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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Popviller Ally who helped find a place for Gilford the dog before they put him down on Friday! Thanks Ally!

    • My pleasure. I’ll take a photo or two for you when Gilford’s en route to PA 🙂

      • Accountering

        Re-posting from yesterday, but I think it still stands:
        Hooray! This is great news! Normally I am not a big fan of PA (Flyers, Penguins, Eagles, Phillies, fans of the above, residents of the above) but today they pleasantly disappointed! Congrats PA, today, you weren’t horrible!

    • We saved Gilford. Let me also put in a quick plug for Cody, the other dog who was referenced recently on a PopVille comment thread. Cody is a loving pit pull in need of an immediate home. His owner can no longer care for him and would like him put down. The owner’s son (who can’t take him but is going out of his way to try to help) is trying to prevent this and has offered to drive Cody ANYWHERE in the country to a home that can take him. He is also willing to help with vaccinations. I’ll work my rescue contacts but if anyone is in need of a loving dog, Cody fits the bill. Very friendly. If interested, email me at allisonjhazen(at)gmail.com and I can put you in touch with the owner’s son who has sent me info and photos. Last dog post for a while; promise.

      • special_k

        Ally, I think you’re awesome!

      • The BF and I are thinking about adopting a dog and we both love pits, but they’re illegal in PG county. We’re new to the area so I don’t know how much the law is enforced, but I would have to adopt a dog and then get fined and have to give it up in the end.

        • From what I understand, the law is strictly enforced and shelters and rescues in the area generally will not adopt out pit bulls to PG County residents. However, I do know that the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria (where I adopted my cat) worked with PG County to allow a pit mix to be successfully licensed and adopted by a county resident. If you go to their website, you can find info for the dog, Tony (adopted in 2/2011) under their “Success Stories” section. Even if you don’t opt to get a pet through them, they might be a good resource to work with to learn about what you have to to to legally be able to adopt a pit. Good luck – they’re a great breed!

          • +1 Thanks for the additional information. I have a friend in that county who has a pit mix. She chooses to just call it a poodle! Note: I don’t recommend doing that, but it is funny when she introduces this bounding pitty as her poodle. Anyway, hope you guys are able to adopt a dog in need, even if it’s not the one posted about above. And, if you get a chance, feel free to forward on my email to any friends who you think might be able to adopt!

  • Rant: I’m kind of in this summer slump…lately it’s been hard for me to get out of the house since I have nothing to push me to do so, and that can be kind of depressing.
    Rave: One more month til I’m back to work!
    Rant: I’ve received inconsistent emails from my new employer about how many letters of recommendation I need. Now I’m scrambling to come up with a third.
    Rave: The woman I spoke with at HR told me they won’t just tell me to go home if I show up without my third letter.
    ?: Kickball starts Thursday. I’ve probably reached the point where I’m all kickballed out, but I need some sort of activity to get myself out of the house.
    Rant: I have to choose between kickball and the happy hour this week.

  • Rant: Got home from a business trip in the middle of the rain without a rain jacket or umbrella.
    Rave: Last day of work before a 4 day vacation to Toronto.
    Rant: Too many personal/business trips is killing my biking mileage.

  • Rave: Beautiful weather!!!!
    Rant: Went on several awesome dates with someone and its been a week with no call back!

    • That sucks. I can understand blowing someone off after one date, but after a few, it seems like the classy thing to do is to just let the person know.

  • Rave: gorgeous morning
    Rave: biked to work for the first time in a long time
    Rant: witnessed another cyclist hit a pedestrian when she had the right of way to cross the street. The cyclist slowed down but didn’t stop, acted like it was the pedestrian’s fault and made his turn anyways. I caught up with him and gave him a piece of my mind. He just shrugged and gave me a very “meh” look. He did this all while wearing one of those professional bike shirts emblazoned with the DC flag. Seriously dude, not a great way to represent DC or it’s cyclists. No wonder we’re so vilified.

    • Please don’t acknowledge the anti-cyclist argument because of one jerk. I don’t feel bad about owning a car every time I see a driver blow past a crosswalk with people in it. I stop and wave them through and do it right. That’s all you can really do.

      • Yeah, but there isn’t the same overwhelming (mis?)perception that drivers are mostly (or all) a bunch of scofflaws. I think Anonymous 9:57 has a point.

        • You are correct in that the majority of drivers are not often perceived as scofflaws, but when you look at the laws that are being broken by them (speeding, rolling through stop signs, encroaching on crosswalks, double parking, rolling through rights on red, not yielding to pedestrians, turning without signaling, changing lanes without signaling, parking in bike lanes, driving in bike lanes, turning right in front of buses, following emergency vehicles too closely, driving under the influence, etc….) it’s quite obvious that they are scofflaws. Why they aren’t perceived as such….I have no idea.

          • “Why they aren’t perceived as such….I have no idea.”
            Because they are the majority. Thus, people don’t want to think of themselves as scofflaws and be hit with major penalties, since they also commit the same violations. Hence why you don’t see huge penalties for drivers who maim/kill cyclists – the jurors and police identify with the drivers.

      • OP Here –
        Are you suggesting that I just ignore the fact that this happened? If I were the pedestrian, I would want to press charges. I think it’s very important that there is an open dialogue on what is and what isn’t acceptable behavior by cyclists. As a car owner myself I am courteous to pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers when I’m driving. And if I saw something similar happen between a car and a pedestrian, cyclist or other car, you bet I would get on here and say something about it.
        I think there are cyclists, drivers and pedestrians who all give their respective groups bad names. As someone who falls into all three categories, I am hyper aware of the dangers out there. I’ve seen a lot of near misses, but this morning I actually saw something happen. So here I am talking about it, because I think it’s important to do so.

    • If it were me, I would have snapped his pic and posted it here. Maybe also some printed flyers? Public shaming all the way.

      • OP here:
        Unfortunately I couldn’t at the time. My phone was not very accessible and he was on the other side of three lanes of traffic when I caught up to him. It would have been pretty dangerous for me to do so. I really wish there was more I could. There were a lot of other people who witnessed him hit the woman, and many of them were vocally appalled at what he did. Perhaps one of them got a pic or a better ID on him. I hope someone called the cops.

  • Rave: We bought our first house after months of an agonizing process!
    Rant: Our inspector missed some serious problems with the house and the fixes are super expensive
    Rant: Our next-door neighbors who share a common wall seem to be doing (unpermitted) construction involving that common wall, using power saws, a drill and a hammer that are all quite loud. They’re also leaving their construction garbage in their backyard and it’s very visible to us. I might just have to suck it up but wish I could do something about it. The situation would be different if they were somewhat friendly, but they are actually a bit intimidating.

    • You can report them to DCRA

      • That was my first thought, but I’m worried that it will be obvious that we are the ones who reported them.

        • Why is it your first thought to report your new neighbors to DCRA? You just moved into the hood and they are renovating their house. Unless you think they’re doing something unsafe that will endanger you or your property do you really think it’s necessary to report them?
          The construction will be temporary and presumably they will remove the debris when they’re done. Now if the debris where overflowing into your yard that would be another story, but it sounds like you’re being very unneighborly.

          • I might be freaking out about nothing. It’s totally possible. But FWIW, reporting them was -not- my first thought — it was what my ANC reps and the people here on PoPville recommended. See my OP. I am concerned about our common wall, though, and that the neighbors may not remove the debris. Their entire backyard and tiny front yard is overgrown and filled with garbage.

          • Correction — it was “a” first thought but never my preferred way of doing things.

          • The construction debris shouldn’t matter, but the construction on the party wall is very much a legitimate concern. This could have a major effect on the structural integrity of the OP’s property. Shoddy construction could lead to faults in the structural integrity, can create water leaks thus leading to mold growth, ruining of plaster/drywalls, etc.
            I’m not a stickler for permitting for something cosmetic like a kitchen or bathroom renovation, but when you’re affecting someone else physical property, it should be done by the book.

          • Thank you, Anonymous. This sums up my concerns very well.

        • Theoretically, DCRA inspectors are patrolling the city every day looking for unpermitted construction. So if someone receives a citation, it doesn’t necessarily follow that it came from a neighbor dropping a dime on them.
          Having said that, I don’t know what the rule on construction debris on one’s property is. When my house was being renovated I had a backyard full of construction materials and debris for several weeks. It wasn’t just visible to my neighbors but it was also visible to anyone walking or driving down the alley. But I never got ticketed for it. But maybe that’s because my contractor covered the debris with tarps.
          I can understand being concerned about construction work that directly affects your property – i.e., a common wall. If you are concerned about the neighbors having a permit, you can go to the DCRA website and check whether any permits are on file for that address.
          I don’t get the concern about a temporary aesthetic issue – i.e., having to look at construction debris in someone else’s yard.

          • This is all very helpful – thanks. I just checked and there is no permit on file. The construction debris is less of a concern because it’s unslightly — I only care about that a little bit, and only if it’s not cleaned up later — but because it makes me wonder if the construction project is being done haphazardly, or if this is going to be an ongoing issue with these neighbors.

          • Theoretically, yes. However I highly doubt that’s happening much. When we were redoing our kitchen and bathrooms we had construction debris in our back yard for months while the work was being completed (contractor kept removing it but then filling it right back up- we ran into a lot of issues). We have a 6′ privacy fence so only my direct neighbors would have been able to see it from their second story window. I would have automatically assumed one of them ratted me out if we had gotten a ticket and then I would be very very inclined to rat them out next time they decide to do any work on their home.

        • +1 to the suggestion to look on PIVS (the Permit Information Viewing System, I think?): “If you are concerned about the neighbors having a permit, you can go to the DCRA website and check whether any permits are on file for that address.” And as Andie was saying, construction debris can be a rodent issue.

      • Couldn’t another neighbor along your alley theoretically be the one who reported it — it’s not visible to you and you alone, is it?

        • It’s especially visible to us because we can see it from the second floor. Theoretically, their neighbors on the other side could see it, but I doubt anyone else can. Their neighbors to the back are pretty far away, separated by an alley.

          • When my house was being renovated we got a ticket from DCRA for construction debris because it was a rodent hazard. I think it was just a warning, but it didn’t specify whether we were reported by someone – just that it was visible. Hope this helps!

          • Actually, it really does help, Andie. Thanks!

    • Emmaleigh504

      On the bright side, they will probably remove the construction garbage when they are done, so it’s not permanent.

    • Report them. You can start with your ANC rep but it might be faster (and I use that word VERY loosely) to open a report to DC. Is it the 311 website (someone who knows better – please correct me!). DC is pretty good with putting a stop work order on things like this and well, it’s illegal so don’t put up with it. I also think it’s anonymous (to your neighbors) – again, someone please correct me if I’m wrong on that. Good luck! And congrats on the house!! 🙂

      • As far as I know, for things involving DCRA (neighbors with overgrown yards, illegal construction, etc.), you have to contact DCRA directly. It’s a pain that these kinds of things can’t be incorporated into the 311 service request system.

        • Thanks, textdoc! Yes – I looked at my experience reporting a neighbor (unfortunate but it was too out of control/a serious health risk not to) and it was to DCRA. We submitted a picture of what we could see (taken from our property, of course) with the report, too.

          Original Anon – just be wise to the fact that sometimes DCRA will close a case as if it’s resolved and you might have to resubmit or follow up with them. Don’t let that deter you though. It’ll get taken care of.

          • pablo .raw

            You could try the twitter, I sometimes ask questions to DCRA over twitter and get a quick response; as opposed to leaving a phone message.

          • I hate it when D.C. agencies don’t provide an e-mail address (or make it difficult to find) and seem to treat Twitter as their primary avenue for public communication. Sometimes I feel like I’m going to have to get a Twitter account for the sole purpose of communicating with D.C. government agencies.

      • Thanks, all. Actually, my first stop was my ANC — my reps are the -best- and say that in all seriousness. They suggested the DCRA route, but I’m cautious. Even though the process is anonymous, if I were them, I would assume the new neighbor with a common wall was the snitch without even thinking about it.

        And I mean it when I say these people are intimidating. The first neighbor I met told me that he only saw them one time in his years living there, and it was when those neighbors were chasing each other down the block with knives. Large, ripped men. All I can think about is the three roommates in Shaw who apparently killed each other.

        • OP, have you taken a look at recent sales and property tax records for your neighbor? I know you said that these guys seem “intimidating,” but my guess is that these guys have recently sold to a developer. If that’s the case, you shouldn’t feel any remorse about reporting them. Especially if they flip a quick sale and they’ve caused damage that might take some time to make itself known. The paper trail of permits is a good thing to have, in case (god forbid) anything ever needs to be litigated.

          • I’m not sure if you saw my comments below, but this is definitely not a new sale/flip situation.

    • Congrats! What hood?

    • You don’t know what work is being done. You don’t know whether it is permitted or not. You don’t know whether it requires permits or not. You are going to be doing some work yourself in the future. You are going to be living next door to your neighbors for some amount of time. Do you really want to start your relationship contentiously? How about you asking what work they are doing because you will have to do work yourself and were hoping for a recommendation for service providers. That arms you with information before deciding to report them. It gives you common ground to start an amicable, non intimidating relationship. And it’s just good karma. And it leaves room to escalate if necessary. No need to start at defcon 5.

      • I agree with this wholeheartedly and hope we can actually meet soon in a totally non-threatening way.

        • On the flip side, -I don’t know what work is being done-, and that could include shoddy work that could compromise the structural integrity of my own home … which I just spent the life’s savings of myself and my husband to get. I’d love to be the cool, laid back neighbor, but think I have some legit reasons for concern. Maybe not defcon 5 levels of concern, but concern nonetheless.

          • That’s why I said to ask what is being done thus ending the speculation. It might be necessary to report. But don’t start there. Start with information gathering. Such information will also help if you do end up filing a report.

          • Any recommendations on how to being gathering info? I don’t feel comfortable ringing the bell and introducing myself, and haven’t seen these neighbors outside yet. Most of the other neighbors have (warmly) introduced themselves already.

          • If you don’t see them outside, then yes, you will have to overcome the discomfort and ring the bell. Say you noticed that they were having some work done (tilt head and smile), ask what it is because it has just come to light that you need to do some projects. Ask what they are doing, what companies they are using, is the process to get permits difficult, etc. Unless of course you see the workers and feel more comfortable approaching one of them. Or you could resort to rummaging through the debris to see what clues you can garner from the trash discarded and packaging for new materials. On the whole, you are going to at some point need to get past your discomfort and speak with them. You owe it to your investment.

          • Honestly, this sounds a bit skeevy to me, notwithstanding any concerns about knocking on the door. If a stranger knocked on my door and just started asking me questions about my construction project, I would be very suspicious. I agree that friendliness is (always) the best approach, but something about this version doesn’t work for me.

          • Emmaleigh504

            But that’s how neighbors ask each other about work done. If you don’t see them outside, you have to ring the bell. Maybe you could introduce yourself first. Then accidentally make too many cookies and take them over and ask about the construction.

          • My guess is that these people are “intimidating” because they’re doing illegal renovations or a flip job. Are you sure they are even the neighbors? They might just be construction staff. Is anyone even living in the house?

          • Anon 1:12- I second that. If no one ever sees them it’s possible the neighbors in question are long gone and some developer is renovating the house to flip. If that’s the case, good luck getting DCRA to do anything about it (and I do mean good luck non-sarcastically, but it seems like they’re more willing to come down on home owners than developers).

          • “My guess is that these people are “intimidating” because they’re doing illegal renovations or a flip job.”
            I think Anon OP is the only one who could shed light on that. It sounds like Anon OP hasn’t had any real interaction with them so at this point it’s entirely Anon OP’s *perception*, which could very well be way off. Totally unfair to draw conclusions about the legality or quality of their work based on hoe someone thinks they appear.

          • My understanding, which is based on a combination of neighborhood lore and Google research and therefore totally unreliable, is that these are tenants of an owner who has had the place for a very long time. I’m not sure if the owner is around or even alive, or how I could contact her (although I did find out her name).

            That said, I’m a big fan of the cookies approach! Emilie, you can be my neighbor any day!

          • Maybe you are braver or more outgoing than I am, but if it were me and I thought that the _tenants_ might be doing work that the landlord didn’t know about, I definitely wouldn’t talk to the tenants — I’d go straight to DCRA.
            Given that you’ve seen online that there’s no permit, you know they’re doing work without a permit. If you talk to them and THEN report them to DCRA, then they’ll know that you’re the “snitch.” If you don’t talk to them and just report them to DCRA, they can speculate that you were the snitch, but they can’t know for sure.

          • Anon OP, you can enter the building information into DC’s property tax database here to see property tax and recent sale history:
            Furthermore, you can see more information about financing and sale history here for all properties in the District here:
            PS – I think I know who you are, we are friends 😉

          • Textdoc, my thoughts exactly. Of course I now run the risk of being an overly concerned, neurotic freak if I do contact DCRA, but now I have to weigh that against being the blase pushover who lets tenants put my investment in jeopardy. Not easy. My default is to be laid back if I can be, but this might be an exception.

          • Anonymous at 1:31, now I’m curious who you are! Email me!

            Also, those great links confirmed what I already know. The owner has been there a very long time and I am almost positive we’re seeing tenants. I’m not sure if they are paid tenants or relatives.

            Their place looked fine when we came for the real estate showings but has quickly deteriorated. I now wonder if our sellers paid them to tidy their place when they sold…

      • Just a general +1 to this. I have “intimidating” neighbors, but after finding something to connect over (a pet, their cute kids, grandma’s flower pots), they’re really friendly. I don’t love the pot-smoking on the front porch, or their visitors who double park while blasting music, but really, it’s just a few minutes a day at most. It’s not worth having a bad relationship with someone on my row.

        • I think it’s safe to say every block in DC has at least one neighbor that fits this description. In my case, it’s the house right next door. They’ve always been very friendly and even though I don’t love the group of teenagers that sometimes gathers on the front porch, I prefer them as a neighbor to say a developer who will buy their house, pop it up and turn it into four condos.

      • +1 for all you know they may be exposing a brick wall. Don’t see why they would need saws on a common wall unless they are installing framing for drywall or fixing a staircase.

  • VarnumGuy

    Rave: the weather is beautiful and the flowers blooming in the front yard!
    Revel: I love hearing the bells at the AFRH play the songs of the armed forces everyday starting at 11:45 AM.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Nothing is quite working this morning: just dropped the paper end of my teabag in my tea (yummy cardboard water!), thing at the library separated me and my green smoothie for an hour, bad hair day, spilled something on my shirt before 8am, etc.
    Rant: South Africa already projected to have a record number of poached rhinos for 2014.
    Rave: Shirtless selfies from hottt German Fußball players. [shallow but it’s all I got]

    • Perhaps I shall now go and friend/follow the German soccer players on FB. Thanks for the tip! 😉

      • Emmaleigh504

        Oezil posts the most. I think he spent all of yesterday on the victory lap through Germany shirtless 🙂 I’m waiting for Neuer to jump on the bandwagon!

  • Rave: Been adding some free weight lifting to my workout and enjoying it.

    Rant: Equipment/machin hogs at the gym!

    • I hate that also. Despite the lack of equipment at the AB YMCA, the concept of “working in” seems alien. Also get annoyed at the people (mostly women) who get on one of the leg machines and do dozens and dozens of reps. Try a spin or aerobics class please.

      • There are guys at my gym who do one set on the bench press, then sit on the bench for five minutes, listening to music or playing with their phones. Then they do their next set. I don’t mind waiting when someone wants to do a few sits without someone working in, but don’t rest more than a minute between sets!

        My gym is open 24 hours. I really should start going really early in the morning a couple of times a week.

      • I don’t see the point of being annoyed as long as they’re doing something (vs. just sitting on the machine doing nothing). I know people get annoyed at me when I do dozens of reps at low weight, but I have to do that. My physical therapist has told me what I need to do at the gym to rehab an injury (which is almost always 3 sets of 10 reps at low weight on any given machine). Plus, most aerobics classes are high impact, which a lot of people can’t do. And some people want to focus on one muscle group at a time, or hate group exercise or whatever. But even if that is just how I wanted to work out, what is it to you as long as I’m actually using the machine and not hogging it for an inordinate amount of time?

      • I go to the AB Y and do 3 sets of 10 for most machines because low weight/high rep works for me. And the spin/aerobics class remark is just condescending. I’m a triathlete, marathoner, trail runner, etc., thank you very much.

    • My Rave might be your Rant: What’s the standard? I use a small gym in my building. I’m thrilled that I’ve made a commitment to working out regularly. I used to go late in the evening when it was empty, but now more people have started to use the gym at that time — and now, reading these posts, I’m confused about gym etiquette. The posted rule is that nothing should be used for more than 30 minutes if other people are waiting. I see guys (mostly) using weight machines and the rowing machines in spurts. They’ll lift a bit, sit a bit, pace around, get water, sit a bit more, then lift a bit more. Clearly they’ve staked out the machine they’re using for quite awhile — even though they’re only actually using it in short spurts of less than 5 minutes. Is it okay to ask to use it while they’re pacing around? On the other hand — yes, I’m female — I’ve spent up to 20 minutes using the leg press machine — plugged into my ipod. Yes, it’s the only one, and I’m using it for less than 30 minutes. Does that, perhaps, infuriate someone who wants that station?
      I’m very much a gym newbie – please advise!

      • The 30 minute rule is more for cardio machines, imho. If the other person has somehow marked the equipment (e.g., towel on bench), then ask to work in if they are taking really long breaks. Otherwise, just use it. But I don’t understand how you could spend 20 minutes on a leg press? That’s pretty unreasonable, especially if it’s the only one. It should take 1 minute max to do a set, and assuming 3-5 sets, with a 1 minute rest, still would be around 10 minutes. I will sometimes hog a squat box, mostly because I’d be doing more than one lift (back squat, front squat, deadlift) but I’m happy to work others in if they ask. And I don’t think it matters how much weight you are using; if you’re resting for more than 5 minutes between sets AND just sitting there, you’re doing it wrong.

        • 20 min on a leg press: very low weight, lots of reps, no resting. Which sounds like what annoys FBJ. It might not be the standard usage — but as long as someone is consistently using it, doesn’t violate the rules re: time limits, and is sensitive to other people waiting, it seems reasonable to me.

      • “Hey, can I work in with you?”

      • Absolutely you should be able to work in while he is resting. At gyms I’ve belonged to in the past generally people would take note of you waiting and ask you if you want to work in. I think now some people use their phone as an excuse to pretend they didn’t notice you. However, I’ve noticed at the AB Y people tend to think they are doing you a big favor by letting you work in.

    • “Working in” is a contentious concept that is highly dependent on the gym’s vibe and it’s users. Some gyms actively encourage it, while others have the generic signs about 30 minute maximums. Some people will argue that the 30 minute maximums only apply to the cardio equipment.
      Personally, I hate “working in”, as I usually use a weight machine or free weights for about 10 minutes and I’m done (three sets of 10 reps with two minutes of rest between each set). Let me do my lifting in peace and then it’s yours. If you can’t wait 10 minutes, I’m gonna be annoyed. That said, you should always feel comfortable to tell someone “No.” Just tell them how much longer you will be, so they have a reasonable expectation of how to structure their workout. Some people are OCD and prefer to do certain machines in a certain order, but that’s their issue, not your’s. That said, I think it’s rude to use a weight machine or bench for more than 20 minutes.
      Cardio machines are a different story with different expectations, IMHO. I’m fine with people using them for 30 to 45 minutes.

  • Rave: Ran into the district manager of Safeway at the Hechinger Mall Safeway and had a nice little conversation with him about a number of things especially the lines at store. It also just so happened that I was in there returning some expired Yotoddler yogurt that I had bought the day before so there is that. Anyway, he is new on the job but was completely receptive and totally agreed. He even let me know some of the issues internally with the store and how much has not been done that they had funds for but just did not do for whatever reason. I really hope that he isn’t all talk and does what he says he is going to do.


    Rant: At 36, my age is finally starting to catch up with me a bit. I just can’t roll out of bed after a night of playing soccer or basketball like I used to. Definitely starting to feel it in my knees but then again, I put on a few pounds since we had the baby and starting a new job out in the middle of nowhere.


    Rave: Going fishing down in Hampton or VA Beach this weekend.

    • Great to hear about the new Safeway district manager! We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed that he’s not all talk and no action.

      • saf

        I have met so many “new district managers” for Safeway over the years. Don’t get your hopes up.

        • Yeah, that was my only thing. He told me he has only been on the job for six weeks, it will take time, he his committed, yada yada yada…His name was Chris Kryszewski or something like that, he reminded me of Chris Christie. If nothing else, I hope he gets more people on the cash registers. There is no reason I should have to go in on a Monday night at 9p and wait 30 minutes to buy some damn toothpaste (true story, happened this past Monday). 10 registers and only three open which is more than the normal two open.

          • I sympathize with your rant — but unless the shopping patterns at this store are a bit unusual, 3 open registers at 9pm sound reasonable, given the number of people that are likely to be shopping for large amounts of groceries that late. (And I say this as someone who is usually a late night shopper.) Multiple open registers with no customers doesn’t make sense either. If all you were buying was toothpaste, was there an express lane? Self-Checkout option? Customer service desk? If not, maybe the manager could address these as possible options.

          • I am not trying to be an ass but clearly you have never been to this Safeway. But I hear you on proper manning of the registers given the time of night but this is a special Safeway where one transaction may take 7-10 minutes, seriously. And to your other points, no self-checkout, no express lane (or at least the rules are never followed), managers there are almost worse that the regular workers and customer service was closed (closes at 8, meaning 7:30). I kid you not, just ask anyone about the Hechinger Mall Safeway. We live a block away and my wife will drive 5-15 minutes away to go to Harris Teeter or Giant to avoid dealing with our Safeway.

          • Is this one the “Special” Safeway?

  • Rant: Couldn’t get out of bed this morning–sooo tired.
    Rave: Avoiding coffee most days means it really packs a punch on days like today when I need it.
    Rave: Nothing planned for after work so I can go home and get some sleep!

  • Rave: Heading to Toronto this weekend for a weekend away. Does anyone have any good restaurant recommendations (sushi, Chinese, Mediterranean, pizza, Mexican)? Staying at the Park Hyatt in Yorkville.

    • justinbc

      I had a fantastic brunch at the 360 Restaurant (up in the CN Tower).

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Stayed at the Holiday Inn on Yount Street (? the main drag) and found very good Vietnamese food. Also the taxis are super cheap.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Have fun! Toronto is a great city and everyone is super nice! (But they don’t like it when you make jokes about their monopoly money) I went a million years ago so I don’t remember any names of good places. I do remember the food was super cheap!
      I was there during the SARS outbreak. Everyone was super nice, but if they found out I was a tourist and didn’t cancel my travel plans b/c of SARS suddenly I got all kinds of deals and special treatment. At every store I shopped at all the employees would thank me for being there. It was sweet.

      • I went during the SARS outbreak too! Loved it, and there were ridiculously cheap hotels during that time if you didn’t mind a little contagion! Also went to France during the riots. I’m kind of famous for sketchy travel decisions!

        • Emmaleigh504

          hahaha I went for a American Liberian Association conference. Then a few years later they held a conference in New Orleans right after Katrina (1st big conference to do so). I also went to that one (because I’m from New Orleans). I love that ALA doesn’t cancel their conferences just b/c things happened and librarians go to them!
          Sketchy travel is fun! Let’s do it together!

        • Emmaleigh504

          Speaking of sketchy travel decisions, I always seem to get help up at customs because I don’t know really simple information. I got lectured entering Belize b/c I didn’t know where I was staying b/c my aunt made the arrangements and I didn’t know her address (she was meeting me at the airport!). My cousin did the same thing and also got a lecture. Pfft details are for sissies 🙂

          • I can’t tell you how many “Intercontinental Hotels” I’ve stayed in, at least according to forms I fill out when traveling overseas.

    • I love Toronto! Yorkville is a good area of town too.

      For lunch, I would head over to the St. Lawrence market and get some snacks, then walk over to the distillery district to find a restaurant. Both places are pretty interesting.

    • Rol San in Chinatown has fantastic, cheap dim sum. At least it did back in 2010. The reviews on Yelp are a little less enthusiastic (3.5 stars, 230 reviews).

      Overall, going with Asian is a smart move in Toronto. Better offerings than here in DC. Good luck with Mexican.

    • saf

      Toronto is a lovely place. The largest Chinatown in north America is in Toronto – so there are a lot of options for Chinese. Also, there’s really good Portuguese food. And the public transit is lovely! (I laugh every time I read people talking about having babies who use the acronym TTC, because that is the public transit system in Toronto.)
      Sorry, I no longer remember names of places – it’s been too long – but a bit of research and you will find great food.

      • But ours is the largest single span arch!!

      • Not to be *that* guy, but San Francisco’s is the largest outside Asia and Vancouver has the largest in Canada.

        (but Toronto’s is pretty substantial)

        • saf

          Perhaps it has changed in the many years since I lived in western NY and went there all the time. Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

        • I had always heard that Vancouver had a HUGE Chinese population, so that sounds right to me.

    • Tons on Queen West. Just walk down the street and you’re set. St. Lawrence Market for any and all picnic foods. Ride the ferry over to the island for the afternoon after you grab supplies at the market!

  • Rant: So tired this week. I have been struggling to wake up on time. Not sure what that’s about.
    Rave: It is Wednesday. Half way to the weekend!
    Rave: No plans tonight, which means I can relax at home.
    Rave: This weather

  • Becks

    Rave: Game night tonight at 7:30 at Lymans. Feel free to bring any games you enjoy. I’ll bring Sorry and Mission: Survival.
    Rave: It’s casual Wednesday and I am wearing jeans!
    Rant: I have a co-worker who hates me. She hated me even before being transferred to my contract. She has years more experience and knowledge than I, but is so rude and condescending that I won’t ask her for help. She doesn’t talk to me, not even to say hello in the hall; unless she perceives that I have done something wrong. Then she will loudly criticize me in front of the WHOLE office. Yesterday she tried to call me out on a ticket I had created, but I was working from home. The ticket was fine and I provided the information available to me, but she found fault in the way I collected and reported the info. I just know she is waiting until everyone gets to the office and out of their meetings so she can call me on the ticket I created. I just want to avoid her. This situation causes so much stress in my office life! Everyone wants to defer to her since she is very knowledgeable, but as she hates me and as no one wants to offend her, everyone else became cool toward me since she started. I feel like I am constantly on the defensive. Thank you for listening to my rant.

    • That sounds like a hassle. Is your boss the kind of person that you could talk to about this?

      • Becks

        I talked to him last year. As Formerly Broken Jaw said, “Snitches get stiches.” He said that I was at fault since he spoke to her and I was being rude and condescending. I stopped trying to be nice to her. I stopped speaking to her. I stopped speaking to everyone in the office, other than to say Hello in the morning to the room. Three weeks later, my boss comes up to me and says that he can see a great improvement in my attitude and to keep up the good work. Losing battle.

    • I heard a story once like this and the punchline was that the hateful person said to the subject of their hate (on their last day of work, mind you) “You know, I always had a distaste for you because you resemble my sister so strongly and we can’t stand one another.” Maybe it’s not you, it’s her? I don’t know that this helps much, but maybe it’s nothing you have control over. Sorry to hear this – it must be stressful.

      • Becks

        Thank you. Like I said, she is very knowledgeable and has tenure, but hates me. Since no one wants to offend her, they follow her lead. I don’t know why she hates me. I’m a nice person and good at what I do!

    • skj84

      Is there anyway you can limit your interactions with this woman? Or confront her? Of course confronting her may make it worse, but I do agree you need to speak to someone. Do you have witnesses or any type of documentation of her actions towards you? I worked with a toxic coworker once, thankfully we were on different shifts, but occasionally we did have to work together. She was entitled and rude to me and when I called her out she decided to give me the silent treatment the rest of the time we worked together. Literally would not acknowledge my presence. Thankfully this was right before I left that job but still. Obnoxious.

      • Becks

        I say Hello to the room in the morning and don’t speak to anyone again until I say goodnight to the room. My boss said that he could see a real improvement in my attitude and to keep up the good job!

        • Oh, that sounds awful. You spend too much time at work to not be able to interact with people.
          Do you have a sympathetic colleague (not necessarily the boss) who can run a little interference? I used to work with someone who would routinely misrepresent what I said (intentionally? because she heard what she wanted to? not clear). So for a while, whenever she and I had to meet I would invite someone else to the meeting (I had a sympathetic colleague, and it wasn’t totally bizarre for him to be at the meetings, though frankly he was there only to make sure that messages sent = messages received).

        • Sometimes you have to tackle stuff like this head on. Gather your thoughts– call a meeting/lunch with her–and in a non accusing/confrontational way talk to her about your feelings. I’m a firm believer of giving someone the opportunity to fix the problem before escalating it up the chain.

          • Sory, but this person Becks is clashing with doesn’t sound like the type of person who would give a shit frankly, or it would encourage her to be even more of a b. At my last job, I did what you suggested and it totally backfired. Karma arrived later though thankfully (she jumped ship when her “protector” left, and was reviled at her next job apparently).

            Some people are just a-holes unfortunately.

          • Maybe… but if she’s more senior, I’d be worried that she might have enough power to make things difficult for Becks, like withholding information that she needs, bad-mouthing her to other people, etc.
            It’s one thing to confront someone with a bad attitude who’s your junior or your peer, but I think confronting a superior — even if that person isn’t in your management chain — could be risky.

          • You are using the word confronting- that’s that not want I’m suggesting. There are ways to work through issues with superiors and juniors. It’s just trying to get a handle on where the issue lies- if there is even an issue. If its just the way that person is- then Becks can feel relieved that it’s NOT her that the issue is with. It is not healthy for any relationship whether its friendship, working where you can’t sit down as adults/professionals and talk about issues. If that doesn’t work- then you take it up the command.

          • Becks

            I did try talking to her. Made things worse. Went to the boss, made things worse. She does withhold info. My job depends on my ability to access up to date info, and she shares with those she likes in the office. Sometimes I get missed. I asked the boss if new info could pass through him to disseminate and he said that he liked the friendly way the office shared info. Humph!
            I had an interview to switch to another dept and her good friend was on the interview panel. I was the best candidate for the job. But her friend never made eye contact with me and handed her review to the panel leader before he even stopped talking. I didn’t get the job. I know she bad mouths me. The only thing I can do is smile, continue to do a good job, double check my work, and hope…hope…hope…that another department will look past her negative attitude to see the positives in me.

          • What a crummy situation. I hope you get to transfer to another department soon.

        • I guess it is too late for “Trust Falls” or “Spirit Fingers.”

          Seriously I’m sorry you have to work in this environment.

    • Ugh, I have a coworker just like this and understand how frustrating it is. I just try to limit my interactions with this coworker as much as possible to make my life easier.

    • Have you considered asking to have a conversation with her, with or without your boss and/or HR rep present, to work through these issues? Just tell her that you respect her knowledge and experience (which you do), but that there appears to be discomfort and awkwardness in the relationship (understatement) but you very much are willing to work on it for the sake of providing better service to your clients/whatever you job’s purpose. It’s definitely a difficult conversation, but may help, and would be better approach than “confronting” her.

    • You shouldn’t to do this (and sorry you’re stuck in that situation!), but I’ve found that sometimes acting like it’s your issue/fault (even if it’s not), seems to disarm the other person enough that they start being a pleasant human being. E.G.: “Hey there, have a second? I think we got off on the wrong foot. I just wanted to apologize for anything I did that might have contributed to that. Is there anything I can do on my end to help you do your job more easily?”

    • I’ve read all your comments and it definitely sounds like a difficult situation. She’s boxed you into a corner and I’d advise against going to HR or your boss again – you’ll come across as “difficult” and a “complainer.” You need to flip the script.
      The best antidote to this? Kill her with kindness, but make sure you do it in front of other people. Be gushing – “Omg Bitchy McBitch, I just love that outfit.” “Did you get your hair done? It looks great.” Bake cookies when it’s her birthday and make sure you share them with everyone. Especially do this stuff in front of your mutual boss. Gain a reputation as being extremely nice to her – but only in front of other people.
      While it may seem like you’re kissing her ass, it will definitely disrupt her negative thought patterns and knock her off her game. It will be jarring for her. She will be taken aback and will be confused. It will also make you look great in front of others, so when she tries to badmouth you to others they will have a hard time believing her.
      This is all a power game for her. She wants you to be submissive. Take that to the extreme and regain control of the office conversation.

      • I’m not clear that that would work in this situation — it sounds like Beck’s boss seems to think that the less greeting/small talk there is among employees, the better.
        It’s a rather odd viewpoint to have, but if Beck’s boss is praising her for greeting/talking LESS, then she should probably stick with it (while remaining civil and reasonably friendly).

      • That sounded like such legally blonde move. Ha!

    • I am sorry to hear that! Usually when someone at the office is a dick or incompetent, everyone else hates them too or has some terrible story that they share when word gets out they are leaving. I am really really good at getting along with crabby a-holes – usually all they want is for you to do your work and not ask too many questions. The right answer is always yes sir right away. Not “But if we do that, won’t it…” or “Wait until I close these 15 personal emails and websites before getting to that project I am LATE on…”

  • Rant: I guess I have the opposite of a green thumb as my daylilies aren’t doing so well. They are getting plenty of water with all of the rain we are getting but they are looking burnt up though they are not directly in the sun. What am I doing wrong? Did I put too much garden soil in the ground or something (which is very possible since I used the whole back in a relatively small area but did at least mix it in, hey it didn’t say how much to use and I had no use for leftover garden soil).

    • Daylilies leaves will die back after they have bloomed – this is normal. They also don’t need much water as they’re going into dormancy. Ignore them, and they’ll come back next year.

      • That is great news as I was starting to think I was a simp given how easy you all say they were to grow/maintain. With that said, I expected them to last more than a week or two. They just look dead and blah now, I was hoping they would get nice and full at least until the fall. The vincas are doing OK though.

        • Depending on what variety you have, their blooming season seems to be ending now. I’ve been finding (and removing) isolated yellowed foliage on my daylilies, but I assumed that’s because it’s been so hot recently.
          For what it’s worth, I remember some of my newly transplanted daylilies having a somewhat difficult time when I planted them last summer, and could water them only with a watering can because I didn’t have a hose connection on my house. But when they came up this year, they were MUCH stronger. So even if your daylilies seem like weaklings now, they might be completely thriving next year.

  • Rant: Yesterday’s 4:00 intern perfume dousing was epic. I was on a call and started coughing as the floral fumes flowed over the cubicle wall.

    Rave: A few minutes later the floor Queen Bee was over in Intern Row demanding to know who had just sprayed perfume. It had traveled three aisles down to her Queendom! The perfume perp had already left and the remaining interns said they didn’t know anything about it. I guess one of them must have dared to laugh because I heard QB say “It’s not funny, I was gagging!” I later sent her an email saying something like “Welcome to my world” and explained it was a twice daily thing. She asked for and said her cube number she would talk to her when she gets back. I hope I’m here to hear it.

    Rant: Snitches get stitches.

    • Becks

      I foresee a horsehead meme on your desk in the near future.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I hope you hear it too! Report back to us!

      • They are very quiet today which makes me wonder if it occurred before I arrived today. I’m a little nervous that they may be plotting their revenge with something like a swirlie in the men’s room.

        YAY! Three “you are posting comments too quickly” already today! 100%

        • Emmaleigh504

          You need to start plotting your revenge. Maybe switch the perfume with onion water or figure out a way to epically destroy their hair or, you know, go the Heaters route and offer them some drano to drink 😉

          • One of them used to work in a hair salon. I know this because she mentioned the experience when she was on a phone interview in her cubicle.

    • You’re too passive with your interns. An internship is about learning how to be a professional, and you’re one of their teachers (assuming you interact with them in any work-related way). Can’t expect them to know if they’ve never been told. So tell them what they’re doing wrong, not in a scolding way, more in a FYI way. Try this: “Be aware that XYZ might be grounds for dismissal in another setting.”

      • +1, although I really find these stories amusing.

      • I agree but these interns are not in my department and are all remotely supervised. I’ve provided feedback to their far away supervisors but I think they’ve just given up and are counting down the days to July 27.

  • binpetworth

    Rant: I work with a lovely young woman who is smart, good at her job, organized, etc. BUT has the worst (loud) Valley Girl accent/voice. Like, Oh My God, that is so totally grody to the max! I have no idea how to broach the subject with her, as I don’t really work with her or supervise her, but I feel like she should know it undermines her otherwise professional behavior.

    • Does it, though? I know a couple people with very strong regional speech patterns (jarring, even) who have done quite well, somewhat to my surprise. I think maybe some of us are more sensitive to it than others. It gives me a little hope, actually, that competence and passion will win out.

      • I mean…Zoe Chace managed to get on NPR with her grating voice.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Ugh and Neda Ulaby. I can’t even suffer through her pieces, I have to turn the radio off.

          • And “Eleanor Beardsley, NPR News, Paaaaaa(vocal fry) aris”

          • Aaagh. Neda Ulaby’s voice bothers me too — it just seems affected/mannered.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Let me reference some more old TV, The Kids In the Hall when Francesca Fiore goes to court for hitting the Tea Guy. She can’t help herself. She “took him to doctors and they measure him and everything” and she still hits him. The judge asks the Tea Guy to approach and the judge hits him and dismisses the case. Neda is the Tea Guy 🙂

          • I feel this way about the woman who does the sponsorship announcements on WAMU (not the national sponsorships, the local ones). She affects a pseudo-posh accent that is so artificial and inconsistent.

          • Sweet holy Moses — Eleanor Beardsley’s overwrought Paris-Texas accent makes me want to tear my ears off my head.

        • Speaking to wdc’s point, I like Zoe’s Chace’s voice!

    • Did you ever see the movie, “In a World”? If not, definitely see it – the ending is what made me think of it in context to your rant!

    • skj84

      Does she know that her voice grating? I feel torn on the issue, on one hand I know brilliant women who arnet taken seriously because of their speech patterns. On the other if that’s the way she talks she really shouldn’t be judged on it. Full Disclosure I sometimes have valley girl tendencies in the way I speak and don’t really care if it upsets others. 😉

      • Emmaleigh504

        Yeah, but some some ways of talking should be for social settings and some for professional settings. I know not everyone is good at switching back and forth, but people should make an effort because there’s always someone at work who will judge other people negatively for the least little thing.

    • But I think sometimes people with grating speech patterns manage to succeed in _spite_ of them, rather than because of them.
      BinPetworth, do you know the young woman’s boss? Maybe you could have a quiet word with him/her, emphasizing this person’s good qualities (“smart, good at her job, organized, etc.”), but mentioning that her speech patterns might be distracting people from her professional merit.

      • binpetworth

        Yeah, I think she has managed to succeed in spite of her voice, but I’m friends with her boss and might suggest that she recommend this person get a little more practice with presentation-style work to help tone down the valleyisms.

  • Rave: the detective who followed up by phone with me re: my stolen bike. no record of the bike but – long story short – it’s clear the cop who initially handled the report did so poorly. he was a nice enough guy and all but he didn’t take our video surveillance of the prepetrator or the bike the thief ditched on our property and switched it out for mine (i.e., probably someone else’s stolen bike!). he also didn’t even look at the area where the person broke/entered/trespassed onto our property. i told the detective this non-chalantly over the phone when she called to do basic follow-up and it was clear she was disappointed in how the cop handled this. the cop called, apologized, and came to do more follow up. props to the detective. to the cop: sorry if this detective ripped you a new one – that was never my intention!
    Rant: 44 job applications, 10 referrals, 6 callbacks, 5 interviews, 0 job offers.
    Rave: Another interview tomorrow!! Keepin’ my head up. 🙂
    Rave: This weather! (Too good not to rave about it).

    • That’s a pretty respectable result. Not applying for fed jobs are you? If so, that’s really damn good.

      • 37 apps have been federal. one of the callbacks was from private sector, everything else was federal.

        • Are you already a fed? Five callbacks for federal jobs is very good even if you’re already a fed, and extraordinary (IMO) if you’re not. (Unless you’re a veteran — it’s very hard these days to make the cert in the non-fed pool of applicants unless you’re a veteran.(

    • Emmaleigh504

      You are doing pretty well in the job hunt! Good luck tomorrow!

  • Ooh two more raves:

    1. Seeing everyone comments about the gorgeous weather motivated me to get my butt out of bed and go outside.
    2. My job placement event is at 10:45 in Lanham and not 9 in Upper Marlboro as I had been originally told.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: today’s weather
    Rant: Definition of Summer: The season in which I wear a t-shirt to work because it’s too hot outside, and then put on a sweater because it’s too cold in my office.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I second your rant. My toe-toes are cold 🙁

    • Yup. I wear long sleeve shirts at least twice a week during summer. And I have to go outside a couple of times a day to heat up in the sun and avoid hypothermia. I feel like a reptile.

    • Becks

      I hear you. I wear warm weather clothes, but then have a heavy shawl and sweater for work. The good news is that I can wear my heavy suits in the summer to work. The bad news is that I have to bring clothes to change into for the trip home.

      • I like it cold. I tell my co-workers that if I ever start complaining about it being too cold they should immediately dial 911 since some event is occurring.

  • Rave: Got out for an early morning run!

    Rant: It was more humid than I expected – hopefully tomorrow will be the perfect running weather I’m waiting for!

    Rant: I don’t like doing day care drop off. Kiddo cries about me leaving in a way she doesn’t when my wife drops her off. Ugh. I’ve tried a few different strategies but none have worked yet. Maybe I just need to speed my way through the routine & leave before she realizes I’m still there/going to leave. But man I hate sneaking out – that seems crappy too. Boo. At least I don’t have to do it often!

    • I’m not the one that drops off (I’m the picker-up), but my partner swears that he steers clear of any separation anxiety by actually sitting down and playing with our son, or just hanging out for a few minutes, rather than dropping and running. Maybe stick around for a few minutes (help her eat her breakfast, play with her toys, or just hang around and talk to the teachers while in view of your daughter) might help?

      • I tried that today, and she just walked around crying despite my attempts to engage her in a book. (she loves books) Maybe I didn’t try hard enough. My wife tends to drop her off later so it’s music time, and never has a problem – but she also had much less of a problem in the infant room where there wasn’t music time to automatically engage her.

        When I’ve asked after the fact, I’m always told my daughter settled within a few minutes (like what iindsay mentioned below), so I’ve often tried just leaving as quickly as possible. But it occurred to me that I might avoid the crying altogether if I tried hanging out a bit – and it didn’t work out like I hoped. Oh well.

    • I worked in a daycare while I was in college and I think it was easiest when the parents would give a quick kiss goodbye and leave us to deal with the crying. 9/10 times, the kid would calm down on his or her own within a few minutes. It’s pretty much the same when I’m babysitting a clingy child, although I try to be more tactful then to tell the parents to just get out 🙂

      • I definitely used to do this when my mom left my at day care, camps, etc. I think the faster the better. Sticking around would give me hope that she was going to stay, or I would get to go with her, and it made it harder for me to deal with the fact that she was leaving.

        • Exactly. It often just prolongs the crying. Rip the band-aid off, I say!

          • There are so many similarities between dogs and toddlers!! For dogs, especially if they have separation anxiety, it’s best not to make a fuss about leaving the house or coming back home. No special petting, no treats, no drawn out baby talk about who’s a good boy. Just pick up the keys and walk out the door. I think the same thing applies for kids at daycare. Unless there are underlying problems with their adjustment that you need to deal with, toddlers have attention spans measured in seconds and will be fine seconds after you go. So just go.

      • Seconded. I worked child care in high school and college, and kids usually did best when the parents don’t stay too long. Even if they do cry, it rarely goes for more than a few minutes.

  • justinbc

    Reminder: PoPville HH gathering tomorrow night at Smith Public Trust! Official HH times are from 5-7, but come whenever you please.
    Rave: Dinner tonight at Rose’s for partner’s birthday.
    Rant: Really unimpressed (comparatively) with this season’s SYTYCD top 20. Naturally, Nigel always says it’s the most talented group ever, but I definitely don’t see it this year. Kind of lackluster choreography thus far too. For Rickey to lose this year it would take an Alex Wong like injury. Hoping they all step up their game tonight!
    Rave: Great tribute commercial to Jeter by Nike during last night’s All-Star game. I’m gonna miss seeing him in pinstripes. I still vividly remember him winning his first ring in 1996 just before my birthday over the Braves who I had always despised. It was quite a great gift.

    • skj84

      So pumped for Happy Hour on Thursday. Thanks for organizing Justin. Are you doing the rooftop dinner or going to wait for a table tonight?

    • Rant: Feels like the 20-something PoPvillagers have formed a clique. It’s noticeable on the comments, and I’m afraid it will be uncomfortable in person.

      • justinbc

        I’m most definitely well out of my 20’s if it makes you feel any better, as are most attendees (with quite a few in the 40s and up). If anyone has ever felt uncomfortable at any of our gatherings it’s certainly never been apparent to me. Come out and give them a shot 🙂

      • Strongly disagree – and I felt this HH group to be more welcoming than others I’ve been to for my school, civic organizations, etc!

      • anonymouse_dianne

        I can vouch that most are well out of their 20’s and quite welcoming. I am way north of 30 and felt quite comfortable at the brunch at Ambar.

      • Emmaleigh504

        No cliques! It’s just easier to comment/talk on here when you have handle. Come say hi to me and I will happily bore you with pix of my cat and 90210 references 🙂
        Under the heading of while I’m thinking about it, don’t bother with Jason Priestley’s tell all book, total snooze-fest. Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth’s books are much better (better ghost writers!).

        • One of these days I’ll make it to one and we can talk about boring library stuff. Can’t make it this time.

        • have you read Jodie Sweetin’s (ie Stephanie Tanner) book?? I hear its pretty good. Probably because of that whole drug phase she went through…

          • Emmaleigh504

            No, I never watched that show, so it wouldn’t be entertaining for me. I don’t normally read books like this, but I have a wee 90210 obsession (greatest television ever made!)(it’s a fact.).

        • I just heard that there is going to be SBTB TV movie next fall “The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story.”


      • I’ve only been to two happy hours, but I’d say that the majority of people I’ve met have been in their very late 20s at the youngest. I didn’t know anyone when I first went and was a bit intimidated, but everyone has been very nice and welcoming. I wouldn’t worry about it being uncomfortable at all.

      • skj84

        Gosh I’ve never been part of a clique before. Are we supposed to have an initiation or something? All joking aside don’t feel that way! Everyone is welcome to join and I love meeting new people. The happy hours and brunches have really been a diverse group of people. Come out and meet everyone tomorrow!

      • I’ve only been PoPvillin’ for a few months. Between the forum and the commentariat, there is a community of some sort that felt monolithic from a purely online perspective. I was a bit nervous when I went to the unofficial happy hour at Acre 121 in Columbia Heights because I didn’t know anyone, but lo and behold, it was fun! And it was great meeting new people.

        I hope this doesn’t offend anyone, but the best description I can give to the group I met at the happy hour and at a later brunch is gentle. They are really nice people.

      • binpetworth

        I’m 40 and would be happy to help form/join a boring 40something clique where we can relive our memories of big hair proms and acid-wash jeans 🙂

      • ^^^^^…and then there is the PoP Babyboomer…

      • I’m a 20-something, but I’ve only met one person on this site, which is definitely not enough to form a clique 🙂

      • Accountering

        Hahahaha. Perhaps the only clique is Mintwood and I, and thats because we are roommates. I am not certain anyone else at any of the HHs has even been in their 20s!

      • I’m 30 and have been to all the happy hours. I’d say at worst, it might feel a bit stiff at the beginning while people are getting comfortable. I know for myself, I’m super awkward at times, but I mean well. As for the comments, I think that’s just a reflection of people feeling more comfortable now that they can put faces to names.

      • I don’t think there’s a clique, but between the people who post frequently and the people who’s attended multiple PoPville happy hours — both official and unofficial — there’s a group of people who remember each other’s characteristics/stories/etc. and might refer to those things in posts, as well as people who’ve met each other in real life.
        There are also some people who knew each other in real life first, like Accountering and Mintwood (friends/roommates), Allison and Farragut (married to each other), and Emilie504 and QuotiaZelda (sisters).
        I think most of the frequent posters/frequent HH attenders in their 30s, though there are definitely some in their 20s and some in their 40s or beyond.

    • Becks

      Thanks for organizing the HH! Can’t wait to put faces to names!

    • +1 on the Jeter rant – great commercial, particularly Mr. Met with a blurred-out face and Phil Jackson and Jeannie Buss with competing hats. I also love that the ASG imported the Bob Shepard introduction. I was at game 4 of the 1996 World Series in Atlanta (the Leyritz home run game) – who knew that was the start of a dynasty? (And I agree about the Braves and Atlanta in general – a college friend in living in Atlanta called up and just bought seats for the World Series. How is that possible? So, an $86 Value Jet ticket later, I was at one of the greatest postseason games in World Series history. Crappy seats, but still. Unbelievable.)

    • yay! I believe I can make it to this one!

  • Rave: Had a lovely weekend in Oregon at a dear friend’s wedding.
    Rant: Everyone is married/partnered/happy but me.
    Rave: Just ordered business cards for a fun personal project. I am now bona fide!
    Rant: Job, life, everything is going nowhere and I am lost and tired.

    • Emmaleigh504

      lol “bona fide” always reminds me of that wonderful part of Oh Brother Where Art Thou when Everette finds out 1. his wife is remarrying (he bona fide) and 2. he’s dead.

      • skj84

        Hehehe, that’s one of my favorite quotes from that movie. O Brother Where art Thou is one of my absolute favorite movies. Now I need to look for my DVD.

        • Have you ever seen Sullivan’s Travels? It’s the movie that inspired O Brother, and one of my favorite movies. I’m a big Coen Brothers and Preston Sturges fan.

          • The thing that irritates me about Sullivan’s Travels is that he never talks to any of the people he’s trying to write about. That’s an entitled jerk move! Confession: I find the movie annoying except for Veronica Lake. The best—as in really funny and not annoying—Preston Sturges films are totally Palm Beach Story and Christmas in July. (I accept that I’m probably in the minority re. Sturges films.)

          • Sullivan’s travels is one of my favorite movies!
            I like the names of the movies Sullivan is trying to get away from: “Hey Hey in the Hayloft!” and “Ants in Your Pants of 1938” – now that we have “O Brother Where Art Thou?”, someone should make THOSE movies.

          • I would absolutely watch Ants in Your Pants of 1938 and Hey Hey in the Heyloft! 🙂

          • He’s not trying to write about them, he’s trying to understand their suffering. He already has a story to film – the book, “O Brother Wher Art Thou”. I love it because it’s a movie with a message – that message is that movies don’t need a message to be great, and laughter is very important.

      • I’ll tell you what I am – I’m the damn paterfamilias! You can’t marry him!

      • Me too. “He’s bona fide!” “He’s a suitor!”

  • Rave: Working from home
    Rant: Because our dishwasher is broken and I had to let the repairman in. It’s a simple fix, but the part is going to take a week to arrive. Double rant.

  • skj84

    Rant: I realized I made a major mistake on the cover letter that I’ve been using for event jobs. The one that I’ve sent out to several potential employers. Kicking myself for not catching it sooner.

    Rave: At least I realized what the problem was before I sent the cover letter to other potential employers.

    Rave: After spending the past two days lazing around the house I decided that I need to pound the pavement. Going to visit the American Job center today, then drop off a few resumes for survival jobs. I really need to amp up my job search.

    Rave: I volunteered for a food delivery service a few weeks ago and received a weeks worth of food. The food is really tasty and has saved me a lot of money this week. I would actually consider this service, but I currently live out of the delivery zone.

  • Rave: Really enjoyed my workout last night.
    Rave: Been sticking to my MyFitnessPal goals religiously for four weeks.
    Rant: Only lost 5-6 lbs in that time frame, which I know is “good” but doesn’t feel like much after a month of commitment.
    Rave: This weather is beeeeautiful!!

    • Do you weigh yourself at the same time every day? That might have something to do with it since your weight can vary a lot during the day. I started MyFitnessPal in the first week of June and weigh myself each morning before showering. I’ve lost about 8 pounds in 6 weeks.

    • I do MyFitnessPal and, at least with the goals I set, I’m only to be losing around 5 pounds a month. Anything more requires REALLY cutting back on calories and/or doing lots of cardio. And I just like pizza and tv too damn much.

  • Rant: Have been feeling unstable and directionless the last few months. Getting through it, but it’s been really challenging.
    Rave: Vacation starting tomorrow afternoon! Dewey Beach (Dogfish beer, get in my belly), then a day in Philly. It’s too short, but I’m trying to save my leave for time with family later this year.

  • Accountering

    Rant/Rave: It has been a morning! Started with my alarm not going off – second day in a row – so managed to get dressed and from home to CT and Albemarle in 15 minutes to buy tickets to Brew at the Zoo. Phone managed to die on the way, and didn’t have time to stop and get cash.
    Rave: The young lady was waiting to meet me where she said she would, and accepted my $60, and a check for the other $40
    Rant: Who has to pay using checks!?!
    Rant2: Got into the office and found out I was taking the expense call with St Paul (Exec VP, head of financial reporting, expense accountant) solo, and that our CFO would not be joining. That was a stressful hour!
    Rave2: Got through the call and did a great job! New employee started, and she is now catching us up on bank recs that we were massively behind on!
    Rave3: Going to Brew at the Zoo tomorrow with tremendous company.

  • Rant: FedEx. My office is in the basement, and I can’t hear much over the AC fan down there. So I left a note on the door telling FedEx to please call if I didn’t hear them knock. They didn’t call, just entered “customer not home”. So now I’m working from home a second day (this one unplanned) and sitting in the living room instead of in my office, hoping they’ll come back before I have to leave for school pick-up. WHY DIDN’T THEY CALL???

  • Emmaleigh504

    Difficulty concentrating at work and finding this doesn’t help: INTERACTIVE SYSTEM FOR COCKROACH TRAP AND OPERATING METHOD OF THE SAME

  • a bunch of rants, but none that bad.

    Rant 1: still on west coast time. I woke up at 10:30 am… so I did not get to work on time.

    Rant 2: I’m having my parents over for dinner tonight and I need to stay late because I got to work late. However, I also need to clean and cook.

    Rant 3: I really need to be healthier. Is this even a rant?

    Rave: Because I got a full night’s rest for the first night in a couple of weeks, I am hyperproductive at work!

    Rant 4: my best coworker is leaving – he really keeps the boss from acting completely bonkers.

    • Another rave: ARTSCAPE! I’m pretty excited to gallivant around Baltimore this weekend for Artscape. I’ve been twice before but never had enough time to really take everything in.

      • Oh, I love Artscape! I especially like how there are really 2 Artscapes – the more mainstream art and music on Mt Royal and the rough around the edges, funky Baltimore stuff on Charles St.

        • Me too! In 2010, I did an installation piece across from the Charles Theater. In 2011, I did a mainstream one (near the big music stage) and another across from the Charles Theater. It was a wonderful, exhausting experience. My only issue with Artscape is that they seem to have a magical ability to choose the hottest day of the summer. Thankfully, a polar vortex may end that trend this year!

      • I’ve played Artscape few times and always had a great time there. I thought we were going to get that gig this year, but we didn’t get it. Maybe next year.

  • Ranty-Rave: Dentist appointment this morning, and the anesthetic is wearing off, so my face doesn’t feel so lop-sided. Hopefully the work done today will fix the problem I’ve had, and that will be that until my cleaning in October.
    Rave: Very happy with the new dentist and his staff.

  • Question: Is it normal in industries other than education for somebody to call you up and request an interview in just a few hours? It seems like every interview I’ve had for a teaching position has been with very little notice!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I have not encountered that in the library world.

      • Ahhh, I’ve had TWO principals call me today asking me to come in for an interview. My summer job starts at 3pm, so it’s not enough time. They’ll just have to wait until tomorrow, although one wants to try and skype today.

    • I sometimes do that with intern candidates, but just for phone interviews… I don’t expect them to suit up and appear at my office same-day!
      Staff position candidates get at least two days notice. Seems only courteous.

      • One wanted me to possibly skype with the principal at 2, but I haven’t heard anything yet, so I guess I’ll meet them tomorrow at the fair thingy.

    • Probably not. But there are very few white collar fields other than education that have seasonal hiring.

  • Rant: coworkers constantly pointing out how “young” I am. Age does not dictate competency.
    Rant: rude, condescending attorney in our office seems to only talk to me in a degrading manner not to anyone else on my team. another coworker suggested that this attorney might be racist and ageist since she doesn’t talk like that to my white coworkers who are older than me. thank goodness we don’t work together. I feel bad for her assistant.
    Rave: weather is amazing. biked to work comfortably in July!

  • Rant/Help! When I left for vacation my tomato plant had a few yellowing leaves at the bottom, but mostly seemed to be doing well. They were watered fine while I was gone (only 6 days). Now the entire thing is shriveled and brown, with the exception of 4 gorgeous green tomatoes at the top. What is happening? Can I salvage it somehow? Or at least save the unripened tomatoes? This is my first attempt at growing them and I am SO bummed. Please help, POPvillagers with green thumbs!

    • Tomatoes are susceptible to blights and funguses and wilts, especially in DC’s hot and humid climate. There are some things that can help decrease the risk but I’ve not found anything that will really prevent them.
      Is the stalk shriveled and brown? If so, there’s nothing to be done but pull it out and put it in the trash. Save the tomatoes and put them on a windowsill or place where they get light – they might ripen. If not, look up recipes for green tomatoes (green tomato curry is really good).
      If the stalk seems healthy but the leaves are all shriveled, cut the stem back to a few inches above the ground and it might send up a new stalk.

    • Was someone watering it for you? I wonder if it got overwatered. With all the rain it shouldn’t have needed anymore. I’m no gardening expert though.

    • Although it’s late, it’s not too late to plant another tomato (just not in the same spot). You’d want to get one that is big but not too big, and not a tall plant in a teeny pot. Look for a non-heirloom variety like Better Boy or Early Girl in a quart sized pot (a place like American Plant Nursery or Behnke’s is a good bet for getting the right size/variety).

      • Thank you for the suggestions/advice! I will check the status of the stalk when I get home, and try to see if the tomatoes will ripen on their own. And, possibly try again with a new plant this weekend. Wish me luck!

  • Rant: I saw a bike being stolen this morning…I think. Dupont Circle South, suspicious individual, looked homeless. Went to a bike, opened a pouch under the seat, put (rain jacket? something else bikey…) in his hoodie pocket. Went to another bike, took something large out of said hoodie pocket, ducked down for 5ish minutes, and bike away on a blue beach- cruiser-like bike with a basket. Called 911. Anyway, who knows, no actual evidence, and I didn’t see him cut a chain. 6′, white man, black hoodie with yellow sides, baseball cap (and hoodie pulled up over baseball cap).
    Rant- It was DuPont! At 7:50! No one even saw what I saw?

  • thatnewplaceon14th

    Rave: After months (MONTHS) of emailing DPW back and forth and calling 311, I finally received my supercans yesterday. Thank you Kevin Twine of DPW!

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