believe what happened next.” So many of my friends were claiming to have gotten teary-eyed from it, so I watched the video (without the sound because I had a feeling they were using music to stir viewers’ emotions). It was a bunch of hipsters who started drumming on the guy’s bucket and singing to get him more donations. The homeless man looked embarassed by the attention and not particularly touched by their accomplishment. And I found it annoying that the people doing it had to film themselves and make it into a viral video. What ever happened to anonymous acts of kindness? Ugh.

    • skj84

      Ugh. Upworthy and click bate headlines. They are just so patronizing. Won’t click on any article that employs them, no matter what the publication. Huffington Post has defaulted to clickbate, very disappointing that the post is using this tatic. One of my former classmates writes for Upworthy so I try to keep my disdain on social media to a minimum.

  • Rave: Looking forward to my college roommate’s wedding this weekend. Here’s hoping the weather stays just like it is today.
    Rant: At least once or twice a week some neighbor (can’t figure out from which direction) smokes pot and the smell comes in from some vent/window/wall that I can’t pinpoint. It’s driving me and my asthma crazy. As a non-smoker in a non-smoking building, I don’t want to smell that. This happened regularly in my old building too so I suppose it is just a fact of apartment life.
    Rave: Had a great time cooking and catching up with my best friend last night. It’s always nice to be around an old friend who just gets you.
    Rave: Supportive co-workers and leadership.

  • Rant? Rave? Confusion?
    Husband is really interested in a job opportunity in NYC. The thought of moving is making me feel ALL the feels. It’s so complicated! We have to think about our house, my job, potentially starting a family, his career, our finances, our friends, our families… I can’t believe how many factors go into the idea of just moving a few hours north.

  • Question someone posted yesterday that they had a credit card which pays 2% cash back on everything but neglected to share what brand it was. Does anyone knows what this card is? I’ve never seen it advertised anywhere.

    • Accountering

      Capital One Venture Card. If you have pretty good credit you will qualify! It is an amazing card, and I put basically everything on it (except whatever the category of the quarter is, I put that on my chase and get 5% on all that)

      • Venture card seems to be for miles only. These are the only cash back cards listed on Capital One’s website, and they are 1.5%:

      • Yep, I have the Venture card and use it for everything except groceries (my American Express Blue Cash card gives me 3% on those purchases). The 2% cashback card has a $59 annual fee, but it’s worth it if you spend more than $7800 a year. And you don’t need to stellar credit to apply (I got mine with only 2 years of credit history).

    • Capital One has a 1.5% card.
      I’d love to hear about the 2% card – the best I could find using a basic search was NerdWallet. They suggest the Chase Freedom card, which I am now considering.

    • Accountering

      It is the Venture. It pays 2% cash back. You don’t get a 2% cash credit, but you use the credit to erase any travel charges. You can erase airline tickets, hotels, Uber, taxis, Metro, (even my ferry ride in NYC) and all sorts of other only tangentially travel expenses. This is the equivalent of a cash back card for all intents and purposes.

      • And with the Chase cards, there is an online mall where you can get more points by accessing online stores through chase. I had some purchases I was planning to make anyway, and I ended up getting between 2-15 extra points/$ for the purchases. Not all online stores are there (Amazon is a notable exception), but a lot are. And some things you can buy online and pick up in store (I did this with a new rug from Home Depot). So far, I’ve been pretty pleased with my Chase card.

      • Maybe if you use travel services a lot, unfortunately I do not.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Life in general. Haven’t been this excited for the future at any point that I can remember. Things are great, and can’t wait to see what’s next!

  • KSB

    Rant: Thoroughly, completely, deep-in-your-bones exhausted. Why don’t infants know how awesome nighttime sleep is?
    Rant: Moving our entire office in two weeks. Decades worth of stuff to be culled. Getting down to the wire.
    Rant: Boss needed open heart surgery this morning. Sick with worry.
    Rave: My village. Spouse, extended family, friends, coworkers are amazing. AMAZING. I’m an atheist, but feeling “blessed” nonetheless.

  • Rave: Used my new KitchenAid mixer. Worked great, even if the cookies did turn out like evil hockey pucks.
    Rave: Cookie recipe was not my own so I only accept minimal blame.
    Rave: Trivia night tonight!

    • I love my KitchenAid!

      What recipe did you use? I’ve used some online recipes that did not turn out as well as I expected.

      • Used an online recipe that was adapted from KitchenAidโ€™s stand mixer cookbook. I probably over-mixed it. They aren’t terrible; just not something I’d give out to loved ones. The fact that I accidentally tried to bake them with wax paper instead of parchment paper (note: NOT the same thing), says I have some learning to do on the baking front. At least now I know my fire extinguisher works ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Skip the cookies and make bread. Dough hooks are things of beauty.

      • I was going to say the same thing. It’s easy to accidentally make rubbery cakes or hockey puck cookies with a KitchenAid because of overmixing, but that same quality leads to great bread and pizza dough.

        • But don’t be dumb like me and think you can speed through two batches of pizza dough by doubling the recipe! I burned out the motor, but luckily the folks at KitchenAid took pity on my and replaced it, even though I was a few months out of warranty.

          • Thanks for the tips, especially on the doubling of the recipe causing issues. Totally something I would have done!

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: EVIL LOAN OF DOOM IS PAID OFF! Take THAT predatory educational loan company and kiss your years of lost interest goodbye.
    Revel: Time to pay off the credit card and start saving for a domicile.
    Revel: Dinner at Komi on Friday. What does one wear to such a place?
    Revel: Southwest just added direct flights to new locations out of DCA, one being the exact airport I need to visit a best friend in a month. Tickets bought for lowest prices yet.

    • Accountering

      Congrats! Hooray Evil Loan of Doom being vanquished forever! It is an amazing feeling, and I remember sending that last payment in VERY fondly!

    • Congrats on paying your loan off!
      As for Komi, as a dude (but not a bro), I wore dark jeans, dressy shoes, and a dark button down shirt. I fit in well. For ladies, I can’t really articulate an equivalent.

      • GiantSquid

        I’m neither a bro nor a dude, but based on your description, I think I can pull a dress out of my closet that will keep me from feeling out of place.

        • I know you’re not of the dudemanbro (say this with a surfer dude accent and it’s insta-fun!) variety, but how would you explain what type of dress it is? My gf and I went to Barmini this past weekend and I went with my spiffy casual usual of dress shirt and dark jeans. She asked what the equivalent is. I responded with something like “I don’t know, like, something dressy but not too dressy… the dress equivalent of a mullet?”

          • GiantSquid

            Sadly, there IS a dress style out there that is the equivalent of a mullet and it’s an abomination. I think the term you’re looking for is cocktails or dinner party which, for me, means not a formal dress but something a step up, slightly more festive, from what I’d wear to the office.

          • Emmaleigh504

            The mullet dress must DIAF. And GiantSquid is right, cocktail or dinner party or in the summer spiffy sundress is the equivalent. If a pants wearing gal, skinny black pants with nice shoes and spiffy accessories works too.

          • I wear skinny dark jeans and a sparkly party top to pretty much every “out” occasion that’s not a wedding or a funeral.
            I’d call it “evening casual”.

    • Congrats!!! I paid off my private loan not too long ago, and it felt fantastic. I’m still carrying a lot of federal loans, but I’ll qualify for the public service forgiveness in a few years so it doesn’t make any sense for me to pay that down aggressively. It makes me a bit uneasy though.

    • Emmaleigh504


  • Rant: Hungover.
    Rave: Went out with a coworker last night who’s leaving soon and had a really great time. I think I made a new friend!
    Rant: Drunk texted both my ex and the guy I’m currently in to. Ugh.

  • Rant: sidelined by injuries and now my fat jeans are tight. could barely get them zipped this morning.
    Rave: can’t run because of injuries, but can go for a low-impact, long walk to get some exercise and enjoy the nice weather!

    • I thought you biked? Could you put in some extra long rides to substitute for running?

      • one of my (two) injuries is a torn tendon in my hand, so I can’t hold onto the handlebars or use the brakes on with my right hand. I’m still riding my bike for short commutes and errands, but longer bike rides are tough right now.
        nothing like these injuries to remind me that I’m getting old!

  • Question: anyone ever tried Ride DC? What’s the crowd like? I purchased a deal but now all of a sudden am quite nervous to schedule/go to a class.

    • I go once a week and I really like it! It’s a very full service place, from the website always being up to date and informative- they know who the subs are ahead of time if a teacher can’t make it and the schedule shows you it’s a sub- to cleaning the bikes for you. The board that shows the stats is a little overwhelming at first. I didn’t pay too much attention to it my first class, but now I do and I like it. I would say that at least 90% of people in class display their metrics on the board, but there is an option not to in your account I think.
      I’ve found it to be welcoming, but it’s not like I’ve met other riders and become friends with them. All the teachers are really positive and fun. Be prepared for one song dedicated to light dumbell arm work and don’t scoff at the 2 pounders, half way through a 45 minute ride, doing repetitive arm movements for 4-5 minutes kills!

      • Thanks. I really don’t like spin classes that incorporate other body movements, so the thought of doing one song of arm work is a turn-off. I think the “road-ride” classes are supposed to be all bike, right? Anyways, thanks!

        • I looked back at my past classes and most are Rhythm Rides, but the one I did on Sunday was a Road Ride and that did incorporate one song worth of arms. Some of the instructors do “push ups on the bike” sometimes but I feel like you can just keep riding regularly and not do them. There’s no scorn for people who have to adjust, except maybe for the girl who skipped all of her recoveries so she could beat me by like 2 Watts last week! Okay, the board makes me a little too competitive sometimes, but not too competitive to skip recoveries.
          But that’s what I like about spinning, it’s between you and the bike and you don’t have to worry about what anyone else is or isn’t doing. At the end of the day I was happy with my workout and I just feel like this girl could have gotten a better one had she recovered appropriately, I don’t care that she “beat” me.

      • If you go, please let me know if you liked it.

  • Rant: Tilapia with sweet and sour pepper sauce was excellent the first day, but I should have removed the tilapia form the sauce because now it’s hard and unappetizing (from the acid in the vinegar and tomatoes I guess). Should I force myself to eat leftovers I don’t really enjoy or just toss them? Hmm.

  • Rant: Found out from gutter/roofing contractor that I have multiple bees’ nests on my house. Great, just great. Anyone have an exterminator they recommend?

    • GiantSquid

      Perhaps not a terminator but a bee removal/apiary instead?

      • The roof guy said they were nasty bees, not honeybees, but I’ll try calling the group in Emilie’s link below. Thanks!

      • Thanks for posting the link! Any bee is a good bee (pollinator). Except for killer bees. And you’d probably know by now if you had those. Good luck!

        • I’ve never been stung by a bee, and I don’t want to start now!
          I hadn’t considered that these bees might be worth saving. (Originally I thought they were wasps or hornets.) But I spoke to the contact person from D.C. Beekeepers, and she’s going to send me information on people who do bee removal.

    • I just discovered a few weeks ago that I had a nest of Bald-faced Hornets in the tree right next to my front porch steps. Sound pretty nasty, right? I had contractors working on the porch including the area about 3′ away from the nest and the hornets didn’t bother them.
      Bald-faced Hornets are beneficial insects and won’t bother you unless threatened. Apparently having someone sawing and nailing and moving around 3′ from the nest isn’t threatening. I would have left them except I mentioned them to my neighbor and asked if anyone was allergic. The husband is, so I had to remove them. I contacted the beekeeping folks and asked if the nest could be re-homed. They were very responsive – and said moving the nest wasn’t possible. So I used a spray on the nest. I’ll have to watch the space next year in case another nest starts to develop. That’s my bee story!

      • I think this is the first time I’ve seen “bald-faced” used in front of any word other than “lie.” ๐Ÿ˜‰
        Interesting. One of the nests is inside the wood of the fascia/soffit/whatever-that-thing-is-called, so I need to get them out of there for structural reasons. I had trouble seeing the other nests the roofer pointed out, so I’m not sure if they might be doing structural damage too.
        Total non sequitur question: MPinDC, I’ve got a bunch of irises (the kind where the foliage is like flat knife/sword blades) where the foliage is doing fine, but the plants have never shot up any flower stalks. Do irises need some kind of special treatment/soil/fertilizer for the flowers to come out?

  • Thought I could make it through the day without a rant. Until I realized I’d lost my metro card wallet at some point today. So, I retraced my steps and went to the station manager at Metro Center to ask if anyone had handed it off. Her response: “I wasn’t here this morning.” Then she turns and looks away. As she continues to lean on the faregate facing the opposite direction I ask “Where might I go to check?” She interrupts me, points to the side of the booth and says “Lost and found.” And turns away again. Since I could not see what she was pointing to, I asked “I’m sorry, where is that?” She points again and says “Lost and Found.” And turns away again. Oh, I see, you’re pointing to the pamphlet on the side of the booth. Thanks for being so nice and helpful.
    To make matters worse, I got home and logged into my account, and I did indeed drop it at Metro Center and someone has taken it upon themselves to use it to ride over to Potomac Ave. Thanks, fellow DMV resident! Very helpful. Esp considering I have a business card in the wallet that would have directed you RIGHT TO THE COMPANY I WORK FOR and therefore you could have gotten the wallet back to me in no more then 5 minutes.
    I currently have no raves for today as I’m now in a really really pissy mood. ๐Ÿ™‚

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