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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: I had a great day at the beach in Annapolis
    Rave: I got to see and catch up with my friend who moved to Israel last year and is visiting for a few days
    Rant: She’s afraid to go home because of the conflict with Gaza
    Rant: I found out that in order to be a certified teacher in MD, I have to take yet another Praxis test (which is different from the ones required in DC or VA)

    • How close does your friend live to all of the fighting?

      • She lives in Haifa… I’m not sure how many rockets have made it over there, but she seems to be always on edge because she says she’s often woken up at 2am by sirens and sick of running to bomb shelters.

        • Emmaleigh504

          In the past Haifa didn’t get many rockets because it was far enough away that they didn’t reach. But I don’t know how much better the rockets are now πŸ™
          On a happy note, I’ll be visiting Haifa in the Fall πŸ™‚

          • Have you been there before? I’ve been able to visit 3 times and it’s such a beautiful city. I’m going there next summer I think.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I haven’t, so I”m pretty excited! I have seen a lot of pictures from friends who have been and it is beautiful.

      • I should add a disclaimer that I don’t want to make my post all about taking sides in the conflict; just that I feel for my friend.

  • Rave: Was planting herbs in the garden when I dug up a ton of baby potatoes that I apparently accidentally grew from last year’s thrown-out potatoes. Tortilla Espinola was fantastic.
    Rant: Humidity quite unpleasant.
    Rave: Getting tomorrow off from work for my birthday!

  • Farragut

    RAVE: Had a good weekend with our friends in Winchester.

    RANT: We found out we had a flat tire once we got there. Talk about a bit of a party pooper.

    RAVE/RANT: Allison and I are getting smartphones for the first time in our lives. Will we turn into phone-drones? We’ll see! πŸ™‚

    • Becks

      I turned in my BB for an iphone over the weekend. I love it so far. I was worried about typing and errors, but if I go slow and pay attention I can keep the spelling errors to a minimum.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I am happy to report that at most unofficial Popville happy hours the smartphones don’t come out until late in the night, and usually to share unofficial Animal Fixes πŸ™‚

  • Rant – my neighbor died. I don’t know how financially stable his widow and granddaughters are. I didn’t know him well, and I’m sorry for their loss.
    I know someone in that household is/was a hoarder.
    Rave – there were lots of friends and family helping clean out their house yesterday. Maybe I no longer have a hoarder next door.

  • Becks

    Rave: I love the Hong Kong Film Festival! Great movie last Friday night, Aberdeen. Can’t wait for this Friday’s movie!
    Rave: Found out my phone plan lets me call China for free! Now I just have to figure out the time difference. I was able to talk to one of my friends last night! Yippee!
    Rave: ScreenOnTheGreen tonight! Sweep the leg!
    Rant: Bad neighbors have reached epic levels of bad neighborness! Starting Friday night the mariachi music began. It wouldn’t be that bad but the bass carries underground to my basement apartment. Sunday they threw a party. The adults were all out back drinking and screaming and cranking up the music. The children, I lost count after 8, were on the front porch. I kept hearing a clicking sound and looked out. There was this kid throwing the rocks from my front yard all over the place! Down the front steps, down the basement stairs, all over the sidewalk. I run out of my house and yell, no! No! No! I walk up my basement steps and there are two adults just staring at me. The kid is still standing in my yard. I tell one adult, please don’t let the kids throw rocks. He looks away. The other adult comes over and glares at me as she picks up her child and goes back to her house. Really!!!! Bad! Bad neighbors!

    • This sounds like the illegal boarding house on 1300 blk of Shepard St NW

    • Yikes. Most of my bad neighbors are bad in a more passive way, like not mowing and allowing the weeds in their yard to grow a foot (or more) high. It seems like your Bad Neighbors are _actively_ bad.

  • RAVE: I took MtP’s advice about my sad, sad tomato plant – the stalk seemed to be okay, and the tomatoes just started to ripen on Saturday. I think overwatering must have been the problem.
    RANT: Someone stole the tomatoes!!! I checked on them yesterday and 3 out of 4 had vanished. I am so so bummed. Hoping it wasn’t a neighbor, as I’m really friendly with all of them. What would possess someone to steal 3 mostly green tomatoes???
    RAVE: superb weekend with my partner. We always have so much fun together -she’s the best.

    • Squirrels. I have to seal my tomatoes in chicken wire.

    • Yep, squirrels love tomatoes. Raccoons, too. I have a sweet 100s on my back porch, pretty much for the express purpose of feeding the squirrels.

      • Ah, I hadn’t thought of raccoons! The whole thing seemed too clean for squirrels – they were good medium-sized tomatoes, so I think squirrels would have had trouble carrying them off without leaving any evidence. Raccoons, though… sneaky jerks.

  • Rant: A good friend who I had feelings for but lost that sort of interest in came to visit over the weekend. Friend brought significant other, who I didn’t know existed without telling me. I like significant other, but just felt irrationally weird and crappy because it definitely altered the dynamic of our hangouts.
    Rave: Got to see my friend!

    • skj84

      Yuck. Your friend should’ve asked before bringing the SO. I understand how you feel. I had someone who I was friends with, dated a bit and now he’s seeing someone. I have this terror of running into him and his new girl and I don’t know if I could handle it.

    • Oof, they really should have let you know in advance. I remember when an ex-boyfriend (we were still friends; dated in high school for about six months and broke up when I went to college) brought over his new girlfriend to my house to hang out without giving me a heads up. It was definitely a bit weird!

  • Help, gardeners! My eggplant plants are producing nicely, but still nothing from the pepper plants or okra plants (not even any flowers on the okra), and the zucchini only has a couple of proto-zukes and almost all male flowers. Is there anything to do but wait?

  • Rave: Judging by my Twitter feed, I’m very grateful not to rely on the Blue/Orange Line (or Metro anyway) to commute to work. Eesh, sounds miserable.

  • Rave: (Overheard at the 14th and U Farmer’s market)

    Customer A: How do you know if the melon is ripe?
    Customer B: If the melon ain’t ripe, the farmer don’t bring it!

    Rant: I’m having trouble with my new Galaxy S3 Note. When I connect it to the charger I get a message that says something like β€œThe charger you are using is incompatible with your phone. To prevent damage charging has been stopped. Please use the charger provided with your phone.”

    But I AM using the charger provided with my phone!

    After some trouble shooting with a Verizon chat agent, he suggested I take my phone into a store. Grr…the phone is too new to be having issues.

    • Accountering

      Return it and get a new one… I had issues with my brand new iPhone. You get 14 days (at least with Verizon) to return it. I got the new one, and it works beatifully. You just may have a lemon, and no sense messing around with a lemon for the next 24 months+.

    • justinbc

      I get the same message on my S3 Note, but only periodically. It still charges regardless, so I just ignore it.

      • Unfortunately mine doesn’t charge and it puts a nasty red x over the charge status.

        • Mine started doing that at 2 years of age and after a full toilet immersion. I can usually get it going by unplugging and re-plugging, but it’s clearly indicative of a problem. Swap it out for a new one. I bet you got a lemon.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: In jury limbo. Haven’t received notice that trial is over but can’t continue to wait at home.
    Revel: Not too much to catch up on at work.
    Revel: Mr. Squid said he had a good birthday, ended up being a chill day at home.
    Revel: The King of Speed with Idris Elba is a fun show with a lovely host
    Revel: Fascinator came in for friends’ wedding next month. Perfect for a garden party.

    • GiantSquid

      Forgot a Rant: AT&T, issues all this past week with phones not making or receiving calls at our house. Kind of important in an emergency!

    • Glad that Mr. Squid had a good birthday! I know that this was something that you were concerned about. Hope you had a nice time chilling too!

    • Becks

      Glad his birthday worked out. Did you get funny birthday hats?

      • GiantSquid

        We did not. But I made him waffles for breakfast and personal pan pizzas for dinner, so I think it balances out.

  • epric002

    rant: walked to the metro this morning behind someone carrying a large bag of garbage. he walked out of the house with it, and proceeded to throw it in a public trash can outside the metro. he saw me staring at him, so i asked him if he had a residential trash can. he said yes, and i told him he could get a ticket if he threw household trash in a public can. he apologized a couple times. i don’t think he really understood what the issue was. WHY do people do this?!
    rave: started clicker training with the foster puppy. that shit is AMAZING!
    rave: foster puppy is smart and loves clicker training.
    rave: clicker training makes for a tired and well behaved foster puppy πŸ˜€

    • My guess is he doesn’t want to hassle with a back gate, so he walks the same distance to the public trashcan. But really, most people do this because they live in semi-legal buildings that are too big (four units or more, It think?) for municipal pickup, but with landlords too cheap to provide private pickup. That’s the real problem.

      • epric002

        this guy came out of a house that has a family (extended, probably) living it. not a semi-legal situation for this one. and he carried this bag a good block and a half in order to throw it away. SO ANNOYING, b/c this fills up the public trashcans.

        • How odd. Even if the back gate is a minor hassle, it seems like it would be way more of a hassle to carry a BIG bag of trash 1.5 blocks.

        • Maybe just a time crunch? It does seem odd — and inconsiderate. But I can imagine someone running late on Monday morning, being nagged about taking out the trash, and just grabbing it to go — instead of making the trip out back. Could be one of those days when 5 minutes really matters! I’d also guess that many people think that public trashcans are for trash — and except for the inconvenience, wouldn’t see putting trash in a trashcan as a problem, because trash is trash, instead of making the distinction between a garbage bag and trash from lunch.

    • Know what else tires out a puppy? Teaching them “find it” by hiding yummy, smelly treats around the house. I only started this with our two year old puppy a couple weeks ago and she LOVES it. And after about 15 minutes she conks out. Love that stuff that works their brains.
      And click training is seriously the best.

      • tell me more of this game! what kind of treats do you use? how do you make them wait while you hide the treats?

        • I used to do this with my dog (R.I.P. Petey!). Just put them in an isolation chamber (another room, door closed), hide the treats, release the pup and let the sniffing begin! Fun for them and fun to watch.

        • We have managed to teach her “wait” fairly well, so I make her sit and wait while I wander around the house. Our dog is a very picky eater, so her treat mood changes frequently. I am currently using this chicken jerky that she seems to love and I break it up and hide it all around (upstairs, downstairs). I’ve been doing this at night before I sit down to read or watch tv – we interact and have fun during the game and then I get a little peace and quiet. I started mixing up the heights last night – putting some treats up higher, which has been a fun and challenging variation for her.

      • epric002

        we’ll have to try that. unfortunately can only do it if we’re home, b/c he has to be crated when we leave, but a good idea for a semi-supervised exercise! will ask our trainer about how to start teaching that at our next class.

      • My dog loves to play this game! And it’s a good distractor when she wants to bark at someone “her” sidewalk. I make her stay while I’m hiding treats around the house; I use Zuke’s peanut butter mini treats.

        • epric002

          your dog must have a good sniffer. i use the zukes training treats while on walks, but i don’t think they’re high-enough reward for this kind of game with mine/they wouldn’t find them ( i know this b/c i randomly find these treats around the house that have been dropped). now if the beagle were still here, there would be NO “lost” treats πŸ™‚

          • Are the training treats different from the mini naturals? The salmon mini’s are smelly (which is why I switched to peanut butter)

          • epric002

            no they’re the same- i just call them training treats. our resident dog spits out the PB ones (she’s soooo picky) but the foster dog will eat anything. i just don’t think they’re enough motivation/reward to get him to hunt for them. would have to do it with something truly delicious/special like hot dog pieces.

      • Great idea! I just tried this with my two dogs. The small elderly dog kicked the 2 year old lab’s butt and found 8 of the 10 (very small) treat pieces. Finally, something the old little dog can do better than the young big dog.

  • Accountering

    Rant: Worked 10 hours in a budget/planning meeting on Saturday
    Rave: I am ready for my meeting tomorrow in St. Paul.
    Rave2: I led our 10 hour planning meeting with our CEO/COO/VP Recruiting, and at the end was told I did a great job, and everyone was very impressed.
    Rave3: Impending promotion and increase was very likely positively impacted by the fact I am touching some very important projects at the perfect time!
    Rant2: Spent $700 at Costco yesterday.
    Rave4: Spent $700 at Costco yesterday. Have a new suitcase – two amazing new lamps – two new king size pillows to put in my pillow shams – a ton of wine and tasty 22oz beer bottles. My room is finally coming together – emptied out the last two huge boxes, and it looks amazing! I couldn’t be more pleased!

    • No, no… you put the OLD pillows in your shams, since you don’t sleep on them. Keep the nice new pillows for non-decorative use. (My shams have ratty old throw pillows in ’em.)

      • Accountering

        Well, I have new pillows for sleeping on too πŸ™‚ – though your point still stands.

      • That depends on how OLD your old pillows are. And personal preference. I tend to like thinner, floppy pillows to sleep on — so the too big fluffy ones go in the shams until I can squish them down a bit. Good point about thrifty re-use of the pillows though!

  • RAVE: Saturday’s Reggae Festival at Linganore Winery. Lots of good vendors. Spent more than I planned. Great reggae music.
    RAVE: Went to Artscape in Baltimore on Sunday. Anthony Hamilton in concert with Emily King as the opening act
    RANT: No rants. I spent two days sitting in the grass listening to great music and drinking wine with friends. I am rant-free

  • Rave: finally took the plunge and got a pixie cut!
    Rant/rave: I’m the maid of honor in a wedding where none of the bridal party (including the bridge and groom) lives in the same state nor in the state where the wedding is taking place. Not sure how to arrange a bridal shower/ bachelorette party if people are already travelling in for the wedding. Thoughts?

    • Emmaleigh504

      My extended family often has this problem. We do bride’s maids’ luncheons. They are fun and not too difficult to throw together in a place you don’t live because you can just make reservations somewhere. (or if you are really lucky your grandmother’s rich and eccentric friend will host one in her house.)

    • I have no advice for bridal shower organizing, but YAY for pixie cuts! Hope you love it πŸ™‚

      • I also just got one. I feel like on other people they look cute, but on me it just looks like too short hair. What am I doing wrong?

        • Pixie cuts really only work if you have sharp, angular features. In my opinion. Others will disagree with me.

          • I do have the features for a pixie, I think – defined jawline and cheekbones. It’s just that it lies flat or something. How do people who love their pixie cuts style them?

          • epric002

            do you have fine or thin hair? i clip the top/bang part of mine up to air dry while i’m getting ready, and then i sprtiz w/B&B thickening spray and blow dry upside down, and then blow dry/style with a small round brush. i finish with B&B creme contour.

          • GiantSquid

            When my hair was pixie short, I found that a cream pomade, like got2be’s purple jar found in grocery store product sections, was perfect for giving a little bit of texture without being stiff or shiny.

        • saf

          You aren’t used to it yet.

          • I guess I misspoke, I’ve had the pixie cut for nearly a year (which should be enough time to get used to it!) but “just” got my haircut this weekend.

          • saf

            Oh, yeah. That’s longer than I assumed.

          • I suppose I’m not using enough (any!) product. I don’t like to shampoo it everyday, which it needs when I goop it up. But maybe that’s the trade-off for having it look better. Thanks for the tips!

    • GiantSquid

      Yay pixie cut! Wish there was a way for folks to share their new do’s without losing anonymity

    • epric002

      fellow pixie here- yay y’all! there are many versions of pixie cuts, @anon 10:40. try modifying yours a little bit next time- color, hi/low-lights, length, or cut. i have longer bang pieces in the front of mine that i can bobby pin to either side, wear as sideswept bangs over my forehead, or pin back on the top of my head. and i do disagree about only people with sharp, angular features being able to wear them. i do not have those features, and get weekly compliments on my hair, thankyouverymuch πŸ˜›

    • Thanks for the kind replies Emilie504, Pixie, Giant Squid and erpic0002! It took me 10 years to get the nerve to cut off my shoulder-blade length hair and I’m loving it so far. Anonymous @ 10:40-the stylist advised me to use Oribe fiber groom but it’s pretty pricey so I’ll probably shop around for a different pomade when this runs out.

      • Oribe is good stuff but I agree is very pricey. I get free samples from my salon occasionally and it’s nice, but not worth the money, IMO. My hair is curly/wavy, so I use some leave in condish mixed with gel after I wash my hair and just let it air dry. If I’m a rush I’ll use a diffuser or just wash my hair at night. For days when I don’t wash my hair, I’ll style it with a pomade, I’m liking B&B Semisumo (mostly because it smells sooooo good!) but I’m thinking of trying something with more hold.

    • zainoce

      On long distance bridal showers: I got married last year and my in-laws wanted to throw a shower in St. Louis, which was very kind, but the travel really wasn’t feasible for me. They surprised me with a really sweet “snail mail shower,” with cards and gift cards plus a few small gifts wrapped together in a cute box. It’s not quite the same as an in-person get together, but it was lovely!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Donna is a bad BAD weebus. She started trying to wake me up for breakfast by knocking things off the tables, bookshelves, and walls at 4:30 am.
    Rant: Today’s green smoothie is vile. I guess I’m doing it correctly now.
    Rave: Summer is coming back this week! Welcome home dear friends, heat and humidity! Never leave!
    Rant: It was still chilly this morning. I’ll never make it in Sweden πŸ™
    Rave: Lots of cheap blueberries! I’ll be making blueberry butter this week!!

    • What did you put in your green smoothie? There are things you can do to make it taste better – it can depend on the combination of greens you put in.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I’m on a list that sends out weekly recipe’s to try. It’s great because I can experiment without actually using brain power. This one had chard, strawberries, almond milk, and banana. The problem was the strawberries weren’t very sweet (and I don’t like them much). I should have used blueberries.

        • Ah, I see. Chard can definitely create a bitter taste. You can always do half baby spinach, half chard, to make it less bitter. I find baby spinach to be the least bitter of the greens that can work in smoothies. I also omit bananas because, while they’re in a ton of smoothie recipes, I find they don’t always mix well with a bunch of ingredients.

          My go-to green smoothie recipe involves baby spinach, cucumber, celery and a few frozen starwberries (which add flavor and help with the texture). Sometimes I top it with strawberry-banana flavored fish oil (which you can get at Whole Foods) or I put in pineapples instead of strawberries.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I think I’ll enjoy chard with a sweeter fruit, it was more bitter than spinach but didn’t have an overwhelming flavor like kale. I like to add banana or mango for texture more than flavor; they make them nice and creamy.
            Or I could have subbed orange juice for the almond milk b/c it’s sweeter. I can work with chard, just not strawberries πŸ™‚

        • I don’t put a ton of greens in mine, sometimes a leaf or two of kale, so disregard if the goal is a green smoothie. However, I love the combo of a chopped up apple, berries (blueberries, blackberries or berry mixes like the one from trader Joes are the best), sunflower seed butter and almond milk. sometimes an avocado if I have one that’s about to go bad. I rotate in other things if I have them around, i.e. today a peach instead of the apple. Its surprisingly filling and gives me a lot of energy.

          • It’s true – it doesn’t have to be a completely green smoothie. I also do one of just pineapple, cucumbers, and ice, and it’s filling and naturally creamy.

        • Always add a tablespoon of ground flax seed.

      • +1. I bet those blueberries would brighten your green smoothie right up! My fave combo is blueberry + almond milk + almond butter + handful of dark greens + cinnamon + vanilla. The last two really take the edge off even the most bitter greens.

    • binpetworth

      I think Donna and my cat are in cahoots; she also woke me at 4:30 by knocking over my alarm clock. Or maybe it was just payback because she knew I was taking her to the vet this morning!

  • Rant – Back in the cubicle after being out of the office last week for work travels.
    Rant – Left my favorite pair of black flats at the hotel. I left the hotel lost and found number two voicemails and haven’t heard back from them. Those shoes were the best combination of work appropriateness and comfort and I really want them back πŸ™
    Rave – Spend the weekend catching up on my favorite things to do at home: reading in the park, biking, hiking, cooking, and baking. I really miss being the kitchen and eating homemade meals when I’m out traveling. I made my first homemade pie dough yesterday, which was risky because it was so humid in my kitchen and dough got VERY sticky and started breaking up while rolling it out. But I managed to make a blueberry peach galette, and it was delicious, although a bit leaky.

    • skj84

      Can you get a hold of the security department in regards to the shoes? At the hotel I worked at all lost and found items were handled my security. They processed everything and were the ones to contact if a guest left an item.

      • They keep transferring me to their lost and found department, but no one ever answers that phone. I’ll call again during lunch and ask to speak with security.

        • Does the hotel have a concierge that you can speak with? If so, maybe the concierge can either intervene directly and get back to you, or give you a phone number that someone will answer. Hope you get your shoes back!!!

  • I have more!

    Rant: I’m sick of being broke and having to take a bunch of side gigs
    Rave: I’m excited to not be broke once I start teaching.
    Rant: My first day of work (new teacher boot camp) starts August 4… Way earlier then expected
    Rave: I won’t be whining about how miserable/depressed/lonely I am with nothing to do all day in 2 more weeks!

  • rant: someone continues to throw away their kitty litter in the trash in the laundry room of my apartment complex, you can imagine how my clothes smell after the drier.
    rave: all the cat ladies at work are very friendly to me.

  • Rave: Personal best on 2k erg test, including beating a bunch of kids in their 30s and 40s.
    Rave: Made an amazing plum soup for girlfriend’s relatives (and us, of course).
    Rant: too much rowing and cooking over the weekend, not enough screwing around.

  • Rave: Spent the weekend out at Harper’s Ferry with great group of friends.
    Rave: Went tubing for the first time evar.
    Rant: Got raccoon eyes because I don’t put sunscreen on as I never burn.
    Rave: Loving my fresssssssh hair cut I got in Brooklyn last week.

  • RAVE: A most excellent weekend of food, creative work, and human connection.

    RANT: Anecdotes about proposals, and lengthy discussions of when-they’ll-get-married are ponderous. I
    wanted to be Deiter and exclaim “your story has grown tiresome!”

    RANT: not understanding totally why a friend has gone incommunicado; some months ago, I was asked if I wanted to be a “guinea pig” for some herbalism diagnosis related to Trad.Chinese Medicine. I said sure. Showed up to learn that I was going to be paying for herbs, then expected to prepare and consume herbs over weeks and weeks, and then come in repeatedly over multiple weeks, again, paying for each time, in addition to proposed bodywork. It was like I was being finagled into being a patient of a close friend (which is WEIRD). So, I dropped it, hoping that she would take a hint, but every effort I’ve made to engage her since has been met with a wall of silence. Kind of mourning a needlessly lost friendship, but it’s also weird to have a good friend attempt to provide unsought medical advice and application.

    • Sounds like your friend is a bit odd. Seems like it’s for the best. I’d be pissed that a close friend was abusing our friendship and trying to snooker me for money. Not cool.

    • That is weird. But it also sounds like the two of you never had a direct conversation. So you’re maybe feeling that your friendship is being abused (which I would agree with), but your friend is wondering why you said “sure” then “dropped”. IMO, hoping people will “take a hint” is more likely to lead to confusion and incorrect assumptions. It is very weird to have a good friend attempt to provide unsought medical interventions — especially if the expectation is that you’ll pay for them. It’s also weird to have a friend just drop out of something, with no effort to discuss it. If it’s a friendship that you value, consider if it’s worth it to you to make the effort to discuss your discomfort mixing friendship and business. Most therapists have ethical prohibitions about “dual relationships” – which would include mixing business with friendship, so that you’re not comfortable with this shouldn’t be a surprise to her.

    • Yeah, that’s weird that your friend was trying to get you to pay to be a guinea pig. It sounds like a New Age version of a Mary Kay or Avon rep trying to get her friends to buy her wares… except it’s not even a one-off, but something continuing over time.
      What’s “bodywork” in this context — acupuncture or something??

  • Emmaleigh504

    Almost forgot a Rave: Thanks SKJ84 for organizing the brunch this weekend at Roofers Union! It was super fun and nice to meet more Popville people. My food was good too! And the bottomless mimosa’s had the perfect ratio of sparkling wine and orange juice.
    Bonus: Meet someone who knows someone from back home. Of course I did, anyone who has lived in New Orleans for any amount of time has met someone from this family.

    • skj84

      You’re welcome Emilie! It was good seeing everyone! I wish I could’ve stayed longer and done the unlimited mimosas.

      • SKJ, if it makes you feel any better — for me, the bottomless mimosas fell into the category of “seemed like a good idea at the time.”
        The regular mimosas there are cheap enough ($5) that I really should’ve just gotten two of those. With the bottomless mimosas ($15), I felt obligated to drink a total of three so as to get my money’s worth, and they did not feel so good in my tummy. πŸ™

  • justinbc

    Rave: Overcast weekend was perfect for running!
    Rave: Albert Paley exhibit at the Corcoran is pretty bad ass.
    Rave: Discovered the American/holiday store in Georgetown, it’s now my new obsession.

    • Accountering

      Totally agree! Had two great runs this weekend, and the unseasonably cool July weather made them both awesome! New New Balance shoes that fit perfectly were the icing on the cake!

  • Rave: Had a good gig last night.

  • Rant: Had grand plans of cleaning the house and applying for jobs yesterday and instead got sucked into Game of Thrones: Ascent and didn’t do any of it.
    Revel: I did find time to make baingan bharta and a squash curry out of the MASSIVE eggplant and zucchini I bought at the Columbia Heights Farmers Market on Saturday.
    Revel: LEFTOVERS!

    • Mmmm baingan bharta is my favorite!

    • I ordered baingan bharta from Salt and Pepper Grill and it was delicious. So I decided to made it myself, and it was even more delicious. Probably because I add more of what I like to any recipe : )

      • What’s your recipe (or base recipe)?

        • I use the Mark Bittman recipe in the NY Times (June 26, 2013) along with Allrecipes (which only has one recipe for this). I usually read thru the Allrecipe reviews to get ideas of what has worked/doesn’t work for others.

          • Thanks! Bittman recipes are always solid, and this is my favorite kind of recipe – the kind where I already have all ingredients on hand!

  • Rave: Lots of produce from my garden including some beautiful heirloom tomatoes and many cucumbers. Too many cucumbers? Fourteen cucumbers in my refrigerator, and that’s after giving away/consuming at least five
    Rave: Lost a few pounds, must be from eating so many cucumbers
    And rave: Started blogging again after a prolonged hiatus

  • Rant: That car in the picture is one of my neighbors’ and I’m really tempted to key it all the time. That and the guy with the “TAX SUX” license plate.

    • Ooooooh, I live near here and I’m always curious about this Jeep. Let me guess, he’s a lobbyist?

      • Haha no lobbyist. actually I’m mostly an Uber driver. But I do independent patent filing work as well. You know free market type guy. Basically a libertarian.

    • I knew someone would mention that photo. I, frankly, like it. Doesn’t mean I want to go around keying cars that have Obama stickers on them.

    • You like taxes? I walk by this Jeep a lot too but I kind of want to give the guy a high five because people like you get fussy about people who disagree with you. Let me guess- you consider yourself open minded and accepting?

      • Yes, I like taxes. I like the many goods and services provided by taxes, and I like the idea that we all share in this provision. I’d like to see the implementation tweaked, but overall, taxes are a good thing.

      • Taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society with things like education and fire and EMS and transit. Guns are a murderous invention with no place in said civilized society.

        But you know, outside of those two things, yeah, pretty open-minded.

      • So basically you like to say things just to get a rise out of other people, garner attention for yourself, and generally be pedantic? I believe we call this “trolling.”
        Sounds like a thrilling hobby.

      • @Anon1 and Emilie and Anon2 – Obviously we all benefit from public services provided by the tax system. Personally, when I tally up the Fed Tax/”State” Tax/Social Security (lol?)/Medicare on my pay stub I hardly get excited about it- but we all have to pay for roads and first responders and I think we can agree that is a good thing. I was curious if AnonCarKeyer really enjoyed paying taxes, or was just filled with millennial angst towards what they perceived to be a person of the opposing political party based solely on their license plate.
        @Anon2 – Military guns provide you with your civilized society. Thank a veteran.
        @Anon3 (AnonCarKeyer??? Hard to keep you guys straight!) – Thanks for your input. I put a lot of thought into your comment.

      • Well come on and give me a high five! Short guy with a bulldog lives in the house painted like the flag of ireland on 12TH!

    • That “TAX SUX” license plate would get my blood boiling just for the poor grammar. I guess “TAXES SUK” was already taken, or too long??

    • Haha well you’d be keying the same car as they are both mine. The 03 Civc with the TAX SUX is mine and the 01 Jacked up jeep wrangler is also mine. Oh and you mine as well key the 2012 Silver Kia in advance because I’m about to get the license plate LIBERTY for that one. If your my neightbor you should really stop by and say hi I live in the building on 12TH next to the cofee shop I’m not as bad as you may thing. In fact I don’t even own a gun I just support legal gun ownership. If you see me out their I got a big bulldog I walk him every morning his name is Sergeant. My brother is the one who owns the building that has the coffee shop in it. So maybe you can say hi to him as well. He’s the one with the 1981 Delorean usually parked out front. Were a couple of lifetime DC residents and honestly keying someones car for voicing their opinion on legal gun ownership? Really? Look buddy Ihad to get the ACLU on board with me to get that tag. They denied it at first. I’m a big bill of rights advocate from the top to the bottom. If you see me out there just say hi don’t key the car. Of course its a pretty tough jeep so I’m sure she can take it.

      Kelly Dalton

    • Keying cars for free speech would you also key my third car because I ordered the plate liberty for it? Intolerant of the firsdt amendment much?

  • Do people have thoughts on buying in Anacostia? I’m sure it’s been discussed before, but I’m curious. I have a lot of mixed feelings about it, and want to know what other people think.

    • Accountering

      Assuming DC continues to gentrify (I think it will) and that areas WOTR continue to gentrify (I think they will) I think you will see well above average levels of price appreciation EOTR over the next decade. If you can find a nice big SFH (or a multi-unit apartment building etc) in a good location/walking distance to metro, I think you will do very well as an investment. You have to decide for yourself if you are comfortable living there (as anyone who moves anywhere in DC has to decide)

    • justinbc

      I have lots of thoughts on buying in Anacostia. I would be more curious what yours are first though, as it’s easier to address specific points of interest rather than just babbling on about things you might not care about.

      • I think my thoughts are more on the neighborhoods most likely to see development/improvement, and also on the general idea of gentrification. I feel like there is a lot of debate on this subject, and I already rent somewhere where there has been a lot of pushing out of the long-time residents, and I’m not sure I would be contributing more to this problem by buying in Anacostia (though I know plenty of people would argue it’s not my problem). Anacostia is where we can afford, and I’m not afraid to move there, just want to be thoughtful about it.

        • Accountering

          It certainly is not your problem. You have a right to buy a home, and to live where you want to live. Gentrification is happening either way, and you moving to Anacostia is not going to be the tipping point. Live where you want to live.
          As far as neighborhoods likely to see improvement – anywhere in a SFH area (less apartments=better IMO) that is walking distance to Metro should improve the quickest. That is what I would be targeting if I were looking EOTR right now.

          • Huh, we’re looking EOTR and actually thinking the opposite. Anacostia seems the most appealing because it’s so walkable and accessible, and that’s what people want these days. Though I’ll admit some of the houses in Hillcrest are quite swoon-worthy!

        • justinbc

          If you can buy in the historic district that’s already receiving a lot of funding being pumped in and will continue to for quite some time. The prices have already shot way up from 2-3 years ago though, so although it’s still relatively cheap by DC standards you definitely missed the peak buying time. The exception is if you can find a shell and have the money and time to fix it up while you continue to rent, or at least do the bones and move in while you do the rest. You used to be able to get solid properties in the range of $100-200 sqft there, now that’s about what you’ll pay for ones with “potential”. With respect to how you should “feel” about being part of a gentrifying neighborhood, take some solace in the fact that virtually all of DC (except some parts of upper NW) is going through that, or has in the last decade or so. It’s not inherently wrong, unless it’s done subversively, or in a way to cheat people out of what the rightfully own. If someone wants to sell you a house for $250K that they paid $50K for, that’s just capitalism.

    • I feel like you are being a little harsh. Who are you to assume I’m not doing my own research, and what’s wrong with reaching out to this group for thoughts? I happen to want to know what people on this site think.

      • Looks to me as though M is trying to get information about Anacostia from people who might know more about it than he/she does, in much the way that people use PoPville for crowd-sourcing various kinds of information.

    • M, there is some PoPville feedback on Anacostia in a RRRR thread, starting here:
      Some (much?) of the commentary is less about Anacostia itself, and more about how EmptyNester’s wife reacted to it, but it might still give you some food for thought.

  • Rant: We were going to get a car (yay!), but have been told by DDOT that our street doesn’t qualify residential parking passes. Has anyone applied for an exemption?

    • What do you mean by an exemption? If your block isn’t marked for RPP, you can’t get one. I don’t think there is any such thing as an exemption or exception to that.

    • saf

      An exemption?

      • I don’t think such a thing exists. If you’re not on a zoned street, you’re not on a zoned street.
        That said, I think your ANC rep can petition the DMV to get your street zoned, at least if it’s a residential street, and/or to get the DMV to grant you a zone permit.

        • There actually is (or was, anyway) a way to get an RPP sticker even if your block is not RPP, as long as you are in Ward 1 and your block is in the ERPP program, which covers ANC 1A, 1B, and 1C. If you live on a non-RPP block you need to contact your ANC Commissioner and he/she can get you added to the list. Here’s the actual text form the ERPP rulemaking:
          A new subsection 2411.25 is added to read as follows:
          2411.25 An Enhanced Residential Permit Parking (ERPP) program shall be established within the boundaries of Ward 1:
          (a) Each Ward 1 Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) may implement an ERPP program within the ANC’s respective boundaries. The ERPP program shall include the following elements:

          (3) Any resident owning a vehicle registered at an address within the ERPP program area shall be eligible to apply for residential permit parking decals as provided by the Department of Motor Vehicles; and

  • Rant: Captcha requests before posting today and then getting the “You are posting too fast…” message.

    Rant: I found a chicken bone in my kitchen. I haven’t had bone-in chicken in months. OMG the ubiquitous chicken bones have moved from the streets to the indoors!

    • Emmaleigh504

      or a ghost who loves chicken!

    • Don’t you have dogs? My second thought was that one of your dogs might have brought it in. My first thought is that someone might be trying to hex you with an intervention that involves bones. This thought comes courtesy of a few interesting experiences with a former roommate from Brazil. My third thought is pretty disgusting. I’ve never actually SEEN anyone eating chicken on the street — or tossing the bones, but I’d hate to think that whatever is going on is migrating from the streets to homes!

      • I do have dogs but they are old and do their business in the backyard. It is quite possible though that the neighborhood Bruja is up to ther old tricks.

        I had some houseguests who smudged my house (without asking) when I was out for a while. Maybe I hould invite them back.

  • Rant: H St. NE walking tours. SMDH!! I have seen it all now. Gentrification is what it is but this had me crying inside as I walked by the group. Yeah, this is where we live now…
    Rave: I have to salute the youngin for finding a niche and the hustle to make it happen. He had two tours going, one with about 15 people and the other with about eight. I am so curious how he got those customers but hey good on him for the vision.
    Rant: Not sure if he was from around here though because he called Bladensburg Road, Bladensburg Ave., ehh no.
    Rant: Summer traffic to and from Hampton, VA over the weekends.
    Rave: Went fishing at Buckroe overnight.
    Rant: Didn’t catch a damn thing.
    Rave: Finally bought a pier landing net and a few other things. I don’t think I have to spend money at Bass Pro for a good while now.

    • In one of George Pelecanos’ books, he calls Kenilworth Ave something like Kenilworth Road or Boulevard. Sometimes even locals can get stuff like that wrong.

  • Rave: Good time at my first Nats game Saturday. Also, I bought a baseball cap from a street vendor. He told me and my gf (I’m white, she’s black) something like, “I don’t care what anyone says, you two make a nice couple!”

    Rant: Bored at work and hungover.

    • I love the street hustlers outside Nats stadium. They are hilarious and always give me a good deal on merchandise. I’ve bought a few hats from them and they are great.

      • I live next to one of the Navy Yard metro exits. It’s the one by the CVS. At the beginning of the season, I stopped by those guys and said I’m a resident, I am not a Nats fan, so you can save your time by not selling to me on game days.

        And damned if they didn’t take that to heart. They yell what up to me as I am walking home but never try and sell me stuff. Awesomesauce.

  • Rave: Georgetown Waterfront Park. I spent a nice time chilling and enjoying the park. Love it! It’s an easy way to get my river-fix.
    Rave: The weather. Overall, the weather we’ve had this year has been wonderful. And I’m loving that the weekends have been lovely — and the less than lovely weather waits for the weekdays.
    Rave: Comfy t-shirts from Life Is Good — even better than the Hanna Anderson ones that I’ve worn to shreds because they’re no longer available in adult sizes.
    Rave: Guitar Heaven: got to play with someone else’s very sweet guitar. Way nice, way kind of him to share. And a great intervention for GAS.
    Rant: My shorter messages seem to post just fine. The longer ones post as “Anonymous” after I get the “posting too quickly” message. The really long, intricate, well-thought out ones get the “posting too quickly” message multiple times, then the whole message disappears completely.
    Rave: Consequently, I’m finally learning to be relatively terse. πŸ˜‰ I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks. Maybe I need clicker training!

  • Rave: Met some great folks at the Popville brunch on Saturday.
    Rave: Thanks Emilie504 for help with my name (longtime reader – firsttime poster)
    Rant: Now that my rescue has recovered from a very $ and lengthy heartworm treatment, he has become incredibly aggressive.
    Rant: The potential cost of training for him (and I) so that we can cohabitat with my bf’s dog

    • woofwoof, it was nice meeting you! (and sitting next to you :-))

      • nice meeting you too hammers!

      • Emmaleigh504

        Nice to meet both of you! woofwoof I told Shoke that I met you and she was impressed by the smallness of the world πŸ™‚ Not sure why since she and her family know everyone.

        • Emilie504, yeah, I saw on fb that she and her adorbs husband were celebrating their 12th anniversary this wknd… i was tempted to tell her i met you too πŸ™‚

          • Emmaleigh504

            Whoa they’ve been married 12 years already?! That doesn’t seem possible! I shudder to think how old her son is now. He’s perpetually 4 in my head.

    • I’ll post again tomorrow in case you’re no longer checking today’s R&R, but Your Dog’s Friend is a good training resource if you can make it out to the burbs. Or the rescue you adopted from may have some recs.

  • Rave: Popviller Ally, who not only helped save Gilford the dog from being put down, but also sent me and another HT volunteer pictures of happy Gilford on his way to his new home. Thanks Ally!!

    • My pleasure. Note, that was one strong dog! My roommate spent the majority of the 5 hour trip trying (read struggling) to convince Gilford to stay in the back seat (guess this is why smarter people use crates!). Anywho, yep…he’s all safe and sound now in Lancaster, PA. When I left him, he was slumming it in a fancy dog bed with a Buzy Bone πŸ™‚

  • Rant: Called Animal Control on some guys selling pitt bull puppies on the street by Eastern Market. They were really young pups, and I shudder to think what conditions the adult dogs live in. I went home and hugged my dog and cried for a long time just thinking about all the cruelty that humans inflict on animals, in this city and elsewhere. (Animals being hurt or in disress at the hands of humans is the absolutely saddest thing ever, and there are some damn sad things in the world.)
    Rave: Took my dog for a walk after I was done boo-hooing and saw all the loved and well-cared-for dogs of Capotil Hill out and about with their Persons.
    Rave: Feeling good about my blog project. I’ve actually been keeping at it, posting every weekday mostly without fail. It’s, like, the only worthwhile thing I do anymore.

    • epric002

      πŸ™ thank you for calling that in.

      • I saw them a couple of weekends ago (when the pups were REALLY young) but stupidly didn’t think to call Animal Control. Hopefully yesterday AC got there before the guys left (I wasn’t able to stick around), but if they didn’t, the guys will likely be back next weekend.

        • Poor pups. πŸ™
          Do you think they’re still under 8 weeks? Legally, they have to be 8 weeks old before they can be separated from their mother.

    • Thank you for doing that! I saw them a couple weeks ago too and just shook my head. Didn’t occur to me to call Animal Control, either. I’ll remember that if I ever see a similar situation in the future.

  • Rant: Amazon Prime….two day’s means two days, not three or four! Ordered something Friday and Saturday night both with a Wednesday estimated shipping date. I hate shopping online because I like instant gratification. I understand the Saturday night thing, but Friday, come on.
    Rave: PoPville Brunch….one of the things I ordered was directly inspired by a conversation with Still Anon. And it was nice to meet some new faces!

    • While shipping companies usually operate on the weekends (or at least Saturday), I don’t think Amazon does fulfillment.

    • Even Zappos — which is wonderful, doesn’t do weekends, and gives a specific time by which orders have to be placed to guarantee next day delivery. I haven’t done Amazon Prime, but my guess is that if you order after a specific time on Friday — nothing will go out until the next business day, which is Monday, with two day delivery then being Wednesday. Try Zappos on a weekday. They often exceed their shipping dates, and there overnight delivery is faster than going shopping.

    • I’m curious about what you ordered. Does it have wheels? πŸ™‚

    • Ahhh thank you for this, I shall no longer rant! And Still Anon, yes πŸ˜‰

    • Farragut

      hammers, if Amazon does fulfill the Prime items, you should complain to their customer service for sure. I did Prime for one of my wife’s law school textbooks and it took LaserShip 4 days to deliver. I complained and they gave me $5 credit. Not much, I guess, but since I did get the book, I was happy to get a little something for the inconvenience.

    • I’ve occasionally had Amazon Prime orders show up Monday after ordering on Saturday. I think it depends on whether it’s getting shipped from an Amazon facility or one of their affiliated vendors. I did just complain because something that stated it would arrive in two days when I ordered it mysteriously changed to delivery in four days once I placed the order. The customer rep gave me a month extension to my current Prime membership, which is something I guess.

  • skj84

    Rave: Great seeing everyone at the PoPville Brunch on Saturday! I had to leave early for a job interview, but enjoyed seeing everyone.

    Rave: Ran in the Rockville Twilighter Saturday evening! Had been on the fence about it, but a friend was running too and I wanted to support her. Managed to make a decent time without any training. I did have to walk a bit. Only downside was getting this horrible sports drink at the last water station. It tasted like pineapple juice and made me nauseous. I almost got sick at the finish line. Thank goodness I didn’t! I’m going to start running more, I like it and I think If I trained more I could be good at it.

    Rant: Still stuck on the one guy I used to date. I honestly don’t know why I can’t get over this guy. He changed his profile pic to him and the girl he’s dating and I almost brokedown yesterday. I’m unfollowing him on Facebook, but I want to talk to him about how things ended. I’ve moved on from other exes I don’t know why this one has been so difficult.

    • skj84, thanks again for planning the brunch! I finally found a name πŸ™‚ How did your interview go?

    • How long did you date? I live by the rule that you need to take however long you dated and cut it by half in order to figure out how long it will take to properly “get over” the person. If you dated for a year, you really shouldn’t have any contact with them for 6 months.
      PS – I promise that “talking with him” about why things ended really won’t help. At all. He’s already moved on, the conversation will just be a masochistic act on your part.

      • skj84

        on and off for about a year. It may sound ridicoulus but I don’t want to cut him out of my life completely since we are in the same social group. I guess since I’ve talked to everyone else but him about how I’m feeling I figure it wouldn’t hurt to tell him. Of course that turn out to be a no good, very bad decision but its honestly the only thing that I think would make me feel better.

    • good luck! Good seeing you yesterday πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for organizing. It was fun and great to see everyone and meet those I hadn’t met before. Fingers crossed on the job hunt.

    • Had a similar hard time when my ex (who was a real arse) and I broke up a couple of years ago. Unsure why. In my experience, though, talking with the person post-breakup does very little to bring closure, and often makes it worse. Best thing you can do is keep busy and move on. FWIW, 2 years now, I’m in a happy, healthy relationship, and hardly ever think about aforementioned arse man.

  • rave: summer concert at flying dog brewery Saturday night. good beer and music
    question: a couple of houses on fire yesterday on north cap and seaton, NW. Anyone know what happened?

  • Rave: have a job interview at 3
    Rant: it’s not really going to lead anywhere – it’s to make the existing person permanent.
    Rave: the stress of today will be over soon and I have a few days stress free.

    • Rant/rave: I am getting too into model trains. My dad came over last week and I asked him about when he got into HO gauge trains. His reply? “when I was pretty sure I was never going to get married, I went out and bought some model trains…”

    • Emmaleigh504

      Hope you didn’t forget your collar stays!

  • Rave – Fringe Festival! Both volunteering & seeing shows are fun. “Waiting for Armegeddon” – by local Ron Litman is one of the very best and worth a trip out to Atlas for.

    Rave – Fringe Festival finally got me out to some H St. restaurants. Loved everything about Impala Cantina – especially tongue tacos! (And of course, their margaritas.) Biergarten Haus was pretty fun – great patio and delicious potato pancakes – but the seats are tortuously uncomfortable – seriously, who in the world ever thought up those giant barrel tables with hard skinny stools? Sticky Rice was just a quick snack but seemed interesting. But Star and Shamrock had the worst sandwich – dry brisket stacked between dry dense latkes – like eating a bathmat.

    • Thanks for the reminder. I’ve seen Ron Litman’s shows the past two years at fringe and they both were fantastic. Last year his show was next door to the tent and he came in afterwards so we bought him a beer and chatted with him for a while. I have to get to this one.

  • Rave: Meeting more PoPvillagers (Popvillians? PoPvilleins, inna medieval stylee?) — met Becks at Friday’s Hong Kong film, and had fun at Saturday’s PoPville brunch.
    Rant: Feeling sluggish today, and caffeine isn’t helping.

  • Rave: Had a really great weekend
    Rant: I think my skin is dehydrated. It’s been going on for months. I’ve increased my water intake, gone through 50 skincare items and nothing. My makeup looks horrible and by noon by T zone is oily and everything else is a dry mess. Any suggestions? I’m desperate!

    • What are you washing your face with? It could be drying your skin out — try switching (at least temporarily) to just warm water.

    • Have you tried not wearing makeup? How does your skin look/feel after a few days of that?

    • Have you tried the oil cleansing method? Really helps not only dry skin, but oily/combination skin as well. (I have the latter.) Try DHC cleansing oil for awhile.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I have had great success with Oil of Olay moisturizer spf 15. I put it on straight out of the shower. Then apply makeup or not depending on my mood. I’ve used it for about 100 years and hope to use it for 100 more. That and bathing in virgin blood every Sunday have kept my skin healthy and clear, minus the odd age spot from sun damage.

    • My derm prescribed me Locoid cream for dry spots. It works wonders! As for the oily T zone, I always carry around oil blotting sheets. No amount of skin care products helps with my combination skin. Sigh.

    • Thanks for all the suggestions! I’ve never tried the oil cleansing, I was always afraid it would break me out. I have tried Olay and used to like it but now it doesn’t work. I’ve tried everything at Sephora, neutrogena, and currently cerave moisturizing facewash and lotion. I had a rx topical steroid when is was just confined to my forehead but now that seems not to be working either. Everything just sits on my skin. I put moisturizer on straight out of the shower to try and lock it in, and I can rinse my face 12 hours later and it all comes off because it never sunk it, or it pills off if I rub my face. I’d prefer not to have to wear makeup, but I had a bad rxn to epiduo about 5 months ago and it resulted in what appears to be a permanent increase in redness, so I do it so I wont look crazy when I go to work.

      • Do you want to know what’s crazy? I’ve had oily skin and adult acne (was completely fine growing up!) and have been to the dermatologist numerous times. I have been prescribed all sorts of things that I try for a long time and give up on because nothing works. So I heard about the OCM and started doing it. It helped, but not completely. So then, I read somewhere that a reason why my skin is so messed up is because I’m trying to dry it out all of the time, which forces it to make excess oil. So, I now use grapeseed oil on my face as a moisturizer before bed! Nothing else- not all of the creams and whatnot I used to use before bed. And I’ve noticed a difference. I’m not saying it’d completely work for you, but I’d definitely try the cleanser. πŸ™‚

        • Emmaleigh504

          A friend’s mom uses some sort of oil too. I want to say apricot. Her skin looks amazing and she’s a grandmother! I tried the oil in high school when she told me about it, but I didn’t like the feeling, so I’ve stuck with my Olay.

      • Have you tried moisture masks? The ones sold in the States never work for me but I get some Korean and Japanese brands off of yesstyle.com that are pretty affordable and work really well for me. Etude House, Kracie, and Skin Food are brands that have worked for me in the past.

      • ” I put moisturizer on straight out of the shower to try and lock it in, and I can rinse my face 12 hours later and it all comes off because it never sunk it, or it pills off if I rub my face. ”
        I have that problem too. Exfoliating every day helps get the mosturizer into the skin.
        But it sounds like your problem is that your skin is not absorbing water, not that it needs more oil. A lack of oil makes the skin tight, but if moisturizers are just sitting on the skin, and it’s itchy or flaky, it’s a lack of water. Unfortunately drinking more water doesn’t do much to solve the problem. I think exposing the skin to steam and humidity helps a little. Someone at Bare Minerals reommended a product they have that actually pulls the water into the skin, but I didn’t feel like spending the money on it. You might want to look into it though. On humid days you might want to try humectants, which attract water from the atmopshere and put it in the skin.

      • Have you tried origins products? I went through so many different products (we’re talking years here). I started off with their checks and balances face wash because I was having similar problems and my skin really balanced out.

      • I started the oil cleansing method (1/3 castor oil, 1/3 safflower oil, aka brand name CVS Vitamin A oil) about two weeks ago. It has SAVED my skin! I have combination skin, and had acne since I was a teenager. This is the only thing that’s ever made my skin feel nice; you won’t break out if you use the correct oils. Yesterday I walked past the skincare aisle in Target and cursed all of the brands that sold me nothing but false promises for so many years! You can find out more about the oil cleansing method and other skin stuff on one of my favorite online haunts, reddit.com/r/skincareaddiction.

    • In addition to drinking more water, you might want to try eating less salt and less sugar — to see if it helps. I’ve noticed a difference in my skin when I do this. If you don’t mind spending an insane amount of money, as in try a sample first, you could try SK-II facial treatment essence — which really is wonderful. But I would try other stuff first, or see if DHC or Shisedo has something similar but less pricey.

  • Rave: Photographed a wedding at the spanish steps in Kalorama this weekend…neat discovering a little oasis I didn’t know about in DC!

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