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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • epric002

    rant: dog was sick all last night, and out of both ends too.
    rave: fortunately it was all in the yard, and not in the house.
    rant: foster puppy sat in it in the yard this morning. this morning’s was his 3rd bath in 2 weeks.
    rave: dog seems to be feeling better this morning. no more panting and pacing and she had an appetite.
    rant: getting up at 3 and 5 for a sick dog, and then getting to bathe the foster puppy at 7. i’m freaking exhausted and it’s only 10:00.
    rave: will hopefully be doing a little bit of work from home today.

    • Welcome to the world of being a mom. It’s exhausting! But those sweet faces (furry or otherwise) are totally worth it ๐Ÿ™‚

    • GiantSquid

      Just nod and smile if you already know about this, but when my dogs are sick out of either end, when they want to eat again, I start with white rice, plain yogurt, and canned pumpkin. Then as their poop “firms up,” I start gradually switching them over to their normal food. I’ve found it helps their systems normalize faster.

      • epric002

        definitely doing the white rice and pumpkin, but yogurt is a good idea too! i’m always on the fence about dairy, since sometimes it can exacerbate issues, but the probiotics are good for bringing a stomach back to normal…might try adding some yogurt tonight.

  • Rave/Rant: I can’t wait until I don’t have to take a bunch of side babysitting gigs to pay my bills
    Rave: Two more weeks til work starts and I won’t spend most of the day sitting around being bored in my room
    Rant: Having houseguests during the week is rough
    Rave: I’m glad to have some time to rest until I go to work this afternoon

  • Rant: Verizon. I spent 45 minutes on the phone yesterday – fuming. A year ago I got a bundle including tv, phone and internet service that came with a “free dvr” for a year. At the end of the year, I returned the dvr. Each month after that I’ve had to call to cancel the charge for “renting the dvr that keeps coming up on my bill. Service for just phone and internet costs more than my bundle which lasts another year. Now I”m told that the only way to prevent the charge for the dvr is to send me another cable box and as well as a credit for the box – because they can’t just delete the dvr charge since my bundle includes tv service. The customer service rep seemed to be trying to be helpful – but it took almost an hour to come up with a solution that wouldn’t be charging me more for services (TV) that I’m not using. So now I’m being sent equipment I don’t need for a part of the service that I won’t use. Probably in the hope that I’ll forget when my bundle ends and incur charges for the box at that point. I’ve been happy with the service — but dealing with the billing issues over the last few months have been a majorly exhausting, stressful hassle.
    Rant: And I don’t need any more exhausting, stressful hassles in my life.
    Rave-ish: At least my stressful hassles are fixable. And I have several months to decide how I want to handle this before my bundle discounts expire.
    Rave: Plans for a day trip “Downy Oshun”. I’m really looking forward to a brief beach break.

  • SFT

    Rave: Coffee! I quit coffee 2 years ago, but will get a small cup every couple of months or so. Today, I got a coffee from a little deli around the corner and all is well with the world ๐Ÿ™‚

  • justinbc

    Rave: This swoon-worthy Dupont house featured in Houzz today http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/28085759/list/Houzz-Tour–A-Sophisticated-Row-House-in-the-U-S–Capital
    I love pretty much everything about this place, especially the super masculine bedroom and office.

    • SFT

      I think the bathroom with the electric fireplace is my favorite room. Want! I’ll never understand why people design kitchens where the refrigerator looks like the cabinets. It really bothers me for some reason!

    • Love it! What are the chances this “single man in his 40s” is straight? If so, I’m available!! Hehe

    • Emmaleigh504

      Super masculine? Looks pretty unisex to me.

      • justinbc

        That bedroom and office look unisex to you? In the typical gender associations of those terms?

        • Emmaleigh504

          Yep. All the beige and grey is unisex and there’s not too much leather (why does leather get to be masculine?). To me the typically masculine look has way more leather, and darker colors that always seem to be red or green, and lots of plaid and/or wood. Femine tends to be more light and airy and flowery, with lots of color. This just looks unisex, nice balance of light and dark, unisex patterns, etc. Not too much of anything to push it over the edge one way or another.

          • justinbc

            I don’t think leather itself is inherently masculine, but that particular type generally is reminiscent of men’s lounges, cigar bars, etc. If it were a different color / texture then yeah maybe. Add to that the wood table & brass lamp and the “office” part of the room looks decidedly masculine to me. I will say the bamboo looking blinds, and pillow colors might lean more towards feminine elements, but those are minor in the overall weight of the room.

        • I agree with Emilie504. I am female and I just saved those bedroom and office Houzz pictures in my “Dream Home” folder. I would love a bedroom like that. It isn’t overboard masculine and I have flowery and love red. Wins all around.
          Although the bathroom is my favorite.

    • I’ve been spending a lot of time (for me, anyway) and I’m so over that whole beige/grey/ivory/boring/bland/showhouse color scheme. To me it ;looks like people trying to look like they have money (and have no kids or parties, because fingerprints and red wine/bourbon stains).
      But, to each his own.

      • justinbc

        I wouldn’t do it if I were painting my own place, but I can definitely appreciate it when it works in a room. At least to his credit there are multiple rooms with rather unique wallpapers and non-greige paint.

    • It kind of reminds me of a Kimpton hotel – it doesn’t look like a home.

  • Becks

    Rave: Lady Carlotta curled up on the sofa with me last night! She normally just sleeps at the end of the sofa on her bed, but last night she curled up next to me.
    Rant: So sleepy! So very sleepy!

  • Rant: Frantic phone call from wife this morning about a couple of red spots on our daughters arms, panicked about the hand, foot, and mouth virus that is tearing through day care. Nope – that doesn’t sound like HFM, go ahead and take kiddo to day care.
    Rant: Frantic phone call #2: car won’t start. (she doesn’t usually drive, but was planning a costco trip after work) and it sounds like it is “my fault” since a car charger was left plugged in. Usually that’s something I’ve done, but I don’t think I left it in there last time.
    Rave: Sounds like day care drop off ultimately went just fine when it actually happened. Oof.

    • But don’t car chargers stop working once the car is off? I know mine does.

      • Mine doesn’t; I’ve definitely charged a phone while the car was off. Convenient for that purpose, less convenient when the charger is left in accidentally….

  • Rave: Weโ€™ve started a Fitness Challenge at work that โ€œdraws on the excitement of seeing and learning about new places and people by tracing famous trails around the world!โ€ Each time you record exercise minutes or produce (fruit and veggie) servings, you move along the trail.

    So far I am leading my team in the number of minutes and produce consumed which helps explain why we are in 132nd place.

    Rant: I think I broke the Bro Code. On the house phone in the menโ€™s locker room at the AB Y, some Bro was clearly asking a girl out, giving several options all of which were being shot down. According to the Bro Code I should have wrestled the phone from him, hung it up and told him โ€œBro, sheโ€™s just not into you.โ€

    Rave: Iโ€™m not sure the Bro Code applies if you donโ€™t know the Bro and/or you are old enough to be his father.

    Rant: I donโ€™t sound very authentic when I say โ€œBro.โ€

    • I hate to interject but I’m a bit of a bro code expert. In order for the bro code to apply here you would have to actually be bros with the other bro in question. Since you don’t know the other bro asking the girl out, there is no violation of the bro code here and you were fully within your rights to laugh at his misfortune. I hope this clears things up.

    • Accountering

      Agree with Imus. If you didn’t know the bro, he isn’t a bro, and the bro code doesn’t apply.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Who cares about the bro code! Just tackle him and take the phone away for funsies! also poor guy, makes my inner romantic sad.

      • I think the bro code specifically forbids tackling another would-be-bro in a men’s locker room for any reason, particularity if involves glistening just-showered bodies accented only by a small strategically-placed towel and subsequent wrestling around on the ground for possession of the phone.
        Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • binpetworth

      Are you following a specific Fitness Challenge program? My office has talked about this and I’d love to know which one you’re using to see if we could replicate it. I need motivation to stay away from the vending machines!

      • Google healthtrails

        I’m shocked to just discover this isn’t some freeware. My bloodsucking (literally) employer is not known for shelling out bucks for employee benefits.

  • Rave: Hung out with the Women & Bicycles coffee hour this morning. Good coffee, even better people!
    Rant/Rave: The board I’m on seems to recognize that it needs fine-tuning. Let’s see where we can take it. I’m actually quite optimistic.
    Rave: Good family friends, decent health, and a steady paycheck. What else do you really need?

  • Someone was looking for a Canary melon (from the forum?). The Giant in Columbia Heights has them but @99 cents/lb the melon would cost $7 for a small-ish sized one.

  • Rave: Feeling very virtuous — just contributed a gang of nutritious food to the agency food drive.
    Rant: What I really wanted to contribute was Pop Tarts and jug wine to the agency food drive. Yeah, and a couple of cartons of Kools. I figure poor people have to get sick of all those canned fruits and vegetables and that whole grain pasta that no respectable Italian would be caught dead eating, and god knows I need a substantial jelly jar of low-priced plonk at the end of the day and I don’t even have to worry about my car being repossessed or some yuppie buying my house out from under me. T
    Rave: Colleague pointed out that food banks are often short of salt, sugar, herbs and spices, etc. — the kind of stuff that makes food taste better — so I’m going to through some Tabasco, salt and oregano with the next batch of whole grain rice or whatever.

    • As kids, we’d always go through the pantry and donate cans of spinach, tuna, green beans, etc, whatever we didn’t like. My brothers and I figured that if it wasn’t in the house, mom couldn’t make us eat it. As an adult, I apologize to whatever kids had to eat canned spinach.

      • Your colleague made a great point – I didn’t realize that’s still a shortage for food banks. We got food from a food drive program most of my childhood and sugar, salt, and flour were few and far between. In the call for healthier donations, I tend to forget about those staples. Although, my sister and I LOVED canned asparagus, so whenever that happened to be in a bag it was pretty awesome.

        • This reminds me of the first time I had canned asparagus. I was at a dinner party and the host served it as an appetizer and I loved it. I commented that it was different from any asparagus I had before and asked what kind it was and where it came from. She hemmed and hawed for a while then finally sheepishly admitted it was canned. I think she was embarrassed to have to admit that in front of everyone. I felt badly that I had pushed her on it, but have been eating canned asparagus ever since so it all turned out ok.

  • Question:The building that is being moved from the corner of 3rd and New York, near the former Yale Laundry Building, does anyone know where it is going?

  • Rave: Second week at my new job. Things are going great! I really enjoy it, and my coworkers are so engaged and clearly love what they do.
    Rant: Multiple people trying to bring guns into my place of work (either on purpose or by accident). No. Just, no.

    • You’re a fed? And people are bringing in weapons? Do you work for DoD? A law enforcement agency? If neither, wtf?

      • I work on Capitol Hill. The people have been stopped at the doors both times, which is good. However, staffers who drive in and park in certain garages do not have to go through metal detectors, which is a glaring security risk and a scary thought.

        • I can see how you could accidentally forget your gun in your car after you went hunting/ shooting over the weekend, but in your bag? How do you forget that? I don’t know what the solution is though, since it’s hard enough and takes forever already to get into the garages.

      • Probably some sort of LE agency, they are type who are usually very engaged.

    • This is just a fact of life on the hill. Along with knowing where the gas masks are and which way to run in the event of a terrorist attack. Being spat on, insulted, threatened, and/or screamed at are constant, and were a large part of why I left after a number of years (these included the years of the Reagan funeral, when a rogue plane was thought to be attacking the capitol, that time the tractor filled with explosives was on the mall, and health care, which was its own special brand of crazy). Try to remember the good – all those smart, altruistic folks – and ignore the crazy.

      • Who would spit at you? Why?!?

        • Health care protesters. Because we were going to pull the plug on grandma and get our grubby government hands all over their medicare, I guess? We had it easy, though – the same day, people in other offices were threatened by knife-wielding protesters. The things that were said and done to us – staff and members alike – during those debates were truly awful, and often made us fear for our safety.

      • “Being spat on, insulted, threatened, and/or screamed at are constant.”
        Umm, no. I’ve worked on the Hill for seven years and have never been spat on, insulted, threatened, and/or screamed at. I think you might be exaggerating just a little bit.

        • I worked on the hill for about the same length of time, and no, I’m not exaggerating. I was told I was a waste of space, a waste of money, a piece of sh**, and that I should go throw myself off a bridge. I was screamed at nearly daily by abortion protesters, and was spat on by health care protesters. I’m not sure what bubble you’re working in, but it sounds nice.

          • Accountering

            Little brother is an intern for a democrat this summer. He has had countless fools ask him to have his congressmen initiate impeachment proceedings. Definitely my favorite was the guy who called and asked him specifically “what the hell are we paying your salary for, if you can’t even secure the border” – brother responded “well, you aren’t paying me. I am an unpaid intern. I just pick up the phone and pass your message off to the congressmen.”

        • No, he’s not exaggerating. I’ve been a Hill staffer for six years now, and some constituents relish being mean to staffers. During the government shutdown, I had one caller tell me I should kill myself because I am a leach on the taxpayer. I had another tell me I’m going to Hell because God doesn’t love federal employees (WTF???). Two of my offices have had death threats made against the member. And I’ve been cursed at, had items thrown at me, and had to call Capitol Police on protestors who turned violent during the Occupation sit-ins. This job is hard to deal with some days.

          • That stinks, especially since a lot of the Hill staffers I’ve met are there because they really believe in the work they’re trying to do. Hang in there.

          • What many who live here don’t understand is that the Conservative Entertainment radio and some website are out there daily whipping some people into a frenzy that the big evil government is coming to take away their guns and put them into FEMA camps.

          • We can DO that?!! I would love the option of being able to take (some) people’s guns and put them in FEMA camps. Clearly my NPR habit has kept me I’ll-informed! I’m just joking. I think.

      • At least the tractor was on the other side of the Mall from the capitol. I remember going out at lunch to check out that crazy dude – way fun.

        • I was an RA at the fed during that, and our offices were closed for a couple of days because of the claimed explosives. The extra days off were fun at the time ๐Ÿ™‚

  • laduvet

    Rave: For the past 2 months I have been getting up 3 times a week before work and running several miles!
    Rant: Prioritizing to get the run in and waking up and being hydrated really requires discipline and motivation.
    Rave: It’s National Hot Dog Day! Any DC specials today?

  • Rant: planning a wedding. So much work. Plus everybody has an opinion of what we should do, including what to include in our ceremony! Wish we would have eloped.

    Rave: getting married to the most amazing man in the world!

    Rave: picking up my dress this evening! Hope the alternations worked out!

    • Unfortunately, you’ll tend to learn over the course of this process that the wedding isn’t really about you (no matter how much it should be). I can’t tell you how much time I spent answering questions about whether so-and-so was seated too close to the kitchen or why the hotel where people were staying didn’t have a beauty parlor. It’s such a whirlwind, the best you can do is pick your battles and make sure you make time in such a busy day to have a quiet moment with the new spouse to appreciate the commitment you just made.

      • Hmmm, I do not agree with this at all. The wedding should absolutely reflect what’s important to you and future spouse, and if that means incorporating pieces that are important to others, then fine. But there’s no way you’re going to make everyone else happy and I don’t see why that means you shouldn’t be happy either. You’ll still drive yourself crazy planning it, it’s a lot of work – but if you start feeling that it’s not about you then take a break and refresh your perspective.

        • homerule

          I definitely felt that our wedding wasn’t about “us”– it was about our families and the community we had created, one that had supported us through different cities and countries. That being said, my (now) husband and I never lost sight that ultimately, it was about our future marriage. I’d highly recommend the book (not the blog) A Practical Wedding. The author makes that point that the boundaries you set now will be the foundation for your family.

          Good luck! Coming up on our one-year anniversary, I assure you that it’s all worth it.

    • If you’re not vegan, you should have the reception at the Tabard Inn. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I hear ya! I loved my wedding, but totally hated the planning. Obnoxious vendors + familial powerplays drove me insane. Once you find the right vendors and threaten to disinvite those who don’t behave, it’s all smooth sailing.

    • justinbc

      Eloping was the best wedding related decision we ever made [that is, of course, ignoring the eventual outcome of that marriage].

  • Anyone have recommendations for luggage repairs in the Dupont/U Street area? I have a suitcase with a broken strap, and wondering if I should go with my usual place (Art’s on 17th) or somewhere else.

  • Rant: My intern is a phlegmatic, ice-crunching, knuckle-cracking, gum-smacking little noisemaker. I donโ€™t think he realizes how close he is to a very violent and horrific death.
    Rave: Noise cancellation headphones and Drive Like Jehu.

  • rant: baby blogs. If I read one more twee acronym, I’m going to throw my computer across the room. Really need to stop reading these things.
    rant: waiting to figure out if I’m pregnant

    • SFT

      twee? Is that like LO, DH, and DS. Those make me want to punch my computer screen!

      • What’s “LO”?

      • What does LO stand for?

        • little one. the shorthand can be helpful if you’re too lazy to type things out, but it’s a little silly.

      • Exactly. Also: TTC, BFP, POAS, AF, DS, DH, DD, etc.. I feel like I’ve gotten a crash-course in texting lingo from the 90’s. Can’t we just talk about our reproductive systems like adults?

        • What do BFP and POAS stand for?
          Don’t you mean texting lingo from the early/mid-2000s? Or IM abbreviations from the 1990s? I don’t remember anyone texting in the 1990s.

    • +1. People on baby sites seem to delight in shortening things for its own sake. Like it is really that much harder to spell things out?
      I will refrain from sending you barftastic “baby dust” and just say GOOD LUCK with your wait!

  • I have a question for the horde. I just moved to a new place, and we have Comcast for internet. It stopped working last week, and the Comcast service guy determined that it’s not a problem with the router, but rather with the outside wiring/cable box. We don’t have an alley, and the only way to access the box is through the neighbor’s yard. Our neighbor refused to allow them to access the yard, so the Comcast guy just went home. Our landlord has tried to speak with them twice, but now they refuse to open the door. Our landlord said that the strip of land where the wiring is is not their property, and that they aren’t allowed to refuse access. What to do?

    • Get Comcast to route a new line

      • This. Your ability to get cable TV should not be contingent upon someone else giving you access to their property. If Comcast can’t service your line from your property than they need to re-route it. If they won’t do that, then I strongly suggest you tell Comcast you’re canceling their service because of this issue and go with a different provider (who will route their wires appropriately.)

    • just for clarification – how would you get to the box? Would you have to go through your neighbor’s yard?

      • Yeah, there’s a gap between one set of a row houses and another, and that’s where the cables are. It’s fenced off from the front, so you’d have to go through their house or yard to get to it. I’m not sure if that land is theirs or the next house’s. They allowed them to put the lines in a couple years back, but the guy now says that he doesn’t like Comcast or our landlord.

    • This makes me wonder…..is your neighbor illegally tapped into the line? It seems very odd that they won’t allow access. That said, I’m a huge fan of “ask forgiveness, not permission.”

      • It’s possible. My roommate said that they’d been having issues with it being really slow the last few months, then it just suddenly stopped working altogether. I also think there’s some bad blood between them and our landlord.

    • How is there wiring on public property that is only accessible through your neighbor’s yard?
      In any event, you are always allowed to refuse access to your property unless there is an easement. I would think that utility and cable companies would have an easement to enable them to reach their equipment. Maybe speak to someone at Comcast about that. Maybe try a direct conversation with the neighbor. If all of that fails, try FiOs.

  • HolyAwesomeRaveAmazingness: We’re ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Gave Donna a wee snack before bed and some catnip fun and she slept through the night. More importantly, she let me sleep until my alarm went off!
    Rant: Bizzaro and not very pleasant dreams mean I didn’t wake up feeling rested.
    Rave: French Market Coffee

  • Rave: An amazing concert last night. Lionel Ritchie knows how to put on a good show. Such an entertainer.
    Rave: I slept like a lump last night and woke up feeling relatively refreshed considering I have a summer cold.
    Rave: Other than the summer cold, I got a clean bill of health during my yearly checkup at the doctor’s office this am.
    Rant: I still have a cold.

  • Rant: Went to see my therapist yesterday only to find out that he wasn’t in . Went all the way there in the heat only to have to reschedule the appointment til after my vacation.
    Rant: Etill having ugly intrusive thoughts.
    Rave: Getting my hair done today after work.

    • What do you mean by intrusive thoughts? As in they are focused toward you, or they are a negative interruption?

      Sorry that happened…what a pain in the rear!

  • Rant: For the third night in a row, I stayed up too late reading, and my morning was hard.
    Rave: Good books.

    • What are you reading? I need some new suggestions! (just finished reading “the Circle” by Dave Eggers and it was fantastic)

      • The Princess Bride, at the moment. I wish I had read it before I saw the movie 22 times… it’s marvelous, but the movie was very true to the book (even a lot of the dialog is the same). It would have been more enjoyable to read first, and see the movie second.

        • ooh, love the Princess Bride! I think this is a rare case where the book isn’t totally ruined in movie form, but it is still special in its own right.

      • I finished Brain on Fire recently and it was really good! A very quick read and well written, plus a fascinating story!

      • ‘Take this Man’ by Brando Skyhorse is a GREAT read!

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: Phones work in our house after five days of not working.
    Revel: Co-worker willing to give honest fashion advice
    Revel: Korean BBQ for lunch with good friend and her (newish) son. Haven’t seen her in over a year, haven’t ever seen him.
    Revel: Tater tots
    Rant: Some people insisting on blue for boys and pink for girls. As pregnant co-worker pointed out “the baby doesn’t care what color it is”

    • SFT

      Agreed. Babies don’t need to be color coded. My biggest peeve is when parents of girls put those horrible headbands with giant flowers on them. Just stop.

      • Emmaleigh504

        ugh the headbands with bows/flowers and fake hair! It’s not gonna scar anyone if someone thinks the baby is the opposite sex.

        • Back in the 60s, we moved from the U.S. to Switzerland when I was a one-year old. Apparently in Switzerland the color coding for babies was exactly the reverse – so all these Swiss moms were cooing over me, thinking I was a baby girl rather than a baby boy. Doesn’t seem to have scarred me for life – I think.

          • SFT

            Well, in your handle you are preemptively self identifying as male. So maybe just a little scar? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Rant: I need surgery on my thumb to fix up the joint.
    Rant: I gotta call my doctor back because he barely explained what I need done before he left the room.
    Rave: Getting a good dinner tonight at KBC in CoHi.

    • I have a thing about lousy docs and firmly believe that if you don’t like your doctor, get a new one. There are some really bad doctors out there that really rely on the information imbalance with the patient. We should demand that they take more than 5 minutes with us and listen, answer questions, explain what to expect, etc.

      By the way, I have a great ortho that does hands if you are interested.

      • Mind sharing the name? I just saw an ortho doc 2x and don’t think he spent more than 10 minutes with me. He gave his recommendations on the last visit and then walked to the door. Wait – I have questions!

      • I’d love the contact info if you somehow see this.

  • skj84

    Rant/Rave: I confirmed my Skype interview for tomorrow. I’m excited, but a little wary. I looked up the company on Glassdoor and thier reviews are mixed. It’s a startup so it seems that hours will be long and the compensation doesn’t measure up. Plus I would have to relocate for training for a few months. But I’m going into the interview with an open mind.

    Rant: When smart people say stupid things. I was talking to a friend about her potential job which would be in Rockville. I asked if she would move to MoCo and she responded “no, because Maryland people are so rude.” I was flabbergasted, I’ve lived in MoCo for a long time and never encountered anyone exceptionally ruder than the rest of the area. I mean yeah there are entitled jerks, but there are entitled jerks all over the DC area. Her comment really annoyed me, I really hate it when people make sweeping generalizations about others.

    • “I really hate it when people make sweeping generalizations about others.”

      Now you know how I feel about all of the posts about Maryland drivers.

      • skj84

        Oh that’s my biggest pet peeve! Everyone sucks at driving on this area. Why is it even a debate?(I realize I just made a generalization right there) Who came up with that stupid stereotype? I posted my thoughts on the whole debate a few months ago, but it still makes me go on edge.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I’m pretty sure drivers suck every where, except maybe Sweden. Every places I’ve lived has had the worst drivers ever. They even sucked in podunk SoDak, but it was less of an issue b/c there were barely any cars on the road.

      • But there’s a factual basis in this claim. Insurance companies did a comprehensive study of auto fatalities, moving violations, drunk driving, and tickets and found that Maryland drivers are the 18th worst in the US on a per capita basis. Virginia is #36 and DC is #44 – nearly among the best in the country.
        “Maryland drivers suck!” simply isn’t a baseless generalization. They are notoriously terrible and the facts prove it.

      • Accountering

        Maryland drivers are certainly worse than DC/VA drivers. Some of the crap I see on the beltway between Bethesda and DC scares the crap out of me, and always coming from MD drivers.

        • I think there is are contributing factors that make DC residents notice them more:
          1. Maryland drivers don’t have a highway ala 66/395 straight into downtown so every day they cut through DC neighborhoods
          2. Since they don’t live in those neighborhoods they have less motivation to respect stop signs/speed cameras
          3. Also, since they don’t live in those neighborhoods they don’t know their way around as well so they turn late, drive abnormal speeds looking for things, etc
          4. Maryland people drive in the city to go out, VA people go to Clarendon or take the metro since they live near one, thus those Marylanders have epic parallel park fails, run red lights and drive home drunk at 3 am
          5. Maryland drivers are like VA drivers from Sterling/Quantico/Loudon

  • Rant: I feel like shit. I think I have a sinus infection.
    Rave: I finally have a job with PTO! Maybe I’ll go home early today.

  • Rave: Heading to New Orleans for the first time in September ๐Ÿ™‚
    Rant: Not all the lady-friends will be able to make this trip
    Rave: but the ones that do come will be a blast! (I’ll be sure to ask for recommendation when the trip gets closer! I’m looking at you Emilie!)
    Rant: Delta
    Rant/Rave: For the second time this year I booked airline tickets for the wrong dates and then realized the mistake literally moments after pressing the “pay” button. Luckily the airlines have a policy that you can cancel within 24 hours of booking with no penalty (if travel is more than a week away). I didn’t know this until I needed to rely on the policy!
    Rave: I am back to running (after just being injured/then lazy/busy for awhile) and looking forward to amping up my miles in anticipation of the Army 10-miler in October.
    Rave: Looking forward to NYC
    Rant: I am not posting too quickly!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I have recs! I’ll even get some new recs from my pals down there since mine are getting stale. When are you going? Southern Decadence is Labor Day weekend.

  • SFT

    Rant: I’ve got to stop eating lunch at my desk. I just at an entire box of sushi and don’t even remember it. Life is not supposed to be lived in a cube!

    • Aw man, I hate when I autoeat something I was looking forward to. Then I don’t have the memory of eating it. If you do eat lunch at your desk, just turn off your computer monitor to ensure you focus on the food. Bonus: paying attention while you eat is one effective method of weight loss.

      • Sad desk lunch = I get to leave earlier = Happy desk lunch
        Yes, I’m a party pooper but i’m always slightly disappointed when I join “the team” for goodbye lunches, etc. because then I have to be at work for a whole extra hour. Sure, nice to socialize at lunch but My Evenings!

  • Rant: Muggy July heat is challenging the window units
    Rave: Taking the little ones camping at the beach this weekend!
    Rant: Bad news from the investment property. Burst pipe and water damage, boooo.

  • Question — does anyone know if it’s possible for private citizens (in this case, in DC) to offer to host/house one or two of the Mexican/Central American immigrant children until their situation gets resolved? Just feeling like I’d like to help, but not really sure how.

    • I don’t know that much about the specific situation, but I do know that there are strict restrictions on the government accepting voluntary services except in certain types of emergency situations. Although your offer is generous, don’t be upset if the agency involved tells you no; they might be legally bound. It sounds silly, but there are very good reasons for it.

      • Addendum: If you want to help without going through the government, however, a better approach might be to contact the non-profit organizations who perform advocacy services for immigrant children.

        • Catholic Charities is collecting clothing/toiletries/school supplies for the kids. I don’t have the info off hand but it should be on their website.

          • The best way to help is to give money, not clothing/etc to the charity/non-profit. The organization can then buy specifically what is needed when it is needed.

    • I would assume you would have to be certified as a foster parent to accept any children, for their safety. Please donate money to an organization.

  • Rant: Will I ever learn not to eat half a watermelon in one sitting?
    Rant: Nope
    Rant: I think my digestive system is entering mutiny mode.
    Question: Okay, whenever I buy almond butter or natural peanut butter I stir in the oil on top well. But it’s not like I can reach the bottom of the jar to stir the hard, dry, bottom, sedimentary layer in, especially not without spilling oil everywhere. So, when I get lower in the jar I start digging to the bottom and stirring that stuff in, but it never really incorporates. Is there something I’m missing? I never thought I was say that about stirring peanut butter.

    • When I get new almond butter I store it upside down for a few days to let the separated parts get mixed back up a little bit. Then when I open the jar I use a long thin kitchen knife to mix the contents – not so much in a circular stirring motion but more of and up-and-down so the oily parts and the solid parts actually get turned over. It’s a minor pain in the ass but it works for me.

      • I KEEP my natural peanut butter upside down in the cabinet, at least til the jar is half used up. You scrape the PB from the lid, and the consistency is perfect.

    • Sometimes when I’m down to the last couple of servings and they’re a bit too dry, I’ll open the next jar and take a little of the oil off the top to moisten the older stuff up. But just a very little – I’ll dip the knife in the oil and then stir it into the drier stuff.
      But more successful is to store the unopened jar upside down until I use it – then the oil is a layer at the bottom of the jar, and it’s much easier to stir it all in without the oil splashing over the lid.

  • Rant: The interns left without saying goodbye to me.
    Rave: The interns left without saying goodbye to me.

  • RAVE: Had an awesome birthday yesterday. Friends and family went above and beyond.
    RAVE/RANT: I’d been lusting over a KitchenAid mixer for years but could never justify the cost nor decide on a color. Apparently I lusted too verbally, as my boyfriend and my best friend BOTH gifted me one for my bday. I didn’t want either person to feel bad, so I debated not telling my boyfriend and just swapping out one for the other when he came over, but boy those things are heavy! Honesty is not only better, it’s less exercise!

    • Maybe exchange one of the mixers for some attachments? That way it would still be mixer-related.

      • That was my boyfriend’s suggestion (and it logically makes sense), but they picked different colors and there is no way I am choosing between the one my boyfriend got me and the one my best friend got me. That is a can of worms waiting to happen. All in all, having two kitchenaid mixers is not a bad problem to have!

        • Return one for a third color, and the other for the attachments!

        • What colors?! I love my KitchenAid but I went with the silver a few years ago and now regret not getting a fun color.

        • What a waste of valuable kitchen storage space! Flip a coin if you really don’t have a preference over which color. And would either your boyfriend or your friend really care that much?

  • I have a girlfriend coming into town for just tonight. We’re having dinner in Chinatown. We’re considering going to Live Band Karaoke…but I’m worried it’s more my thing than hers. Does anyone know anything else going on tonight (besides just going to one of the bars) as an alternative? Thanks!

  • Rave: Mac’s on 5th and Florida, NE, for tire repair. Quick, cheap, and open 24 hours.
    Rant: the person on my floor at work who is incapable of using a toilet like an adult and smears crap all over the seat. 3 times in two months I’ve seen this. So gross. I feel bad for the cleaning crew.
    Rave: the magical phone in the copy room that connects to one woman’s voicemail so you can leave a message saying that the toner is out or that a copier needs staples. Shortly after leaving a message, she appears like some sort of staple fairy/gnome, adds the staples, and vanishes.
    Rave: finally getting off my derriere to bike in.
    Rant: credit card and check card ceased to work today… not sure my dinner at Seasonal Pantry can happen this evening.

    • I love Mac’s! They fixed a flat tire for me in no time – I don’t remember what they charged but I do remember thinking this was really inexpensive.

    • justinbc

      Crap on the seat? Say what!

      • Dude, it’s so gross. I’m wondering if it’s the same person who throws obscene amounts of paper towels into the same toilet, thus backing it up. I’m also wondering if it’s the person with terrible aim who basically just pees on the floor. I’ve been in cleaner bus station bathrooms in third world countries.

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