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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Burned myself with scalding hot water. I’m now the proud possessor of a 5 inch long burn that looks like Cuba on my upper leg.
    Rave: Great weekend before that, visiting friends in Gettysburg.
    Rave: Good friends who bring you neosporin and chocolate when you’re injured, and don’t make fun of you for burning yourself.

  • Rant: Someone took a dump on the front steps of my building last night. Who does that?!
    Rant: Related government agencies that can’t manage to coordinate requirement dates…I generally take a “Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine” sort of mentality, but that’s not gonna work this time.
    Rant: No callbacks on jobs I’ve applied for in my hometown. I’m almost considering not putting my address on my resume just so they think I’m local.
    Last 30 seconds rant: I have my address on my resume. Is that still a thing? I’ve been out of the job hunt game so long that I have NO idea.
    Revel!: It felt like fall this morning. Hurry up and bring me all things pumpkin, apples, and layers! God, I love layers.

    • +1 on fall-like day! I was daydreaming of football season and pumpkins as I biked to work this morning!

    • SFT

      I would consider removing it altogether. As long as your email and phone number are on there, you should be good since that’s how most correspondence happens these days. I still have Washington, DC at the top of my CV, just not my physical address.

    • Yes, as archaic as it sounds, try and have a local address on your resume.

      • When I was moving and looking for jobs, I would put “Address as of xx date:” and then put an address local to where I was searching for a job. It was the address of a friend since I didn’t live there yet, but it gave them the reassurance that I was actually going to be there.

        • See, the issue is that I won’t be moving back there until I know I have a job to go to…

          • It’s just a white lie. It’s how jobs are won. Like my first bartending job.

          • Do you still have family there? You could use your parents’ address.

          • Using a local address when your current employer is in DC would raise a red flag for me. Like, why does this person have a job in DC and list their address in a town 900 miles away? What are they trying to hide or why are they being deceptive?
            Just say something at the beginning of the cover letter like “this is a great opportunity that will allow me to relocate to my hometown while contributing to blah, blah, blah…”

      • I agree. Leave your address on your resume. You should also mention in your cover letter that you are planning to relocate to your hometown. During a recent round of interviewing at my office, many people seemed to be applying from out of town, but didn’t mention they were planning on moving to the area. Those candidates were not considered even if they were qualified.
        Good luck, OP!

        • Is it not a safe assumption that if you take a job in a particular area, then you will make yourself present in that area during working hours – either by moving locally, or if long distance, commuting on a weekly basis?

          • Yeah, that’s what I would think.

          • The company probably doesn’t want to offer a relocation package, which can easily be $5-10K+. Hence, they aren’t considering people who are not already local. I personally think it’s a shortsighted maneuver considering hiring the wrong less qualified local person will end up being much more expensive, but most companies/people are terrible at hiring.

          • “The company probably doesn’t want to offer a relocation package, which can easily be $5-10K+.”
            Who says they have to? I’m sure the applicant is perfectly capable of moving on their own without a relocation package. Most people do it.

      • Accountering

        I would find a local address. Especially if it is in a less robust job market than DC, you are looking at a lot of applicants, and it is very easy to eliminate people based on an address and the associated (even just imagined) hassle of a long-distance interview process.

    • I took my address off after a few phone “interviews” with a very creepy recruiter.

    • Is it acceptable to just put city and state? It seems like people have mentioned full physical address and city and state only. I’m looking for jobs in the area, my current job is in the district, and my phone number is local.

      • SFT

        Yes. I only list the city, state and have never had an issue getting a job, or an interview for that matter. I noticed years ago, as a recruiter, that quite a few people don’t list their physical address anymore. For me, it felt like too much information for my CV. Just my opinion though…

  • Rave: The weather! It felt like spring this morning when I was walking to Metro.
    Rave: The thoughtful advice I received from Identified and others in Friday’s RRRR (http://www.popville.com/2014/07/random-reader-rant-andor-revel-1114/#comment-813160 ) on my Craigslist listing to rent out my condo.
    I need to add photos of the bicycle rack and the building’s exterior, but here’s the revised version: http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/apa/4569768020.html . If anyone has further advice on tweaking the listing, let me know!

    • Always a pleasure. I like the new photo’s – much lighter and the staging makes a difference (esp. in the bedroom!).

      Good luck!

  • Rant: CVS really needs to find a better way of giving its customers coupons. I really don’t need a 4 foot long receipt for the one bottle of chocolate milk that I bought. Why not just load the discounts onto the membership card like most businesses.

    • binpetworth

      + 1 million. I especially hate it when I get a coupon for $ off of a product I just bought and am unlikely to buy again before the coupon expires a week later (like 100 count aspirin).

      • Buy a new aspirin packet with the coupon.
        Return the new aspirin packet with the old receipt.

        I haven’t done this, is this legal? Lawyers want to chime in?

        • I think as long as the original bottle of aspirin hasn’t been opened yet, why not? I’ve even done that thing where when I know I’m going to get extrabucks I only ring up half of my purchases. I then get the extrabucks in the coupon and use those for the other half of the purchase. I don’t get out of line. The cashiers never seem to care.

        • I don’t usually bother with this just for coupons, but I’ve often done it with sale or clearance items. A friend of mine coined the term “strategic return” for this practice. 🙂

          • I used to work retail. The general rule of thumb is if you’re really nice to the cashier, we don’t mind strategic splitting of transactions or returns to take advantage of coupons and sales, unless it explicitly goes against the terms written on the coupon (expired means expired!)

          • From another former retail worker, yes. If you were nice, I’d even tell you how to do it. The crazy coupon ladies who insisted on it and took an hour to get out of the market? Hell no.

    • You can. I think you have to have your card linked with your website login. But I now do all my coupons as “send to card” option when they are emailed. It’s GREAT!

  • Rant: I hate not knowing how to support friends when they are going through tough spots other than listening. It is hard to keep my fixing tendencies at bay.
    Rave: This weather. Please weather gods can it continue to be like this into September. Can we just skip soupy August in DC?
    Rave: Sticking to my budget this month.
    Rant: Being a bridesmaid is expensive. It is hard to meet my own savings goals and budget for bachelorette parties and bridal showers.

    • I did the math recently and I’m in about $1,500 for my sister’s wedding. O_o

    • For no. 1, just call/text/email and tell them that you are thinking of them. It’s as simple as that. And it does wonders.

      • Better yet, send them a funny snail mail card! I’ve got a friend back in Texas who sometimes drops me a line by old fashioned card even when it’s not a special occasion and an e-mail would otherwise do. It’s nice to get cards randomly.

    • Accountering

      I am in $1425 for older brothers wedding. That is just suit, flight to bachelor party, bachelor party AirBNB share, and Bachelor party rafting. Leaving for bachelor party tomorrow so that number is likely going up quite a bit more. At least I like the guy!

      • Dang people plan extravagant bachelor/bachelorette parties. That is just ridiculous.

        • Accountering

          Yeah – flights were $570. I blame my boss and his inability to get his act together and let me know his vacation plans. Would have only been $400 otherwise. Even with that, I still would have spent $1000 on the bachelor party. With that said, it is a 5-day vacation, and I would spend that on a 5-day vacation easily.

      • I just did the Middle Fork of the American River in California last week. It was sweet.

    • I hear you (re: bridesmaid). I was in about $2,000 for my sister’s wedding in Aruba and that’s with no gift. It’s hard to budget especially when you only have three months notice. Whining aside, it’s usually worth it and fulfilling 🙂

  • Rant: got back from vacation at 1:30am last night, so exhausted.
    Rant: two million emails to catch up on
    Rant: vacation was too short and not relaxing
    Rave: got to spend 4 days in Chicago, what an amazing city!

    • One more rave: Sofitel Hotel in Chicago! Although we only stayed there one night after a failed Airbnb experience (NEVER AGAIN!), it was so amazing!

      • Accountering

        Lol @ never again. I have had three dozen positive AirBNB experiences. Sorry it didn’t work out, but they do 250,000 room nights – per night, all across the globe, the vast majority of which work out well.

        • Three dozen as a host, though, no? (Or does that include some AirBnB experiences as a guest?)

          • Accountering

            As a host 🙂
            With that said, I have used it to stay 4 times, and all four have been great. Renting a big house in Lake Tahoe tomorrow-Sunday for my brothers bachelor party, should be great!

        • As a fellow Airbnb “host”, just a head’s up: my last visitors got bed bug bites when in NYC. It doesn’t look like they brought their bug friends with them (although too early to be certain at this point), but it has made me more cautious to host people, especially since many are coming fom staying in NYC.

      • What happened with the airbnb? I’m planning a trip to Chicago in Oct and was thinking about going that route.

        • We paid for a 3 night stay in a Chicago apartment for $130 a night, which is not cheap. When we checked in to our Airbnb apartment, the lady said she was trying to sell it and had scheduled a viewing for Sunday morning at 9:30am. We said it was ok that she had to show her place, but not at 9:30am on a Sunday after we had a wedding the night before that we predicted would last until the wee hours of the night. On Saturday evening she texted us saying that she couldn’t reschedule, and we replied we are going to be sleeping, to please reschedule. Sunday morning we were awoken by a man walking into the apartment asking us who we were and what we were doing there, that he had to show the apt. The apt owner called us and said we needed to get the hell out immediately, although we had paid for 3 nights and still had one to go. Airbnb was impossible to reach, and when we finally got a hold of someone, they said they would call us right back and never did. It is now Tuesday and we still haven’t heard from them. Never again!

          • Accountering

            That is ridiculous. So sorry that happened…. Crappy hosts are the worst, and I hope they get this guy out of the system. I would call AirBNB (you can find the number online) and get a full refund. I would be shocked if they don’t refund you in full.

          • I hope you left them a terrible review. That’s awful. You should definitely be refunded for your last night there.

          • Gee, vistors with bedbugs and realtors invading your apartment at 9:30 am on a Sunday morning. Yeah, sign me up for that AirBNB thing! And if anything goes wrong, I’m sure AirBNB will cheerfully refund my money.

          • Dispute your airbnb charge if you paid with a credit card. That always works, they will call you right back.

      • +1 on Sofitel in Chicago. We got free airfare there recently and splurged on the hotel and WOW. I think it may be my favorite US hotel so far. Lovely building and rooms in a perfect, perfect, perfect location.

  • Rave: Woohoo! I got in before the usual deluge of RROR comments!!! Yeah! Hi Five!

    Rant: I forgot my jacket at home today, didn’t expect it to be 40 degrees with wind chill in the middle of freakin’ Summer?!?

    Rant: You don’t know love until you’re woken up at 5am by a baby parrot just so he can bite your finger really hard.

    Question: Why do I prefer the (further away from my house) O street Giant to the Swift Safeway?! I dunno, but it’s better.

  • Accountering

    Rave: This weather. The last week has been glorious, and the 10-day forecast includes only one day that gets to 90*, and it gets into the 60s every single one of those 10 days!!!

  • Rave: THIS WEATHER!!
    Rant: If anyone has seen anything suspicious involving a green Honda, license plate ending in 5240 with 1 hispanic male 19-25, 1 hispanic female 35-45, one hispanic female 15-20 and a baby … call MPD. They were rummaging through our neighbors backyard and shed yesterday, in broad daylight, pretending they didn’t speak English when we asked if they knew said neighbor, and then two of them following us around the block as we went to their backyard to see what the other was up to. Neighbor’s only suspicion was that they were looking for scrap metal. I suspect they were eyeballing the bike and/or lawnmower. So pissed at how brazen they were.

  • Rave: This weather this morning! I got off the bus at an ealier stop so i could enjoy the walk more

  • Rave: I slept with the windows open last night and it was glorious.
    Rant: I need to stop being lazy and take my vintage fan in for a motor fix. It works, but the noise varies as it runs, which makes it a little hard to fall asleep.
    Rave: Fia’s Fabulous Finds! I’m wearing a Dana Buchman sheath dress I bought there for $19 and it fits like whoa.
    Rant: my shoulder is tight and sort of knotted, which for some reason always gives me a headache. Ugh.

    • skj84

      Have you ever attended Fia’s $20.00 brown bag sale? I think she has it once a month where you can stuff as much as you can in a brown bag for $20.00. Apparently it’s a very popular sale!

      • It’s only for the items in the basement, which you can’t try on and are down there, I assume, because they didn’t sell upstairs. I like a good hunt sometimes, but I would rather pay a bit more to shop upstairs and try things on. I mean, $19 for Dana Buchman is enough of a bargain for me.

    • Have you been on the websites Twice or Tradesy? These sites have helped me save so much – many of the styles are very classic. However, since you can’t try on the clothes, it’s a bit harder but I’ve found some awesome second hand and good quality clothes.

      • I’ve looked at twice, but I haven’t ordered from there. I might go back and look again, my quest for a neutral summer blazer has been surprisingly difficult.

    Rant: Was doing laundry yesterday afternoon in the laundry room on my floor–3 washers and 3 dryers. I put my laundry in around 5:00 pm, which is a pretty low-traffic time. I was using 2 out of 3 washers (I try to use only 1 at a time during high traffic times, like Sunday night) and watching the time pretty carefully. When I went down the hall to switch the laundry, I saw a pile of my wet clothes stacked on top of a dryer and a couple about to remove my wet clothes from the other washer! Now, I could understand if my wet laundry had been sitting there for hours, occupying a machine, but the machine had been done for LITERALLY less than 5 minutes. I said “excuse me, I’ll get that” as they were beginning to move my stuff out of the second washer and huffily put my clothes into the dryers. I was SO irritated, and still feel irritated! I feel like they were pretty out of line, but what do you think, PoPville? What does laundry room etiquette dictate?

    • If you don’t want anyone removing your things, you need to be 5 minutes earlier rather than 5 minutes late.

    • Sorry SBinDC, you seem to have set yourself up to be an asshat magnet with this question.

    • Agree with the other commenter – you should be there when the cycle finishes if you don’t want others handling your clothes.

      • +1. When I shared a building laundry room, I always tried to be there when the cycle finished AND I would leave an empty laundry basket in front of the machine, so that if someone _did_ remove my laundry it would go into a clean basket and not on top of the machine.

        • That sounds like a good way to get your basket stolen.

          • In D.C., maybe. 😉 Fortunately I haven’t had to do this since I was in grad school out in the ‘burbs, and none of my baskets were ever stolen there.

          • Actually I was thinking of when I used to rent with a communal laundry room and lived in the ‘burbs. I think people in DC would be less likely to steal a basket– in my experience petty theft is a lot more common in NoVA.

          • In my last building people stole pedals and grips off bikes in the laundry/bike room, but no one ever stole my basket. I used to leave it on top of the washer I was using.

          • *In Columbia Heights.

      • +1
        I had a roommate who got mad at me because I took her clothes out of the washer. They’d been in there for 5 days and I needed to do laundry! Not to mention they were starting to smell moldy…

    • It dictates that they can remove your stuff as soon as the machine stops running.

    • I’m with you, SB. Don’t touch anyone’s stuff that isn’t yours, though for some reason the movement of wet clothes to the top of the dryer bothers me more than taking finished stuff out of the dryer.

    • Yeah, they can remove your stuff as soon as the machine stops, or even before if you aren’t there, but I think that’s rude. I give people a few minutes to get their stuff because the timers on our machines are not precise. It’s also a nice thing to do.

    • I have always given a 10 minute window to the slow-pokes and time-guesstimators. If you’re not there in 10, I get to move your stuff.

    • I think ten minute grace period is appropriate for laundry. However, I have never removed someone’s things even long after that time because I don’t want to touch other people’s laundry. After washing and before drying, wet clothes in a washer are statistically one of the dirtiest places in the American home.

      • where do you get this “fact”? not trolling… I’ve just never heard of this.

        • Yeah — it doesn’t seem like this would be the case. If it were, wouldn’t any clothes that were line-dried (as opposed to tumble-dried) be dirty?

          • I’m skeptical of this too. I grew up wearing line-dried clothes in the summer (and these days I air dry everything indoors on a rack) and I’m one of the healthiest people I know.

          • I air-dry almost everything indoors too. I don’t think my health is extraordinary, but I don’t think it’s below average.

        • Yeah’ that doesn’t sound right to me at all. Not to mention I’ve never heard of anyone suffering ill effects due to handling laundry fresh from the washing machine. I’ve been doing it my entire life. Not something I’m going to start worrying about now.

        • Sorry, I don’t recall exactly where I read it, but it has to do with leftover fecal matter, especially from underwear. Laundry detergent by and large removes some biological material, but like most soap, its job is to displace bacteria, not kill them. Would not be the case if you were using bleach, I suppose.

          • Sorry for crappy overuse of commas. Also, I don’t think y’all have to be worried; I just wash my hands with soap and water thoroughly after switching my laundry from the washer to the dryer. I wouldn’t eat a sandwich with those hands!

          • epric002

            this is why underwear, sheets, and towels are washed in hot water 🙂 also, drying in sunlight is very effective http://abcnews.go.com/Health/Wellness/washing-machines-loaded-bacteria-dirty-clothes/story?id=10751420

          • Ewwww. Though I guess by that logic there would still be some of the previous person’s fecal matter in the washer so you’d be coming into contact with it no matter what.
            I think this is one of those things it’s best not to think about too much.

          • Epric002, thanks for the link. Ewww!! I guess the moral of the story is to try to avoid touching other people’s wet underwear (or wet clothes in loads that include underwear) if you’re in a shared laundry room, and if you’re not, to run your own washing machine on super-hot and/or using bleach every once in a while to get rid of anything left in the machine.

    • Sorry, if there’s stuff in the washer, I move it always. I set a phone timer to make sure I’m there to switch/pickup on time. Yea, it’s awkward to move someone’s stuff, especially if they catch you doing it, but that’s communal living. And why I am so happy to be moving into a place with an in-unit w/d in 2 weeks.

    • I dont think you are out of line. I think if it had been 10 or more minutes then the couple could move your clothes but 5 minutes thats unfair. but maybe they didnt know the cycle just ended?

    • Unfortunately, they don’t necessarily know how long the clothes have been in there or when you’re coming back. While I’ve never moved someone else’s clothes, and I’ve had it done to me once and hated it, I get it.

    • Yeah, I definitely know it’s nit-picky, and folks have a point about someone not knowing it had been less than 5 minutes since the cycle finished. Oh well! One of those silly, less-than-reasonable things that annoy us, I suppose. Lesson learned 🙂

    • I think that the etiquette might depend – slightly – on the situation, but in general, as others have said, you should be there 5 minutes before the cycle ends. In my building, there are laundry rooms on each floor — with two washers and two dryers to serve about 20 apartments. The drying cycle lasts about twice as long as the wash cycle. I usually do two loads — lights and darks — at a time, so if someone has clothes sitting in the washing machine, doing laundry will now take me over twice as long because I’ll not only have to use the same washing machine twice to do both loads, I’ll likely have to use the same dryer twice — and that ends up adding almost an hour to my task — just because someone was inconsiderate.
      So — I think your huffiness was over the line — because you were being inconsiderate, and someone who has waited a few minutes has no way of knowing if you’ll be there in 2 more minutes, 20 more minutes, or not at all. It’s a communal amenity — a five minute grace period is pretty good. That being said, if there are multiple washers and dryers so that there’s a bit more flexibility, I would give a longer grace period. If there are only small numbers of each, it’s on the person using them to be consciously considerate of other users.

    • Becks

      I would never take something out of the washer or dryer, but that’s me. However, my Godmother does the coolest thing. If she is ready to dry her clothes and there are still clothes in the dryer, she will fold them and put them in the basket there or on the table in the laundry room. I have helped her fold others laundry. I don’t like the idea of touching others clothes, or having others touch/ fold my clothes, but the idea is a nice one. She lives in a small LA apartment complex and knows by face her neighbors.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Your Godmother is sweet. Someone in my building does that too, but it’s rare b/c we have a lot of machines.

  • rave1: after being basically penniless for most of my 20s, I now have the start of a nice little nest egg/future home down payment.
    rave2: finally ready to let go of my .04% savings account at my hometown bank and invest somewhere and let the nest egg grow a bit on its own.
    rant: uneasy about opening an online savings account, but the rates are better than a cd, and more flexible, at least for now. And I’m generally risk-averse, so while I know I *could earn more in the market, I’m not willing to jump in.

    • My unsolicited two cents:

      1. I have a couple online bank accounts (as in they have no branches). My checking account with Ally is great. I originally did it because they don’t have any ATM fees and charge 1% for using foreign ATMs, but I just find it to be more efficient in general than PNC and Bank of America for personal banking stuff.

      2. For long-term savings, an easy course of action would be putting money into the S&P index fund (such as Vanguard). Even those who invested their money in 1929 averaged over 8% return after 20-25 years. Don’t check it every day and when the market crashes next time (which is inevitable), don’t sell. Yes, easier said than done, I know…

      • Accountering

        This Anon is SPOT ON. Ally is the best. They reimburse 100% of ATM fees, and charge none of their own. You literally can use any ATM in the country. Their app is great, and they pay .85% on moneymarket funds. It is solid, and WAY better than any of the big guys.
        Vanguard is absolutely your best move. I go with an index fund called the dividend growth fund. It is a bit more concentrated than simply an index fund, but focuses on big companies that pay sustainable dividends (think Exxon, ADP, etc.) They fee for managing your money is ~.25%/year, which is much cheaper than some other mutual funds, which can have fees approaching 1%.

        • justinbc

          I get the same ATM reimbursement from my credit union, and their checking account pays 2-3% interest on your daily balance. Love seeing those big dividend checks for doing basically nothing that requires effort.

          • What credit union do you use?

          • Accountering

            Would definitely like some more info on the 2-3%? I assume this is capped at the first $3,000 in daily balance or something? No one is making money paying 2-3% on short term deposits.

          • Prove it. NOBODY is paying 2-3%.

          • Accountering

            I wanted to say the same, but said it in a more friendly way 🙂

          • justinbc

            It’s on the first $15,000, and still pays on anything above that but at a lower rate. Department of Labor FCU is who I use, but there are several others with a similar structured account. Next time do some research before you make claims that they don’t exist.

          • “Next time do some research before you make claims”
            That’s hilarious coming from you!!!

          • justinbc

            If you want to reference something specifically I’ll gladly entertain your pointless personal comment, but barring that my statement still stands.

          • Ok, sure. How about the time you counseled a pregnant woman on her alcohol use? Did you do a lot of research before making that statement? Or were you just parroting what you think “everyone” knows, much as the anonymous guy saying no one pays 2-3% was doing?

          • justinbc

            I stand fully behind my comments from that thread, as did another half dozen other folks who came to the same conclusion as me at the same time.

          • Stand wherever you like. You’re still wrong. And yes, misinformed people are OFTEN in good company. Well, in company, anyway.

          • justinbc

            My advice on the subject wasn’t really in question, you just didn’t like the fact that a man (and particularly one without kids) was giving it. Assuming you’re one of the anonymous trolls who jumped on board in the discussion, that is. That kind of thing is hard to research when you all look alike.

        • Accountering

          Two points:
          -1.99% on the first $15,000. I am shocked by this, but very cool that you are able to take advantage of it.
          -This is only for people who work for DOL and a couple of other unique situations. This is basically provided as a fringe benefit of working for DOL. My original comment that no one is making money paying 2% on short term deposits is still 100% valid.

          • justinbc

            I do not and have not ever worked for DOL. Let me give you some Google assistance that might inform your banking decisions:

          • justinbc

            (I actually didn’t intend that to sound as snarky as it does. There are a lot of unconventional banking products out there that the average consumer might not be aware of and miss out on.)

          • Accountering

            These are all pretty worthless. The ones that DO pay over 2%, and are offered nationally have all sorts of weird requirements. $5/month charitable donation, 10 debit card purchases of over $50/purchase, 10 of their credit card transactions, and then they have balance minimums, and maximums. I still stand by my original statement, nobody is making money paying 2% on short term deposits. The CUs you sent me are offering 2.xx% and making money on smoke and mirrors and other weird requirements.

          • justinbc

            My CU requires me to make 10 card transactions per month, and have direct deposit. That’s it. Things I do normally every month. Knock them, ignorantly, all you want, but you’re missing out on interest.

          • justinbc

            As I said, not for everyone, but anyone with any remote bit of financial savvy can easily double, triple, or as the article states increase by thirty fold, their current checking account earnings.

          • Accountering

            I am not knocking them in the least. I am just saying they are doing things above and beyond the 2% to make money off of you. I don’t use my debit card. I put every possible thing on my CC (and pay off at the end of the month) as I get 2% back on everything that goes on my CC.
            I don’t keep enough in my bank account to make the interest worth it anyways. I much prefer to move money into an index fund.

          • 1) credit unions are not for profit organizations, any profits are paid back to shareholders. they don’t care about gouging you the same way big banks do.
            2) I’ve never seen a CC that pays 2% on everything, so I’m calling BS on that one. Cap One has the current highest at 1.5%.
            3) debit cards act as CCs now and have for like a decade. this isn’t new technology.

          • This may be the first time in the recorded history of the internet that a male has ever bragged about having no money in their bank account.

      • 100% agree with this advice. The fees that other companies charge to manage your money (even in index funds, which are passively managed) can grossly cut into the potential growth of your savings over time. Vanguard is the BEST when it comes to fees.

        And Ally really is the best.

    • I am really happy with Fidelity’s checking account. There are no ATM fees in the US and it charges 1% abroad. There aren’t a ton of branches, but they do have a few if you want to go in. Also they have a great app you can use to deposit checks, etc.

  • epric002

    rave: walk/jog this morning with the foster puppy.
    rant: ankle is still icky on uneven surfaces. so we ran on pavement, and walked on gravel/grass.
    rave: the weather is AMAZING.
    rant: pointing out the exact.same administrative and factual errors in the same document ad nauseam. i’m not doing this for funsies. the corrections are not subjective. they are errors, so fucking fix them already.

    • My ankle is jacked right now too. Tore ligaments in it almost a year ago and still feel uneasy on soft surfaces. Any recommendations?

      • epric002

        did/are you doing PT? what about a compression brace for some extra support/stability when running? as i’m discovering, ankle injuries take FOEVA to heal- i feel ya :/

        • I did 8 weeks of PT and they found I had some major tendinitis going from my knee down to my ankle. That seems to be a continued problem. I just feel like I’m still lacking in strength and I’m getting really frustrated. Have been wearing a compression/stability brace but still rocky. Tried cycling to build strength but can’t clip into my bike pedals because the lightening bolt of pain when I clip out is atrocious. Everyone says I’d have been better off had I just straight up broken it instead of sprained. I think the problem also starts with the fact that I went to a podiatrist instead of an orthopedic doc. Should have been in a cast for much longer than I was and should have had the entire leg looked at and not just the foot. I just hope it’s not too late. I’ve had broken arms, knee surgeries and nothing compares to how frustrating this is. I hope you’re able to plow through it better than I. I’m just gonna sit here and whine about it! I am actually trying really hard not to be a whiny baby, but it’s put a real damper on the past 11 months.

          • epric002

            i’m sorry. i understand your frustration- mine’s only been about 10 weeks and i’m already frustrated with how slow the healing process is. totally agree that breaking it would have been easier/quicker to heal. if i were you, i’d go see an orthopedist. i like dr. gasho in chevy chase. my appts are always really quick, but he’s thorough and answers all my questions. i’ve seen him for both this ankle sprain and plica syndrome last year. i wonder if swimming would help you?

    • Glad you hear you’re getting back to running!

  • Rave/Rant: got an email about a daycare slot that opened across the street from my office – it’s $200/month cheaper and much closer (current daycare is about 20 minutes away). But we LOVE the current day care and my daughter is NOT good with transition, so moving would be really hard, despite the additional convenience and lower cost. Going to tour the place this afternoon and ask a bunch of questions. Figure we should make an informed decision, but ugh. Tricky business. (In case anyone has experience to share, the day care in question is the HHS/Ed daycare in the Switzer building on C St)
    Rave: Beautiful weather! Wish I got out for my usual run this morning, but I’ve been so tired. Resolving to go tomorrow and Thursday or Friday.

    • A co-worker of mine has a kid in the day care at the Switzer building and has been happy with it.

    • Regarding daycare: This seems like a no-brainer. If you’re saving 40 minutes per day and $200/month, isn’t that worth your child weathering the change (something she’s going to be doing for the rest of her life, whether she likes it or not)? I’m not saying this is some big life lesson, but is her fear so bad that she won’t eventually become adjusted? Plus – you get more free time and additional funds. Youcould easily save them for her future or use them to enrich her life. It seems like an easy choice.

      • she’ll eventually adjust. but it’ll take at least a few weeks, possibly a couple of months. and we LOVE her current day care, the curriculum, the teachers, etc. we’ll see what we think of the other place and then decide.

      • Agreed, this is such a no-brainer. Take it – your kid will adjust. Life is full of adjustments and changing plans, so she might as well get used to it. Read online reviews (DCUM will probably have a few), take the tour, and so long as there’s no major flaws, enjoy your newly found time and money.
        Moving here would save you $2400 per year, which is around $3200 of pre-tax earnings. That can go straight into the 529.

    • big rant! got a call from current day care that kiddo has a rash & they want her seen by a doctor since there have been cases of hand foot & mouth recently. so now there’s a 1:30 dr appointment (at least they could get us in quickly!), 3pm day care tour, and we’re waiting to hear the verdict on the car with the battery & brake leak issue. what a day….

      • They’re making you go to the doctor for suspected HF&M? That’s stupid. It’s a virus. Nothing you can do but wait.
        See, they just made it so much easier for you to move to the cheaper/ closer place!

        • They probably want to diagnose it. If it is the case, they need to stay far away from any of the daycares.

          • Yup they need to diagnose to be able to let other parents know to be on the lookout. Turns out she does have it & will be home the rest of the week. I have no problem with this request, especially since it presented a little strangely (rash rather than the usual blisters, but one or two blisters just starting to pop out).

            And fair points on the money saved, etc. You’re all more rational than myself since I’m pretty attached to our current center, who feels like family. I also like the curriculum/set-up of our current day care better than the place I toured but perhaps that’s familiarity talking.

            Believe it or not, very few reviews on DCUM. I did search. Oh well.

  • justinbc

    Rant: Preview menu for the new Peruvian place opening on H Street has no prices, sounds much more haughty than it needs to be, and includes the words “no cameras allowed unless you’re sending food p*rn to IG” (edited for filters). How obnoxious. And if I were a parent with a young child I wouldn’t want to have to explain that last concept to them. I had hopes this would be a decent, every day kind of quick meal place, especially with Micho’s being so terrible so far, but it looks like that dream is gone.
    Rave: Oh well, it’s still another new business nearby, which I guess is ultimately good, right?
    Rave: What’s up with this summer’s cool weather? It’s awesome so far. But are we doomed for an absurd arctic winter?
    Rave: New outdoor patio linens, plates, decor, etc from Salt & Sundry and American/holiday. Love both stores so much!

    • The last summer that was similar to this one was 2009 (this is the coolest July since that year). What followed that summer? Lots and lots of snow! Wonder if that will happen again this winter…

    • skj84

      Yeah, I’m thoroughly convinced we’re going to have a winter that rivals this past one next year. I’m always leery of nice summers. I mean I hate the heat and all, but I’d rather have normal summer weather and normal for this area winter.

    • jim_ed

      All Peruvian places (non pollo a la brasa division) will be judged on price and quality against La Limena in Rockville. If its more expensive and not as good, its a hard pass.

    • I’m just bitter that they had to close Chicken Tortilla on lower Barracks Row. At least Cafe Kimchi’s there to fill the lunch void.

  • skj84

    Rave: Interview today. It’s a Skype interview so at least I don’t have to leave the house. Still need to find a nice spot for background.

    Rave: This weather! I’ve been in hermit mode, but I may take my laptop outside and work in my backyard.

    Rant: Tried to join a run club yesterday, but they left before I could get there. Going to try with another one today.

    Rave/Rant: I heard that my application cleared for a position I really want, and I’m on the shortlist for interviews. But there are still people with way more experience being considered for interviews. I have a connection with the company who is trying to get my name on the interview list, but it’s still not a given. Trying to remain positive.

  • Tree-fiddy for a coffee? Screw you Loch Ness monster, get your own damn coffee.

  • Rant: date canceled last night because he was having dinner with a client, can’t tell if he’s being or not
    Rant: being in upper Marlboro at 8am
    Rant: sitting through a mind-numbing orientation
    Rant: no food allowed in the room we’re in
    Rave: it turns out boot camp is only one day instead of four

    • Can’t tell if date is bsing

      • How far in advance did he cancel?

      • Crap happens. Clients can be demanding and it’s his job to service them. How much lead time did he give you? I canceled my Tuesday night date on Sunday evening because my boss told me to go to NYC this week. C’est la vie.

        • Since she was raving about the upcoming date yesterday (if memory serves), he gave her less than 12 hours notice I’m guessing. I’d say either BS or poor planning on his part, but I also don’t have clients…

          • Accountering

            Clients are tough. When you get an opportunity for face time, you normally need to take advantage of it.

          • Ahh, good recollection.
            I don’t think there’s enough information to gauge whether he’s BSing. Seems like he shouldn’t have arranged to go to dinner with the client if he already had plans with iindsay… but maybe it’s the kind of business where when the client says “Let’s have dinner,” saying no is not an option. And/or maybe he has a cutthroat level of ambition and has no problem canceling personal plans if it might advance him professionally.

          • He texted me about an hour before we were to meet that he just found out he was having dinner with the CEO and a client. I told him to let me know if he wants to reschedule and said “will do. yesterday was my best day but my boss blew up my schedule”. So who knows?

        • I got about an hour’s notice.

          • Hmm, that is not good. I’d say give him one more chance, but if he does any more short-notice/flaky stuff, kick him to the curb.

      • I think as long as he reschedules you should give him the benefit of the doubt.

    • Did he try to reschedule with you for another time?

      • He said “I’ll let you know if dinner finishes early” and the next morning I replied “let me know if you want to reschedule” and

      • and he said “will do”. So uhhhh I don’t know what to make of that. Onto the next one I guess?

        • Yeah, the ball is in his court. NEXT!

        • Accountering

          Agreed. Kinda lame responses. I can see the changing plans, especially if it is something super important like a CEO dinner. There are situations where you are presented with a unique opportunity, and you don’t turn it down. Doesn’t mean you are cutthroat, but just that you care about your career, and that is okay too.

          • Yeah, the CEO thing sounds like a special occasion (not necessarily a case of cutthroat ambition)… but his diffidence about rescheduling makes him sound like a lameass.

        • Yeah, lame response. If he was interested, he would have at a minimum said, “Yes, of course! Will be sure to do soon.” Onto the next one indeed.

        • Totally on to the next one! The responses are vague and non-committal. I “just found out I’m having dinner” sounds like he can’t figure out his own plans. CEOs are generally too busy to spontaneously schedule things and in my experience, they are strategic about who they invite from the start. I could be wrong about that, not knowing his field, but the “will do” alone says a lot about how he treats plans.

  • Rant: That picture only reminds that ThreeFifty is never going to open. Such a let down walking past it day in and day out.

  • Rave – Like everyone else, the weather is awesome! It was so nice walking to work this morning without getting all hot and sweaty.
    Rave – Doing an interesting project at work that actually requires me to use my brain. As in, I have to do calculations and everything. It feels like I’m working out a muscle that I haven’t used in years.
    Rant – Going on vacation next week so naturally this week is dragging.

  • Did anyone else hear gunshots near Park Rd in Co heights last night? Does anyone know what happened?

  • Rant: It’s only Tuesday. I usually work from home on Mondays, but had to come into the office yesterday. Keep on thinking it is Wednesday or Thursday- uggh!
    Rave: Biking to work in weather like today

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: It’s almost noon. Time to get out of the office and walk in the nicest weather to get a burrito.

    • Rant: Wish I had a place near my office to walk and get lunch, or at least sit and eat outside. Doing laps around the building/parking lot gets old.

      • pablo .raw

        oh believe me, this is like a great luxury for me. For years there was nothing around here. Just to give you an idea, I got really excited when CVS came a couple blocks away from my office…

        • I would be excited to have a CVS here too! The closest one is about a mile away. Same with Starbucks.

  • Rant: Overheard while getting lunch, “It’s too cold to eat outside.”

  • Rave: This weather
    Rave: Georgia Brown’s for friend green tomatoes and a cocktail 🙂
    Rant: I tried a new snickerdoodle recipe (even though I already had a pretty good one – this one was supposed to be the BEST ONE EVER) and the cookies turned out flat and hard. At least they were still delicious…just not my favorite.
    Rave: Twice today I have watched people be snide about someone else and then turn around and do the exact thing they were being snide about seconds later. First, on the elevator this morning a man mocked a co-worker for not realizing we were on the 4th floor, then he did the same thing on the 5th floor. Just now when I was in line for lunch, the man in front of me copped an attitude about the woman in front of him not stepping up and ordering immediately. Then, two seconds later, as he was still checking out the menu, a second employee stepped up to a register to take his order but he didn’t notice until prompted. It just shows me that I should be patient with people – and was pretty amusing to have that happen so quickly twice in a row!
    Rave: I blinked and the day is half over!

    • If your snickerdoodles are coming out flat, it might be a sign that the butter you used was too warm. Make sure you keep the butter as cold as possible while mixing.

      • epric002

        i am so not a baker, but i thought you were supposed to bring eggs and butter to room temp before baking- is this only for certain recipes?

        • Certain recipes like cookies and biscuits require cold butter. For biscuits in particular, the butter should be so cold that you have to mix it by hand, leaving pea-sized chunks of butter in the process. Other recipes might call for warmer butter, but it depends.

      • This could’ve been the problem! However, the first step said to cream butter and sugar…and I thought that would be really difficult with cold butter. I don’t have a stand mixer, I was using a hand mixer…wouldn’t that make it next to impossible to combine them if the butter is cold? PS I’m not being smart…I’m a bit of a novice in the baking department. Thanks for the advice! The recipe didn’t dictate one way or the other.

        • I also use a hand mixer. What I do is unwrap the stick of butter and plop it in the bowl. Use a butter knife to cut the stick of butter up into slices approximately 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick (or whatever small chunks you can manage). Then pop the bowl into the microwave, and using the *defrost* setting (not cook!) microwave it just a little bit, until the butter becomes a little shiny on the edges and looses that “matte” look that really cold butter has. The butter should still be solid, not liquid! That should be just enough to be able to cream with sugar using a hand mixer, but not enough to ruin your cookies. If you’re putting anything between room temperature and liquid butter into the recipe, the cookies will be flat.

        • A good trick if your recipe calls for cold butter mixed with flour is to use a cheese grater. Works quite easily even with butter straight from the fridge.

          • That’s a good idea! I actually don’t have one (yeah I’m lazy and buy shredded cheese) but I wonder if my veggie peeler might work.

          • Emmaleigh504

            arrghhh I was just wanting to make zuccini bread and this reminded me I don’t have a grater any more. I guess I need to go shopping before making zuccini bread.

  • RANT: I’ve been waiting for the bakery in your photo (Three Fitfty) to open for THREE MONTHS! “Opening Soon” was three months ago. Come on already!
    RAVE: Headed to Portland and Oregon wine country for a week tomorrow.

  • Rave: Embassy folks were super nice when I dropped off the found passport yesterday.
    Rant/Rave: Training our new webby interns, which is exhausting. But , after they’re properly trained and scared straight, they’ll be a big help. My last intern broke my web site on a near hourly basis, so I’m mothering this group a bit more than usual.
    Rave: Tonight I get to try out my new KitchenAid mixer! Anyone have an excellent cookie recipe that they can point me to??

  • Becks

    Rave: This weather!!! I have the windows open and the AC turned off. It is so lovely outside. I just want to go to the Zoo! Hopefully it will be this nice this weekend!
    Rant: I saw a cockroach in my kitchen last night! And no one of those small ones, but a big brown one. Totally grossed out and left the lights in the kitchen on last night. I am hoping that he came in through the open, but screened window and I don’t have an infestation.
    Rave: Fridays Hong Kong Film Festival movie. I can’t wait!

  • rave: 2nd round job interview scheduled!
    rave: weather!
    rant: my current job that sucks so much that i’m tempted to take any offer that comes my way, even if i know it’s not the right position for me.

    • Hold out, Anonymous! I say that as someone who took two mediocre jobs back-to-back because I believed I had to. In retrospect, I really didn’t have to, and only signed myself up for more frustration and more time before I could try to get an actual good job. Now that I’m in a job I really like, those 3.5 years seem like wasted time -and- suggest that I’m a job jumper. The only plus is that I added 20k to my salary in the process of jumping and never could have done that staying still.

      Good luck on the interview and I hope it’s for something you actually really want!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Have the desire to drink box wine & strawberries at Highland Road Park with my pals, but we are all scattered.
    Rant: Dreamnt I got a big raise for no reason, but it was only a dream. And a Debbie Gibson song has been in my head ever since.
    Rave: possibly binge watching some 90210 soon

  • RANT: This proposal. first one with a big new client and it has been the most stressful couple of weeks ever. At least I submitted the other smaller one last week and can focus on this.
    Rave: We are in good shape – it goes in Thursday evening and we’re 90% there. My team is definitely high maintenance and I’m spending a lot of my time playing mediator and therapist, but they are rocking it out. Would LOVE to bring this one home!
    Rant: BF is mad at me for something stupid.
    Rave: I don’t have time to let it get to me so he’s just going to have to get over it.

  • Rant: Extended visit from difficult parent. Family — can’t live with ’em, can’t be born without ’em.

  • valentina

    Rave: Morris Day and The Time Station on Pandora
    Rant: Weather! Where is summer?? Bring on the heat!
    Rant:42 Days until Puerto Rico vacation
    Rave: Puerto Rico Vacation

  • Afternoon rant: I dropped my favorite necklace on the floor in the gym locker room and broke it. Like, broke a tiny welded on ring off of it. I’ll try to Gorilla Glue it, but it might be a gonner.
    Rant: my boss has me unofficially mentoring a coworker to get experience supervising and now I have to provide said coworker with actual, concrete feedback. I’ve mostly been providing background, explaining processes, giving guidance, and asking for discrete tasks. But now I have to review her writing and it’s making me feel bad.
    I guess I need to work on not letting things at work feel personal.

    • Whenever I have to review someone’s writing, I like to follow the “sandwich approach.” Start with a compliment about something you like about their work product, even if it’s just “I can tell you put a lot of effort into this!” Then say “here are the ways I think you could make it better.” Then finish with “if you do those things, you’ll turn good work into exceptional work.” It helps soften the criticism and guarantees that it comes across as constructive rather than destructive. (This advice does not apply to coworkers who don’t deserve the positive treatment because their work is purposefully sloppy.)

      • Thanks, that’s really helpful.
        Some of the issues are proper grammar, but also this is the first time she’s worked with this group, so of course she’s having a hard time summarizing the larger concepts. But she wants to work on her note taking, so I guess I have to find a way to help her with that part too. Some of it just takes practice.

  • Ooh, it must have been about seven, eight years ago. Me and the little lady was out on this boat, you see, all alone at night, when all of the sudden this huge creature, this giant crustacean from the Paleolithic Era, comes out of the water. It stood above us looking down with these big red eyes… and I yelled, I said, “What do you want from us, monster?” And the monster bent down, and said, “I need about tree-fitty.”

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