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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • SFT

    Rant: People who don’t give enough money when you split a check! I have a really great friend, who I love, but when it comes to splitting a check she sucks! She never puts in enough money to cover tax and tip and I end up footing the rest of the bill. Sure, I can afford an extra few dollars, but it really gets under my skin. We have lunch scheduled for tomorrow and I’m already thinking about it, so it’s clearly become an issue for me. I’m the worst at bringing things like this up, so have always just let it slide.

    • justinbc

      Just say “you owe more than that”.

      • Or ask for separate checks?

        • Yep! Or if both parties order the same amount (ex: neither gets app, both get entrees and a drink), just split the check if you want to be polite. Sure, one probably got something a bit more expensive than the other, but you’ll probably be out of pocket less than having to “subsidize” tax and tip. Or if you meet up often enough, take turns paying the check. That’s what I do with one friend (she hates the idea of splitting a check, for cultural reasons I think).

          Rave: never having this problem with my friends here in DC. Some in fact tend to overpay, nice ‘problem” to have.
          Rant: Very familiar with this issue due to friends elsewhere.

    • I can see letting it slide once but if this is a pattern it’s going to continue until, or unless, you do something to change things. Bring a calculator so you can tell her how much extra she owes (10% for tax plus x % for tip).

    • Accountering

      Put in credit cards and split it evenly. Cash is not an acceptable way to do this. Especially in DC… With 10% tax and 15-20% tip, that is going to get looked over and you will pick up the bill. Insist she puts a card down.

      • SFT

        I don’t think I can insist on someone’s form of payment. I just need to sack up and tell her that she’s shortchanging me on the bill. I think that’s the real solution here. I was just raised not to discuss money on any level, so it’s really uncomfortable.

        • Tell her you don’t have cash, would she mind just splitting it with a card.

        • Accountering

          So we either split the bill evenly amongst all participants, or we get separate checks. Mintwood likes to call it “going dutch” but I think that is the best move.
          With that said, I do have a lower earning friend who has no problem shifting expenses onto other people. Drives me nuts, and is really quite annoying.

          • I have no problem covering more than my share where lower-earning friends are involved. Assuming they are in fact *friends*. I’d rather see them and pay more, than have them stay home due to budgetary constraints.
            That said, my friends and I almost always go halfsies (or thirdsies), regardless of who ordered what. It’ll all even out over time.

          • As someone who is often the lower-earning friend — who usually puts in a bit more than what’s due — it might help to be considerate about the places you pick and how you split the bill. If my higher earning friends pick expensive places that they like and then suggest splitting the bill evenly, when I don’t drink and probably ordered an appetizer instead of an entree and no dessert, I’ll pay for what I ordered and a 25% tip to make up for my lower priced order. I would handle it differently if I were in a restaurant that suited my price range more comfortably.

          • IMO, splitting things evenly is OK if everyone orders pretty much the same things… but if not, it can really work against people with less money to spare.
            When I was in grad school and really trying to economize, I’d get frustrated when I went out to dinner in with (say) four other people and I’d order just a main dish and ice water… and somebody else would order an appetizer, main dish, and wine, and want to split the bill evenly at the end.
            Now that I can better afford it, in those situations I usually end up ordering an appetizer and drink anyway, figuring that if I don’t, I’ll just be subsidizing those items for people with more expensive tastes than mine.

        • Yeah, it’ll be awkward, but if you want to keep eating out with this friend, it’s for the best. I once read an advice column where a woman wrote into to confess that she’d been deliberately paying way less than she owed while depending on her friends to cover the rest. That woman was truly special though. Your friend is probably just cheap, oblivious, or bad at math.

        • Waiter: Do you want the bill?

          Me: Yes, can you just split it?

          Waiter: Sure

          I’ve never met a waiter that didn’t like split checks, they almost always get a bigger tip.

    • Yes to all of this.

    • My friend told me about a trick (I realize it’s just math, but I think it’s kind of trick-like) that you just take the amount of your food/drink times 1.3 (10% tax and 20% tip) and you have the total amount you should pay. You could take the sly tactic of saying that you just figured this out and want to do it for yours and hers.

      • I usually do this to calculate split checks. If she’s not particularly math savvy, you could say she can pay 1.25% because it’s sometimes easier to divide a number by 4 than calculate 30%, then pay a little more on your end to make up for the 5%. You’d still end up paying a little more than your share, but probably less than if you didn’t use percentages at all. It also avoids the awkwardness of using a phone calculator after a meal.

        • Yeah — multiply the pre-tax amount by 1.25 (for a 15% tip) or 1.3 (for a 20% tip).
          Or (for a 15% tip) just divide the pre-tax amount by 4 to get the amount of tax + tip.

      • Just so everyone knows, that trick gets you 18% tip.
        $10 meal (haha) + 10% tax = $11…..+ 20% (of that) tip = $13.2 total
        vs. $10 x 1.3 = $13

        • no. tip % should be on the pre-tax amount. period. I can’t wait until servers get an actual wage and tipping is banned in the united states (yes, i’m dreaming).

        • Do people tip on the total bill amount? I normally tip on the pre-tax amount.

        • Accountering

          You tip on the pre-tax bill. Just because DC has 10% sales tax, as opposed to no sales tax in for example DE, doesn’t mean servers get a bigger tip. They get a bigger tip because things cost more in DC, but not because of sales tax.
          Tip on pre-tax.

          • which of course still leaves a system that is complete nonsense.

            purchase a $30 lobster? ‘supposed to’ tip $6
            purchase a $10 salad? ‘supposed to’ tip $2

            these things involve the exact same amount of work from the server, and yet one yields 3 times as much gratuity for the server, according to the system. This is as arbitrary as tipping on the pre or post-tax amount.

            Anybody ever go to NYC and take a cab? Notice when you pay by credit card, they have suggested tips? The tips start at 20%, and go up to 30%.

            Tipping is getting completely outrageous and it is all nonsense. I would be happy to pay higher prices for my meals, etc. so that I never have to tip for anything ever again, and so that workers get paid a steady amount from the restaurant.

          • SFT

            I agree with you on tipping in general. I feel like I’m supposed to tip everyone who does anything for me nowadays. I tip the woman who shampoos my hair, my acupuncturist, my parking garage attendant, the guy who pours my coffee. I’m so tired of tipping. I would gladly pay a higher price to have it all included and not have to parse out tips for every single thing. Yeah, yeah, first world problems. But it gets to be too much sometimes!

          • I tip post tax. Move the decimal point, multiply by 2, and you’re done. I may round up or down a few bucks, depending on the service.
            For all those worried about servers geting a windfall if you tip post-tax, think of it this way: On a $100 pre-tax tab, if you tip 20% pre-tax, your total bill will be $130 (100+20+10). If you tip 20% post-tax, your total will be $132 (100+10+22). That’s an extra $2 for every $100 in food or drink you order. If you go all out and spend $500 on a great dinner, tipping post-tax will cost you a whole $10.

    • special_k

      Ask for separate checks? Just say it’s easier that way.

      • Just ask for separate checks when the waiter asks if you need anything else. It shouldn’t be a problem, especially if it’s just two people. That’s subtle enough to give your friend the hint without having to actually discuss it. If you’re ‘uncomfortable discussing money’ then you’re always going to be the person paying more.

        • You should ask for separate checks up front. Otherwise it’s a huge pain in the ass for the server who has other things to do besides trying to remember ex post facto who had the lamb and who had two red wines and who only had one, and then and hand-adding the new checks. Actually, you should never ask for separate checks unless you’re old people paying with crumpled bills from a leather change purse who still tip 10 percent and can’t figure out why those servings of “tapas” are always so small.

          • If you’re out with a friend you should be Going Dutch, so it’s really easy math, half of everything, the computer has a button for it.

            If you’re itemizing, you shouldn’t be dining together there, one side picked to fancy a place.

    • Oof. I hate this. I have a friend in NYC who is notoriously bad at this. He also will routinely stiff servers he deems not good enough, so I end up overtipping to compensate for his asshattery.

    • Becks

      I have the same problem with a friend of mine. I just accepted that I will pay more if we split the check. But I do try to ask for separate checks. He always orders an expensive dinner then asks to split evenly. Once or twice, I can see, but not every time.

    • Sucks when people don’t do their part. So is it that your friend isn’t paying their part on the bill or isn’t tipping correctly? I see people saying separate checks but if the person isn’t tipping then the waiter gets screwed not that is your problem but I’m saying. At the end of the day, you need to bring it up to your friend. If you are truly friends it should be no big deal.

      • SFT

        Quick example: If we both order an entree and hers is $15, she will only put in $15, even when I mention tax and tip. She’s notoriously cheap, but I love her as a person. She just sucks at paying her share of the bill. She mentioned to me one time that she left a “huge tip”, so when she walked away I looked at her credit card and it was $2 on a $20ish check. I always overcompensate and tip way too much – I was a server/bartender for years and could never leave chump change on a table for someone. Even if they are a shitty server, they deserve to be able to pay their bills!

        • Yeah, that’s ridiculous. If her entree is $15, she needs to put in a minimum of $18.75 (unless the service was appallingly poor, in which case slightly less could be justified).

        • She doesn’t even pay tax when you point it out? That means she expects you to pay for it, right? That’s terrible and goes beyond being cheap and not tipping well or at all.

        • If she’s notoriously cheap — as opposed to pressed for funds — I would probably do two things. The next time out, when she refuses to cover the tax and tip, I’d point it out, as you have. I’d then suggest that in the future you go places that don’t require tips — Cava Mezze grill, for example — where you can put money in the tip jar and she can ignore it. If she has a problem with that, then I would discuss openly with her the need/practice for servers to be tipped because it’s a major part of their income. Alternatively, you can just plan to eat the tax and tip, as part of loving a friend with an annoying quirk — so you can have a better array of restaurant optios.

    • One more vote for separate checks! Unless the problem is that your friend sucks at figuring out the tax and tip. Then it’s easiest and she might welcome it if you figure it out and let her know. It’s possible that she doesn’t realize this – so being straightforward about it would be a good way to go. If she gets miffed, then you decide if you want to deal with it. One more bit though — think about how you chose the restaurant. If she’s budgeted a certain amount for dinner and you’ve chosen a restaurant outside of her price range, then maybe you need to talk about that. I’ve been in situations where I was thinking Chipotle and, not wanting to make waves, ended up multiple price points above that, ordering judiciously and feeling horrible because I couldn’t leave a better tip — and didn’t want to bust my budget to “split the bill evenly” when I had made every effort to order only what I could afford.

    • I have a friend who sort of does this, but she likes to put the entire check on her card, then get everyone else’s cash to get miles or points or whatever. Then she only puts a 10% tip. So it I put down a 20% tip, she’s basically pocketing part of what I’m giving the waiter. I finally figured it out and now I insist on splitting the bill on separate credit cards. She can do her stingy tip if she wants, but I want to make sure the wait staff gets my full tip.

      • Man, people really suck.
        I have a female friend who ALWAYS orders way more than everyone else – appetizer (sometimes TWO!), multiple rounds of drinks, expensive entree, AND dessert – and then she’s always the first to ask the waiter to bring the check and demands that we all split it evenly. It’s really annoying, consider everyone else’s meal is half the price of her’s. I hate cheap f#cks. I pretty much refuse to go out to dinner with her at this point, we can interact socially in other ways.

      • Ok that is beyond what the OP is saying. She pockets the tip money and stiffs the server???? She’s stealing from both her friends and the server. Wow, what a piece of work. I would never go out with her again.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Incredible dinner and service at Rose’s Luxury last night. Highlights from the current menu were the Mexican corn (all the flavors of good elote but shaved to make it easier to share) and the grilled peaches, a summer indulgence. We ordered essentially the entire menu between the 4 of us and nothing disappointed.
    Rant: Stupid busy at work today, going to have to stay late and wind up missing the PoPville HH gathering tonight. Boo. Someone else gets to be the lookout instead!

  • Rave: My 83 y.o. father. I asked what he did last weekend and he said that he helped some people from his church power wash an elderly manโ€™s house. I asked him what he considered elderly and he replied โ€œ80 but he really looked it.โ€

    Rave#2: Loving this weather!

    Rant: I think my wine with dinner is starting to ruin the progress Iโ€™m making losing weight. Iโ€™m thinking the whole bottle over the course of an evening is probably not a good idea.

    • special_k

      Your dad made me laugh.

      • He’s pretty funny. After most calls I have something Facebook-worthy from him. He’s a very popular character on my page.

        • Your Dad sounds awesome! Does he know that he has a fan base? ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Sort of. He’s a former elementary school principal and I’m a Junior so some of my “friends” are actually his former students who were looking for him. I don’t friend though, any of my relatives since I get so much material from them.

    • saf

      We used to have an elderly neighbor who was still totally with it. She was a home care nurse. When you asked her when she was going to retire, she would say, “I can’t retire. The old folks need me!”
      She died of old age in her 90s, having retired only a few years before.
      She was something.

    • Booze is what secretly ruins everyone’s diet and work out goals. Loaded with calories – a 5 oz glass of vino is 125 calories ๐Ÿ™

  • Rant: people walking in the bike lane because the sidewalk is closed on 14th. Cross over to the other side of the street because you force me into rush hour traffic.
    Rave: ran with the dog for the first time in weeks last night.

    • Relax. So, we’re all inconvenienced on that part of 14th now. So I’m supposed to cross the street, walk a block, then cross again just to grab a coffee?

      • No, pedestrians take bike lane, bikes take car lane, cars take opposite sidewalk. then its fair.

      • Yes, when I’m a pedestrian, I use the sidewalk on the other side of the street. It’s really hard to see people dart out from behind construction equipment until you almost mow them down in the bike lane. And then I have to swerve into traffic to avoid hitting them or the construction barricade. I’ll relax when I’m not being put in a more dangerous situation because you can’t go a block out of your way.

        • So what did you do before there were bike lanes?

        • Or, knowing this spot is coming up, you can take a car lane, as that is perfectly legal for you to do.

          Not saying you have to, but that option is there for you. If the construction was doing what it should, you would have lost the bike lane for a pedestrian path anyway.

          • Before there was a bike lane/there is no bike lane=pedestrians weren’t walking in the street so it wasn’t a problem. Shifting over mid-block to a car lane in rush hour traffic isn’t as easy as it sounds because that is a really short block on 14th and cars are very closely spaced. And don’t forget, it’s illegal to walk in the street and the bike lane is on the street. It’s totally different if the bike lane is blocked off as a temporary sidewalk, I admit. From my perspective, you’re putting a couple of extra minutes of time against my safety.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Help! Does anyone know another word for “overscroll”?

    • Farragut

      What is “overscroll” supposed to mean?? Like scrolling up or down with a computer mouse?

      • Emmaleigh504

        yes, but over doing it. Apparently it’s a thing, but not enough of a thing to have a Wikipedia page.

        • Ugh, we have some laptops at work that are set to supersensitive scrolling (only via touchpad). It’s quite annoying.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I found “overscroll bounce”, sadly not what I’m looking for. I need “overscroll pause” who knew there were so many types of overscroll!

          • overscroll bounce is a really interesting blend of electronic music and hip hop and sensitive mice.

          • Emmaleigh504

            But I need overscroll PAUSE not bounce. tell me about the pause!

          • Cats have paws.

          • What do you mean by overscroll pause? Are you trying to describe something that would stop the screen from scrolling if you went too far?

          • Emmaleigh504

            Nope. After the overscroll it pauses and does something else. The overscroll gets you there. I didn’t find it, but I found some stuff in the same neighborhood.

    • Sorry, I can’t help you. Frankly I’m a little surprised there’s even one word for “overscroll”.

    • Does anyone get motion sickness from too much scrolling? That’s my definition of overscroll!

    • There’s probably a German word you could import into English usage (similar to how we’ve adopted “doppelganger” or “schadenfreude”)

  • Rave: I slept a lot last night, and I am feeling more awake than I have all week.
    Rant: I still didn’t manage to get up to work out, so I’m going to hit the gym during lunch.
    Rant: Very unmotivated to work on the project I have to do this week.
    Rave: Dinner date with a friend tonight.
    Rave: Beautiful weather and a relatively unplanned weekend ahead.

  • Rave: Planning a 10 year high school reunion and cannot wait to see my best friends!!!
    Rant: This week is really long. I keep thinking it’s Friday today. Womp womp.

  • Rave: Another insomnia-fueled productive morning.
    Rant: Decided to take advantage of being up early to move my car closer to my house. When I got to my car, I found a roll of toilet paper on the hood… and a pile of human feces right in front of my car. I’d heard (on PoPville) about this kind of thing happening, but this was the first time I’d encountered it myself. Thoroughly grossed out.
    Rant: I have a bad, bad feeling that if I don’t go back out there soon (I’m teleworking today) and clean it up, it’s just going to get smeared around when someone parallel parks and is going to stay on the street until there’s a sufficiently heavy rain to wash it away.

    • valentina

      Really? I wonder is it homeless people doing this or some azzhat teenagers?

      • definitely some homeless/cracked out person (though that doesn’t necessarily preclude them from being a teenager)

    • Well, like the sucker I am, I just went out (with disposable gloves, plastic bags, and some paper towels) and scooped most of it up, almost throwing up at one point, and walked the bag down to the street trash can and threw it in. Ugh.
      There was a Maryland driver’s license on the curb a few feet away from the pile. Ordinarily I would call the MVA to find out how to return it… but if the license belongs to the rogue sh1tter, I feel like he can damn well buy himself a new one.

    • At least it wasn’t the other way around: TP on the ground, pile on the hood!

    • At least you got a free roll of TP out of it?

    • Gross! Erm, who carries a roll of toilet paper around with them in case they need to poop in the street? And why would they leave the roll? Won’t they need it for the future?

      • Becks

        Leaving the paper is the scary part! They will be back! Dun dun daaaaaa!

        • I hope this isn’t going to be like “The Big Lebowski” and the guy declaring with determination: “We WILL have sex in your car!”
          Better to have poop in front of the car than people having sex in it, though.

  • Becks

    Rave: Hong Kong Film Festival starts tomorrow night at the Freer!!! It runs from July 17th-August 17th.
    Rave: It’s free!!!
    Rave: Happy Friday Eve! My meetings today have been cancelled or postponed. No meetings today!
    Rave: Blueberry picking this weekend at Butlers Orchard! I went three weeks ago and picked five pounds. I am now out of freshly picked blueberries and must pick more! More yummy, yummy blueberries!
    Rant: No one came to Lyman’s last night. Was 7:30 too early? Would another night be better?

    • valentina

      What happened at Lyman’s?

      • Becks

        I had mentioned on here that I would like to start a game night. No one came. I’m still interested in starting a weekly or bi-weekly game night. Any suggestions?

        • I missed that note – I love games but the husband won’t ever play them. What kind of games?

        • Emmaleigh504

          I only want to play games with Lady Carlotta ๐Ÿ˜‰ Actually, game night sounds fun, this week was just not good for me.

        • Becks

          Scrabble, Sorry, Dominos, Mission: survival. Any games. And Lady Carlotta would love the attention!

        • I would love to participate. Maybe start it out as once a month on a set date (like second or third Wednesday) and build a group and then expand it from there? A google group has worked well for the brunch group – with references in RRRR also.

          • skj84 started the brunch group, she said it was fine to post other events like happy hour (and I assume game night and other events).
            Which is helpful if you don’t check in w/R&R every day : )

        • That sounds like fun! I’m not familiar with many games, but would be interested in giving it a go.

    • You’re into HK film too? I’m going to tomorrow’s film; we should meet up!

      • Becks

        Textdoc- Yes! Let’s meet up. I am going straight from work. I have red hair. See you tomorrow!

        • I’ll be going straight from work too. I have brown hair and will be carrying a black L.L. Bean backpack.

  • Accountering

    Rant: Was at work until 11:15pm yesterday.
    Rave: Got a lot done, and boss agreed to pay for dinner
    Rant2: All I could find open was BK. Free dinner and I wind up getting a grilled chicken sandwich for $4.98 with tax. Lame.
    Rant3: Have to miss Natural Bridge this weekend because of a Saturday meeting, and have to miss NYC next weekend because I have to work!
    Rave2: I cannot remember the last time I had 3 actual rants!!!
    Rave3: The woman I was planning on taking these trips with is super understanding/awesome, and rainchecks have been issued ๐Ÿ™‚
    Rant4: So busy today! Just want to spend the day on PopVILLE and drinking coffee, and instead I still have 4 more meetings and a lunch meeting! Hump day!!!

  • FormerlyBrokenJaw (or anyone, really): Can you share some of your liquid and soft/mushy food recommendations? I remember a lot of your menu posts sounded really good. I have a procedure coming up and need to be on a liquid/soft diet for a lot longer than after I had my wisdom teeth out. Thanks!!

    • Indian food is great, IMHO. Daal, masalas, shag paneer, etc.

    • I second the recommendation for Indian food. Daal and saag in particular. Custard — which I’d never make otherwise. Mashed sweet potatoes. Silken tofu. Spinach souffle. Scrambled eggs with minced shrimp and chives. I’m still in awe of some of FBJ’s posts. My non-smushed version of the one with shrimp and coconut milk was yum!

    • Actually they werenโ€™t necessarily delicious but my goal was to eat as healthy as possible so I could recover faster.

      My general rule was to start with a base (chicken, beef, or veggie broth or tomato sauce) add greens (baby spinach, kale etc.) add a cooked protein (ground turkey, ground chicken or a super grain like quinoa) and add ground flax seed and then cook it and then give it a twirl. I would sometimes add yogurt or coconut milk to finish it off.

      For breakfast I was having green smoothies anyway so I just made sure to add some protein powder.

      Some soups on Whole Foods hot bar make a great base if you are tired of cooking–just throw in some greens and flax seed.

      Also I would sometimes get a warm grain bowl from Sweet Greens and then add chicken stock to it. In fact, I did this this week however I can now skip the blender step.

      Buy the healthiest ingredients that you can afford. It will pay off with a quicker recovery.

      Good luck and if you have any questions you can contact me at loganguydc AT gmail dot com

      • Thank you so much! This is amazingly helpful! Your suggestions sound healthy and tasty which is great and exactly what I was hoping for.

        Thanks to fellow Anonymouses for reminding me about Indian food too. I love it and didn’t even think of it.

  • Rant: RIP Johnny Winter.

    Rave: I got to see him live once, in the 90s, when he was Still Alive and Well. Gotta break out my Winters produced Muddy Waters cds tonight.

  • Rave: Decriminalization. Welcome to the 21st century.

  • Accountering

    Rave: AirBNB.
    Thinking of also adding a page on VRBO or Homeaway. Anyone have any experience with these sites in DC specific? I have had great luck with AirBNB, but am a bit nervous about renting the place come fall/winter.

    • justinbc

      I’ve used Homeaway (to stay, not host) and actually liked it better than AirBnB.

    • skj84

      I use VRBO as a guest and love it. Easy to use and I like the template.

    • I’ve rented out an apt. for vacation stays for 8 years on VRBO/Homeaway and am very happy with it – around 98% occupancy rate. I also list on Airbnb but with over 1,400 listings I don’t know how anyone ever finds anything. I have got a few inquires through airbnb, from people looking specifically at Columbia Heights to visit family etc. but I find Airbnb too annoying and convoluted to work with. Also, they charge the guest a very high percentage 9-10%.

      I’ve stayed at Airbnb places with varying success. Richmond VA was great, a recent stay in Newport RI not so much.

    • Do you rent out your whole place or just a room in your house? Is it weird hosting someone while you’re there?

      • It is a separate apt. – the whole 3rd floor of my house – bedroom, bath & living room with kitchenette. People do come through my house to get there, but it has never been an issue. I like meeting new people, and it is really just coming and going, maybe asking for a little Metro or tourist advice. Otherwise they are completely in their own space.

        Here is a link if you want to see. http://www.vrbo.com/141712

        • Hey, I’m right across the street. Do you rent over the holidays/breaks? We often have more people visit than we can house, and I’d much rather have them nearby than at the Hilton.

          • Yes – I rent full-time year-round (except Thanksgiving, when my own enormous family stays) and give a 10% discount to families of locals (except in Cherry Blossom season.) Contact me through the listing site. I also keep a list of locals for when I want to travel and need a pet-sitter to stay in my house for free.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rat: feeling blah today, blame it on lack of sleep
    Rave: I’ll be fine once the morning is well and truly over. I hate mornings!
    Rave: figured out a way to use Popville for work ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Becks

      How do you use Popville for work?

      • Emmaleigh504

        I asked for another word for “overscroll” ๐Ÿ™‚ I do it all the time on twitter. Sometimes I actually get to do research on blogs and social media, then I’m all up in everything!

  • skj84

    Rave: Therapy today! I’m looking forward to sitting down and talking to my therapist. I’ve also started journaling, it’s been helpful just to write my thoughts down.

    Rant: I think the intersection by my house has it out for me. I almost got hit by two cars running red lights earlier in the month, and yesterday I almost got hit by a biker doing the same.

    Rave: PoPville Happy Hour tonight and Brunch on Sat. I did a litte walk through of Roofers Union yesterday. Really excited about the food and space. There are two spots left if anyone is interested.

  • Neither rant/rave but a question – has anyone taken uberx to Dulles since the 25% discount began? If so, has the flat rate changed accordingly or is it now metered?

    • I took it to Dulles 2 weeks ago for the first time. The ride cost $49.50 with the special and saw that the regular fare was $65,

    • I have. I’m not sure if it is metered or flat rate, but it used to be $60 from my office in Ballston and now it is $48. Which is much cheaper than taking a cab.

      • Please don’t ever take a cab, the black cars are cheaper with their flat rate of $80 to Dulles than taking a metered cab, and in an Uber you get a “Yes sir, how would you like me to go?” not the whiny cab “Ugh, Dulles, I don’t know…..”

    • Thanks guys!

  • When and where is the happy hour tonight? And the brunch this weekend? I was away for a few days and didn’t pay much attention to the internet. Halp!

  • Rave: Actually enjoying my gym classes. I have one tonight and I feel neutral about it (which is a huge upgrade from the massive dread I normally feel).
    Rant: “Neutral” is a rave, haha. Exercise is the worst.
    Rave: Beautiful weather.
    Rant: Seriously, seriously, how is it Thursday? I thought it was Thursday when I woke up 100 days ago (or Tuesday). Endless week.

    • 100% agreed on your last rant!! This week feels way too long.

    • I’m of the opinion that no one should be dreading exercise (unless they simply hate any kind of movement). Find some things that you love and only do them. You’re raving about the weather, so why not do something outside? There’s free kayaking on the Anacostia tonight that I’m doing and really looking forward to.

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: Alternate for jury duty this week. So mandatory staycation while I wait to get a call with a verdict or that I need to come in.
    Revel: Perfect weather for a bike ride this morning
    Revel: Iced vanilla latte at Peregrine after bike ride
    Rant: Both dogs peed in the house while I was out

    • Emmaleigh504

      Could you please tell the jury people that I’m still waiting to be notified that it’s my turn to do my civic duty? I’ve been here 8ish years and still not called up!

      • This kills me. I get called every two years on the nose, like clockwork.

        • Me too. Yet my spouse, who got a DC license and voter registration the same day as me ten years ago, has never been called. Not once.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Occasionally I get called up for New Orleans even though I’m not longer registered to vote there and haven’t lived there in almost 10 years. And the political mail from New Orleans has followed me through 3 states. New Orleans is totally screwing my chances of jury duty in DC!

  • Rave: Thanks to you Popville folks, I got the idea of working out on an exercise bike in order to work out without aggravating my plantar facilitis. I did 15 minutes yesterday and it felt pretty good. (I know 15 minutes is not a lot of time but I’m totally out of shape and I need to start somewhere.)
    Rant: Wondering if 38 is too old to finally get control over my depression and anxiety issues. I’m seeing a therapist but I keep thinking that I missed out a lot on life as a result of wallowing in my depression for years.
    Rave: the weather!

    • Keeping up with exercise (and increasing it) could help with depression and anxiety. I stopped taking zoloft and xanax a couple of months after getting into exercise (also lost thirty pounds and drastically changed my lifestyle.)

    • GiantSquid

      I don’t think it’s so much getting control as learning to live with it. It ebbs and flows. It’s never too late to explore ways to improve your quality of life. This is precisely what I’m trying to get through to Mr. Squid.

    • Emmaleigh504

      38 is not too late! My mom finally fixed hers when she was older than that. There are always break throughs in research and medicine and other treatment that can help fix depression, anxiety, etc. Besides everyone goes through life at a different pace.

    • I’m older than you and had to deal with major depression last year. It’s never too late to confront any issues and enjoy life. I still deal with my depression but I no longer think about suicide. I’ve also taken the exercise route and have lost a significant amount of weight. Keep on keeping on brother man.

  • Can someone please explain cross chaining to me? I think I’ve been doing that on my (newish) road bike. If I’m going up a hill and I need an easier gear, am I suppsed to shift to the smaller front gear instead of shifting down in the back? My chain rubs against the cage when I’m in the highest and lowest gears in the back. I’ve been reading some articles about cross chaining, but I’m confused. If certain gear combinations are bad for the chain, why are bikes built that way?

    • Generally you want to use the smaller chainring for climbing and the bigger one for cruising downhill. The opposite is true with regard to the gears.

      There is a lot of overlap in gearing on multiple-speed bikes. Using a 52-tooth chainring with a 22-tooth gear yields nearly the same gear ratio as a 39-tooth chainring and a 30-tooth gear.

      No gear combinations are bad for the chain.

      However if you are riding in the big ring but a big gear as well, your front derailleur may rub against the chain.

    • GiantSquid

      smaller front gear: easier, less resistance (hills), larger front gear: harder, more resistance (flats & downhills). Cross chaining is kind of your warning that you need to shift that front gear up or down. If you’re going up a hill in the larger front gear but on your smallest/lowest gear on the back and you start hearing the grating of the chain, then shift the front gear to the smaller gear and shift up in the back. It took me a while to get the hang of it.

  • Question?: I know people have posted about this before, but I’ve ignored it, and now I’m finally ready. Can anyone recommend any good therapists in DC? Female preferred, and an LCSW is fine. I have some minor issues that I’m sick of dumping on my friends but need to talk to someone about. I saw a therapist once before but it was in college, and they just assigned me to someone.. did a quick google search and I’m overwhelmed by the number of options, but don’t want that to be another thing deterring me.

    • Dr Pamela Finder is a therapist I like. The practice she is part of takes a variety of insurance.

    • Does your work have an EAP? If so, it might be fastest/easiest to call them to get a referral.

    • Are you looking for a therapist or a psychiatrist? What sort of qualifications must a therapist have?

      • Like I said, LCSW is fine, or any other Master’s level.. definitely don’t need a psychiatrist, and don’t even necessarily need a phd/psyd. I’m pretty good at working out my issues myself, as long as I have someone who’s willing to listen, focus and give honest feedback, which I can’t really ask of my friends anymore.

        • Sorry, I’d never heard of a LCSW before.

          • Ah, sorry – a licensed social worker, so someone who provides a basic level of counseling, based on a 2-year (usually) Master’s degree.

          • LCSW is licensed clincial social worker. Graduate degree plus 3000 hours of experience plus 100 hours of clinical supervision (plus licensing exam). LCSWs do more than a basic level of counseling.

          • Sure, and that wasn’t meant to diss LCSW’s. I meant that compared to those with a PsyD, PhD (clinical track), or MD, they are the counselors with the least amount of formal clinical training. I know many LCSW’s, and think they provide great counseling, which is why I’d have no problem seeing one, and might even prefer it.

    • My sister is a therapist in the fairfax area…and I asked her for a recommendation for myself a few weeks back in the DC area and she suggested Dr. Margaret Clancy in NW. Havent seen her yet.

  • Rant: My squash and zucchini plants are dying all of a sudden. The stalks have completely rotted at the base, so I’m not sure there’s anything I can do to save them. It sounds like a squash vine borer, but I don’t see any signs of them. Could it be from all the rain we’ve been having? The plants were doing so well; I’m really sad.
    Another gardening rant: Only four ripe tomatoes so far and the squirrels got to two of them before I did.
    Gardening raves: Peppers are doing really well, there are lots of green tomatoes, and a tiny white eggplant, and I still have plenty of basil, parsley, mint, oregano, sage, and thyme. Not bad for my first time gardening I guess! And there are lots of figs starting on the neighbors’ tree which hangs into our yard. I can’t wait for fig season!

    • Squash and zucchini require well-drained soil or they will rot very easily. We’ve had 1.5 inches of rain in the past 5 days, so I’m guessing the plants have too much water.

    • Emmaleigh504

      omg figs! You are lucky!

      If the squirrels get all your ripe tomatoes, you can start making fried green tomatoes. Yum!

    • I have the opposite rave: Finally after hand pollinating my squash, they seem to be growing past the stage of getting to be an inch or two then succumbing to black rotting death. I am very excited.

      And the opposite rant: My peppers just won’t grow. The plant finally started growing a little, but I have yet to see any signs that a pepper is forthcoming.

      • Could be blossom-end rot. Maybe get your soil tested.

      • What kind? One of my pepper plants still doesn’t have any peppers. It’s some kind of hot pepper variety. I also have one tomato plant that does not show any sign of ever producing a tomato.

    • Ditto rant on tomatoes – two ripe full sized so far. A long cool spring plus a not-so-hot summer is the likely culprit.

      • Actually, tomatoes grow great in cool climates. Most of the greenhouse-grown tomatoes that you buy in the supermarkets are grown in Canada.

        Most tomato varieties will not produce new fruit if the temperature is above 90F or below 55F.

        • Uh oh, does that mean my Purple Cherokee (which hasn’t produced any tomatoes yet) never will?

          • Hard to say.

            Black Cherokee takes 80 days to mature, which is rather long but similar to other heirloom varieties.

            I tried growing Black Krim, a similar variety, a couple years back, and the whole plant produced 5 tomatoes in total.

            I think ‘black’ tomatoes are very dependent upon proper growing conditions.

    • Squash vine borer. I planted squash for the first time this year (in truth I just wanted a large plot of garden to fill in and I new the squash would take over readily!). Those moths must be pretty prolific, because every single plant had infestations except one. Look for nasty yellow pus-like stuff coming out of holes or gashes near the base of the stem. I was able to save two of them by cutting out the borers at a relatively early state. Not for the squeamish! I must have a missed the signs of some in a third plant and it might be too far gone even after the borer surgery. I should probably try hand pollinating, because even with tons of females flowers I have zilch for fruit. The borer infestation may be stressing the plants too much, though.

      • Mine had tons of flowers too (though I still can’t tell the difference between make and female). I did get one zucchini but was expecting more by now. I didn’t see any of the telltale signs of borers ( and was opening up stems looking for them) so I’m not sure if that’s the problem.

  • Rave: Scored two box seats to DC United on Sunday because my friend (season ticket holder) can’t go.
    Rave: Weather is gorgeous.
    Rave: Date night tonight and we’re making egg-in-a-hole grilled cheese sandwiches. Nom nom.

  • Rave: dinner with parents and gf last night was fantastic. It’s one of the few times my folks have let me cook for them and, so far, no one got sick.
    Rave: just got called for a job interview on Monday.
    Rant: boss touched my collar to check and see if I am wearing collar stays. Totally inappropriate, but the third time this has happened.
    Rant: I desperately need a new job. I’m the only attorney in the office not allowed to telework, not allowed to change my hours to something more reasonable, and my vacation requests are always a fight, even several months in advance.
    Rant: Not a lot of motivation today because I’ve thought about the gradual accretion of crap treatment by my boss.
    Rave: Hong Kong film festival.
    Rave: still excited about Baltimore + Artscape this weekend.
    Rave: Dan Amitai is DJing tomorrow for the first time in a couple of years!

    • skj84

      Your boss checked for coller stays?! Physically checked for coller stays?! I’m just baffled to why they think that’s ok. Wow. Do they use a ruler to check the female attorneys hem length?

    • Re: the collar stays check. Creepy- did he/she provide any reasoning for doing something that is totally unprofessional and could border on sexual harassment in a certain context? You sound like you have a toxic work environment. Take that law degree and use it elsewhere- good luck!

      • Thank you!
        His reasoning was “just checking” which is really not a reason at all. The work environment is pretty toxic. I think one of the main reasons is because there just isn’t much work to do – and we’re getting an additional attorney in a couple of weeks.

    • Becks

      Beau- Super excited about the Festival! I’m going to the Hong Kong festival tomorrow. If you go, look for me. I have red hair.

    • And what is the right answer on the collar stays? Are they considered a good thing or a bad thing?

      • They are useful, but not necessary. I like the look of my shirts with them, but don’t always remember to put them in. I guess it depends on your job or the occasion.

      • If you’re “dressed” i.e. suit and tie, you pretty much want to wear them because your collar will inevitably curl despite Beau’s suggestion that starch alone suffices. No need with an open collar. And, if you’re feeling really affluent, you can buy a nice brass set from Brooks Brothers so yours will be the staydest collar of them all when the boss ’round for a check. (I think s/he ought also to check for those little placket buttons on your shirt’s sleeve, as well, and penalize you if they’ve popped off at the dry cleaners. Clothes make the man!).

      • They are most useful when wearing a tie. They help keep the knot aligned with the top of the shirt collar. Otherwise, they don’t do much.

    • I know Dan Amitai!

      • Are you going to see him? It should be fun, regardless of whether he spins anything good. Just cause he’s Dan!

    • Emmaleigh504

      You should get some sterling collar stays to really impress the boss!

  • Rave: Fantastic weather for Brew at the Zoo tonight!
    Rave: Took tomorrow off so today is my Friday!
    Rave: No rants!

  • Rant: People who take one step forward off of the Metro escalator and STOP, oblivious to the dangers and chaos that this could cause behind them. You get a pass if you’re tottery, but not if you stopped to pull out your map or chat on your phone.
    Rave: Gorgeous day!!!!
    Rave: Reading mysteries. Major problems get resolved in 300 pages or less. I know that real life’s not like that — but at least I can enjoy the fantasy of neat resolutions.

    • +1 to your rant. Move away from the bottom of the escalator people………. PUH-LEASE!

    • It also drives me crazy when people suddenly cross in front of you immediately after getting off the escalator. For example, someone on the right side of the escalator getting off and immediately walking across the left lane. Take a few steps forward and then cross.

    • +1. This happens ALL THE TIME at L’Enfant and I’ve nearly fallen as a result of people who do this. I like to think it’s maybe just tourists not used to heavy traffic on escalators.

    • They are on par with the people who board the train and saunter around, deliberating where to sit, blocking everyone behind them.

  • Help!! My old bag / purse is on its last but of life and I need suggestions for DC stores that have a large variety of high end bags to pick from. $500 (or less if possible) would be ideal range. Thank you in advance! ! No online though please I want to see it in person.

    • $500 for a bag/purse? Holy moly.

      • justinbc

        Is that a lot? (clueless to how much that stuff costs)

        • I’ve only bought a few as gifts (I’m a dude) but I can’t imagine spending $500 on a bag that I use to tote things around town on a regular basis. No bag I’ve ever bought for myself or for anyone else was more than $150. Then again I don’t get the whole bag/purse as fashion accessory thing so that alone probably puts me in a much lower price bracket.

          • I really love H&M’s bags. They’re very basic, hold up well, and are only like $25. I own two (one big tote-style and another that’s smaller) and they look brand new even though I’ve been using them every day for years. If a $25 bag lasts a decade a $500 bag doesn’t seem like a good buy even if it lasts a lifetime.

      • That sounds like a lot — and it is. But a good bag really will last a lifetime, and if you can invest the cash upfront, you can end up with something that costs less than 25 cents per wearing before you’re done with it. I still have a couple of Coach bags from junior high school. (Before they tried for trendy.)

      • $500 for a bag isn’t too much, it’s a staple that is used daily and when you spend that much you have something quality that will last/they will replace it if you have issues.

        To save I’d look to plasticjungle.com to get a gift card for 10-20% below facevalue that you can turn around and use like cash.

      • $500 seems like an awful lot for purse. You can buy German-made Rimowa luggage for less than that.

        • justinbc

          That seems like a strange comparison to make… I don’t know any women who regularly carry around luggage every day, opposed to a shoulder bag.

          • The way I see it, a purse is just a small piece of luggage. The construction and materials should be similar to those used in other pieces of luggage.

            And I’d expect a smaller piece of luggage to be relatively less expensive than a larger piece.

      • Emmaleigh504

        It’s not a lot for an investment piece that you will use forever. It’s a lot for a trendy bag that you may hate after a season.

    • Nordstrom at Pentagon City isn’t too bad.

    • I usually wait until December 26th and get up early for the double discounts. I’ve gotten wonderful bags at Saks and Neiman Marcus this way. I also highly highly recommend Handbags in the City in Baltimore — which would be a nice side-trip if you’re going to Artscape. It’s worth a destination trip as well — the customer service is fabulous: they’ve even done special orders for me, and would consider $500 to be a good price point to work with.

    • GiantSquid

      It’s not in DC, so it may be out, but I have a Hobo brand bag which I bought from their Annapolis store and it has lasted me two years so far and worn very well.

    • Moore & Giles might have what you’re looking for in that price range and they’re semi-local. I don’t personally own one, but I really like the variety of styles they offer and they look like very sturdy, high-end bags.

    • Honestly…altho I bought mine in London (I was never a fan of LongChamp) I really recommend their totes. (this is the kind i have http://us.longchamp.com/handbags/le-foulonne/tote-bag-2619021?sku=21289#/handbags/le-foulonne/tote-bag-2619021?sku=21285 ) but looking at their website if you dont like that “traditional” longchamp look there are some other cool things ๐Ÿ™‚

      • oof I forgot to add that. I have had it for 2 years and its still going very strong. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Did someone seriously just shoot down a commercial airplane?

  • Rant: the day of my period where food repulses me. Anyone else get that?

  • I meant to post a reminder earlier in today’s RRRR, but forgot — there is an ANC1A meeting tonight to make up for the one that didn’t happen (or didn’t officially happen) last week because there was no quorum. If the future of the former Hebrew Home is of interest to you, show up and make your opinion known.
    This meeting is at a different location than the ANC1A meeting usually is — it will be at the Columbia Heights Community Center, 1480 Girard Street.

  • Has anyone found frozen kasha varnishkes in a Giant, Safeway, or Harris Teeter around the District? I’m from South Florida where they’re in every grocery store’s frozen section but haven’t seen them around Columbia Heights. I do know this is a really weird question.

    • I’ve seen the frozen ones in the kosher markets in MD but can’t remember seeing them in DC. If I did, it was probably at Trader Joes (but might just have been the buckwheat, not the farfalle).
      If you’re looking for the convenience factor, you can make and freeze your own. I do this with brown rice, b/c I know on a weeknight I’ll never take the time to cook it, would also work well for buckwheat.

    • Not sure — but you might want to try Rodman’s. They have a small freezer section and might be able to tell you over the phone if they have them. And it’s not a really weird question. My kippered salmon yearnings have taken me to many far-flung neighborhoods in my search!

      • Not DC but could also be worth a call to Sniders. Rodman’s does usually have boxed kasha if you decide to make your own.

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