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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: I had a very relaxed weekend and had the chance to spend chill time with friends.
    Rave: Chocolate zucchini bread with almond butter for breakfast

  • Rave: I have a first date tonight, and I’m really excited it. Maybe too excited…
    Rant: People who can’t navigate from the Woodley Park metro to the zoo, deciding to rely on their phone’s GPS instead of the million signs that say “National Zoo –>” and end up walking to the Mt. Pleasant entrance, draining their cell phone battery in the process.
    Rant: This is my last week of “freedom” before I go back to school for professional development
    Rave: Glad to not be sitting around in bed like a loser all day
    Question: How does $900/mo (including utilities) for a 10×20 bedroom with a built-in kitchenette, own bathroom, separate entrance, but no access to the rest of the house other than shared laundry room 2 blocks from the Tenleytown metro sound value-wise?

    • Have fun on your date!!
      I think the apartment sounds like a good deal! I’m not really familiar with the Tenleytown area but anything under $1000 and metro accessible in the city sounds like a steal to me.

    • I wish I was sitting around in bed like a loser all day. It’s been too long since I’ve had one of those days!

    • Deal! You have your own space- why would you want/need access to the other part of the house?

    • That’s a teeny tiny studio apartment, but for the proximity to the metro (and considering the number of graduate and law students seeking housing in that neighborhood), I don’t think it is a bad deal.

      • Right, I’ve been looking at it as a teeny studio. For that price, I’d rather have roommates and more space but this is only for a few months.

      • Agreed with Artemis — for the amenities and neighborhood, that sounds like a good deal. Snap it up before someone else does!

        • The good news is that it hasn’t been advertised yet, as the homeowner hasn’t finished remodeling the room (right now it’s just a basement storage room). So I have a little bit of time to decide, but not too much.

          • Remodeling can take longer than expected – you may want to consider what to do if the remodeling isn’t ready by the time you’re planning to move in.

          • @Seaf: It’s a tiny job. Remodeling would only involve putting in the kitchenette and removing the boxes from the room.

          • I’d say that depends on how “tiny” the kitchenette is. Will there be any cabinetry? Are the plumbing and electrical lines already in place, or do they need to be extended from existing plumbing/electric?
            For what it’s worth, adding a kitchen to my basement took me a LOT longer than I’d anticipated. First, a bunch of contractors didn’t even return my calls. Then one of the three who came out took almost two weeks to cough up an estimate. Then after I found a contractor I liked, he wasn’t available to start the project until the following week.
            This won’t necessarily be the case for the place you’re looking at, but depending on how soon you need to move and how far along the landlord is in the process (is she looking at contractors? does she already have one booked?), you might need to be wary. Most likely the landlord is acting in good faith — I know I was — but it might take longer to get it ready than she thinks.

      • We’re thinking of converting our basement to a rental unit exactly like the one you’re describing. I think we could get $1000-1200 for it, but it’s in a more expensive/desirable location (Eastern Market). $900 sounds about right for Tenleytown.

    • pablo .raw

      I had one of those Sundays at home not going anywhere. I wouldn’t call it a “loser Sunday” and I enjoyed it a lot, watched my addicted tv series online, edited a ton of photos, cleaned up, etc. Not going out doesn’t make one a loser IMO ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Becks

        What was it with Sunday? I felt lethargic and spent the day watching TV and dozing. I wouldn’t call it a “Loser Sunday” either, just a well needed rest.

        • pablo .raw

          I went to a County fair on Saturday and spent some time walking around plus finding a good spot for shooting rodeo pictures. Went to sleep late, got up early on Sunday. Rest and isolation from the world was needed.

        • Jealous– I really need one of those days. I’m actually getting tired of going out and having fun.

      • Sounds like you had a productive day. I think having too many days off in a row can make someone go nuts though.

    • Have a great time on the date! I think the bedroom sounds like a great deal, especially if it is just for a short time (which I think it is?).

    • +1 on the first date and on the inexpensive apartment!

    • Really good deal, especially if they are allowing for month-to-month flexibility. Any access to outdoor space? That could help compensate for small internal space.

  • Rave: Just moved in to my first home this weekend after a decade of upheaval–moving at least once a year, divorce, etc.
    Rant: My new neighbor has huge piles of cat poop in her back deck and yard. I’m not sure whether said poop is from her cats or alley cats. She clearly hasn’t been out there in a while–it’s so overgrown you’d almost need a machete. The flies and smell are no bueno… and the seller’s agent must have done something to deal with the situation because it wasn’t obvious for the open houses or home inspection. The neighbor is only in her early 50s, not elderly (otherwise I would think offering to do some maintenance for her would go over well). Anyone ever deal with something like this before? Suggestions?

    • You never know. I think the first thing is to get to know her as a neighbor before you complain about anything. She may not be elderly — but she might welcome help with her yard. One possibility if it suits your needs — if you’re going to get a regular lawn service of some sort, ask if she’d be interested as well, so maybe twice a month the service could do both lawns. I realize that this could be a financial burden on her or perceived as an imposition, so it’s a conversation best had after you’ve had a few others. Is it possible for you to talk to the seller and or the seller’s agent and find out how things were handled in the past?

    • Talking to the seller’s agent sounds like a good idea, but you might have to finesse it carefully so that they don’t think you’re accusing them of having concealed an ongoing issue from potential buyers. (Quite possibly that’s exactly what they did… but if they get defensive about it, they’re less likely to be inclined to share with you whatever poop-scooping service they used to (temporarily) resolve the problem.)

    • If the grass/weeds in her yard are 10 or more inches tall — which it sounds like they are — you can also report her to DCRA. (Unfortunately there is not a 311 option for this; you have to call/e-mail them directly.)
      This is the less “neighborly” solution, but if you get the impression that she basically doesn’t give a damn about her property — i.e., that it’s not age or lack of funds that’s keeping her from maintaining it — then this is the route to go, IMO.

  • Rave: Had so much fun at Drink the District! I’d definitely recommend it next year for those who were on the fence. I went to the early session and got there right as the event was starting. Short lines, lots of different beers to try, games, delicious food trucks, etc.
    Rant: This sunburn is killer. Everything hurts.
    Rave: Hot pot last night! Great food and even better company. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • i went to the early session too and it was great, other than being a bit hot outside (there was the occasional nice breeze). No lines, lots of great beers to sample and fun to hang with friends. I did put on plenty of sunscreen but forgot I’d be ponytailing it, so my shoulders and upper back are burnt ๐Ÿ™

    • Thanks so much for your feedback! Maybe we’ll check it out next year ๐Ÿ™‚

    • skj84

      I went to the late session and had a great time! I do wish there were more options for water, but other than that it was fun. No long waits for beer!

  • binpetworth

    Rave: Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens! The water lilies and lotuses were flowering and it was beautiful.
    Rant: Federal fiscal year ending soon, which means a mad rush to respond to RFPs that agencies wait until the 11th hour to issue.

  • Rave: we organized my daughter’s clothes/dresser/closet this weekend!
    Rant: She has too many clothes. I was drowning in tiny clothes! My mother is cut off from buying clothes again–how many pairs of overalls does a child need in the same size????
    Rant: car issues. battery died last week, then discovered brake fluid leak in the process of driving the car to charge the battery. mechanic couldn’t look at it Friday, so poured in extra brake fluid, which was sufficiently gone by Sunday to set the alarm off. Planned to take the car in this morning, but the battery is dead again. (clearly leaving the charger in wasn’t the issue last week!) mechanic says we can’t bring the car in until 2, so hoping to get a tow truck to bring the car to the mechanic at/just before 2, and hoping to have car sorted (or able to leave it overnight) in time to pick my daughter up from daycare by 6:15 when day care closes. Ugh. Wish me luck!

    • Accountering

      Do you happen to have a Honda or other Japanese/Korean car? If so, take it to Japanese auto care in Arlington. They will sort it out in a day, prices are reasonable, and have you back on the road. Was having all sorts of issues with my element not starting, and the shop I tried in Rockville had no clue. Japanese Auto Care sorted me out, and I couldn’t have been more pleased.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Had a great time at my first rodeo, lots of photos and now I can’t wait to go there next year because
    Rant: There are not many rodeos around the DC area.

  • Rave – Successful weekend! I had fun, went out with friends, did yoga, went on bike rides, swam at the pool, and also accomplished all my household chores. My house is clean and I am happy.
    Rant – Tried a new coffee place this morning and it is awful. My coffee tastes like dirt.

    • saf

      Which coffee place?

      • It’s from Devon and Blakely. They opened a new location around the corner from work so I went to check it out this morning. They look like they had a lot of good lunch options, but their coffee was horrible. I will stick to Swings!

  • Becks

    Rant: Missed the Hong Kong Film Festival double feature on Sunday. I overslept and would have missed the first movie. Then lethargy struck and I didn’t go to the second movie. I guess I really needed the sleep/ rest.
    Rave: I feel really refreshed and strangely ready to fight the fight!
    Rave: Many months ago before I had adopted Lady Carlotta, One of my friends was complaining that she couldn’t find her favorite kitty litter. She finally found some and bought all 20 bags that the store had. She proudly showed me her pile of kitty litter bags neatly stacked in her garage. At the time I had thought it odd that someone would stockpile kitty litter. That was until I was unable to find the clumping liter that didn’t crumble and hid odors at Target where I had gotten it the first time. I finally found one at Giant after searching for months! One single bag! But I was so happy that I found it! I came home and dumped Lady Carlotta’s litter and replaced it with a fresh batch of clumping, not crumbling litter that has a hint of Arm & Hammer baking soda.

    • The Columbia Heights Target never has my favorite litter, so whenever I’m in the suburbs I stock up. I’ve heard that numerous other people have the same complaint.

      • SFT

        Damn. Just order it on Amazon (use the subscribe and save feature), it’s usually cheaper than in the store. Nothing better than heavy/bulky items delivered to your door for cheaper than you’d buy them at the store!

        • binpetworth

          Yeah, but if you can’t have packages delivered at home, lugging 40 pounds of cat litter home from work just isn’t a solution…

          • Will people really steal 40lbs of cat litter from your front porch? Dang…

          • Becks

            Yes, Yes they will. If it is a box. If it is not bolted down. They will take it. Now I have to worry about Bad Neighbors. The kids are always running around my steps and have even broken the solar walkway lights I had put up so that I don’t have to walk down the basement stairs in the dark or miss steps and fall. I hate those kids.

          • Becks

            ok, hate may be too harsh. I really dislike the negligent parents. The kids are annoying. Their trash (now with fruit peels) is awful and disgusting.

      • I like S’Wheat Scoop litter, which seems to be out of stock practically all the time even at the suburban Target I go to often (Potomac Yard). I did notice when comparing cat items at the Potomac Yard Target vs. the Columbia Heights Target that the latter seemed to have a somewhat smaller selection, and carried smaller-size packages.

      • Harris Teeter fairly often has a buy one get one free deal on cat litter in easy to carry 20-25 lb. boxes. You can check the specials on line. Fortunately for me, my cats don’t care what kind of litter I get. (There was a joke in there about them “not giving a crap-” but I decided against it!)

    • Not sure if they have what you need but there’s now a PetSmart in the same big box as Target.

      • Becks

        Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Clumping Litter in a bag; not box,
        It doesn’t crumble and stays in a clump. It is also deodorized.

        • msmaryedith

          Good to know–I’ll add it to my list! I’m on a never-ending search to find the right one. I just tried the Petco brand crystal version–so far, so good! It seems like almost every clumping version has fallen short of my expectations…

          • S’Wheat Scoop’s clumpability isn’t perfect (not that I have much basis for comparison), but it’s flushable.
            I tried Feline Pine Clumping and its clumpability was so pathetic that I actually took them up on their satisfaction guarantee and called the manufacturer to get my money back.

  • Rave: Mail carrier who carries dog treats
    Rant: FedEx delivery. Scheduled for this past Saturday, guaranteed by Monday but I don’t think it will be delivered until Tuesday
    Rant: FedEx customer service and their offer to hold package for me to pick up in their Beltsville facility. So I can deliver it to myself – isn’t that what I paid them to do?
    Rave: Life is good, package or no package.

    • Beltsville?!? Yikes. That’s about as bad as having to go to UPS’s facility in Landover.
      Doesn’t FedEx have a big location right near the Florida-New York clusterf*** intersection? Did they not offer to hold it for you there?

      • Weird, they’ve offered to hold packages for me in Eckington before but my FedEx delivery man is awesome and always attempts a second delivery.

      • The FedEx folks told me they were closed on Monday* so I could pick it up in Beltsville on Tuesday. Why would I want to do that?
        I love our UPS guy. He sees me around the neighborhood walking my dog and he was very sweet when my previous dog died
        *Amazon customer service assured me the package would be delivered today

  • Rave: My sister-in-law is pregnant
    Rant: Her and her husband are super annoying about it. I understand excited, but this is way beyond that. We were sitting at breakfast and she raised her shirt and he started rubbing her belly. She’s barely 4 months pregnant.

    • Pregnancy hormones can turn some an otherwise normal, sane woman into a Crazy Person.
      My coworker is currently pregnant (5 months, just announced to the office a few weeks ago) and she has totally lost her internal filter. She keeps saying offensive things to the rest of us – commenting on another coworker’s weight to their face (“you really ought to work out more!”), asking me when I’m going to have kids and saying that I’m selfish because I don’t have a kid yet, making rude comments to our bosses about the status of certain projects and how they are managing them, etc. It’s getting worse and worse.

      • skj84

        Ugh. I’ve never got the mindset that not having kids is “selfish”. Why would anyone think that? I’m a single lady who can barley take care of myself. Adding a kid to that mix would be a terrible decision.(Note this isn’t a dig against single parents. I just know that I personally would not be able to handle being a single parent.)

        • I think that in many circumstances having children is selfish. I don’t understand the idea that not having them is selfish.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I really wish someone could explain to me why it’s selfish not to have kids. I don’t thing it’s particularly selfish one way or the other, everyone has different wants and needs.

          • Emilie, the whole debate about the “selfish” factor is that many parents – especially new parents of young children – want their single/childless friends to experience the same level of joy that their child brought into their lives. I think for many parents, there is definitely a demarcation in their lives – “pre-kids” and “post-kids”. Now as parents, they look back onto their “pre-kid” days as a frivolous, self-focused time. They never knew was “responsibility” truly is, until they had a kid.
            I’m child-less, so I don’t necessarily agree with their opinion. But I can totally understand how having a kid has skews someone’s outlook on the matter. Plus, the hormones from babymaking and sleepless nights turns some parents into irrational weirdos. ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Emmaleigh504

            gross. Thank god the baby makers in my life have stayed sane.

        • Same here. Wanting to have kids but not wanting to change my lifestyle is selfish. I don’t want to give up sleeping in, spending my money on myself, happy hours, etc so I don’t want kids. I think it makes me pretty self-aware.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I can barely take care of myself and my cat with the help of my family! My aunt adopted a kid as a single mother, I have no idea how she had the courage/energy to do it! Hell, anyone who sets out on the path to parenthood is pretty brave. I’m a big weenie, so I’m never even looking down that path.

          • Emmaleigh504

            And it’s ok to be a big weenie, I’m brave in other ways ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Then there’s that whole aspect of pushing something the size of a watermelon out of your vagina. I’m a guy and the thought of passing a tiny kidney stone out of my pee hole terrifies me. No way I would willingly take on something larger.
            Women who go through childbirth are definitely brave.

          • Emmaleigh504

            The only way I would ever be a mother is if someone else had the little parasite grow in her body ๐Ÿ™‚ And preferably had primary custody. See, being an aunt is perfect for me!

          • Emilie, For someone who takes such frequent offense at the idea of parenthood, you sure are insensitive when it comes to your word choice regarding those of us who have children, and were once children.
            Children are not parasites. They are not “popped out” (another one of your charming phrases from a while back). If you expect respect for your choices, how about showing some for mine, and for the people that resulted from those choices?
            Smiley emoticons don’t excuse your poor behavior.

        • That’s ok, my neighbor called me selfish after learning that our daughter was adopted. Makes NO sense to me, but whatever.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Amazing weekend in NYC! Ran an awesome 10K in Liberty State Park at a great pace.Toured the city, and went to an awesome beer garden. Awesome trip, and awesome company, happy to meet some new friends as well!
    Rave2: Darius Rucker last night was pretty cool as well. Busy weekend, and didn’t get home until late.
    Rave3: Short week this week! Off to Lake Tahoe for older brothers Bachelor Party. Going to be an amazing trip.
    Rave4: AirBNB. Going to be another very busy week, and my cleaner is spot-on as always. This lady is truly a lifesaver!

    • skj84

      Oh what’s the beer garden? I need a NYC trip like crazy. I haven’t been since January and that was for work.

      • The best beer garden is in Astoria, Queens. Some have popped up in Brooklyn recently, but they’re way too yuppie-hipster for my taste. The one in Astoria has been around for decades.

      • Accountering

        I went to Loreley. It is at Bowery St and Delancey street in the Bowery neighborhood (which I didn’t know existed until just now)

        • Loreley is a good one, it’s been around for at least 10 years. Though, it’s a bit too small for my taste – gets crowded very quickly. It’s fairly tiny for a proper beer garden. Back when I lived in the LES in 2006, the food was good. No idea if the same people are still running it.

          • Accountering

            I was pleasantly surprised TBH. Coming from DC, prices seemed reasonable everywhere we went, and honestly, places were less crowded. I think the restaurant scene in NYC has caught up with how many people/how much money is in the city, while it certainly hasn’t in DC.

      • The Bohemian Hall Beer Garden in Astoria is my favorite in NYC. It’s all steins and cabbage and pierogi and just just general awesomeness.

  • Rant: Last week in DC
    Rave: Moving for a new, awesome job. Will be exciting, terrifying, stressful, etc. but I’m looking forward to it
    Rave: 2 spectacular years in DC

  • Wait, What?: I just applied for a job where the online application did not allow for uploading documents, but rather gave you about 200 characters to describe your duties in past positions…This is clearly not geared towards the company’s white collar crowd. I ended up printing the application and referring to the attached resume…which means I just mailed in a job application. In 2014.

  • Rave: I’m 5 weeks pregnant!
    Rant: I have a sister-in-law who is going to figure it out right away (she’s already on the trail) and I’m afraid she’ll let the cat out of the bag before we are ready to share the news with our families. We want to have all of our genetic tests done first, at 8-10 weeks, and I doubt she will respect our desire to keep it private until then.

    • Can you fake drinking, etc? (Have someone discreetly pour out a beer/cider and fill with water so you can have a drink on hand?) Other than that, chances are your patterns now are similar enough to before unless you’ve got bad nausea going on, right? Or is she really searching out the signals? Perhaps it would be fun to fake something really extreme to throw her off course ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Oh yes, and of course, congratulations! Forgot that part and went straight to advice – sorry!

      • I’m actually not a big drinker, so thankfully that won’t give me away. But she’s definitely searching out the signals and once she gets an idea in her head, there’s no stopping her … she has a tendency to take this stuff way, way too far. Like I wouldn’t be even slightly surprised if she showed up unannounced at our house this weekend to examine my midsection (which is definitely looking … different). The idea of faking something extreme is actually totally hilarious in this situation, though. I would almost always want to take the high road in a situation like this, but there would be a rather poetic beauty in faking her out completely.

        • Wait, what? Talk about an adult with no sense of appropriate boundaries. I think even if she guesses that you’re pregnant, I would just deny, deny, deny. I completely understand waiting until genetic test results come back before announcing to a lot of people.


      • gotryit

        Make plans to go to the pool, then cancel because of “Aunt Flo”?

    • SFT

      That’s super exciting…congratulations!!!!! Has this sister-in-law had a baby? I know that after being pregnant you sort of get a spidey sense about these things. I’ve been able to smell it (not literally, that would be gross!) on all of my newly pregnant friends/coworkers. Or is she just snoopy?

      • She’s had two kids and SUPER spidey-sense. And is snoopy. And announced she was pregnant the minute the pee hit her stick.

    • Congrats!!! Such great news!

      Can you avoid the sister in law until the genetic tests are done? And by genetic tests, do you mean the counsyl tests (tests you for over 100 genetic abnormalities)? If so, it can take a few weeks for that test to come back, and if they find that you have some abnormality in your genetics, they will want to test your partner which can take another few weeks. There is also the nuchal test which happens at about 12 weeks and that is part blood work and part sonogram, and between those you get a statistic on how likely it is that the baby has trisomy, downs syndrome, and other stuff.

      • I’m certainly going to try the avoidance route, but think it will be worse if she thinks we’re dodging her. It will confirm her suspicions, basically. I’m not sure when all of the tests are done, honestly — I haven’t had the sono yet, but am 35+ and heard they test sooner in that case (maybe?). But yes, I’m talking about the tests for Downs Syndrome and the like. I’ve already had the test for abnormalities in my own DNA and that came back fine.

        • Accountering

          Super annoying – people who can’t mind their own business, or at a minimum, keep a secret of this magnitude.

        • You should avoid her in a conspicuous fashion, and when she can’t take it anymore then tell her that you’re avoiding her because you find her overbearing and intrusive. That way it’s about her and not about you. And still truthful without revealing your secret.

    • Becks


    • Thanks to all for the great suggestions and support. This particular relative drivers me a little crazy and it’s nice to be backed up on that. Not that I’m the only one in the family who feels this way, of course…

    • Can you avoid the SIL for a few months? She sounds like a stress-inducing, nosy yenta.
      This isn’t the type of person you want to be around while your body is going through these changes, unfortunately. Take a break from her, ugh.

  • Rave: Just finished my two week vacation ->Amsterdam -> Berlin -> Budapest -> Zurich.
    Random: I hope DC eventually becomes more like Amsterdam, Berlin was ‘too cool’ but the whole drinking in the streets thing was awesome, Budapest (hottest women iv ever seen), Zurich (Prententious wealthy hipster – think 30$ pulled pork sanwhiches…delicious but give me a break, but was the cleanest place i have ever seen).
    Rave: Bar girl finished the exam on tuesday, looking forward to getting to know her better and not having to hear about the exam!
    Rant: Sleepy

    • You have a girlfriend who you don’t even want to talk to and you’re worried about how hot other women are? Real winner here…

      • she is not my girl friend we had been dating breifly before the trip. So lay off the judgement…and I dont think theres anything wrong with admiring a country full of good looking women.

      • Give him a break – When I was taking the bar I wouldn’t have wanted to talk to me either. It got exponentially better the moment it was over (but, then again, I got to go on a great trip then start a job I liked). OP – Enjoy getting to know her better without all that stress.

        • +1 on giving him a break. I’ve been following Bagelboy’s romantic travails on RRRR for some time now, and I don’t think this is a matter of him “not wanting to talk to” Bargirl — he’s just looking forward to having something other than the bar to talk with her about!
          And it sounds as though the hot women in Budapest were just eye candy.

      • Anyone who says they dont admire (respectfully) good looking folks while they are dating or in a relationship is a bold faced liar. C’mon now.

        • glad to see PoPville has my back….anyone who has been following me would understand. Although i could see how my post could come off as smug – i was quite tired when i put it in. I am excited to get to know bar girl post bar exam, thats all i meant.

        • Agreed. Besides, it’s not his girlfriend. They’ve gone on some dates and enjoyed each other’s company.
          What did you do in Berlin, Beagleboy? Did you go clubbing?

          • we went to brandenburg gate, all around that area (saw the post world cup destruction there), we saw the park with the berlin wall and also the abandon airport park which was freaking awesome (has community garden, people just grilling out laying in the grass, riding bikes, ect), the meseuem of murdered jews, a lot of just walking around drinking (which was fun), we were a little too scared to go to the club/we didnt really see any, everyone in berlin likes to drink in the street and get into deep deep intellectual discussion. It was an interesting place but IMO nightlife in DC was much more lively. We also heard from a lot of people that most europeans were on ‘holiday’ which is 2-3 week vacation and it seemed like a lot of people had left berlin.

          • “It was an interesting place but IMO nightlife in DC was much more lively.”
            You didn’t do it right, lol. Then again Berlin “nightlife” really starts at 5am Sunday morning and goes until Monday morning. If you’re going out at midnight, it will probably seem quiet. That’s usually when Berliners are taking a disco nap after a meal.

      • I lived through the bar exam and grew tired of listening to myself complain about it. I don’t blame bagelboy for not wanting to hear about it ad nauseum. Also, I’m married and still comment to my partner when I find people attractive. You can be happily committed and still acknowledge and appreciate the beautiful people of the world.

      • If you read his post you’ll see that he was looking forward to getting to know bargirl without the stress of her bar exam. And I think it is perfectly normal to notice/comment on people you think are attractive.

  • Rave: I moved to Petworth three weeks and am starting to love it. Looking for suggestions of where to hang out? I am in what you might call “upper Petworth.”
    Rant: There are two big houses nearby in foreclosure, and someone should buy them and renovate. Meanwhile, they just sit there. Why do foreclosures take so long?

    • Accountering

      To your rave: DC Reynolds, Looking Glass (two good bars) Upshur Street with the restaurants and such you are starting to see there. Chez Bill on Georgia. They are starting to see some good stuff in this area. Upper Petworth/Brightwood doesn’t have as much. We started to get some stuff at GA and Decatur, but when they started getting burglarized, Bowser did nothing, and after a dozen burglaries at the three places, all de-camped for greener pastures. Thanks for nothing as always Bowser!

      To your rant: Someone smarter than me will have to comment on that one. My thinking is they want to make sure before you take someones home that it is truly justified, and it wasn’t because they missed one escrow payment or were 8 days late on a payment.

    • jim_ed

      I’d recommend spending some time exploring Kennedy St. Not a ton to do/see/shop currently, but there’s a lot of effort from the neighborhood to jumpstart it. Taqueria Distrito Federal at 8th and Kennedy, and Culture Coffee at 6th and Kennedy are great spots to meet neighbors. Depending on how far north you are into “Upper Petworth”, you should check out Simple Bar and Grill in Brightwood at Georgia and Missouri.

    • Petworth Citizen on Upshur Street.

    • I second Looking Glass Lounge. My favorite bar in the city, although it’s not upper Petworth. I’ve gone to the Hitching Post a couple times in the last month and it’s pretty good. Good beer and delicious fried chicken.

    • To your rant, often the bank that originated the loan doesn’t own it anymore at the time of foreclosure, so making sure all the i’s and dotted and t’s are crossed in the paperwork for each step it was sold takes time, additionally because of the crisis the homeowners now have options for restructuring the loan that the bank and borrower have to negotiate. It used to be a much faster practice, but was only right 95% of the time and banks started getting fined heavily.

    • To your rant: Do the properties have “For Sale” on them? Studies have shown that banks pay less attention to foreclosures in transitioning neighborhoods than established or high-end neighborhoods. For example, the banks are less likely to keep the property maintained or even make an effort to sell them. If I find these articles I will link to them later.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Rave: Spent Saturday evening hanging with Nathan Winograd and No Kill Advocates over at GW Law School.
    Rave: Hung out with some folks from Wash Humane
    Rant: Nary a soul from WARL was there.
    Rave: This weather! Lovely breeze walking from Metro to Census Bureau.

  • Rave: After two successive trips out of town I am finally going to be home for the foreseeable future, which means I can unpack all my bags, grocery shop, get into a routine, etc.
    Rant: I don’t handle travelling like I used to, haha. I am happy to be home so I can grocery shop?? What is wrong with me?
    Rave: Another week of beautiful weather. This has been such a nice summer.
    Rant: I don’t mean to get too heavy in a thread like this, but one of our trips was to visit my in laws and our nieces, and it made me want a baby so, so badly. My husband is having kind of a quarter life crisis about it though so I’m trying not to push him. But I’m so anxious, and seeing our nieces made my heart hurt.

    • Going grocery shopping after being away for a long time is the best! Whenever I come home from work trips I go on a cooking and baking binge to make up for the gross hotel food I eat at conferences.

      • Same here! Before a vacation I’m always like “yay I will get to eat out all the time and won’t have to cook!” Then at the end of vacation I’m dying to get home into my kitchen to cook and eat my own food because I’m sick of eating icky restaurant food.

    • I feel the same way about traveling and about grocery shopping. I just cancelled a hotel I’m supposed to stay at for a wedding this weekend because I decided an hour drive after the wedding (with a sober driver) is way more ideal than not having any time at home this weekend and messing up my errand routine. Living out of a suitcase gets exhausting.

  • Rave: Wonderful weekend grabbing dinner with the S.O. on H St Corridor. A great band called Dubmarine was playing Cusbah.

    Rave: In advance, I know this makes me a petty person, but dinner was made all the better by, on the way back, running into my ex (who, to put it very mildly, was not a stand-up kind of guy). It was quite nice being able to stroll by, smile, say “Hi,” and keep on happily walking by.

    Rant: Yesterday I found someone’s passport from El Salvador. Now trying to contact the person via Facebook, which is hard since the owner has a very generic name. Giving up in a day and will just bring it to the embassy (what it says to do on the passport). Anyone else ever found a passport and had to return it?

    • My roommate found one from Mexico. She called the embassy, they found the guy and he picked it up at my office. I worked on the Hill at the time so it was easy for him to just grab it at the front desk. It was really easy – embassy staff tend to be really nice about stuff like this.

    • I think it’s a bit strange that you didn’t just head for the embassy, as the passport itself says.

      • +1, but maybe Ally thought it would be less hassle on her end to contact the person directly than to take it to the embassy?

      • Lots of reasons not to head to the embassy. It might be difficult to get to. Only open for limited hours when the finder has to be at work. I’d call the embassy first.

        • Yeah, found it yesterday and called the embassy then. Weren’t open on Sundays.

        • I didn’t mean “head to the embassy” literally, especially on a Sunday. I just meant contacting them should be step 1. I personally wouldn’t spend my time trying to track someone down online.

          • Me neither, and I hear you. I tried calling the embassy yesterday and today (just to confirm that mailing it was fine). No answer either time. Called again today (multiple numbers) and they didn’t pick up nor did I get a machine. So, I’m just going to swing it by in-person today; they’re supposed to be open till 5:30.

      • Main reason was that I wasn’t sure how responsible the embassy folks would be. It’s great to hear that they were very proactive in the case mentioned above. (Also, I found someone’s wallet a month ago and was able to return it to him by just dropping it through his mail slot; so, sometimes that’s easier). Haven’t heard anything on FB, though, so this one’s getting mailed in.

  • Rave: After a history of taking advice from nutritionist that actually resulted in my gaining weight, I’ve decided to try eating one meal a day. So far it seems to be a great way for me to go. I’m not hungry and am happy that I”m not grazing/snacking anymore.
    Rave: Every day for the past two weeks, I’ve done some type of exercise that I enjoy. Maybe I’m finally ready to learn the joys of consistent moderation!
    Rave: Zebra pens! They do what they’re supposed to do very well.
    Rave: I’m looking for bits of nature in the city — and planning my first ever trip to Dumbarton Oaks park for a nice day this week.

  • Question was there a date decided for the next happy hour?

    • I think Justin was leaning toward Aug. 20 (at D.C. Reynolds), but I’m not sure if that was his final decision.

      • justinbc

        There were slightly more votes for the 20th so that’s when I’m setting for, since that’s the earlier date. Once I find out more details from DCR I’ll post an update.

    • I think the vote was split between the 20th and 28th. Need a doodle poll!

  • Maybe Rant/Rage; Bros at AB-Y acknowledging me.

    Rave: I can start enforcing Bro code!
    Rave: I’m Bro Judge Judy!

  • Rant/rave: overly boozy/expensive weekend with Friday at Alero (CP edition) and St. Arnold’s (CP edition); Saturday at Cantina Marina, Barmini, and Red Derby; and Sunday at Cashion’s (Franklin is a great bartender) and my parents’ house.
    Rave: I made a cocktail of gin (3 parts), dry vermouth (2 parts), and green chartreuse (1 part). It tasted herbally and earthy. I garnished it with basil and wish I had had a cucumber slice available.
    Rave: my budget Chartreuse of infused gin is awesome for martinis.
    Rave: relaxing night at home planned for this evening.

    • Dude I was totally at Cantina Marina on Saturday. Didn’t see you! Keep your eyes peeled when you’re down there. I live next door so I’m there periodically.

      • I think the whole word was there on Saturday. Serious cluster. And that’s not even counting the plumbing breakdown in the ladies room that left only one toilet working. I really, really hope that was water all over the floor.

      • we rolled in, sweaty from biking, and sat inside upstairs. Lots of great people watching.

        • Ah I was downstairs on the patio. I must have arrived at the magic moment because I immediately snagged a table for two right on the water. And glad I didn’t visit the bathroom, anonymous above!

  • Rant: Got stomped in two races and lost a third by two seconds at the Big Regatta on Saturday.
    Rave: A bad day rowing in better than a good day working.
    Rant: But maybe not as good as laying around naked, reading the New York Times and slurping cafe au lait and bagel crumbs out of each others’ belly buttons.

  • Actually, it was Sunday, the official NYT and bagel day.
    Addition Rave: Just found out I can e-mail my entire agency, using an “official” e-mail address other than my own. Sure, it’ll get me fired, but one day when I’m in a bad mood…[evil laugh, rubbing hands together, eyes narrowed in an unsettling fashion]

  • rant: i hate getting older.

    rave: i love Dinosaurland

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: So sleepy. I think I need to sleep under my desk for a bit.

  • Rant: Sticker shock on a contractor estimate (from a chimney services company, on repointing a brick chimney). I’m not new to home repairs and contractor estimates, but I didn’t think this particular job would be so much. (It was from a PoPvillager-recommended company, Winston’s Chimney Services. Anyone have additional recommendations?)
    Rave: Managed to catch a museum exhibition (“Kiyochika: Master of the Night,” at the Freer Gallery) just before it ended.
    Rave: Nice breeze.

    • You should be getting three estimates, so be patient. Good luck!

      • Yeah, I’m now planning to get at least one more estimate.
        PoPvillagers, any more recommendations for chimney-services companies?

        • I used Renaissance Development to re-point most of my entire house and they did the chimney as well. I don’t know how extensive they get however, if it is an entire re-build job.

    • Becks

      Awwwww, I wanted to go to Kiyochika: Master of the Night, but I got home before I realized I should have been headed to the Freer! How was it?

      • It was good, but not mind-blowing. Actually, now that I think about it, it was in the Sackler — I entered via the Freer and went through the underground passageway.
        The “Whistler and the Thames” exhibition (which I also went through) continues until August 17.

  • Rave: Mr. P had a successful first visit to the vet! All of his blood work came back negative/healthy and now he is all up to date on shots. Now let’s hope for no more big vet bills this year.
    Rant: Monday.
    Rave: PoPville makes Mondays much more tolerable!
    Rave: Had a great weekend! Finally checked out Acre 121 on Saturday night and really enjoyed the live music and blackberry spritzer. I live right there so I will be back often… not sure what took me so long.

  • RANT: Still looking for someone to take over my room in my current apartment; I’m moving into my new house on August 1! If anyone is looking for an awesome place for any time in August, please see our ad! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • skj84

    Rant: I called out sick on my temp job. Granted I do feel like crap, but now I feel worse for letting them down. Also I don’t think office jobs are for me. Sigh. I need to get it together.

    Rave: At least I had a fun weekend.

    Rant: I had a guy recognize me from my Tindar profile on Saturday. I don’t know why that bugged me as much as it did.

    Rave: My sister is coming to visit in a few months!

  • Rave: I rode the first (publicly available) Silver Line train! Everyone was so excited. There was much cheering and the concrete rail ties are luxuriously smooth.
    Rave: going to Tysons Corner mall was really easy…maybe too easy.
    Rave: I had an all around great weekend.

    • skj84

      That’s so cool! I wanted to try to get out for the first train, but ended up sleeping in. I am excited about a direct connection to Tysons. No more waiting for the bus at West Falls Church or Ballston! The station is right next to the mall right?

      • Yes. They have about two more weeks before the pedestrian overpass that leads from the station to the mall is set to open, but for now you can just exit the metro station and walk across one of the parking lot roads (so, not a main road) and into the Lord and Taylor. It’s probably less than 0.15 miles either way.

  • Rave: Daal. Sometimes I feel like going to a different Indian/Nepali/Pakistani restaurant every week just to try the daal.
    Rant: Sometimes feel a bit like an idiot for spending so much on ingredients that cost so little. I’ve been looking — unsuccessfully — for pre- packaged spice or ingredient mixes so I can learn to make my own. Wonder If I can convince a friend with mad cooking skills that this could be a great business opportunity! I would gladly pay for momo sauce and daal seasonings if I could find somebody to make them for me.

  • Rave: Birthday karaoke tonight!
    Rave: My birthday’s tomorrow
    Rant-ette: Good Stuff Eatery wouldn’t give me my free birthday shake today, though I understand why. But, I won’t be coming tomorrow to use up my birthday calories tomorrow because…
    Rave: Birthday dinner at Rose’s Luxury tomorrow night!
    Rave: I’m in a good mood this week.

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