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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Friday and the weather is wonderful!
    Rave: dinner + movie with a friend after work.
    Rave: working out is working out. thank goodness for gym classes because I’m not one to spend time on an elliptical or the treadmill.

  • skj84

    Rant: Greyhound! They put me on the wrong bus! I got a last minute audition in Baltimore this morning and decided to take Greyhound since the station is close to the audition venue. I purchased my ticket, was sent to the line, had my ticket processed and got on the bus. It isn’t until we’ve pulled out of Union Station that the driver makes his announcements and I realize I’m on a non stop bus to NYC! I had to ask the driver to stop so I could run back to Union Station. I missed the correct bus and had to wait for the next one. Now I’m late and really pissed off. I’m taking MARC back.

    Rave: I got this audition. It’s for a commercial. Fingers crossed I book it.

    Rave: PoPville Happy Hour yesterday! It was good seeing everyone!

  • Rave: I got placed in a school in Hyattsville that I’m really excited about!
    Rant: Hyattsville is a lot bigger than I thought and I’ll be commuting farther than I had expected.
    Rant: I got very little sleep Wednesday night because I was so anxious, the placement event was an (almost) all-day thing, and I ended up working late yesterday, so I ended up skipping both kickball and the HH last night so I could celebrate with froyo and sleep.
    Rave: I slept very well last night.

    • Hyattsville is pretty nice. Check out Franklin’s brewpub one of these days.

      • I’m only familiar with West Hyattsville/PG Plaza areas. I’ll actually be closer to the New Carrollton metro. I didn’t know that Hyattsville extended that far east.

        • Just south or East/West Highway is a strip of Hyattsville on Route 1 that’s been building up for the last decade or so. It kind of started with Franklins, which was originally a small hardware store, then a general store. They expanded it to a two story brewpub/restaurant, with a store that sells, toys, candy, games, novelties beer, wine and more. There are some good bike trails in the area. One of them connects to trails that end in Montgomery County.

    • Emmaleigh504


    • Congrats, great news!

  • It’s a great day to be a resident on H Street. Micho’s is now open for business and signage has just gone up for Driftwood Kitchen (the old TruOrleans spot). Woohoo!

  • Rave: the fun I was having when I took the picture above.
    Rave: saw a guy jogging and juggling on Rock Creek Parkway’s trail this morning.
    Rave: this basketball offseason has been exciting.
    Rave: it’s Friday.
    Rave: I’m the only one in the office next week AND I have a job interview.
    Rant: today is going to require a level of hyperproductivity unseen in the annals of ruthless efficiency since Vasili Blokhin.

  • Rant: Individuals on bicycles who weave in and out of idling traffic at red lights. I was waiting at a red light and a body on a bike bangs into my mirror, falls into my driver side door, and in trying to regain balance pushes my mirror off its axis while slowly making his way up to the front of the line using my car’s hood as a handrail. Not so much as a look back to say, “my bad”.

    Normally I’m the asshole in this situation who gets upset and reams the individual, but that was only the second dumbest thing I witnessed on my commute out of the city this morning, so I let it go. But, C’mon son.

    • maxwell smart

      I’m going to say that, yeah, using falling on your door and using your mirror and hood for leverage is dumb, sloppy and worthy of some rage. But done correctly (i.e. not being a wobbly mess) I am fine with bikers splitting lanes at the traffic light (mostly because I do it myself).

    • Just to clarify, it is legal in DC for a cyclist to split the lanes at a traffic light. However, this cyclist in particular sounds pretty inconsiderate.

  • Becks

    Rave: Happy Friday!
    Rave: The start of the Hong Kong Film Festival tonight at the Freer!
    Rave: It’s Free!
    Rave: I had a great time at the Popville HH last night. It was great to put faces to names. Hilarious when everyone went around the table introducing themselves and their Popville personas. It was like a Marvel superhero convention. Hi, I’m Bike Avenger, but my real name is Bob.
    Rant: Not a one! All raves!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Now you have to keep up with both names!

    • Revealing your screen name is a reason why I won’t attend because then I’d feel like for the rest of the night people are staring at me trying to figure out which parts of my face are original and which are new.

      • Well, since you’re the only one that knows your screen name, you could claim to be an Anonymous – and hope that your wit and humor won’t give you away. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Emmaleigh504

        I still want to see pics of the whole process. Did you take any for posterity?

  • Rant: war, violence, death. Israel/Gaza and the Malaysia flight are just bumming me out so much.
    Rave: Nice weather? Still doesnt make me feel better.

    • I know. I got really upset about the series of bad news yesterday. You’re not alone in your rant and relatedly being bummed. ๐Ÿ™

    • +10,000 on this one.

    • Agree. Apparently over 100 top HIV/AIDS researchers were on that Malaysia flight.

      • I know. On their way to a big AIDS conference. I used to run AIDS conferences in Africa and I just got the worst feeling reading about it. The conference organizers said the conference would go on (there are 14,000 attendees). I don’t know how I would manage to process my own grief and still manage to cater to the needs of all my attendees. And I’m wondering how many of the lost passengers I’ve met over the years…

      • How terrible. ๐Ÿ™

    • Emmaleigh504

      Made the mistake of listening to the news before I got out of bed. I just wanted to hide under the covers. Too much violence with no end that I can see.

  • Rave: That fireball last night was insane. Was up on my roof having a cocktail and had a great view of it streak across the sky.

  • Rave: going blueberry picking this weekend!

    Rant: So tired this week. Hope to catch up on sleep this weekend. Cats are getting shut in the den tonight so they don’t wake me up at 5am again tomorrow morning. I hate doing that, but I need my sleep!

    Rave? Discovered a mama cat & four kittens in my back yard two days ago. They were there again last night. We’ve fed them the last couple of nights, in hopes of keeping them around and maybe being able to get them checked out by a vet, etc, and possibly taken in by a foster agency. Never encountered this before, so I’m not quite sure the best way to handle. Any suggestions?

    Definite rave: It’s so much fun to watch the kittens play in the back yard while we watch from afar! (Mama cat isn’t such a fan of us yet and hisses if we get too close. I don’t blame her.)

  • SweetEpiphany

    Rave: DC finally layed new asphalt on Rhode Island Avenue NE between Bloomingdale and Langdon. That drive is a lot easier on cars now. Hurray!

  • Accountering

    Rave: Brew at the Zoo!
    Rant: Short hill from Beach Drive to Adams Mill Rd. Disaster.

  • Rant: My girlfriend’s brother was too drunk last night to completely follow through with putting the dogs to bed. One dog was in her crate, and the other was scratching frantically at my bedroom door at 5am. I couldn’t get back to sleep after that.
    Rave: I ended up using the time to clean the house, take a long shower, and do yoga.
    Rant: Still got to work late.
    Rave: Iced coffee.
    Rant: Wearing a skirt that I decided later is maybe too short for work (it’s not really a short skirt, but with my curves pushing it up and out it gets kind of skimpy in the back).
    Rave: People I passed on my walk to work were extra friendly this morning (though maybe it was because of the skirt situation).

  • Rave -Thanks to Popville, I am hooked on homemade cold brew coffee.

    Rant – it seems to use a lot of beans.

    Rave – that’s probably because I drink so much of it because it is delicious!

    • I drink so much cold brew coffee in the summer. And I use a LOT of grounds because I like it very strong.

    • gotryit

      Recipe please?
      I’ve been icing leftover coffee from the french press, but I’d love to try a real cold brew.

      • The way I do it: grind up coffee grounds, throw them in a pitcher, and add water. Let steep in the fridge over night. Then I use a coffee filter to strain out the grounds, leaving me with a few day’s worth of cold brew. The ratio really depends on how strong or weak you like your coffee. The surprising thing about the cold brew method is how “smooth” the coffee tastes — you never get any of the bitterness that you can sometimes have with regularly brewed coffee. Most days, I don’t even need to add milk to it in order to drink it.

        • gotryit

          I like strong coffee. What ratio of water / beans do you use? Do you use a coarse grind or medium?

          • Emmaleigh504

            I use the pre-ground coffee from French Market (the red can). It works fine, no need to grind your own unless you want to. I dilute mine with milk so I use a lot of coffee and some is in my office so I’ll look that up later.

          • I use a medium grind. In terms of the ratio, I fill my smallish coffee grinder up to the top 4 times to grind the beans and then dump them into the pitcher.. I then fill the 2 quart pitcher up with water to the top. (You won’t get close to 2 quarts of coffee; the grinds displace some of the volume and absorb some of the water.) I would err on the side of using “too many” grounds the first time. If you find the coffee too strong, you can tweak the ratio (and you can always add water if you find the cold brew too strong). I’d rather have too strong of coffee than too weak. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Emmaleigh504

            1 part water to 3 parts coffee. So do less for French Market b/c it’s got chicory.

          • I have a huge french press and tend do do about 2/3 cup beans for every 3 cups of water ( I’m able to get twice this in my french press). Then I run it through a filter to strain the grounds. I’m not terribly particular about how ground it is – probably medium.

          • Emmaleigh504

            grr *some do less

          • A ratio I found a long time ago was 90 grams ground coffee per liter. I do this in my press pot which won’t hold quite a liter, so I have settled on 70 grams and filling it up to the top. It’s probably a little weaker than what it should be, but I don’t like having to dilute it further for drinking so it works out. I use a grind a couple turns finer than what I’d use for hot French press.

          • Also – make some of the coffee into ice cubes so that the ice doesn’t dilute the coffee. YUM!

          • gotryit

            Thanks – I’ll try these out this weekend. Maybe no sleep, but I’ll end up with a good recipe and a lot of work done around the house.

  • Rave/rant: We were discussing Human Dignity in an International Humanitarian Law class I’m in today and a Danish volunteer who bikes here said “There is no human dignity in bike lanes in DC.”

  • Rant: Yesterday. Working in news is depressing sometimes (most of the time).
    Rave: It’s Friday and I have a lot of fun weekend plans!

  • Rave: It’s finally Friday, and I’m getting out of town this weekend.
    Rant: Low office morale. I have a feeling a lot of my coworkers are going to transfer to offices out of state.
    Rave: Beautiful weather! Again!
    Rant: Totally crappy workout last night. Just one of those days when I felt exhausted from the first minute.
    Rave: Didn’t eat out once all week, this is huge for me.

  • Rant: Such a gorgeous day, and I’m inside.
    Rave: It is Friday, and I have an unhurried weekend planned. Note to self: spend part of it on the roof deck reading a good book.
    Rave: I have had the opportunity to work on some interesting projects at work. I hope that continues.

  • Rave: This weather. I hope it sticks through the weekend and I get to enjoy it.
    Rave: We finally have an excellent nanny. A truly wonderful person.
    Rant: We can’t find a share family so we’re broke as joke. If anyone needs childcare around Logan, let me know! She’s awesome!
    Rant: I need new shoes because my feet grew during pregnancy. So many cute shoes that don’t fit and unable to afford new shoes because of rave/rant above. le sigh….

    • KSB

      Right there with you on the shoes. I was initially excited – YAY! New shoes! – but am super annoyed as it sinks in that none of my favorites fit any more. But after my third kid, my feet are like boats.

    • SFT

      I’m sure you’ve looked at DC Urban Moms. We found a great share family using that site. They aren’t super close to us, so I have to haul the babe and all of his stuff over to their house every day. But I’d drive a hundred miles for the awesome situation that we found. Maybe try expanding your search area to see if anyone in other neighborhoods would mind a nanny commute. I assure you, we exist!
      And shoes, holy crap. I was already a size 10. Now I wear an 11. It’s so freaking hard to find cute shoes in an 11. I can’t have another baby or I’ll be wearing canoes!

      • yeah I’ve tried the list serves and DCUM…some people have been interested. Some people want a few hours here and there which is not really helpful from a consistency perspective and a cost perspective.

        hopefully we’ll find a family because I hate that we can’t pay her more than we do when I know she deserves to make more money

  • Rave: Checking out Red Hen tonight for dinner (better late than never)! I hope there isn’t a long wait.
    Rant: Missed the HH last night because of Work, with a capital W.
    Rave: Six months tomorrow with our adopted dog! I’d say he’s the best dog ever, but I also know there are some cute corgi and westie owners on this forum ๐Ÿ™‚
    Rave: Making/eating garbage plates tomorrow. Will probably be the only meal of the day but I cannot be more excited.

  • Rave: Going to my first Nats game tomorrow, and my company is paying for the tickets.

    Rant: We only get $15 worth of food, drink or merchandise with the ticket. So, if I eat at the stadium, guess I’ll get a hotdog and a beer,

    Rave: That’s a good excuse to go out for an early dinner before the game. Still trying to figure out where I want to go. Lots of places on the Green Line we can stop and eat. I know Chinatown/Penn Quarter pretty well. Might explore U Street instead this time.

    • Why not one of the restaurants near the stadium? It’s perfect weather for strolling around the Yards Park area.

      • Is there any place worth going there? I’ve been to the Penn Quarter Gordon Biersch, but I think before the game the one near the stadium will be packed. I’ve been meaning to try Bluejacket, but that will also probably be mobbed. Maybe if we go around 4 it will be less crowded.

        • Blue Jacket is great. Park Tavern isn’t bad if you are looking for drinks and apps, it’s not my favorite for a sit down meal. Agua 301 is a good sit down option that is right there.

          • I would do Agua and sit in the patio area. Kruba Thai is good, but you’re stuck indoors (although it’s a gorgeous interior). Another option, if you’re not opposed to a casual chain, is to grab something from Nando’s or Potbelly and bring it out to the park (that’s actually my favorite thing to do). Don’t forget to follow it up with a stop at Ice Cream Jubilee!

          • gotryit

            Kruba Thai + Thai Iced Tea ice cream from ice cream jubilee… hmm, yum.

          • Oh good idea!

        • saf

          I did NOT like the food at Bluejacket.

        • You could also eat food truck food in the bullpen.

      • Second this! I wouldn’t run all over the city for dinner when there’s some great options right there.

        Alternatively, even if you’re paying out of pocket, a meal at Nats Park is still worth it – there are great options.

    • Can’t you just pony up your own cash in addition to the $15 that you get with the ticket if you want to eat somewhere at the stadium ?

      • Sure I can, but they’re calling this our company picnic. A company picnic usually means that the company provides food and drink. I’m not complaining, I have hours before the game to get something to eat. I’ll use the $15 for beer.

        • So that’s one beer then. Go for a Flying Dog Raging Bitch if you want to try to get your money’s worth in terms of ABV% per oz.

      • Right? It’s a little funny to see someone complain about a free ticket and $15 meal stipend.

    • Stay far away from Yards Park Tavern.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Haven’t received call about verdict, which means they’re still deliberating. And I’m pretty sure I know precisely what they’re stuck on.
    Revel: Making fast progress on current baby quilt. One more to go and then folks need to take a break from procreating. My fingers are all chewed up.
    Revel: I think I’m going to get a much-needed pedicure today. What color toes?
    Question: Mr. Squid has said not to do anything for his birthday Sunday: no cake, no dinner out, etc. I think that’s crap. I’ve already bought him a present. If you spouse said this to you would you listen?

    • epric002

      hasn’t mr. squid been struggling with depression? if so, it sounds like the depression might be talking. how does he usually feel about his birthday?

    • I wouldn’t listen, but that’s just Mr. S’s style – he’s super low-key, but enjoys being spoiled every once in awhile. That being said, if he was adamant about just wanting to sit at home (and I believed it) then I would listen. It’s his choice, but you can probably give him the present and note you’d just already bought it.

      • I agree. My boyfriend is the same way– low-key, humble, doesn’t like to make a fuss about himself– but I think he is now getting used to me making fuss about him for birthdays and will acknowledge that he appreciates it. Maybe you could cook a nice dinner at home together?

    • re: pedicure, go for a bright turqouise/aqua! Very summery and always makes me feel like a mermaid ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Every year I tell my spouse not to do anything for my birthday. She’ll usually get me a gift and a card, which is fine, but I mean it when I say I don’t want to “do” anything and I’d be annoyed if she insisted we did.
      Having said that, I’m not a big believer in adults making a big deal about their birthday. If this is an unusual request from your spouse then I would still honor it, but try to figure out if there’s something else going on. I think you’ve been saying recently that your spouse is having some depression issues or something; if that’s the case I would totally forget about the birthday (but give him the gift since you have it, and a card so he knows you love him…) and worry about the important things.

    • Becks

      Your comment about the baby quilts and how folks need to stop procreating for awhile cracked me up!
      Toes: Bright aqua blue or a sea green.

      If Mr. Squid is really adamant about not going out, then don’t go out. Instead, cook him his favorite dinner, make a cake and watch his favorite movie. It is probably the depression speaking but you should do something, even if it’s low key. Silly birthday hats are always fun.

    • How is Mr. Squid usually about his birthday? I am not a big celebrations person and ask my few friends who know when it is not to celebrate my birthday. It really annoys me when they then go and make a big deal about it. I mean, it is my birthday – why don’t I get to celebrate it the way I want to?

      I would have a different answer if Mr. Squid usually likes his birthday and this is a new turn based on his recent depression. I’d still try to respect his wishes not to have a big celebration, while also recognizing his birthday a bit and reminding him that you love him and are glad he’s having another birthday.

    • Yup. I’d listen. I’m very low-key about my birthday, and if someone went all out, and pushed me to go out and celebrate their way, I’d resent it — because it’s more about what they need than about what I need. So make a nice dinner, do a nice card or something personal like that, and a gift. I think the wishes of the birthday person should rule. You may think that’s crap — but it’s not your birthday. In general, if my spouse said something to me — I’d listen. And I’d believe it. And I’d honor it unless I had a very good reason not to. That being said, I wouldn’t do “nothing” — I’d do ordinary things like dinner — but go out of my way to make them special, like preparing a favorite meal, and doing whatever home-type activities my spouse would enjoy, even if that means doing things that I wouldn’t view as celebratory.

    • Didn’t you already cancel a weekend away in Frederick for his birthday? Was that his request too? I would worry that this is his depression getting the best of him…but of course it’s hard to know without knowing how you normally celebrate.

    • Emmaleigh504

      The first year my parents were married my mom asked what he wanted for his birthday and he said nothing. So she got him nothing. After that he learned to say something. It’s probably a different situation from Mr Squid. If he doesn’t want to go out, maybe you could make his favorite meal and have a quiet evening together.
      Toe color: I’m a fan of classic red.

  • epric002

    rant: exhausted. can’t decide whether to take the foster puppy to my parents this weekend so he can have some super fun with other playful dogs, or if i should stay here and take it easy.
    rave: wonderful foster sitters who took such good care of foster puppy while we were on vacation. one might even be interested in fostering/adopting him- yay!
    rave: no puppy accidents since we got back from vacation.
    rant: running out of ideas to stop his mouthiness. waiting to hear back from the trainers on suggestions.
    rave: vacay to a cabin with no electricity/cell reception was glorious. don’t really want to be back in civilization.

    • Your vacation spot sounds lovely. I’ve also taken go-go-go vacations, but am starting to think a few days where there’s not really much to do but read and take naps and watch birds might be just the ticket. Where did you go?

      • epric002

        thanks, it was! my husband’s family has a cabin on a lake outside of salisbury, CT. it was glorious: gravel roads to get there, no electricity, no cell reception, no motors on the lake, saw no one once we were there, etc. did a 5 mile hike with the dog, who got to be off leash the whole time for the first time ever, went on canoe rides, read a ton, ate and drank good food. it was marvelous. definitely recommend a do-nothing vacation!

      • I can highly recommend the Walden cabin in Luray (check out woodsidecabins dot com) – lots of acres, a river on property, and despite what the website says, they do allow dogs. And it’s only 1.5 hours from here.

  • KSB

    Rave: Leaving my job early next year. Terrifying prospect, but it’s kismet as the idea was floating around just before the opportunity presented itself.
    Rave: Crepe myrtles. Love them.
    Rant: Couldn’t get my room cleaned up enough to feel worthy of having our cleaning crew actually clean it today. Note on closed door = “Please do not clean this room. Too messy!”
    Rave: Rest of house will be clean!

  • Rave: The weather the past couple days as well as today… beautiful
    Rave: my time at PEX & OBX last week… still trying to get used to work again


  • Rave: Friday and I’m going to pick up the new dog tomorrow morning! Pictures will immediately be sent to PoP for Afternoon Animal Fix.
    Rant: I tried a spin on gluten-free Thai food last night and it just wasn’t the same. I think the combination of my electric stove and the improvised gluten-free dark soy sauce substitute are to blame.
    Rave: Still a good recipe! Just not the Pad See Ew I was looking forward to.
    Rave/Rant: Had a great time in Ithaca over the weekend/early part of the week! Unfortunately, I didn’t have too much time to explore since I was booked with conference programming and I had 10 hours of flight delays coming home. And epic turbulence.

  • Rave: Heading out of town with the fiance for our first non-attending-wedding, non-visiting-family weekend away in much too long. A nice weekend of B&B-ing, hiking, and wine in Harper’s Ferry.

    It looks like the restaurant options there are pretty limited, and we have to stay close to town since we’re taking the train. Does anyone have any recommendations?

  • Anyone else getting hit with what feels like allergies yesterday and today? Fine inside; go outside and my eyes are burning and I have a headache, with a scratchy throat. Come back inside and shower – I’m good again.

    Just wondering what’s bugging me.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I have. No clue what it is, but I’m allergic to almost everything that grows here except mold and mildew.

    • I have been that way for the last week or so. The Crepe Myrtles are blooming now that is the only thing I can think of that is bothering me.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: So much fail
    Rant: Needed a sweater to walk to the metro. What happened to summer?
    Rave: surely the rest of the day will be better than this morning ๐Ÿ™‚

  • RANT: I am the end of my rope with my job. I just can’t put the effort in anymore. Everyone’s stretched thin, morale is extremely low, and I’ve been spending my energy trying not to scream at my colleagues/boss/clients and quit on the spot. Looking for another job doing the same thing depresses me, and I am just. not. having. it.
    Rant: The job I really want to do won’t pay nearly enough to afford our mortgage and lifestyle.
    Raves: My cats have been extra cute and entertaining lately. And I might bake some cookies later.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Learned new slang last night! Thanks Reader!

  • jim_ed

    Rant: I HATE the new mural at Georgia and Kennedy. I appreciate the effort of trying to clean up the corner and inject some art into the neighborhood, but its amatuer and outdated looking. It’s a shame conisdering how great the other murals on Kennedy are.
    Rave: MPD. A bunch of teens were squaring off to have one of those big group fights last night, and before anything could happen, MPD rolled up immediately, on bikes, cars, and segways, and dispersed them before anything bad could happen. I imagine a neighbor called it in, but props for showing up promptly and handling it effectively.

  • Rave: Coming back to this weather
    Rave: Week in Brooklyn was fun but tiring
    Rant: I got food poisoning on Tuesday. I’m still suffering.
    Rave: I lost 5 lbs because of food poisoning. Yay?
    Rave: Going tubing tomorrow!

  • Neither rant nor revel…Anybody know of a community-based organization that focuses or is interested in focusing on the issues of climate resiliency in low-income communities here in DC. There is a grant opportunity that I would like to see get awarded to a DC project. They have to be a 501c3 and tied closely to the community where they are located, but no prior experience addressing climate issues is required by the foundation offering the grant. Ideas? Thanks.

  • Hey Emilie504 – did you see the new baby rhino born at the San Diego zoo? There is a really cute pic on their facebook page!

  • Rant: Saw a new doctor this morning who told me no fewer than five times that if my husband and I want kids we should start trying immediately. Why do doctors feel like it’s okay to do this?
    Rant: Bike rider who squeezed me between his bike and a car so he could pass me. When I caught up to him at the next light, I said something and all he could say was that he announced he was passing. That’s great and all, but you still have to wait until it’s safe to do so.
    Rave: It’s finally Friday. This has been a long week.

    • Doctors give that advice because too many women think they have all the time in the world. Our biological clocks are unforgiving and wait for no one. He/she is just making sure you’re fully aware and making an informed decision to delay, not have kids, or have kids. Your fertility begins to decline at 27, and your risk for having a baby with Down Syndrome and other less ideal conditions goes way up beginning at 35. This is our reality, and too many women don’t want to acknowledge it. (Note: I feel for the women who want kids and haven’t met the right person- that ticking clock is excrutiating and unforgiving. I also feel for the women who now have to take all kinds of measures to try and have a baby, paying tons of money and going through procedures/tests/etc…)

      • Emmaleigh504

        It’s still annoying especially when you’ve told them million times that you don’t want kids, or you have other plans for kids.

        • It was said multiple times after I told the doctor that my husband and I plan to start trying in the next year. I can appreciate making sure your patients are aware, but once we had discussed my plans and she had said it once or twice, that should be the end of it. Also, while I am fully aware that biology is unforgiving, I can’t change when I met my husband.

          • I’m willing to give doctors the benefit of the doubt. I think I would probably be staggered by the amount of information given by doctors that is misunderstood or simply ignored by patients. If a doctor feels he/she needs to repeat something 5 times then it might be for a reason. And of course I am always free not to see that doctor again if I choose.

          • Emmaleigh504

            12:45 One of the reasons I love my current doctor besides that she’s nice and takes time to listen to her patients, after I told her during the course of a few annual check-ups that I did not want kids, she trusted me to know myself and left it alone. She’s the first Dr to not ever try to change my mind or tell me to keep my options open. She just listened and then left it alone. She’s the best! She also remembers insanely miniscule details. She must take really good notes.

    • Can I ask about (range) how old you are?

  • Rave: Thanks all the folks who gave me advice on where to find women’s hand bags!

  • Rave: made it through the audition. Now I can stop worrying.

    Rave: Jazz in the Garden tonight! And potentially the Alice in Wonderland party at the Enid A Haupt Garden. It’s sold out but may have tickets at the door. Fingers crossed!

  • rant: incompetent programs and people that mgmt are aware of but dont want to do anything about b/c its too much work GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
    rave: the weather is AWESOME and i should be able to escape via holiday soon

  • justinbc

    Rant: Bummed I had to miss last night’s HH, hope everyone had a good time though!
    Rave: Day off today to rest from the crazy work week.
    Rave: Our Section 8 tenant’s paperwork finally got processed by DC, along with a check for 4 months of back rent they hadn’t paid during the process.

  • rave: HH was super fun last night – great to meet everyone!
    rave: no hangover, even though I deserve one ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Emmaleigh504

      LisaLog didn’t get a hangover either, maybe last call was at the correct time after all.

    • Rant: Missed last night’s unofficial PoPville happy hour. ๐Ÿ™
      Rave: Hong Kong film tonight! Becks and Beau, are you still going?

  • Rave: Sunshine and house projects. Our bathroom reno is 99.9% done – just need to hang some crown molding – and I have some amazing ceiling-to-floor drapes partially done, minus some pleats.
    Rant: Crown molding is really hard to do when every 100-year-old wall in the house is not flat or square. Wood filler is my new best friend.
    Rave: Weekend! This week seemed to never end.

  • Rant: Bosses who forward an email to you, ask that you respond and then provide the response they want you to send. Uhm, really?

    Rave: I haven’t used the I-word in any R&R posting for a couple of days. Miss it?

    Rant: I think I fell of the no wheat bandwagon with that &pizza I hoovered down last night,

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